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It may have taken me the past 3 days to complete (._.;), but Ueto Aya♥ being so much one of Japan’s most popular and loved talents~* and such a favorite♥~X~♥~X~♥ of mine just had me wanting to include as much as I could…I hope you enjoy~* this post as much as I enjoyed writing it ^ ^!I’ve been getting that “unresponsive script” error on this page and I’m not sure of how to fix that =/…if you’ve any ideas please please help, thank you =).

Born of Okinawan decent, Ueto Aya’s very first sparked~* interest in the entertainment industry at age 13 as she gained recognition in her very first beauty contest entry~…however much like Fukakyon, Ayachan’s time spent in the idol♥world was brief and was only explored early in her career~. A springboard into numerous successful endeavors~* which have flourished to this day…however before venturing any further I thought it’d be appropriate to first “meet” one of Japan’s most endeared and successful talents~o(*´∀`)o゛♥。

Ueto Aya releases can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Ueto Aya releases can be ordered here at YesAsia.

~Ueto Aya “Kimi ga warau to sekai ga warau” mp3~

I was quite torn in deciding on a perfect~* introduction song♪ so I’m thinking click play~* on the track above if beautifully orchestrated ballads~♥ are to your liking or click below if you love fun upbeat~♥ songs~ as “Honey” has a most bright walking on sunshine~* aura about it, in the meantime I’ll be babbling away~  ^ ^。

~Ueto Aya “Honey” mp3~

Born on September 14th, 1985 Ueto Aya got her start as a model which led to early acting opportunities in both movies and dramas where a most notable role in the long running series “San nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei” served as an early launching pad of sorts and as this series aired here in Hawaii it became my very first (actually it was my second but I just wasn’t aware of this until a few years later while searching a shelf for a single~…this will be explained much better in the “~Singles~” section) encounter of any her works which really peaked my interest~ ^ ^。And while the challenges of subsequently attending school along with her ever growing roles as an actress and so many appearances in CMs (Ayachan being crowned twice as Japan’s CM “it girl!!”) it would soon lead into her interest of becoming a singer♪ albeit her previous endeavors remaining as her primary careers~. Other achievements of note include her hosting her very own radio program, being honored for her acting performances as well as her overall body of work~ in entertainment coming in the form of numerous awards~*, Kouhaku appearance, the launch of her fashion design aspirations presenting her very own wedding dress wardrobe collection and most recently she’s also played host to some of Japan’s most prestigious music events including the annual awards ceremony~.

On December 21st, 2001 Fuji Television released what remains as one of the very few purely “idol” style releases from Ueto Aya and albeit that these *stats* are quite dated there’s not much else to go on as “Image” DVDs aren’t likely to be seen at any time here forth from Ayachan♥ so we have:

T: 162.5 cm/ B: 83 cm/ W: 60 cm/ H: 85 cm/ Blood type: O/ Hobbies: e-mail, swimming ^ ^♥。

Furthermore this DVD offers a rare look into some of Ayachan’s personal family photo albums complete with re~collective narration of her growing up photos as well as a complete rundown of Aya’s body check~* (*´艸`)!

Other personal things revealed include:

Ayachan’s favorite♥ words (expression): “Keserasera…”

Ayachan’s favorite♥ color: Orange

Ayachan’s favorite♥ foods: monja & ramen~*

Ayachan’s most disliked (*>ω<)!!foods: Anything spicy!!

Ayachan’s *charm~* point: eye brows (*´∀`*)♥

Also documented is a mini video of her travels and events going from Saipan to Japan to Guam~ all in a very tight and grueling schedule~! Her baby photos are so cute~♥!!!



(and the last photo just below is Ayachan’s monomane (“impersonation”) of Suzuki Ami..it’s
so much the expression she has so often…so funny~!! (^q^)!!


