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So it seems that the paparazzi doesn’t even sleep on graduated idols and now poor Aichan is being stalked by cameras or more likely that stalking by this form of media never halted even after her days with Hello! Project now behind her. My initial thought is why is this news for Friday? I mean okay I guess all celebrities get publicized on whom their potentially seeing but more importantly Aichan is idol~rule free now and has been for some time so I say good for her to be dating and falling in love and all that good stuff =D. I imagine a lot of pent up dating angst was being bottled up as I imagine it can be for many idols who aren’t allowed to have relationships and especially during these early years from late teens to adolescence as being in love…well there’s nothing better!

Abe Kouji1

So apparently it all began with this guy from a relationship developed while Aichan was working on the stage play Hamlet from last year. His name is Abe Kouji and if he looks even vaguely familiar here and you’re also a H!P follower it’s probably because he used to host the show Berikyuu! way back when…..and well in case you’re wondering why the cake with candles here?? He was busy back on that day getting ready to trick Berryz Koubou’s Riichan into blowing out trick candles on her birthday♥ =P!! For a bit of nostalgia you can click here for that episode and my random ramblings on it =D.

Abe Kouji2

So Mr. Abe Kouji has gone from mysterious Berikyuu! host to now possibly Aichan’s love and the Friday article states that they’ve been seen ‘living’ together although I question that validity and about a day later after all was said and done it seems both Aichan and Mr. Abe Kouji have in official statements said that none of this is true =O. In any case and if it’s true which I hope it is as Aichan being in love is a good thing, hence life after idoling begins~.

ps. I’m thinking next Acchan will be Friday’d because they seem to follow every girl who leaves their apartment in Japan and after her graduation from AKB48 who knows right?

So in the end this is really Friday Friday’ing themselves as Aichan’s an adult, idol~free and whomever she wants to be with♥ is her business and no one else’s…period. It is too a bit ironic that today is Friday, huh =P.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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