~Bitter sweet


Still fuzzy~eyed a bit earlier this morning I awoke to Sagsousuke’s post here on the announcement that Acchan will be graduating =O.


I honestly would never have imagined that she would be leaving what has become the most powerful and influential idol♥ group, possibly ever. It’s wonderful to know on one hand that she’s making this career choice on her own (although as alluded to by Sagsousuke in his article that you just never know with these types of announcements how much is to be taken @ face value versus how much of its context is totally true) and like many aspiring~* idols that have gone the graduation route albeit premature here I think to go in a different direction and focus on a second phase of life~…so Acchan says. I also consider how much she’s already given us and how sustained that has been in which is to say that she’s not only been prominent from the beginnings of AKB48 but she also drove the train throughout its existence and in a sense with domination…just consider her fan vote. So this is in no means a case of fans having any reason to feel shortchanged in that sense that Acchan had up to this point been as much an idol that one could hope~* for and even more for her endearing fan~base. Taking this career leap too proves just how courageous she truly is, I mean to leave something you helped build giving so much over the years when @ it’s peak says more than any words could express. New career choice in acting at hand, I can only cheer for her to reach all of her dreams~* and goals from now and into the future. For Acchan has already proved herself very much capable at the craft and talents needed to be successful in an acting career many times over and in starring roles no doubt, still one has to wonder how much of the AKB factor was a part of those opportunities and the sheer publicity of it…still I shrug that notion off quickly as I believe not only will her already proven natural talents and nuances for acting carry her to soar but also that her endless fan~base will be right there to support and follow her onto this new full~time endeavor. In hindsight my wonderings as to why she only released but a single single~* in “Flower” without any follow up and just considering her position in the group…..maybe there’s a hint of reasoning to be realized, that growing into a soloist in music decidedly just wasn’t for her and not her choice moving forward. For all idols♥ eventually grow up and will inevitably leave that stage behind and so much with one’s career is in the timing of those events which will end up shaping success or failure~. And w/ that Acchan’s decided that that time is now….and I applaud her for that, for being so bold and in an underlying statement living up to her very life’s motto which we know so well~. There too will be the opening opportunity for others to seek that to spot or just the move up created by her absence will mean a lot I imagine to so many aspiring~* full time members as well as the Kenkyuusei. For me it’s always been Yuko♥ and I can’t even imagine the variations of mixed emotions welling up inside her when the reality of this announcement truly hits….what it will mean for her future and if she will see this as a next step too for herself albeit most likely into a different direction. And when I really step outside the box I can’t help but to think how leaving an idol career presents the opportunity for yes….love to blossom or even be a possibility without any fears or repercussions to hide from, to live @ this young age and be able to be as normal as one desires in your personal life and actually date as the rest of us do and have throughout our lives….and maybe, just maybe that’s the true silver lining to leaving from the top of it all @ such an unlikely moment~.


On the other hand it’s difficult for fans of any group to see their top leave so suddenly and even the time spent watching her grow so much may never heal that wound or emptiness left behind in the wake of such a decision. Acchan’s literally always been there and her fingerprints have touched everything of substance which makes up AKB48 and it’s pretty unimaginable you know just the thought of her not being front and center~. How will this affect the group as a whole?…its fan~base?…will there be a drop off?….only time will tell. Even as I began typing this second half I’m happy~* to realize very soon that this will be much much more brief in emotions and reasoning and that much less words to express =). For other than the initial stinging fans will go through, there is without doubt only positive on the road up ahead,

best wishes~*

for Acchan~♥.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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