~Ueto Aya monomane (Amigo~chan)~

~Music Videos~

Ueto Aya’s music♪ releases have taken her from the darker flavored beginnings of rock/pop where a much grittier image prevailed however over time as Ayachan’s vocals developed so much in leaps~* and bounds her style would evolve into a much wider spectrum of genre venturing into heartfelt/sweeping ballads, peppy ska♥, r&b flavors all the while revisiting that oh so happy~* pop♥ which tends to favor so much of the J~Pop landscape~ (*´∀`*)。

The broader range and *feel* in Ayachan’s vocals are clearly evident especially when comparing her very first live (on DVD) to her most recent concert releease (“Happy Magic”) which is covered a bit later in this post~. A wonderful confidence is evident as Ayachan projects with seemingly ease a powerful range with all the sweet nuances~* of a most pretty falsetto and heartfelt vibrato when deep into ballads~….talents she’s developed since her August 2002 debut which in addition has also produced her very first lyricist work occurring in the Summer of 2007 with the release of her single “Namida no niji” where she penned the title track achieving yet another first~.

I’ve chosen 6 of my most favorite♥ music videos to share and also here are so unique the styles being implemented in each composition. And with Pony Canyon’s support you can also be assured of no lack in budgets as each visual production brings to life the music so much further (人∀`*)。。。from the very dark aura of “Message”, the colors~* of vibrant life in the Okinawan inspired composition “Kaze”, the paradise bright sparkle~* of “Afuresouna, ai daite”, the slick~cutting edge visuals of “Yume no chikara”, the playful mall~like performance in “Kaze wo ukete” to the bittersweet♥ childhood friendship re~lived in “Egao no mama de” which also may break hearts as it also doubles as Ayachan’s “haircut” pv~ (/∇\*)!Each pv~ so stylish in their own right!…please enjoy o(*´∀`)o゛。。。

~Ueto Aya “Message” (pv)~


~Ueto Aya “Kaze” (pv)~


~Ueto Aya “Afure souna ai, daite” (pv)~

~Ueto Aya “Yume no chikara” (pv)~


~Ueto Aya “Kaze wo ukete” (pv)~


~Ueto Aya “Egao no mamade” (pv)~

“Egao no mama de” also known as the “haircut pv” (・д・`*)!!。。the pv also touches upon the early bonds of friendship♥ brought to life through memories in a photo album~, really a heartwarming video o(*´∀`)o゛。。。although it has caused many a tears~* to from fans who miss her longer hairstyle (人∀`*)。


~The singles~

Back in the Summer of 2000 I had no idea at the time but I was just “meeting” Ueto Aya for the very first time with the purchase of Z-1’s third single release…it was a purchase based solely on the fact that I thought the title of the main track was so amusing (。ーωー。)。。。as you can see I have really “deep” thoughts when purchasing things at times (*´艸`)!

While Z-1 was never quite successful, it did begin Ueto Aya onto the path of her dreams~* of becoming a successful singer one day~* ^ ^。She’s pictured second from the right on this singe’s cover…now so unmistakable in appearance and yet me so clueless back then (人∀`*)。

~Z1 “Bakka mitai!!” mp3~

~Z1 “Dearest” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Pureness” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Breath of my Heart” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “PUZZLE” mp3~

Ayachan’s debut single “Pureness” was released on August 28th, 2002. What’s notable about each and every one of her singles is that they each were released as maxi singles and would consistently include re~mix versions of previously released songs. Single sales: 96, 350.

~Ueto Aya “Kizuna” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Tears” mp3~

“Kizuna” was released on Novenber 7th, 2002. Single sales: 57,340.

~Ueto Aya “Hello” mp3~

“Hello” was released on February 26th, 2003. Single sales: 40,555.

~Ueto Aya “Message” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “PERSONAL” mp3~

“Message” was released on May 14th, 2003. Single sales: 28,367. “Message” will always hold a very special~* place in my heart as this song was my most favorite♥ by Ayachan for many years prior to her release of “Happy Magic.”

~Ueto Aya “Kanshou” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “MERMAID” mp3~

“Kanshou/ MERMAID” was released on August 27, 2003. Single sales: 39,860.

~Ueto Aya “Binetsu” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “silence” mp3~

“Binetsu” was released on November 27th, 2003. Single sales: 24,086.


~Ueto Aya “Ai no tame ni” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Arigato” mp3~

“Ai no tame ni” remains as Ayachan’s most successful single to date, released on February 4th, 2004 with sales of 99,470.

~Ueto Aya “Kaze” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Okuru kotoba” mp3~

“Kaze”/ “Okuru kotoba” was released on June 16th, 2004. Simply such a wonderful single~*, the Okinawan♥ flavor is in full here \(^o^)/☆!!Single sales: 44,240.

