~For “Sasshi’s Baby Clothes”


Yesterday “Sasshi’s Baby Clothes” asked an interesting question regarding the photo extras which AKB48 includes with a number of their releases and affiliated releases. You see them in B.L.T most prominently and also in most box sets, photo books, individual DVDs, sub groups singles, solo member singles and t.v. show releases amongst others. They’re always randomly inserted photo extras too which adds an extra excitement and anticipation factor into your personal collection and yep they’re very tradable (I actually traded a Wasamin for a A~amin awhile back =D) so there’s usually one for singles and the like while the larger more expensive box sets will include usually 3 randomly inserted photos per set. The complete “set” number varies also from release to release.

So above and below I’ve separated AKB48’s last 7 single releases (excluding of course their digital only charity single) between those which didn’t have randomly inserted photos from their record company (above photo; note: the photo extras appearing above are Neowing bonuses for their first pressings) which includes: “Sakura no ki ni narou”/ “Everyday, Kachuusha”/ and “Flying Get” to those which included a randomly inserted photo extra from their record company which would be: “Kaze wa fuiteiru”/ “Ue kara Mariko”/ “GIVE ME FIVE” and their latest “Manatsu no Sounds good!” The reason why I’ve only gone back as far as 7 singles is that these 7 singles with the exception of “Manatsu no Sounds good!” I never got the chance to post about as these were released near to or during my extended last year hiatus from blogging here. AKB48’s earlier single releases going back to “Sakura no shiori” which was my very first posted about here (when Mayuyu♥ appeared as a photo extra) have their photo extras (if any) posted in those individual AKB48 posts so with a bit of searching by category those posts are easy to locate =). AKB48 moves so quickly!!!!…it’s amazing how many singles of theirs I missed on posting about =O…just looking at that now.

So to answer the inquiry by this guest whom visited here yesterday, the randomly inserted photo extras you find inside AKB48 single cases have overall been more common than not with an increasing of regularity as of late I hope this helps with your question =).


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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5 Responses to ~For “Sasshi’s Baby Clothes”

  1. Sasshii's Baby Clothes says:

    WOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!! You wrote this post for me? THANK YOU so much! I will read your blog and comment from now on!

    I found out something on YouTube while researching the external bonus photo question. There are tons of different photos with each single released. Let me get back to you with the link later.

    Again, thank you.


    • Oh yes I always save those stickers which indicate the total number of possible photos in the complete set for each single release which exist…on the outer wrapper and you can see them afixed above to their jewel cases. Some of the stickers are a bit tricky to peel off of the wrapper but I manage to save them all just for that reference and for their indication of what the first press goodies are for that release too =).

      You’re so welcome~* ^ ^。


  2. hydeo says:

    see u get one more reader haha 😛


  3. Sasshii's Baby Clothes says:

    I guess it’s just you and me, huh hydeo? Just kidding, just kidding. I know that there are many more readers!


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