~Smap vs. Jero

Smap vs. Jero (19)

Smap vs. Jero (3)

It’s another reminiscing type of day. The game: 9~ball, love it right! Much more than the standard 8~ball this game brings much more urgency and well..if you’re enka~sensation and the multi~talented Jero then whom better to test your skills against than Team SMAP♥?

It’s the “King of Ball Special”…me thinks something dirty for a split second~* (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓、but we won’t get into that bit right now =P. It’ the end of Winter, 2008  for this special meeting and right from the outset you realize just how funny Jero truly is and he’s such a spontaneous guy who’s most quick in his ability to meet wits with the likes of SMAP….whom over the years have jeered and cheered along with the best of them~*!!!

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No doubt if you’ve witnessed any prolonged amount of the beloved broadcast of SmapXSmap throughout the years then surely you’re most familiar with the constant banter between group~mates and guests alike for there’s not much which is deemed sacred when it comes to thy playful tongue~…(^q^)! Sorry i was watching “King Arthur” with the incredibly hot Clive Owen earlier and it still hasn’t quite worn off although my doctor says that it will after thy fortnight has passed =P.

With the premise and promise of such a first face~to~face meeting between music enthusiasts alike, of course a test of sorts is at large with such an unprecedented talent~* making his debut in Japan and under the most wondrous of circumstances as the guys randomly assert enka requests and naming some of the big hitters here, Jero is flawless in his impromptu delivery time and time again as we’ve all witnessed on numerous variety shows dating back to his very debut in Japan…most amazing~* and inspiring. When the pool begins for a second there I thought Shingokun~♥ was a hustler!! =P ala Paul Newman on a very very bad & off the cusp night xD and whilst so much sma© is being spoken per second as the game progresses one can’t but wonder whom will be victorious here as well as what the fruits of thy victory will be? After all this is SmapxSmap and to the victor come thy rewards~* surely!

After you endure enjoy =D (there is simply nothing better than CMs in Japan…seriously if ours were only nearly as good we’d shop ourselves blind!!!) the interlude of some ‘real’~time Japanese television CMs from yesteryear we learn how siblings can be most humorous in the light of such spontaneity of…..say a sudden phone call from one Kimutaku♥ on this given blessed morning~* as a result of one’s sibling losing a game of chance skill at the hands of five hot guys hovering around a table of well kept felt, firm & polished sticks and balls~ =D. We are still speaking of pool aren’t we (・c_・;)?Sorry lost my train of thought there again =P.

Still siblings can be most harsh in their honesty in the light of such defeat celebrity glory~*….and wouldn’t you know that even the term man Kimutaku♥ is most universal spanning the globe (as proven here)…heck~ I think even the aliens dig him too both literally and figuratively speaking although the formal leads to way too much!! and the like so it’s best to let that one go~ =D.

Now as you witness this rare moment~* of pool, extreme celebrity and the occasional heckle, it’s truly the dialogue which shines like it does…also be on the look~out for those “Jero” parody~♥ posters as no~one parodies & skits~♥ quite like Smap does!, enjoy~^^♥。

~Smap vs. Jero~

Smap vs. Jero (2)

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