~Ueto Aya “Afure souna ai, daite” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Namida wo fuite” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “PERSONAL -2004 summer-” mp3~

“Afure souna ai, daite” was released on July 28th, 2004. The title track is pure ~♥~!! Single sales: 33,723

~Ueto Aya “Usotsuki” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Ano hito ni aitai” mp3~

“Usotsuki” was released on November 17th, 2004. Single sales: 26,386.

~Ueto Aya “Yume no chikara” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Get Fight” mp3~

“Yume no chikara” was released on June 8th, 2005. Single sales: 85,095.

~Ueto Aya “Kaze wo ukete” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Yakusoku no basho” mp3~

“Kaze wo ukete” was released on August 3rd, 2005. Single sales: 27,277.

~Ueto Aya “Egao no mamade” mp3~

“Egao no mama de” was released on February 15th, 2006. A~h despite the “haircut” pv I still love this single so much o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥。

Ueto Aya’s LE release of “way to heaven” remains as one of the most elaborate and just simply amazing~* single releases to date!! Released on March 4th, 2007 this single release boasts a full production hard cover shashinshuu~* as well as a bonus DVD containing Ayachan’s then complete pv collection!!! And the single itself is yet another maxi~version so a remix as well as a karaoke track are also in place~.

~Ueto Aya “way to heaven” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Owari ni shiyou” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Shimokita ijou Harajuku miman (French bossa nova ver.) mp3~

The “French Bossa Version” of “Shimokita ijou harajuku” (tk.3) is such an awesome re~mix of the original track…melody♪ melody♪ melody♪~♥!

~Ueto Aya “Namida no niji” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “SAVE ME” mp3~

“Namida no niji” was released on May 30th, 2007 and features Ayachan’s very first composition as a lyricist on the title track!! \(^o^)/☆

~Ueto Aya “Smile for…” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Mou ichido dake” mp3~

“Smile for…” was released on June 24th, 2009….additional um *gushing~* on this release “ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!” can be found here. Cute title track and a most beautifully written b~side♥!

~The albums~

While Ayachan has also released re~mix and a best of album, I’ll just be covering her original album releases below…^ ^

Here I’m focusing on just a few favorite♥ non single album tracks~* っo(*´∀`)o!♥♥♥

“Aya Ueto” was released on March 12th, 2003.

1. Pureness

2. Ambition

3. Hello -album version-


~Ueto Aya “Puzzle” mp3~


~Ueto Aya “Flower” mp3~

6. Pieces

7. Lie

8. Distance

9. Where is love?

10. Kizuna


~Ueto Aya “True Love” mp3~


~Ueto Aya “Dreamin'” mp3~

13. Hello -Neoverse & DJ Who Nu Anime Club Mix-

“Message” was released on March 3rd, 2004.

1. Ai no tame ni

2. Okuru kotoba

3. MESSAGE ~album version~


~Ueto Aya “Aosora” mp3~

5. Kanshou



~Ueto Aya “Taiyou to tsuki” mp3~


9. Binetsu


~Ueto Aya “Kiseki” mp3~

11. Silence -COCONUTS GROOVE version-

12. Steppin’ Out -complete version-

13. Ai no tame ni ~lover’s splash mix~

“Re.” was released on December 8th, 2004.

1. winter love

2. Usotsuki


~Ueto Aya “Name of Love” mp3~

4. Shinjirarenai = shinjitai


~Ueto Aya “Kaze~Minamifuu version~” mp3~

Although this song was released as a single I so wanted to include it here as this version is just so amazing~* as well as very very different from the single version~ ^ ^。


~Ueto Aya “Fuyu no hanabi” mp3~

7. Afure souna ai, daite

8. Namida wo fuite


~Ueto Aya “Sekaijuu ga happy birthday” mp3~

10. Ano hito ni aitai -“re.” Style-

11. Ai no tame ni -B2f’s love affair mix-

“License” was released on March 8th, 2006.

