~I ♥ Takamina


高橋みなみ (60)高橋みなみ (35)

高橋みなみ (73)

Taken before that surreal~freaky department store~>scented candles~>shopping bag~> incident (-∀-`)....

..and can you say most smoldering Takamina♥ solo photo shoot ever!

高橋みなみ (64)高橋みなみ (61)高橋みなみ (53)

♥ this ↑↑ ! like you’re not sure if Takamina’s going to kick our butts (in a gentle manner of course!) or serenade us with song〜♪、..!

Takamina’s the trifecta leading girl of extreme smarts~>sweet endearment with likeability x’s like a 1,000,000+~>and understated natural beauty♥….you just can’t beat that! Oh and adding a fourth to that and while I love the theme of hearts here, Takamina being so tiny is actually the real stated theme for these photos and adding to that trifecta is her adorable tiny~ness and speaking from that very existence it can have its added advantages in life~♥=P.

Takamina’s sensible, down~to~earth…real and even from a distance I think most fans can connect with those qualities in a person =)。 And in hindsight with the evidence of these ↓↓ it would appear that her inner~>outer hotness was what had actually sparked upon those scented candles on that freaky day =P….so miss the Blossom~look, still she’s as beautiful as ever ^^♥。

On a side note don’t these make you wonder why her calendar’s aren’t more like this?? Like you could take any of these 6 gorgeous and seXy photos and create a fan’s 12 month wall paper for their room~ doncha think? =)

高橋みなみ (1)高橋みなみ (2)高橋みなみ (3)高橋みなみ (4)高橋みなみ (5)高橋みなみ (6)高橋みなみ (7)高橋みなみ (8)高橋みなみ (9)高橋みなみ (10)高橋みなみ (11)高橋みなみ (12)高橋みなみ (13)高橋みなみ (14)高橋みなみ (15)高橋みなみ (16)高橋みなみ (17)高橋みなみ (18)高橋みなみ (19)高橋みなみ (20)高橋みなみ (21)高橋みなみ (22)高橋みなみ (23)高橋みなみ (24)高橋みなみ (25)高橋みなみ (26)高橋みなみ (27)高橋みなみ (28)高橋みなみ (29)高橋みなみ (30)高橋みなみ (31)高橋みなみ (32)高橋みなみ (33)高橋みなみ (34)高橋みなみ (35)高橋みなみ (36)高橋みなみ (37)高橋みなみ (38)高橋みなみ (39)高橋みなみ (40)高橋みなみ (41)高橋みなみ (42)高橋みなみ (43)高橋みなみ (44)高橋みなみ (45)高橋みなみ (46)高橋みなみ (47)高橋みなみ (48)高橋みなみ (49)高橋みなみ (50)高橋みなみ (51)高橋みなみ (52)高橋みなみ (53)高橋みなみ (54)高橋みなみ (55)高橋みなみ (56)高橋みなみ (57)高橋みなみ (58)高橋みなみ (59)高橋みなみ (60)高橋みなみ (61)高橋みなみ (62)高橋みなみ (63)高橋みなみ (64)高橋みなみ (65)高橋みなみ (66)高橋みなみ (67)高橋みなみ (68)高橋みなみ (69)高橋みなみ (70)高橋みなみ (71)高橋みなみ (72)高橋みなみ (73)高橋みなみ (74)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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2 Responses to ~I ♥ Takamina

  1. SagSousuke says:

    I ♥ Takamina. I remember this photoshoot, it’s so rare that she gets decent photos. There’s people waaay down in the election ranking that get more photos than she does, very weird. I guess she’s just not interested in modeling.

    But I must disagree with your trinity. Takamina is missing the extreme smarts. There was this great Nemousu TV episode, I think it was S04E01 or maybe S05… Anyway, one episode when some members had a dokkiri interview with the then new host of the show, so he could “get to know them better”. Miichan worked behind the scenes giving the host hints on how to provoke each member, and she described Takamina’s weakness as: “Her fans don’t know it yet, but she’s very stupid.” Then the guy asked her some supposedly easy question of naming some Japanese provinces or something like that, and she couldn’t answer. Since then, and since some Mechaike-like episodes of Shukan AKB, Takamina has joined the adorably baka side… but Kojiharu is already well established as AKB’s baka character, so Takamina escaped =P


    • Lol I’m likely more baka =P…I guess I just always see her speak so eloquently and her people skills are so off the charts good…me equating that to smarts =P! but it’s so funny how I never saw this side to her. So true that Takakmina doesn’t get anywhere near the cute photo shoots that so many around her get…I do wonder if it’s by choice though as that would make a lot more sense I agree. She’s so beautiful and charismatic she so needs to be paid attention to more with this style of fashion, attitude and approach.

      I crack up at how Miichan was so straight and truthful on this…a~h chotto kawaisou ne Takamina but I guess I’m just as baka =P.


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