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~嵐♥ (・_・)↓↓↓

In a word, mesmerizing. It’s not too often that I feel that one would not even need be attuned into the J~pop genre to be turned on* and yet the silky smooth seXiness of ARASHI’S latest “Face Down” captures a … Continue reading

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~A great one from Jude

A buddy here turned me onto this song and even with my ongoing love affair with all things Beatles including solo works from John, Paul, George and Ringo sorry Ringo I just never quite got you that way =P….I’ve only … Continue reading

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~Sasshi’s♥ Idol IQ

There’s simply no better idol♥ to help unlock the inner thinking of what an idol is and should be than Sasshi♥ =). If you know even just a little about Sasshi♥ then surely you know her deeply rooted following of … Continue reading

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~This Memorial Day…

We salute and remember our armed forces and the countless Americans who’ve braved and fought for our daily liberties and the best way of life anywhere. So while being with family and friends during this holiday weekend please remember to … Continue reading

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~Idol♥MMA & hot sauce

Yesterday she was being attacked by Tabasco and at first I was thinking it’d be an all idol/MMA/yoga affair, but then the director of photography “noticed” Ayaka~chan’s lady lumps… Yes this video is that hot!! ~Noda Ayaka in Gravure The … Continue reading

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~The other Koike, a day in the life…

From Gravure The Television a bit of an older clip with Koike Rina taking you along for a magazine photo shoot =). A~h the life of an idol ^^♥。 ~Koike Rina~

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~Tabasco, it’s not for everyone

For many Tabasco can be like a blissful and flavor explosion for your senses as a topping for many of your favorite dishes. But for others it can be like cilantro, liver, thick slices of fresh avocado upon your salad, … Continue reading

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~Oshima♥Yuko, isn’t she loverly?

One of my most favorite trading card sets and it’s easily the cutest one too!! And funny I ended up with two complete sets of the regular type cards =O….and a complete set of the special cards which feature a … Continue reading

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~Please idol♥ responsibly =D

Take it from Yuko♥, If your idol’s planning on drinking this holiday weekend please take away their karaoke microphone and car keys as better judgment gets “fuzzy” under these circumstances. Always get a designated idol who’s sober to drive you … Continue reading

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~For “Sasshi’s Baby Clothes”

Yesterday “Sasshi’s Baby Clothes” asked an interesting question regarding the photo extras which AKB48 includes with a number of their releases and affiliated releases. You see them in B.L.T most prominently and also in most box sets, photo books, individual … Continue reading

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