1. Egao no mama de


~Ueto Aya “1 million thanks” mp3~


~Ueto Aya “Kaze wo ukete” mp3~


~Ueto Aya “Nukumori” mp3~


~Ueto Aya “Yakusoku no basho” mp3~


~Ueto Aya “Moshimo negai ga kanaunara” mp3~

7. Look into the future

8. Hoshizora highway

9.Kagiri Aru Toki no Naka de

10. Yume no chikara

11.Shiroi Yuki ga Furu Yoru ni


Ueto Aya “Kono sekai ni umarete” mp3~

Love the weeping violin♥ here….♥♥♥

13. Fermata

“Happy Magic” was released on July 15th, 2009. I am soooo in love♥♥♥ with this album…9 songs♪ so much variety and absolutely no “filler”~ perfect from start to finish and truly one of the very best J~Pop albums that I own amongst hundreds♥ o(*´∀`)o゛。

1. Smile for…


~Ueto Aya “Tsukamaete” mp3~

Happy~* rockin’ ska ~♥~!!!..w/ a wonderful verse “shuffle”~ ( ̄▽ ̄)


~Ueto Aya “Kokoro poka poka” mp3~

“Kokoro Poka Poka” just makes me smile~* so much each time Ayachan sings it~….a most endearing♥ folk/pop guitar arrangement♥♥♥


~Ueto Aya “Kimi ga warau to sekai ga warau” mp3~

***Beautiful ballad*** (*´∀`*)♥♥♥


~Ueto Aya “Honey” mp3~

~”Honey”…feel the floating on sunshine~* kanji♥♥♥…fave♥ fave♥ fave♥♥♥~!


~Ueto Aya “Watashi no taiyou” mp3~

**Genki r&b*** ^ ^♥!


~Ueto Aya “Migimune no fairy” mp3~

“Migimune no Fairy”….sweet~♥ and alluring with J~Pop hooks* (*´∀`*)。


~Ueto Aya “SMILE” mp3~

Profound in both lyrics and performance~*…..and a smile ( ̄▽ ̄)~*。。is truly what makes life worthwhile and so worth the journey, how a simple gesture like a smile~* can unite, tear down walls, invigorate and simply show someone special how much you care….here verbalized~♥ o(*´∀`)o゛。


~Ueto Aya “Bokura no mirai e” mp3~

In closing “Happy Magic” not only is there a warm finality in “Bokura no mirai e”‘s melody♪, but also Ayachan’s♥ achievements towards her dreams~* of becoming a singer come full circle here….her development so much heard in these subtle and thoughtful notes…far from just aspirations of the art~, here she is no longer searching but has arrived~ ^ ^。


With a running time of 2 hours and 16 minutes (including Ayachan’s live “making of” footage) Ueto Aya’s latest concert offering takes focus on her performances at both Zepp Osaka and Zepp Tokyo venues giving an in depth look into all that goes into what is one of the most elaborate and impressive stage performances that I’ve watched to date~. While the behind the scenes shows so much preparation covering scene concepts, set list, dance lessons, narration recording, rehearsals with band, and focuses so much on rehearse~! rehearse~! rehearse~! it all culminates into a two phase stage performance which not only presents a full concert with live band but also treats fans to one of J~music’s most inventive and original ideas put into play…literally!!

It was really so fun and entertaining to watch it all unfold, I mean I had no idea of how Ayachan’s latest album release “Happy Magic” would be brought to life through an actual full blown stage production complete with cast members, album storyline theme~*, cute and inventive stage props, a storytelling and scenery livening VTR~ as well as a town “sign” which Ayachan would turn the pages on signifying the play’s movement from town theme to town theme keeping the audience abreast~.

The first 37 minutes are mesmerizing as “Happy Magic” becomes its very own stage musical~♥ played out in such cute fashion as each song moves the story along and with the presence of live musicians on stage as well~* and narration between sets done by Ayachan herself…the concert stage is literally brought to life~* not at all unlike what you’d experience had you been attending a play in its very own right~ ^ ^。



I’ve chosen a few favorite♥ performances to watch below…the first five are from the opening “stage play” and the latter four are from the “concert” phase~ ^ ^。

~Ueto Aya “Tsukamaete!” mp3~

~Ueto Aya “Honey” (live)~

~Ueto Aya “Kokoro Poka Poka” (live)

~I so love the folk guitar♥ in this “Kokoro poka poka” and it’s just such a cute~* song♪…’poka poka’ o(*´∀`)o゛。And “Tsukamaete!” serves as a perfect opening performance as happy ska~* livens the venue~!!
Add in the sunshin~y♥♥♥ “Honey”…it becomes concert bliss ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!

