~Tabasco, it’s not for everyone


For many Tabasco can be like a blissful and flavor explosion for your senses as a topping for many of your favorite dishes.

But for others it can be like cilantro, liver, thick slices of fresh avocado upon your salad, hagus, balut, natto, noni, fruit cake, those pink fuzzy coconut things or kryptonite (゜Д゜;)!!Hm, I guess besides the kryptonite it’s really my short list of things never to eat =P.

And one time I did witness this guy drinking Tabasco straight out of the bottle although I do imagine it must’ve been a very very bad scene later that night at the porcelain god’s abode. Huh the things guys talk other guys into doing, quite strange.

Anyway. With all of that in mind let’s take a little peek into what happens when unsuspecting idols♥ are suddenly turned onto Tabasco for the very first time….or was that touched by Tabasco for the very first time? And now I can’t get that Madonna song out of my head (・_・)。Today’s Sunday but it sort of feels like Saturday night with the holiday tomorrow, have a fun and safe  and flavorful~♥ weekend!!


Idols♥ vs. Tabasco

~Idols♥ vs. Tabasco~

Idols♥ vs. TabascoIdols♥ vs. TabascoIdols♥ vs. TabascoIdols♥ vs. Tabasco

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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9 Responses to ~Tabasco, it’s not for everyone

  1. hydeo says:

    ariyoshi always so cruel with the idols ahahha


    • He’s really funny…and mean….lol and did you know he even has an ‘evil~twin’ lookalike? Well he’s sort of a lookalike but anyway this ‘twin’ once appeared on a variety program the real Ariyoshi was hosting and took over for one entire segment and funny thing is that he’s equally mischievous to the girls =P.

      The Tabasco reaction here cracked me up!!!..and especially that look that Ayakachan is giving him afterwards, too funny =D!!


      • hydeo says:

        yah i like him too haha, u mean a brother ?? i dont know about this hehe
        but anyway ariyoshi is evil too haha so dont change much the things haha
        u mean is not ariyoshi in this video u posted ??

        hahaha poor girls 😡


        • Oh no it was like they were playing a prank on the girls as his lookalike was presented to be him from a distance…but as they got closer it wasn’t Ariyoshi…their reactions so funny too…(^q^)! Like who is this entirely new person here to torment us with batsu games and the like =O??

          It is indeed the real guy here though….funny how a simple walk through an office can result in such playfulness albeit Tabasco flavored =P!


          • hydeo says:

            oh got it like the guys who make the risk scenes in a movie in the place of the actor haha (dont know the name in english)

            hahaha anyway he is so evil hahaha


            • Oh you mean a stunt double….this guy was more of just a double I guess but it’s just the same a prank guy in place of the real guy….he was a little creepy too during the beach wrestling matches where he acted as the ref so to speak but his hands were very adventurous towards the girls wresting to say the least and half the time they were running away from him instead of trying to push the other girl out of the ring =P!


              • hydeo says:

                yah, i dont use the word because i dont know if is really the correct word in english ahah

                (omg look this one get something like one month to get an answer haha, dont need apologize im only joking :P)

                hahaha, u have watched that shin idols?? is with ariyoshi too and lot of idol groups, tomapai and momoclo has there


                • U~n you mean stunt double =). I tried searching for ‘shin idol’ but I couldn’t find any show under that name…maybe the title has another word in it? Koike Yui is so wonderful in candid programs but she can be very thoughtful too ^ ^.


                  • hydeo says:

                    yui has appearing in another magazine :3~~ , the pic get a different angle, i get some time to recognize her hehehe

                    oh sorry, i dont remember the full name… but is from 2009/2010 program


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