~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays~ (volume 13)

Idols unzipped...

Idols♥ very much like beauty while timeless go through fashion trends and the like being a sign of the times and with each issue presented here each Friday I’ll be selecting a few articles to scan to give a visual and text so you’ll be able to see the ever changing evolution of idols♥ in a chronological timeline of sorts. Check in each Friday for more from this ongoing series =).

Also with each issue I’ll be including the contents page ↑↑↑ and here it’ll be interactive with you as if there are any additional articles/pictorials you’d like to see scanned that you see in the contents page you can simply request them and I’ll add those article/pictorials to these individual posts.

Due to the inclusion of much nekedness* (nudity*) in this publication, no requests will be taken for today’s featured issue =).

Weekly Playboy 9.28.1999 (the Love Machine issue...)

Weekly Playboy 9.28 1999I came across this issue by chance all those years ago as it lay upon the shelf most notably as the last copy the store had in stock and if you’ve ever perused through a Japanese issue of “Weekly Playboy” then you’re also aware that the level of nudity* herein relatively speaking to its American counterpart or even just the sheer size of this publication in actuality it’s a bit tamer than one would anticipate, however that’s not to say that there isn’t a fair amount of nudity* included…it’s just that numerous issues have over the years seemed to feature idols♥ (today even more~so with the ascent of AKB48 whom have virtually taken over this publication =D ) as covergirls and with that spotlight and readership/fanbase~♥ much more attention to pure girls completely dressed (albeit bikini~d at times) make up much more of its content~. A girl friend of mine always used to like going through her bf’s Playboy issues and would “share” them with me from time to time and especially whenever there were notable celebrity appearances…her usual comments included things like…’she’s totally airbrushed’ or ‘those aren’t real’…but in any case from my experience a lot of us girls do tend to check out other girls although most of the time it’s in the sense of competition or well…maybe it has something to do with personal vanity for some I don’t know =P.

As a sign of the times, this issue of Weekly Playboy was a mere 290yen then and has since remained an iconic tribute to the very height of Momusu’s (and Hello! Project for that matter) popularity~* as 1999 would see their then record breaking “Love Machine” single soar to new heights for idols♥ (the complete “Love Machine” pv as it was originally released as a 10 minute version can be seen here). Gomaki~♥ entered in as the hot new kinpatsu girl and a legendary appearance on SmapXSmap would ensue complete w/games, skit and music….Marippe’s sexy~beam was yet to be born…Ayappe was yet to discover that Luna Sea drummer =P….Ka~san was yet to go solo….the Kaorin jokes on Utaban were in the earlier stages of being hatched =P…Nacchi was and still is one of the cutest Musume ever…Kei was Kei and Yuko ruled all with an iron fist. Certainly all was right with the universe then~ \(^-^)/~!!!


Weekly Playboy’s are also astonishingly thick and especially when you consider their modest cost which hasn’t gone up much over the years but upon further inspection this is mostly due to the extensive inclusion of manga (sometimes awesome though when an idol is featured!!) and a large black & white section including those ‘articles’ in which your bf says that he’s reading this magazine strictly for =P. So here are just a couple of the pictorials for tonight (ending with a bit of ‘ecchi~ness’ which one can only assume occurs @ some point during these types of pictorials and we always get asked about it, yep it happens xD) as we’re avoiding getting naked* here (I mean the youth could be reading, you know despite the warning atop this blog =P)…happy~* Golden~Age~Momusu reminiscing~^^♥。

First though this was something pretty cool that you could order through a little brochure w/ the single release~*…it remains atop one of my bookshelves beside my Natalie Portman doll and for me personally represents a time which was most special and always will be~. That opening pose~….







My Love Machine commemorative figures~♥

Weekly Playboy 9.28 (2)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (3)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (4)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (5)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (6)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (7)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (8)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (9)

Weekly Playboy 9.28 (10)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (11)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (12)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (13)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (14)

Weekly Playboy 9.28 (15)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (16)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (17)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (19)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (18)Weekly Playboy 9.28 (20)

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