~The easy button.


Dear travelers, wanderers, accidental arrivals and all two of my readers,

No actually I’m thinking this post is rather in a consensus of bloggers minds…(そうかな?)、

I’m thinking the consensus here of those who enjoy writing and keeping any type of blog not matter the content or interests shared that feedback really helps us with keeping up with what you’d like to see/hear/experience and the simple feedback created by a little click of the “like” button helps to let us know what we may be doing right to what you’d like to see more of or if anything being done on one’s blog is right at all. (Comments still always most welcome  but we know you’re most busy too at times =)  ). Likewise a thumbs down button although not available on WordPress would give feedback of what’s been uninteresting or disliked and yet a quick verbalization could do just the same in a cinch =D…like here where I was told in just 43 characters that this post was in so many words the equivalent of road kill. And whenever you’re part of a social media you surely have to expect that, I mean we’re all unique in our own ways and have a definite right and voice to our reactions and opinions. In any case the easy button (aka: the like button) provides valuable reference too and a lack of any good or bad in this sense over time can lead to further randomness (like one minute I’m thinking waffles or tuna casserole and the next I’m thinking about seXy~gummy bears… =)  ). The point is any feedback like with the easy button (aka: the like button) really can improve and streamline content too on blogs as their authors then over time will have have some data on what their readers or even media searching beings want more of…..less of too if the honesty in the likes are genuine over an extended period of time.  It also in the simplest way let’s us bloggers know that you’re out there….heck if this were a radio station I would have been taken off of the air months ago if my boss were to take a look at this site. Case in point and this a rather funny example as I didn’t know that WordPress actually was keeping stats on individual post till recently…yup I surely must stop thinking about tuna casserole & sexy gunny bears え~へ(*≧▽≦)!、..it’s secretly clouding my vision =P and this is kind of freaky~fascinating in a way….as this post since its been moved to WordPress (mind you I’m a Vox blog straggler…) has been viewed 8291 times as of today and that’s not including its existence while at Vox and yet when you or I look at it you wouldn’t know it for a second…..it’s a ghost town post (envision tumble~weeds like in those old western shootouts where all of the townsfolk run for cover yet peeking through their blinds and then Clint Eastwood stands in the middle of the road and kicks the bad guy’s butt after striking a match alight upon some grubby drunks bum…I meant~! chin っo(*´∀`)o! ). I never even considered a follow up post to this post as it never resonated any interest and yet it’s been viewed 8291 times?…it’s kind of funny as I had her follow up pb back then but never thought to post it as I just didn’t think there was any interest. So we’re back to the easy button (aka: the like button) and its powers are far more stretching and influential than you can imagine~. “Like” posts you see, wherever you may go to visit or arrive through searches or even random transitions as even if you’re not an avid reader of a particular blog or author at that moment but enjoyed something about it even if tiny, with the “like” you may be wonderfully surprised at the endless possibilities of worlds~interests and content you may further encounter as a result, both cumulatively and directly~.

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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1 Response to ~The easy button.

  1. hydeo says:

    ok enter in all ur posts and click Like… hehe 😡

    so i go use the like button ;3


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