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~9 to 5

Till about an hour ago I only knew Uminii (Kawashima Umika) from her role in “Kaibutsu~kun” the series and movie which stars ARASHI’s Ohno Satoshi but getting to know this idol group 9nine was fun today and this clip above … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~Sugar and Spice and…

..oops sorry wrong sugar & spice! =P (Ah a friend gave me this mini Donkey Kong game because I just thought it was sooo cute~♥…well that along with a lot of begging and the plushys I collected from awhile back … Continue reading

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~Black & white

A great article on SCANDAL aka: today’s hottest girl~band♥!!! Here their sporting their ultra cool look which is featured on their ‘Best of’ album just released last month~. And while they’re all awesome in their own right Mami continues to … Continue reading

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