~So much that “Honey” receives without doubt the…

..Maochan♥ awesome song seal of approval~*

~Ueto Aya “Watashi no taiyou” (live)~

~Ueto Aya “Kimi ga warau to sekai ga warau (live)~

Such a sweet~* song in “Kimi ga warau to sekai ga warau”..I’m sure with just one listen
you’ll love♥ it too~ ^ ^。 And while Ayachan doesn’t often release r&b songs,
“Watashi no taiyou” shows how she can vocally drive r&b genki~* too~ っo(*´∀`)o!

Just moments~* after the opening play’s curtain call…they re~open revealing a full live band with a rockin’ performance of “Smile for…” (additional live clips from “Act Two” are just below after a few more live captures~ including “Smile for…”, “Egao no mama de”, the beautifully Okinawan flavored “Kaze” and very moving performance of “Smile” ^ ^。) Eventually the live takes you full circle back to her debut single “Pureness.”



~Ueto Aya “Smile for…” (live)~

~Ueto Aya “Egao no mamade” (live)~

~Ueto Aya “Kaze” (live)~

~Ueto Aya “SMILE” (live)~

A few sights from the live “making of”….


~Favorite♥ Ayachan movie~

When it comes to stylish~action all set in the samurai genre~* one of my most watched and re~watched movies is “Azumi.”

Good storyline under the masterful direction of Kitamura Ryuhei who also directed the cult classic “Versus” along with director duel winner and short film “Aragami” and “Alive.” He has a most amazing way of capturing action scenes and like a director such as Tarentino you can really see a distinctness to his visions brought to the silver screen~* which can often be viewed as trademark to his style of direction~. Ueto Aya is amazing in her role as the lead character “Azumi” and also of note is a most chameleon like actor Odagiri Joe…he’s so so talented!!!!..and his character Bijomaru is one of the most deliciously bad villains ever!!!..I’d say in cinematic history~!

I’m thinking that most have seen “Azumi” and just in case anyone reading hasn’t just yet, I’ll refrain from spoilers here and instead share just a few glimpses into this most awesome film~* \(^o^)/☆。

Here’s the movie trailer…

~Ueto Aya in “Azumi” (movie trailer)~

Um….I think I may have a bit too many versions of this film (*´艸`)。。(and one of them isn’t even pictured…forgot! (*>ω<))but there’s also “Azumi 2” although it wasn’t quite a great as the original film~ ^ ^。 The LE is awesomely packaged though~!!

And here’s a little fun clip where famed director Kitamura Ryuhei visited the Anime Expo in the U.S. and he had some fun poking it at one of his familiar cast members…really funny =)!!

~Anime Expo 2006 with director Kitamura Ryuhei~




Very much a part of being an idol♥ and here through the years Ayachan’s♥ been most beautiful….w~ah gorgeous!!!

Ueto Aya has released 5 shashinshuu~* which I have four of when including the special edition hard cover pb which came with her LE “way to heaven” single release~. Interestingly “Ueto Aya Artworks” is printed on paper stock which is I think twice as thick or more than what shashinshuu are traditionally printed on and it’s a really pretty~* pb as it chronicles her music career from debut up till “way to heaven” in the form of off~shots and an entirely new photo shoot for the LE~.

I chose a few photos from each pb to share below…Ayachan♥ always so beautiful~* ne~ (*´∀`*)!

“I ♥ Ueto” includes a really cute~* section full of personally written on polaroids by Ueto Aya and I’ve scanned most of but not all of them a bit further below~….and this pb also features photos from her “San nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei” role from the final day of shooting~* as well a mini photo chronicle of her career as a singer and in CMs~.


