Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun..

Hagiwara Mai Yuke! Genkikun pv DVD singleFor Sagsousuke~♥ and all other lovers of all things c~ute and J~pop, I think you may fall in love w/ this? =D

Not sure if George Harrison would have duG this but I have to say it’s absOlutely irresistible!!! Okay honestly as the first notes and vocals hit me ala happy~go~lucky rock♥ I was having a tinny bit of an out of body experience as in I was so imagining Kohachan singing this song on no less than 3 Red Bulls and a long afternoons napping =D…..

Initially what’s happily~* astonishing about this pv DVD single which CdJapan has offered exclusively outside of Hello! Project’s official shop to fans on a very limited basis (wooh it’s already out of print) is that it has a running time of 50 minutes =O!!! Yep pv DVD singles aren’t typically anywhere near as long even with the ‘main groups’” releases so this is really special for Maimai. Mind you over the years I’ve had a bit of trouble adapting to her nick Hagitty as Maimai was first and then there’s Dj Maimai which is a timeless visual in C-ute’s history….

Dj Maimai

..and while we’re on the subject of Dj Maimai I thought we’d reminisce their 2006 performance in that cute tiny venue known as Yomiuraland East…sort of sounds like theme park…well it could very well be as I’ve never been there =P. Anyway Dj Maimai owns this song completely!!! Also adore these pink outfits eternally~♥! But most importantly why I’ve chosen to reminisce about this performance in particular is to lay light upon Maimai’s vocals and her voice itself while speaking as hers has been about as unique of a voice imaginable….it’s most sweetly and innocently nasally in a most c~ute and good way with just a hint* of basil and citrus =P!!

C-ute Cutie Circuit 2006 Final in Yomiuraland East Live DVD with postcard

~C-ute “EVERYDAY YEAH! Kataomoi” (live)~

Hagiwara Mai Yuke! Genkikun pv DVD single (jacket scan)

Okay getting back to Maimai’s solo pv DVD single you see with 50 minutes of run time there’s a whopping five versions of this song’s pv♥ included and also a 25 minute making of segment too! I’ve narrowed them down to my favorite three versions to include here which I am most addicted to which are the original version, a stairway Close Up Version and the natural & rock version and speaking of rock and with so many versions recorded it got me wondering why there wasn’t a “Hendrix Version” of the pv too??

Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (7)

I mean she’s got the strat thing going strong…the pink hair attire ala Blossom/Takamina…the Nair short~shorts so why doesn’t it all inevitably lead up to this ↓ ?

Jimi HendrixJimi Hendrix

One wonders (・c_・;)?Or is it just me (・c_・;)?

Oh and by the way if you’re thinking about not watching this Sagsousuke (we spoke about this a few weeks ago) and you too out there keep in mind that poor Maimai absolutely froze her butt making this all possible for you~ (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!Oh no don’t thank me now but after you’ve clicked on play several times ( ̄▽ ̄)!!

~Maimai freezing her butt just for you making this きゃぁーっっっ(/∇\*)!~

Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (29)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (30)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (31)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (32)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (33)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (34)

Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (2)

~Hagiwara Mai “Yuke! Genki~kun” (original pv)~

As I watched Maimai’s~♥ solo DVD and repeated to hear “Yuke! Genki~kun” in each of its incarnations on screen it went from being giddily surreal~Koharu♥ to addictively catchy!!!!! That melody. After a short while you can’t fight it…it’s as cute as a kitten or a puppy that depending on whether you’re a cat person or a dog person to begin with so just to be sure here I’ve included both analogies =D.

Feel Maimai’s air guitar albeit with an actual guitar =P…feel the happy~* rhythm and rhyme…that adorably nasally voice which time thankfully hasn’t matured any ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!…the irresistible urge to set your guitar on fire (if you have one…although I don’t recommend it! Only rock stars like Jimi and Maimai are capable of pulling that feat off with true meaning…(^q^)! )…but most of all keep an open mai~nd =D.

Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (3)

~Hagiwara Mai “Yuke Genki~kun” ( Natural & Rock Version pv)~

Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (6)

~Hagiwara Mai “Yuke! Genki~kun” (a stairway Close Up Version pv)~

Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (5)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (4)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (7)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (9)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (8)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (10)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (11)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (12)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (13)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (14)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (15)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (16)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (17)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (18)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (20)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (21)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (22)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (23)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (24)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (25)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (26)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (27)Hagiwara Mai in Yuke! Genki~kun.. (28)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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3 Responses to ~I ME MAI I ME MAI I ME MAI♥

  1. SagSousuke says:

    Too bad, but I’ll have to betray my love for all J~pop and c~ute things and pass on Maimai. She looks a bit like one of my cousins and I want to kill her. So no.

    I started looking for hidden messages in your posts after seeing the weird capitalizations on the second paragraph (duG, absOlutely), but it doesn’t look like there’s any. Ah, it’s not the kind of thing you’d do anyway, but I’m crazy.

    LOL, yeah, I didn’t watch it. We’ve spoken about this before? You mean, my murderous feelings in general, or about this single specifically? I didn’t even remember she had a single. It doesn’t sound like a good idea giving her one, there’s better choice out there in H!P land.

    Hum, so she’s freezing? Sounds interesting. You make a very persuasive point in favor of watching. I wonder which one shows her freezing, I think it’s just in a Making of? Yeah, I’ll go get the Making of.

    Ok, I’ll watch the Natural & Rock Version. I’ve no idea what the name means, let’s hope it’s not a Close Up. Hum. 30 seconds into it and it sure looks like a Close Up. Give up. Let’s see the original one then. Hey, it sounds the same. Why was the other one “Rock Version”? 40 seconds into this one now… Yeah, she can walk and look at the camera. It doesn’t look very cold to me. Oh no wait, is that snow? I think I saw some very small white things falling at 01:48. I know you think I’m biased, and I definitely am, but I must tell you, she’s making no effort at all at that air guitar. Look how she doesn’t move her left hand AT ALL. I guess even she is bored with this. Or maybe her hand freezed like that. Oh, I’ll keep this theory, it’s sounding interesting again.

    It’s over. See, I have an open mind, I watched the whole thing. Now going to the next post, and get the making of later…


    • You don’t know how much I was cracking up while reading you….and now I want to see your cousin just out of curiousity XD! Oh no I’m out~weirding U with my randomness….it’s like an impulse to suddenly capitalize something like if you were speaking and was thinking that that particular thing said was being emphasized in nuance…lol I am totally weird but now. I wish~* I had written in code as I know you’d have figured it out totally =). lol I’m so not smart enough to create an intelligent and meaningful code XD. Mmm..one day a few weeks ago I had just mentioned that Maimai was getting her very own single DVD and you were surprised and then I promised to post it just ‘for U’….and here it is =D!!! I would give Maimichan a solo music DVD and she could be doing anything really looking so beautiful~♥ as always but I think she should be having a car~wash and there would be tons of water and suds all over…..wait (・_・)。

      lol you can see a bit of her breath in the cold when she breathes sometimes…much more noticeable in the making of though as you’ve said. I guess it was just the guitar thingy going on to make it a rock version…not sure about the natural part though =P. I do like the hand freezing theory…..and I too did get a bit of a feeling that she wasn’t fully enthusiastically into the whole thing while shooting this pv but I was thinking or hoping it rather was the cold which was affecting her. I once was freezing (;゜□゜)!!、in the mainland late Winter time and that was freezing by Hawaii standards I’d add but it was really cold like my toes and fingers all went numb and then my entire body ached like I was really in pain it was so odd and not in a good way!! I even tried putting my hands into my pants but that didn’t help as the rest of me was equally freezing and also some guy there thought I was doing something* else lol ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

      I’m very happy you survived…and I mean that truthfully as I know you don’t fancy Maimai too much…….still I wonder what your cousin looks like sorry =P!


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