~Is Batman really a superhero?

Getting up really early in the morning…say leaving for work at 3:25 am is no fun but one perk of being up so early (HST) is that the best radio program on earth airs live during these wee hours of the morning~. And that would be Mike and Mike in the Morning~♥! My love affair with this program all began one fateful morning when during my morning daze aka: the hours between 2 am ~~ 3:25 am I totally goofed and forgot to bring anything to listen to in the car for my morning commute, now mind you I’ve never been a fan of any sort of radio since I was little and all I had was a radio =P and no choice but as they say sometimes things are just meant to be and for the better. So now during my hazy commute I’m delighted daily to the minds, colorful personalities, opinions and voices of Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic who make getting up so so much better and it’s actually a part of my day which I really look forward to now =D.

So on this morning of the 7th amidst all of the sports talk and commentary there came up the new Avengers movie which had just opened and anyway you just have to watch this yourself because it is so~so funny!!


~Mike and Mike discuss whether Batman is a superhero~

Some great points from both guys…but I guess it really depends on which side of the debate you’re on if all can be validated as such. I cracked up so much when Golic mentioned how Batman’s head doesn’t move and then he’s looking for Robin wondering where he is because he can’t see him omg that it sooooo funny and now when I think of the cartoon…yeah really true!! They’re so great and perfect~* together these two guys…so so so so different in backgrounds, prior professions, build and personality and that’s what makes them so immaculately made for one another on this show.

For Batman is a superhero

  • Has super smarts
  • With at least half an hour of prep time he’d kick anyone’s butt
  • Has the coolest vehicle the Batmobile
  • Is the coolest superhero, he’s dark and angry (says Greeny =D )
  • Rugged, strong and fights for justice
  • Was on the cartoon Superfriends
  • Has a dark aura about him
  • Has the outfit…mask and cape
  • Utility belt is ready for just about any occasion
  • His wealth adds as an enabler for his cause
  • Has Robin

For Batman is not a superhero

  • Has no super powers
  • Is basically MacGyver with more money and a better belt
  • Made the Superfriends exciting by falling into peril and needing to be saved by the other real superheroes
  • Could not turn his head to look around causing him to lose sight of Robin (that according to Golic…(^q^)!)
  • Would get his butt kicked by fellow superheroes in a WWE cage match
  • Has Robin

So, do you think Batman is a superhero or not?


About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to ~Is Batman really a superhero?

  1. SagSousuke says:

    lol, I love this! Very funny. The only problem is that, of course, Spider-Man is the best of them all. But I understand that the hosts wanted to steer the conversation towards Batman / Superman, because that’s such a classic rivalry and it worked for their jokes, and I imagine they otherwise recognize Spider-Man’s supremacy.


    • Ohhh you’re into superheroes too =D!! I used to collect comics when I was little into my late teens but I only learned to take care of them much better after it was much too late for most of the one’s I’d read and not kept in pristine condition =P. Spiderman is awesome and he arguably has equally awesome movies too in comparison to Batman who is maybe generally regarded as having spawned the very best to the silver~screen. I was laughing so hard in the car while this conversation was on during their last hour up till the end of their morning’s broadcast just so so funny how they argue and their chemistry is the best…(^q^)! It’s a good thing no one saw me or they’d thought me most likely to be crazy laughing all by myself while driving in the wee hours of the morning =P. So so great too that this radio program is also broadcast daily on t.v. (Mon~Fri) because this video and their body language and expressions are absolutely hilarious and add so much to the dialogue I was hearing on the radio that morning =D!! So do you think Batman is a superhero despite Golic’s funny reasons why he’s not?


      • SagSousuke says:

        If a superhero is someone who has super powers, then Batman is not a superhero. If a superhero is someone who acts in what’s generally accepted as superhero behavior – in other words, a guy with a cape who beats criminals – then Batman is a superhero. It’s just a matter of whether a “superhero” has to have a “superpower”, and that’s discussing definitions. I don’t like discussing definitions.

        But Batman is definitely a superhero, because he’s got a great superhero movie and the best games.


        • True~true… =D! It’s funny I’ve never doubted this until now though….just that Golic cracked me up so much with his approach and reasoning gotta love him for that and my mom was even laughing too and she was like ‘who are these people but I like the big guy’ lol…(^q^)! That is the line isn’t it with defining what a superhero is….but in any case from now on and really the next time I hear the words ‘utility belt’ I may pee in my pants silly =P! Darn you Golic! (/∇\*)!

          I like Batman….I just try not to imagine George Clooney as him..as good looking as he is and he is!….that was um…..oh a miscasting (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓


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