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  1. Nino-baby says:

    Wooow~how do find time to make these very long posts? :OIt's incredible…Only know Ueto-san from her movies ^^


  2. A~h! I just realized that I've already used nearly half of my allowed memory for this month…most of it being in this post~ (/∇\*)!I've been meaning to post on Ueto♥Aya for awhile but kept putting it off as I knew it would grow into a monster of sorts in size。。(。ーωー。)。I first saw Ayachan in "San nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei" which aired here in Hawaii a few years ago~…and she really impressed me with her acting so I then watched "Azumi" and soon discovered that she was debuting as a singer♥ too~! I still would love to watch "Attention Please" as I've heard so many wonderful things about it~….thank you so much for being so sweet~* ^ ^。


  3. J-pyon says:

    I love Ueto-chan she has always been a favorite of mine for along time. I love her singing as well as her acting. I have seen her in Attention Please i believe all the episodes are posted on VEOHThanks for posting about her you really made my day. (^_^)V


  4. So nice~* to know you're a Ayachan♥ fan too~* o(*´∀`)o゛!!!I sort of came upon her by chance when she was in a drama aired here a few years ago, really really so happy~* that she went into music too as I've grown to love so many of her songs~♥ and right now "Happy Magic" is my most favorite of hers and I've been listening to this album daily~* (*´∀`*)Thank you so much for the link~*…I'm going to watch the opening episode first and then I'll most likely order the series on DVD…I've heard there is also a series in Hawaii? I wonder if it was filmed here?…of if they're just saying it's in Hawaii…XD Thank you~* again for reading/listening ♪。。。^ ^!


  5. J-pyon says:

    I stumbled upon her CD first before i found out about her as an actor lol. They made 2 TV movies which one does take place in Hawaii and i believe they did some filming their as well the other i believe takes place in Australia but im not sure. Also you don't have to thank me for reading and watching your blog i truly enjoy it and glad i have found you, keep up the good work and thanks for devoting your time to introduce us to some great music and entertainers. (^_^)V


  6. A~h! okay that settles it, I'm ordering at least the Hawaii series of "Attention Please!!!"..and it'll be so fun to see them filming here…or actually it may have been on another island lol I won't know until I watch…(^q^)! Oh no but I really must thank you~* so much, I mean cyberspace can be a lonely place at times (;´□`)。。。and I truly love just knowing that you're here at times visiting o(*´∀`)o゛♥ 本とにありがとうね~*。


  7. Alezra says:

    I totally adore this gal'! She's one of my absolute favorite artists! <3I love her as an actor to! I saw her the first time in the movie Azumi! She's really awesome and like crazily pretty! So perfect!! ❤ I dint know until late after that she was a singer to! 😀 Awesomeness!Thank you allot for this post! ❤ ❤ ❤ Huggles*


  8. わぁーいo(*´∀`)o゛。。I'm so happy~*!!! Ueto Aya really is such an amazing talent and she does so so much that I can't even imagine how she fits it all into her busy schedule!! Azumi was so awesome ne~!!! and she really did action so well even if it was so new to her then…..I first saw Ayachan in a school drama which aired here…"San nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei"..and she really peaked my interest as she took on not only a most challenging role but she also shined~* so much in it too!! So so soo pretty~* I adore Ayachan so much…and thank you~* so much for reading ne~ means so much to me o(*´∀`)o゛♥


  9. Mikey says:

    Yet another winner there again MB! Even if she hogged all your bandwidth! ;)I might have to order her stuff too! ^^ 24 so delicious! 😛


  10. Oh thank you~*! I had a lot of fun putting this post together lol it did take me about a week though XD! W~ah! it did take up so much memory though….maybe I got a bit carried away I wonder (人∀`*)。That would be so wonderful~* if you do order some of Ueto Aya's releases~*! So many of her songs are so catchy~* and I hope you were able to listen/watch some of them here ^ ^。


  11. Mikey says:



  12. Hmm….I think you'd like her latest album "Happy Magic"..there's so many catchy~* songs on this album my favorites♥ being "Honey", "Kokoro poka poka", "Kimi ga warau to sekai ga warau", "Tsukamaete!" and "Watashi no taiyou." If the LE of her single "way to heaven" is still available or if you can find it on auctions maybe….it includes her complete pv~♥ collection till that point which is really amazing!! + it has a full size photo book as well ^ ^。


  13. bubblegirlsunite says:

    i seriously love you for posting all these XD < And honestly i do not really fan women easily. aya is the only woman i am a fan of 😀 SHE IS AWESOME! and her new wedding dress designs.. OMG have you seeeeeeeeeeeeen them? XD


