~Please help =(

For the last week or so whenever i come here to the main page my browser pauses for a few moments, freezes for short while and then i keep getting this same error message:

“A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: http://www.toprelatedtopics.com/Extension/TRTExtension.js:1″

It’s most odd and i’m sure annoying but i’ve no idea of what’s causing this error script. I’ve tried loading individual pages all on the main page and yet i can’t seem to duplicate this happening like it does on the main page every time? Are you getting this weird error message here also? If anyone has any idea of what’s causing this and/or how to fix it please please help.

thank you~♥

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to ~Please help =(

  1. Right after posting this I’ve noticed that this error has stopped appearing on the main page and now it occurs when i scroll down further past the 10th post (main 1st page posts)…it must have something to do with a post a bit further down I wonder?


  2. mikeymikez says:

    Seems like a JavaScript has stopped working do you know what the site mentioned in the error message does for you? Could be a link referred to in one of your posts? If you can find it, maybe just delete it? I’m sure there are people that know a lot more about this than me. But maybe this will give a place to start looking! 🙂




  3. SagSousuke says:

    Hello MB. I can’t get the error message here. I’ve scrolled down quite a bit and the closest problem I’ve got is Firefox getting very slow because of using too much memory for all the images you add to the posts =P but no unresponsive JS. I’ll take a better look at it later, but just try upgrading Firefox / testing on Google Chrome, and don’t worry about this too much. Just tell it to stop the script when it complains.


    • Hello Sagu~kun♥! It seems to only be occurring somewhere within the second 10 posts i think right now but if no one else is experiencing this then it’s totally okay~…i was thinking it would be such a bad thing for everyone else to have to bother with =/. I’ll check to see if my browser is updated, thank you =).

      On a totally separate thing do you know where our WordPress theme folder is?…i’ve been wanting to stop the RSS feeds here and according to the tutorials i’ve found they all point to this folder where you can add a single code to stop them but i’ve no idea of where to find it…any idea?


      • SagSousuke says:

        You don’t have access to that. I imagine those tutorials are for people who have WordPress installed / hosted in their own servers, not for WordPress.com users. But what exactly are you trying to do? You don’t want your blog to have an RSS feed?


        • That explains it..I thought I was beyond stupid not being able to find this file =P!!

          I was reading that RSS feeds give others a way to steal your posts..?? And then i just thought they were a bad idea to have….i recently removed the RSS links here but they’ve been here forever since i moved from Vox so i don’t imagine that helps very much. I don’t know…i really don’t quite understand what an RSS feed really is but i did notice that just yesterday two people somehow clicked on the like link without ever being here so i imagine that was via RSS?….


          • SagSousuke says:

            Sure, RSS feeds give people a way to steal your posts. Also, subscribing by e-mail to your blog, or visiting it through the home page give people access to all the content that they can then happily copy paste. And anybody with a month of self-taught programming can automate the whole process. You really shouldn’t be trying to get rid of RSS feeds because of that, regardless of whether that’s true or not. In any case, don’t worry about it, your feed does not include the whole content of your post, just a small part of the beginning, and anyone interested in cloning your blog would then have to follow the link, copy the HTML and parse it. Which wouldn’t be exactly difficult, but that’s the Internet. By the way, the same is true of subscribing to your blog by e-mail, never full posts.

            Your blog is so huge it needs paid extra storage space to fit in WordPress.com. It’s also a well known blog in a niche segment and isn’t making any money. In other words, if anyone ever clones you, it’ll be some idiot wanting to pretend he has an idol collection as wonderful as yours, for the recognition, because there’s no other reason. Those are easy to deal with. I’ll just fill his whole blog with comments linking back to your original articles, make a fool of him, and he’ll go away. No prob.

            Your story about the two people who clicked the like link without visiting confuses me. They couldn’t have done that through RSS, and I’m guessing there’s a problem with whatever site is telling you what these people visited – don’t believe in anything but WordPress.com’s own Site Stats page on the Dashboard, because for the same reasons you can’t find the WordPress theme folder, you can’t fully install any of the other site analytics (I’ve tried both Google Analytics and Sitemeter, both unreliable). But no matter how they got to the like button, I’m wondering, what’s the problem? So two people read your post, liked it, and decided to show that. Great. Why would you want to block the way they’re using to read your blog?

            Again remembering that we can’t actually read your posts straight from the RSS because it only has the first couple of sentences.

            RSS is just another way to subscribe to a blog. People download an RSS client (or use a web-based one), subscribe to your blog, and then every time you post something, it appears in their client. It’s exactly like the e-mail notifications, but in a different place, so it doesn’t get people’s Inbox messy. You should go to http://www.google.com/reader , subscribe to your blog, and see what it looks like… but as you probably won’t, I uploaded a picture.

            There’s no way I know of to disable RSS feeds on WordPress.com.


            • I guess i was having an overly paranoid moment =/ but now i understand this much better….i had no idea that it was a short summary that was being sent for RSS. U~n you’re totally right and there really wouldn’t be any good reason to copy anything here as there’s no profit for anyone to make. You’re always so thoughtful, thank you so much for that commenting that guy into submission idea =). That was kind of weird as i just happened to be online right when these two likes appeared one after the other so i was thinking it must be some sort of bot response as sitemeter said no one was on the site at the time….but as you say i shouldn’t have relied on that xD. I was just like ooooh spooky or weird =O. Okay i’ve erased the idea of being worried about RSS and now it makes much more sense and it’s not a bad thing at all i understand =). a~H i’m so tech stupid (>_<)’。


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