~The other Koike, takin’ (it) off…

..sorry actually I meant just takin’ off! =P

The oversized ‘I’m going to sleep’ shirt is cute as is her olive ‘curves in all the right places’ one piece bikini….however this Koike♥ I think always looks best in pink~.

UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (13)UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (14)UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (16)UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (15)UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (17)UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (18)UTB  Vol.08 July 2012 (19)

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to ~The other Koike, takin’ (it) off…

  1. hydeo says:

    oh more koike :3
    u really liked her too ahn :P?

    i dont see this pics yet, look good pics from magazines like always
    u know she have a blog right ?


    • I have to admit this Koike is gradually growing on me~~!

      U~n these are new, from the latest UTB+…it’s like UTB doesn’t have enough pages these days so they’ve spawned an entirely new sister gravure magazine =). I haven’t searched for her blog before….after I’ve totally fallen~ then I’ll be more interested to read too =).


      • hydeo says:

        she is so cute and funny ;3~~

        haha look more like they have so much girls to cover with pics that the magazine is so small ahehaea, soon they go make a magazine in the same numbers of pages of Jump magazine hahaha

        she dont post much, but at least 2 or 3 time in a week u can see something 😛 new there


        • A~h those jump magazines are huge!..you know with all of those comics too! But UTB is definitely expanding and they’re not skimping on quality one bit here.

          Mmm..I’ll leave it to you to update me then =)…♥!


          • hydeo says:

            yah, the quality of the magazine always really good :P, and the girls they put there, and the new girls too, have so lot cute girls they put there where i dont know and if its not the magazine i never go now haha

            but i dont know japanese ahahha, i go only to see her pics 😛


            • U~n Young Jump really keeps updating on up and coming idols plus the most popular ones too. The format is very similar to the Weekly Playboy in Japan with very similar contents in terms of the style of their features and the comics and variety sections. It’s amazing too how quickly each and every issue sells out consistently!! In a matter of days Amazon Japan is already sold out every time.

              I remember you were planning to study other languages…?


              • hydeo says:

                i like know the new ones, some of they can go to a idol group or start actress things so i like know they :P.
                yes japan have a really market to this types of magazines hehe 😛
                wow much fast

                yah, but no time for this yet :\… ah, i finally get an job in other city ^^, so now with a job and university go be a little hard, but this year i end university so, maybe at night i go try study something related to japanese, but i dont know where go to study online :\, here in my city dont have this things :\


                • Young Jump is definitely the publication to watch for up and coming idols and so many are already active in other areas too and not just modeling.

                  Oh that’s great!!! Work is so difficult for so many to find with the economy how it is pretty much worldwide so omedetou~*~~*….on your new job yaY! Well you’ll probably find time in the future to study in leisure so maybe not a class but you can learn very well all the same with so many resources out there for self~learning and much of it’s interactive to today =).


                  • hydeo says:

                    arigatou ^^

                    yeh, when i end university i go try study at the night to learn more things 🙂

                    so how are u ?? sorry the late answers @.@


                    • That’s great…never stop learning~* =D.

                      I’ve been good….just really hot here like Africa hot!!! Actually I’ve no idea of how hot it is in Africa but it must be really hot right? =P


                    • hydeo says:


                      yah is what my parents say, dont stop learning hehe

                      i think is a lot hot there haha, here is not so cold anymore, only in the morning but later the weather stay a little hot 😛

                      but in the morning is really so hard get up to go work with so much cold hahaha


  2. @Hydeo…love the cold of the mornings!!! but agree it’s so difficult to want to get out of bed when it’s that cold!


    • hydeo says:

      omg, how u can love the cold @.@ ? hahaha is so damn “argh” aheaheha
      i have some problems with cold, i have “cold blood”, so when is cold i stay with more cold than normal, sometime in the summer i stay with socks hahaha


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