~When in Paris…



前田敦子♥ 前田敦子♥

前田敦子不器用写真集..Okay the top five aren’t from Acchan’s newest pictorial but rather from her N.Y. pb but upon seeing “Bukiyou” which was shot in Paris it so much reminded me of that documentary type feeling which the previous photo~essay produced as there’s a truly everyday type of down to earth aura most present here too~. The theme of everyday walks to sightseeing and shopping lead to also those intimate moments including walks in the park to one’s private time and dining with friends all captured so eloquently by the photographer. Also i really love her much more natural look throughout most of the pb as Acchan♥ so doesn’t need any makeup~!

Still while the “clumsy” title eludes me in explanation or visual it’s of no consequence as here Acchan♥ as only Acchan♥ can be, with those deeply endearing almond eyes and affectionate smile~* is presented beautifully as always….idol’s♥ #1 girl has reached the age of 20~.

前田敦子不器用写真集 (47)前田敦子不器用写真集 (48)前田敦子不器用写真集 (50)

前田敦子不器用写真集 (65)前田敦子不器用写真集 (66)

Maeda Atsuko’s “Bukiyou” pb can be ordered here @ cdjapan.

Maeda Atsuko’s “Bukiyou” pb can be ordered here @ YesAsia.

Maeda Atsuko’s “Bukiyou” pb can be ordered here @ Amazon Japan.


Included is a special two~sided poster with one side featuring a collage of personal photographs while opposite you’ll receive one out of three possible Acchan♥ images ↓↓↓


I found the sexiest image of the three accompanying her personal collage and while this pb is surely already a best~seller in Japan (it would be fun to be able to see sales figures!!) what continues to impress me is how AKB related photo books for the most part are most~most fan friendly in price with Acchan’s “Bukiyou” here only marked at 1714 yen  which is most amazing and especially when you consider them to be at the height of popularity where one would imagine at least a tinny bit of price “gouging” occurring which is so much not the case =).

前田敦子不器用写真集 (1)

I ended up scanning every image in the book including the front and back of the outer dust jacket as well as the under~cover true covers..front and back which are highlighted in a bright pink.

For the first time I tried scanning the folded poster too as I could fit each quarter of it comfortably on the scanner and here I’ve place them together in a quad so you’re able to view them together in slightly larger scans.

前田敦子不器用写真集 (91)前田敦子不器用写真集 (92)前田敦子不器用写真集 (93)前田敦子不器用写真集 (94)

~”1 Week Paris News” side poster~

前田敦子不器用写真集 (96)前田敦子不器用写真集 (95)前田敦子不器用写真集 (97)前田敦子不器用写真集 (98)

~Acchan side poster~

Sorry for some reason these didn’t quite match up in size correctly although I did scan them at the same resolution xD.

前田敦子不器用写真集 (2)

~Dust jacket back cover~

前田敦子不器用写真集 (4)

~Under jacket front cover~

前田敦子不器用写真集 (3)

~Under jacket back cover~

前田敦子不器用写真集 (5)前田敦子不器用写真集 (6)前田敦子不器用写真集 (7)前田敦子不器用写真集 (8)前田敦子不器用写真集 (9)前田敦子不器用写真集 (10)前田敦子不器用写真集 (11)前田敦子不器用写真集 (12)前田敦子不器用写真集 (13)前田敦子不器用写真集 (14)前田敦子不器用写真集 (15)前田敦子不器用写真集 (16)前田敦子不器用写真集 (17)前田敦子不器用写真集 (18)前田敦子不器用写真集 (19)前田敦子不器用写真集 (20)前田敦子不器用写真集 (21)前田敦子不器用写真集 (22)前田敦子不器用写真集 (23)前田敦子不器用写真集 (24)前田敦子不器用写真集 (25)前田敦子不器用写真集 (26)前田敦子不器用写真集 (27)前田敦子不器用写真集 (28)前田敦子不器用写真集 (29)前田敦子不器用写真集 (30)前田敦子不器用写真集 (31)

前田敦子不器用写真集 (32)前田敦子不器用写真集 (33)前田敦子不器用写真集 (34)前田敦子不器用写真集 (35)前田敦子不器用写真集 (36)前田敦子不器用写真集 (37)前田敦子不器用写真集 (38)前田敦子不器用写真集 (39)前田敦子不器用写真集 (40)前田敦子不器用写真集 (41)前田敦子不器用写真集 (42)前田敦子不器用写真集 (43)前田敦子不器用写真集 (44)前田敦子不器用写真集 (45)前田敦子不器用写真集 (46)前田敦子不器用写真集 (47)前田敦子不器用写真集 (48)前田敦子不器用写真集 (49)前田敦子不器用写真集 (50)前田敦子不器用写真集 (51)前田敦子不器用写真集 (52)前田敦子不器用写真集 (53)前田敦子不器用写真集 (54)前田敦子不器用写真集 (55)前田敦子不器用写真集 (56)前田敦子不器用写真集 (57)前田敦子不器用写真集 (58)

前田敦子不器用写真集 (59)前田敦子不器用写真集 (60)前田敦子不器用写真集 (61)前田敦子不器用写真集 (62)前田敦子不器用写真集 (63)前田敦子不器用写真集 (64)前田敦子不器用写真集 (65)前田敦子不器用写真集 (66)前田敦子不器用写真集 (67)前田敦子不器用写真集 (68)前田敦子不器用写真集 (69)前田敦子不器用写真集 (70)前田敦子不器用写真集 (71)前田敦子不器用写真集 (72)前田敦子不器用写真集 (73)前田敦子不器用写真集 (74)前田敦子不器用写真集 (75)前田敦子不器用写真集 (76)前田敦子不器用写真集 (77)前田敦子不器用写真集 (78)前田敦子不器用写真集 (79)前田敦子不器用写真集 (80)前田敦子不器用写真集 (81)前田敦子不器用写真集 (82)前田敦子不器用写真集 (83)前田敦子不器用写真集 (84)前田敦子不器用写真集 (85)

前田敦子不器用写真集 (86)前田敦子不器用写真集 (87)前田敦子不器用写真集 (88)前田敦子不器用写真集 (89)前田敦子不器用写真集 (90)

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