「Featured post」~Sugar and Spice and…


..oops sorry wrong sugar & spice! =P

(Ah a friend gave me this mini Donkey Kong game because I just thought it was sooo cute~♥…well that along with a lot of begging and the plushys I collected from awhile back =) ). I never knew of the original Donkey Kong but just the mini retro shape of this game with the tinny joystick and button I thought was so cool~!!

B~PASS Sugar & SpiceThese days whenever any AKB related release hits the shelves you’ll always see a barrage of popular magazines covering the group, unit or soloist with their covers to entice you~.

All too often though even a cover feature~* doesn’t necessarily equal an adequately sized article inside as any cover would seem to suggest =/….and with Mayuyu♥’s recent debut single release~* , Mayuyu♥ has appeared on numerous publications with a variety of content to choose from all covering one of AKB48’s most talented! After a bit of pondering I ended up choosing via the ultra~cute cover you see just above this issue of B~PASS sugar & spice~ =). And upon its arrival I was soooooo impressed not only by the quality of the print, pages and all glossy cover with flat styled spine, but even more so by just how much Mayuyu♥ content was included and I mean there’s a lot!!! In all there’s a whopping 34 pages dedicated here which includes a most beautifully photographed extensive pictorial complete with adorable props as well as two chapters of interviews highlighting her solo debut single release~*!!

In any case mooks are the best!!!

Okay so here’s a lot of Mayuyu♥ sugar & spice style~…and one can never have enough…

Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (cover)

Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (3)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (2)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (4)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (5)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (6)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (7)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (8)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (9)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (10)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (11)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (12)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (13)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (15)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (14)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (16)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (17)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (18)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (19)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (20)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (21)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (22)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (23)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (24)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (25)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (26)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (27)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (28)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (29)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (30)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (31)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (33)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (32)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (35)Watanabe Mayu♥ in Sugar & Spice (34)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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5 Responses to 「Featured post」~Sugar and Spice and…

  1. philipleslie says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of these lovely pictures uploaded onto Tumblr, which is usually a living warehouse of all things to do with AKB48. The style is the photos is unusual: very bleached-out (nothing to do with your scanning), but Mayuyu’s beauty shines throughout. As we’ve noted elsewhere, the bicycle is a favourite idol prop, and I was pleased to see Mayuyu sitting on one. I hope they let her keep it afterwards.


    • Haha I’d forgotten that there was a bicycle prop in this photo shoot =D! Sometimes my scanner brightens images beyond their norm which could have happened here, hmm not sure as I’d need to check the magazine images. Oh and I’ve finally begun to finish a post which is long overdue as its been sitting in drafts for well….months now xD. It’ll probably take awhile to complete but most of the scanning and encoding has been done already so now I’m typing away for a bit before putting it all together. Planning to watch the ladies final tonight which airs tonight (HST) Saturday already in Australia I believe but I’ll probably end up recording it for an early morning viewing I’m thinking as Friday usually means a social gathering will occur =P…..cheering for Li Na although it looks to be a tough match!


      • philipleslie says:

        Looking forward to your post, whatever it might be about. Can’t believe it’s only a handful of months before Wimbledon. A triumph for Federer, perhaps? An extraordinary player. A shame Sharapova never repeated her Wimbledon triumph of ten years ago, but she remains a major player, all the same.


        • Just about halfway done now =)! Sometimes i wish I could write simpler posts in general but what usually happens even with a simple idea is that before long I’ve gotten ideas of adding this and that and that too and then it’s no longer a tiny idea =P. U~n Roland Garros and Wimbledon are strangely so close to one another which has always puzzled me as not only are they such dramatically different surfaces for players to prepare for but also I’d think that most players could do with much more rest between such important Grand Slams. I was actually awake for much of the mens’ championship match which occurred very late last night into very early this morning (HST) and who could have imagined that there would be a Swiss player not named Federer even being in the final position. The match was a bit strange overall as to begin with Nadal was absolutely being dominated by Stanislas Wawrinka and then after Nadal lost the first set convincingly and then was down a break early in the second set he re-injured his back =( then had to leave the court for about six minutes for an injury time out only to return to the court with a ton of boos raining down on him which was most shocking and inappropriate I thought! Nadal has been so beloved by the Australian public over the years so I can’t even imagine how he was able to handle that with such poise and grace as he played on only to lose the second set yet again convincingly. After an on court injury treatment and with it totally looking like Nadal would simply retire from the match he somehow played through it and while Wawrinka appeared to get a bit tight Nadal actually won the third set which was amazing considering the condition he was in. Needless to say Wawrinka crushed Nadal afterward winning in four sets and if you could hear Nadal’s speech during the trophy ceremony he was so gracious and humble =)..and even during the post press conference where the media directly asked him about the crowd booing him after his injury time out Nadal explained how he understood the fan’s reaction and how they pay for tickets to see great tennis and how he had let them down and so he would never think bad of the fans with that reaction as he understood their feelings….I usually don’t tend to cry watching athlete’s press conferences but honestly watching and hearing Nadal there was most emotional =(, He’s such a class act and a wonderful person ^^. It was amazing when Sharapova completed winning all four majors and particularly with the French Open as it’s a most difficult surface for most and she even acknowledged that as being able to slide and movement are such keys with her height perhaps going against here there…I can’t believe it’s been that many years since her triumph at Wimbledon, how time flies really.


          • philipleslie says:

            Poor Nadal. I must catch his speech. He really is a fine player, and must have been devastated by his injury. I suppose that a risk all players have to live with ( a bit like soldiers sort of expecting to get shot but sort of hoping they won’t!) I’ll tell you what summoned tears, though: Narumi Riko getting covered in broken glass at the end of episode 9 of Honey and Clover. I couldn’t believe it! It was as upsetting as another introverted character getting hit by a bus! So unfair! I’ve yet to watch episode 10, but expect she’ll be blind, if she lives. Hopefully she remains healthy and in one piece throughout Ruri’s Island!?


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