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~Tabasco, it’s not for everyone

For many Tabasco can be like a blissful and flavor explosion for your senses as a topping for many of your favorite dishes. But for others it can be like cilantro, liver, thick slices of fresh avocado upon your salad, … Continue reading

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~Oshima♥Yuko, isn’t she loverly?

One of my most favorite trading card sets and it’s easily the cutest one too!! And funny I ended up with two complete sets of the regular type cards =O….and a complete set of the special cards which feature a … Continue reading

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~Please idol♥ responsibly =D

Take it from Yuko♥, If your idol’s planning on drinking this holiday weekend please take away their karaoke microphone and car keys as better judgment gets “fuzzy” under these circumstances. Always get a designated idol who’s sober to drive you … Continue reading

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~For “Sasshi’s Baby Clothes”

Yesterday “Sasshi’s Baby Clothes” asked an interesting question regarding the photo extras which AKB48 includes with a number of their releases and affiliated releases. You see them in B.L.T most prominently and also in most box sets, photo books, individual … Continue reading

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