~9 to 5

Satake UkiMurata Hirona

Yoshii KanaeKawashima UmikaNishiwaki Ayaka



Till about an hour ago I only knew Uminii (Kawashima Umika) from her role in “Kaibutsu~kun” the series and movie which stars ARASHI’s Ohno Satoshi but getting to know this idol group 9nine was fun today and this clip above in particular was most helpful~*. First it’s quite recent so the current group lineup is present and we’re treated to great personal introductions from each girl acting as if at an event/ performance. First and foremost for me was wanting an explanation of “9” as clearly there are only 5 members in this group and it’s so funny how coincidentally it comes up right away in this clip too but I’m guessing even if by joking it must occur quite often to them =P. Now with that mini mystery solved the hosts are quite hilarious here in trying to bring out the very best from each girl including my initial favorites~♥ Uminii (Kawashima Umika) for um obvious reasons =P, Cha~po~n (Nishiwaki Ayaka) for being wonderfully strange which is always a +!! =D and Hiroro (Murata Hirona) who’s just the most adorable~♥ here, I mean she’s just so cute~♥!!!!…and w/ that personal introduction she’s truuuuuuuly flying too =D! But don’t get me wrong as both Kanchan (Yoshii Kanae) and Ukkii (Satake Uki) are most cute too!!

I was watching a few of their pvs♥ just now and from the ones I can find it seems that their earlier singles are much more J~pop sounding while their latter ones seem to have taken on a sort of electronic style for some reason. Most likely a record label or management decision?..but in any case I think they’re most adorable~♥ ^^。



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17 Responses to ~9 to 5

  1. hydeo says:

    U dont know 9nine neither umika-chan :\ ? haha

    she make a role in blood monday(1 and 2) too 😛

    she is amazing cute

    and 9nine is a good group :3


    • Oh as i was writing above i did know Umini~♥ before but it was from her acting in dramas and not from 9nine….”Kaibutsu~kun” was a must because of Riida’s presence!! I was going through some new magazines i got and there she was!!…i was like she looks so familiar and then a sec later i was like omg she’s in a J~pop group too =D!! I do prefer their earlier singles though…now they sort of remind me more of Perfume whom i’m not really a fan of musically.


      • hydeo says:

        haha yah i suffer this too, after watching bloody monday i stay thinking “i know this face” hahah so i go look in wiki and see she has from a idol group too

        i downloaded an solo DVD from her, a image dvd, she is so cute and funny 😛

        u have watched blood monday ?? is a really good action dorama


        • This sounds like a horror movie rather, i wish i could watch too…i was looking up her DVDs @ Amazon Japan but didn’t see this listed =/.

          I’m guessing it’s this release~*…「Chu!ら海荷」?、it appears to be her most recent image DVD…i should be getting it tomorrow i think or maybe the day after =). Oh and i just saw she has a new pb coming out tomorrow!…will scan here for sure too. It’s amazing how many calendars and pbs she already has…i had no idea she was so popular~* \(^o^)/…but i can totally understand why….as in great personality and really really cute!


          • hydeo says:

            she is sister of the principal char, the dorama is really good in my opinion 🙂

            yes is this one :3, hai is the most recent one ;3.. haha u really loved her… u have watched tokyo idol festival 2011? 9nine has there :P, oh the new pb i dont know yet but thx for the info 😛
            yey \o/ i go see her pb here first probably so 😛
            yup, and she is a good actress and singer :3


            • T.V. drama….oh that’s probably why it wasn’t listed..gosh have you ever seen those box set listings? they’re all like nearly $200 or more than that =O. But you can usually find the more popular series on a Taiwanese version release which is way cheaper =). Is it a starring role?

              Oh i got the right one! I’m still really new to their music…well like just a few days into 9nine so i haven’t watched or heard that much just yet. U~n i’ll definitely scan it when it arrives and most likely gush all over it…about it and not on it =P. Funny she’s much more of an actress to me right now…..just discovering her singing talent and have you seen her play the piano?


              • hydeo says:

                oh well, because tax so high here i dont buy things from other countries u know ;\
                so i need appeal to english subs and places to download :\
                well she make lot of appears in the dorama, but she is not all the focus

                well like all groups or bands they have some musics i dont like but is normal haha, not all songs are perfect… yah her focus is actress and gravure, is not so much time she started singing 😛
                i dont remember seeing her play piano, where u see it ?


                • Hmm….”Te wo tsunaginagara” is perfect~* =D!! It really is…but um that was just a joke. Hmmm for Uminii which came first?….the idol or the singer?? =P It’s like the chicken or the egg thingy…like did she dream of being an idol first?..or a singer?…or an actress? I’m figuring it’s been asked in an interview before…now just to find it~.

                  Oh it’s a talent she’s listed on her ‘resume’ so~to~speak.


                  • hydeo says:

                    have a song with this name… from ske48 haha

                    if im not mistake she started like idol/actress first, i dont follow her from the beggining, i started after blood monday hehe

                    yah probably some interview have this hehe, i dont know jap so i cant look after this ;\

                    dont understand this so-to-speak @.@… sorry


                    • That’s the one (*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!~!!、simply put the perfect idol♥ song i think in ever single way from melody to song structure to ensemble approach….although soloist are wonderful too~.

                      MM…Blood Monday..so jealous i can’t watch too =(!!

                      It’s like saying…..um………
                      Like a simulation of an analogy in the sense of something familiar or expressed in such a way…..so~to~speak…
                      I didn’t explain that very well did I (。p_q)。


                    • hydeo says:

                      on akb ske and this things i really like stage songs more than album/single haha
                      i think is because the non senbatsu girls sing 😛

                      why u cant watch ?

                      something like when u stay listening something talk and make some confirmations on what they said ??


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  3. @Hydeo to the previous comment:

    I couldn’t find that series for sale to watch…staying away from the Japanese version though for dramas are they’re way too expensive =O!!

    Not that way….it’s like when you say something that’s sort of like an analogy in a sense and then you’d say ‘so to speak’….something like that. Funny i don’t really think about it whenever i say it but it comes out naturally from time to time.


    • hydeo says:

      oh, so why u dont try download from torrents d-addicts probably have with seeders yet 🙂

      humm i think i dont understand 100% yet haha but forget it @.@


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