~Ronald’s trans fat ring finally catches up with him.

I knew there was something sinister behind that smile. Early information indicates that when Ronald’s Fun House was raided approximately 20 pounds of trans fat was found scattered throughout the home. Authorities also state that Ronald was seen frantically feeding the trans fat to Grimace as they began to search the premises in an attempt to hide the evidence. Grimace was held for questioning but later released pending further investigation…still no word on what Grimace actually is…..I mean really wHat is Grimace???~? (Please please let me know if you know =)! ), futhermore he was covered in trans fat at the scence =O. Neighbors first became suspicious of the Fun House when the Hamburgler was seen at all sorts of odd hours coming and going from the home always with a Mcdonald’s bag in hand. The charges are serious as 20 pounds of trans fat clearly shows that Ronald intended to distribute the fat as this amount isn’t consistant with personal use and no matter how long he was questioned, authorities state that they couldn’t seem to wipe that smile off of his face. =D~

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to ~Ronald’s trans fat ring finally catches up with him.

  1. mikeymikez says:

    Lol they finally got him, trans-fat and all!! Missed you dear! Hope you are enjoying life. I am thinking about getting iPhone 5 tomorrow! I still have original one now…




    • I’m one with the strange sense of humor :P…..it’s an almost “normal” thing but you probably already know that. We haven’t spoken in awhile ne~ and I’m thinking you are most well =)! I was reading about the new iPhone, so much news about it!! I thought that AT&T would merge with T~mobile so then I could get one too but i’m hearing it may not happen?? Um, life’s been muggy~hot! here except for today it’s a rarity as it’s overcast and cool and just a few rain~drops……


  2. Mike Avila says:

    I am doing pretty good! They haven’t found my trams-fat yet! ^^

    Love my iPhone 4S, especially the Siri electronic assistant!! So cool to tell to do things for you like “Dial MB” (if only)

    You might think about getting a Roku box. It takes streaming video like Netflix, Crunchyroll and so much more from the Internet right to your TV! Some new HD TVs can do some of this, but Roku is the master!

    So good to hear from you MB!!! ❤

    I always think of you as going around in a Hula skirt! I'll have to go the the Hawaii Film Festival one day. Sadly, it mostly conflicts with SDAFF… 😦

    Love you aways dear!


    • Ha~ha just having a bit of fun there =)! Happy you’re doing well too. I know those commercials really show just how amazingly interactive they are…speaking of Apple I’m getting a second iPod….I’m going with the classic for its 160 gb memory all for music and I’m thinking I’ll need a few or a lot more maybe as they won’t nearly fit all of the music I want on them. I wonder if you can have more than one itunes program on a single pc as the two iPods will need separate music libraries?

      Roku? I think our t.v. has some aps on it but I’m not sure of how to use them XD…lol I think some imagine us living in grass shacks sometimes =P.

      Nice to hear from you too~! ^~^


  3. Mike Avila says:


    I have a suggestion for you. Instead of buying more hardware, put all your music in “the cloud” with iTunes’s Match! I am doing it right now! I’ve got almost 10,000 songs. It will upload all your non-iTunes songs too! You need an iOS 5 device like iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. All you iOS devices can then access the songs over wifi or 3G. I can play any song on my iTunes collection on my iPad or 4s. 🙂

    That way your iPod Classics won’t be falling out of you grass skirt! ^^ go to the Apple store and have them show you. A white Touch would be awesome for you!!

    And btw, itunes can handle as many iPods as you’ve got. You just need to give them different names. 🙂 maybe you could name one after me?! =3 if you got that route..

    Hugs and soon-to-be Birthday Girl!



    • Thank you~* Mikey =)! I think one day i’ll have most likely an iPhone but for now i did go with getting another iPod 160…i reallllly love~♥ this device it’s so convenient and wonderful. A~hh i’ve still yet to name it and get started…hehe~h that may start rumors :P.


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