    • Hi~* bubblegirlsunite =)! I so agree!!..and it’s really refreshing to see an idol/celebrity/actress/…Mmm Ayachan’s so many things ne! create her very own wedding dress designs! I don’t know how she manages to find the time to have so many aspirations~* she’s truly amazing. Thank you~* for being so patient with this post, I think it’s the largest here….I’ll miss losing the audio and video which didn’t make the import from my old Vox home but I still had a great time writing this out of love~♥ for one of Japan’s most pretty and talented ^ ^。


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    • Okay i just checked it’s Firefox 11.0..says it’s up to date, thank you~* i had no idea of how to look for the current version being used =). I have Windows 7….i’m just relieved again to know that i’m possibly the only one experiencing this issue with an ‘unresponsive script.’

      Script: http://www.toprelatedtopics.com/Extension/TRTExtension.js:1

      I wonder why toprelatedtopics wants to link to me…?


      • SagSousuke says:

        I can’t find any reference to this script online… in fact, the few things Google could find about it were your own worried posts =P the toprelatedtopics.com page is useless, doesn’t say anything. I’ve monitored every request my browser makes while loading your page, and this script doesn’t show up at all. Whatever it is, it’s not even being sent to me, much less executed and causing trouble. I think it’s probably something specific to you. Do you have anything in your sidebar or anywhere else on your blog that only appears to you? Any Firefox add-ons installed?


        • That’s really weird…funny it’s like two posts here which cause this but I don’t have anything in which I can only see and I didn’t even know there were add~ons. I just hovered over Firefox’s add~ons option and it’s empty and funny they have nothing to recommend to me =P.


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  17. TaK says:

    Can I ask you how where did you get music: Okuru Kotoba? I am looking for it all over the web, but I can’t find it anywhere T.T


    • Oh it’s the coupling with song to her single “Kaze” which I also scanned the cover of up above where I have her singles listed. If you still can’t find it I could share it with you, you’d just need to be subscribed here =).


      • TaKa says:

        I tried downloading whole single already but I can’t even find that :”D
        So can you please share it?? (I alreday subscribed) 😛
        BTW: Nice to meet you 😀 Please take care of me on this blog^^


  18. mikeymikez says:

    Sorry I’m. So late! She’s wonderful! Her birthday is the same as Princess Emma!! 🙂


    • Just thinking back that I actually spent three days trying to put together a single post =P!..and yet it was so worth it as Ueto Aya’s one of my most favorite idols/ actresses ever. If you watch some of those live performances near the end their completely wonderful as the entire concert was set to be like an actual stage play with scenes, props and actors abound, just an amazing project all together! For her songs I’d recommend listening first to tracks such as “Message”, “Egao no mama de”, “Afure souna ai, daite”, “Kimi ga warau to sekai ga warau” and “Smile for…”. That’s awesome same birth date!! How are your nieces?


  19. Anonymous says:

    I love aya ueto of azumi ..


    • That was such an awesome film!!…I’ve watched it a ton of times! Her entire music career was so impressive, so sad that she’s all but done with music now it seems as she hasn’t released anything new in ages =(. Her live concerts were all great too, especially her final stage play production.


  20. philipleslie says:

    Hi there! You’ll be pleased to hear I’ve made a start on your wonderful post. Love the opening ballad, which really gets things going. I was n’t aware of her early career in advertising, but have enjoyed her presence in dorama… and Azumi, of course. Will comment more later.


    • U~n so happy! you enjoyed “Kimi ga warau to sekai ga warau” as I took quite awhile deciding on which song to open with as I know that first impressions mean so much!…and “Honey” has that upbeat~sunshine groove which is undeniable =). Interestingly Ueto Aya’s idol~ly phase was quite brief and yet she did release that wonderful image DVD which near to the opening..the one with her Suzuki Ami monomane which nails it perfectly…so funny! She’s done so many memorable dramas going way back to her controversial role in the long running drama series “Kinpachi Sensei” which used to air here regularly a long while back..she was so good in that series and definitely played one of the most memorable students in that year’s series. Ahhh you know Azumi!!! I so loooove that film!! The incredible action scenes and the storyline was so great and oh yes all of the actors were so wonderfully directed throughout. Oh and Bijomaru played by Odagiri Joe! He’s so diverse! I’ve actually watched a movie and didn’t even realize that he was in it until I saw his name in the credits =P….it was Uchoten Hotel which also stars Matsu Takako also a fave!

