~Come for the sakura, stay for the pom~poms~*

Cheerleader Yuko♥

It arrived!

Now getting set to watch AKB48’s Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2012!…Of course you know I chose the “Heavy Rotation” version aka the Yuko♥ senbatsu version =D and there’s even an external photo card extra hidden in an envelope and I’m now anticipating which 5 random member photos are inside!!!! This is massive, 544 minutes of concert~♥ footage and that’s not even including DVD number 5 which is the “making of” disc!! I may be preoccupied for more than a few hours now…..♥.

AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2012 special box set (Heavy Rotation Ver.)

These are from early last year but since I’ve never posted them…they’re um ‘new’ here =P. And I just can’t resist cheerleader Yuko♥ and I mean everyone’s so pretty here and this is by far one of my most favorite photo collections…cheerleader Takamina~cheerleader Mayuyu~cheerleader Acchan~cheerleader Tomochin~cheerleader Miichan~cheerleader Sae all so yummy here, okay gotta go it’s concert time (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!


Cheerleader Mayuyu♥







AKB48 (1)AKB48 (2)AKB48 (3)AKB48 (4)AKB48 (5)AKB48 (6)AKB48 (7)AKB48 (8)AKB48 (9)AKB48 (10)AKB48 (11)AKB48 (12)AKB48 (13)AKB48 (14)AKB48 (15)AKB48 (16)AKB48 (17)AKB48 (18)AKB48 (19)AKB48 (20)AKB48 (21)AKB48 (22)AKB48 (23)AKB48 (24)AKB48 (25)AKB48 (26)AKB48 (27)AKB48 (28)AKB48 (29)AKB48 (30)AKB48 (31)AKB48 (32)AKB48 (33)AKB48 (34)AKB48 (35)AKB48 (36)AKB48 (37)AKB48 (38)AKB48 (39)AKB48 (40)AKB48 (41)AKB48 (42)AKB48 (43)AKB48 (44)AKB48 (45)AKB48 (46)AKB48 (47)AKB48 (48)AKB48 (49)AKB48 (50)AKB48 (51)AKB48 (52)AKB48 (53)AKB48 (54)AKB48 (55)AKB48 (56)AKB48 (57)AKB48 (58)AKB48 (59)AKB48 (60)AKB48 (61)AKB48 (62)AKB48 (63)AKB48 (64)AKB48 (65)AKB48 (66)AKB48 (67)AKB48 (68)AKB48 (69)AKB48 (70)AKB48 (71)AKB48 (72)AKB48 (73)AKB48 (74)AKB48 (75)AKB48 (76)AKB48 (77)AKB48 (78)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to ~Come for the sakura, stay for the pom~poms~*

  1. Love these photos’s – stunning! Takamina looks cute!


    • What have you thought of Takamina’s shorter hairstyle brought on recently by that awful scented candle accident in a department store? It all sounded so bizarre =O!! Love the cheerleader look too….I’m a bit =P biased when it comes to Yuko♥ though lol xD.


      • Takamina has such a lovely face she looks good even with shorter hair. Of course, we all love Yuko too 🙂


        • So happy you love her shorter look~* =)!…Takamina’s such a gem of an idol and even more so a person…you can see so much of her personal values in how she handles herself in pretty much any stage or situation. lol it may be funny to say but I think firmly that Takamina will be the very best mother when that time comes…really!!

          On a totally unrelated note: a friend sent me this link and sorry it’s such short notice as the order deadline is by the 27th of this month Japan time…..I hope you can order in time as these aren’t released very often although I’ve no idea of what anime this is…?? But she’s cute and busty* which I guess means that much more wrist support when you’re mousing~around on your computer =).



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