      Oh and speaking of Odagiri Joe, if you haven’t yet, you so must see the movie “Shinobi~Heart under blade~!!!”….which also stars one of my most favorite actresses in Nakama Yukie whom I’m sure you must have seen in something before as she’s been in so many dramas and movies and she used to host regularly the Kouhaku each year with SMAP’s Nakai-kun which I miss albeit having ARASHI host alongside Ayase Haruka is most awesome too. I dedicated a post to Nakama Yukie awhile back here and if you scroll down a bit you’ll reach a bit on the movie “Shinobi~heart under blade~”….also did you know that she also ventured into a J-pop career early on?…some of her music is here too:


      And omg sorry I’m over-linking you again xD but while speaking of Nakama Yukie I must mention what is still my most favorite drama character of hers in the series…..


      Haha Yuko’s in this too, this drama’s so funny and cute =)!!


      • philipleslie says:

        Shinobi is now on my Amazon wish list! As for Gokusen, I have watched the first episode, but ended up getting hooked on Taiyou no kisestu instead. I will add Gokusen to my ‘must watch’ list!


        • Yay \(^o^)/!!! You’ll love it I promise! Oh you were watching at that same time….and speaking of Ikewaki Chizuru I’m deciding which oh her four shashinshuu to feature here first as they’re all really cute photo books with one being extra sensual even, will post soon.


          • philipleslie says:

            Really looking forward to the shashinshuu…As for Ueto Aya, I’ve really enjoyed the Happy Magic videos. It looks like a lovely concert to have, and I’ve spotted an affordable copy. Aren’t the songs so lovely! Kokoro poka poka is very, very catchy (and reminded me of a Nacchi acoustic. I forget the name of the song, but it’s sung at the Chiba concert, I think, with violin and accordion etc and mentions a 自転車 several times in the chorus?) Kimi ga warau to sekai ga warau is also a lovely song. Can’t believe she stopped recording. Mind you, she’s wonderful on screen, so she’s able to continue working her magic on the public. I winder if she’ll record again when she needs a break from acting?


            • I’ve just realized that Ikewaki Chizuru actually has five book releases although this other very early one is described as being a DVD release with hardcover book but in any case I’ll find out soon. I’m wondering if it’d be better to scan them from her earliest and go forward from there or vice versa?

              U~n! the entire concert is perfect! All of the song writing is well suited to her vocals and so many catchy songs here plus with the play styled live performances the album literally comes to life in such a fun way. “Jitensha?”…hmm off the top of my head I’m not sure of which song and I wonder if I may have posted it here when I wrote about her acoustic live, I’ll need to check. For that while that she was releasing music it’s very concentrated release date wise and it seems that she may have just lost a bit of interest in her musical side I wonder. You never know and I’m hoping very much the same as I’d really love it if she returned to music at some point all the while she seems to have settled in acting as being her forte.


  21. philipleslie says:

    I’d not heard of Z-1 (how is that pronounced? Zee-one or Zee-ichi?). Interesting, and full of energy. Any idea how they came to exist as a group? Were they brought together by the recording company from auditions?
    Confession: I don’t have her Happy Magic album…I must plug this gap as soon as possible!
    I’m hoping to enjoy the live performances tomorrow!


    • I believe it’s the former pronunciation and it was so wacky in retrospect with me realizing Ueto Aya was in this group after I’d had this single for awhile not knowing =P. Not much has been said about Z-1 as even her fellow members were quite unknown then so I’m not really sure how this project began. “Happy Magic” is a must have!! Plus the ‘accompanying’ concert DVD =)….it’s such a unique and fun experience with the stage play being performed along with the album’s songs and there’s additional live performances too which are all great with some song favorites in there. I must insist on the pv (and song) “Message” as well as “Kaze” which is both a musical and visual delight =D….I remember first seeing “Message” shortly after watching “Azumi” for the very first time and I was so taken in by the darkness of the pv and its moody qualities which somehow matched the movie’s image in a sense if that makes any sense at all =D. I hope you enjoy the live clips….♥!


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