「Featured post」~Smap X Smap 3/24/08-“The one with Ikewaki Chizuru, Tanaka Rena and lots of cheese.” =)

I recently got some old and recent Smap X Smap episodes…ah it’s been awhile since I’ve watched this show as I used to rent Smap X Smap episodes from a local video shop here on a frequent basis and now you can purchase their rented discs instead! This show more than any back then sparked my interest so much and there’s just an abundance of humorous skits, musical segments which often feature guest artists and a large variety of games which are often times wacky good! But then the biggest draw has always been the Bistro portion of each episode. It’s so amazing to watch Kimutaku, Shingo, Goro, and Tsuyoshi (aka “rice eye”…well that’s what my mom calls him because she can never remember his name… 😛 ) cook up delicious and amazing gourmet meals!!! I mean they really can cook!!! And not just simple dishes but rather some very complex ones which would be right at home in top rated restaurants across the globe I imagine. =) So I’ve been watching a few recently and this one I just love!! Episode March 24th, 2008 which features adorable and talented actresses Ikewaki Chizuru and Tanaka Rena (not to be confused with Tanaka Reina =P). I just recently watched Chizuruchan in”Taiyou no kisetsu” and she’s just so incredibly adorable just beyond any words that I can express!! But before we get to the eating the show opens with Smap’s single “Sono mama” which was their current release back on that date…

(Clip was originally eaten by YouTube but i’ve re~upped it…)


~Smap “Sono mama” (Smap x Smap live)~

And here’s the audio:

~Smap “Sono mama” mp3~


Nakai has always been a little different…..and why is he dressed like that? O__o  Well whatever the reason for his attire here I Love this song so much!! Such moving verses and a very beautiful chorus….Kimutaku always sings the best parts! ^-^

This single too was current then….

~Smap “Kono toki, kitto yumejanai” mp3~

“Kono toki, kitto yumejanai” & its coupling with song “two of us”…both are lively mid tempo arrangements and the writing here really compliments Smap’s vocals so well.

I didn’t scan either cover above as the members of Smap don’t seem to grace their covers very often as of late. “Sono mama” can be ordered here and “Kono toki kitto, yumejanai” here. I’ve been a fan of Smap since the release of their album “007 Gold Singer” (cute title!) and  love the James Bond jazzy~ instrumental at the end of the album too!

My Smap single collection is not quite complete (photo is in need of an update as well)…

My Smap album collection complete (photo also in need of an update xD)…

..and my Smap video and concert collection (photo also in need of an update gosh that’s getting annoyingly redundant =P).


~SMAP X SMAP Bistro featuring Tanaka Rena & Ikewaki Chizuru♥ (March 24th, 2008)~

Today’s Smap Bistro guests are both accomplished actresses and both have such cute and engaging personalities too. Ikewaki Chizuru in particular just gets to me every time I watch her in a program…she’s the very embodiment of adorable overload! In case you haven’t watched Smap’s Bistro segment before the format is simple and perfect. Nakaikun who really has the most engaging personality in the group as probably many have seen on episodes of Utaban and their newer programvwhere he co-hosts with the incomparable Taka-san XD, is the host for the bistro guests as he greets them, takes their order and carries on what are always fun conversations with whomever is on the program. He’s just perfect for the role here. Kimutaku, Shingo, Goro and Tsuyoshi are in charge of the kitchen with the cooking and preparing duties. Each episode sees a random pairing of the four members into two groups and the challenge to win the culinary tastes of each guest(s). I wasn’t aware prior to seeing this episode just how close in age both actresses are as they’re born only a year apart with Chizuruchan in ’81 and Renachan in ’80.


Smap Bistro features no menu so it’s entirely up to the guests to choose whatever their ♥ desires! Renachan without hesitation orders dishes which feature cheese.


And when Nakaikun poses the same question to Chizuruchan, she answers in a quite “familiar” manner which really cracked me up! So it’s cheese for both of them….what are the odds of that happening to be both of their faves?!


So today it’s Kimutaku & Shingo (always a strong team!) vs. Goro & Tsuyoshi…


Renachan has a “Chihuahua” pronunciation hiccup moment! ^-^


And we learn that while Renachan is a dog person, Chizuruchan is the polar opposite…a cat girl. 🙂 Hmm….are you a dog♥ or cat♥ person?

Please click~* for Vizu poll.


Her expressions are the absolute best…Chizuruchan has that special wrinkled up nose thing going on and her demeanor is just purely sweet! ^-^


We do learn a bit later while the guests are visiting with the chefs downstairs that Tanaka Renachan once knocked poor Tsuyoshi right in the eye instead of the cheek where she was supposed to land her blow for a scene. :O!!


Shingo also acted with Renachan in the feature film “Nin Nin Hattorikun” and a bit of reminiscing ensues here…


But when it comes to Chizuruchan…


…Shingo…um declares her…..


…to just be plain weird! Ah but that’s why I adore her even more….strange is good. Strangeness loves company and I’m a bit weird too. ^o^


First up are team Goro & Tsuyoshi’s dishes featuring cheese!!


The fondue lends itself to a…


…natto joke from Kimutaku! 🙂 Natto scares me!! Just can’t eat it or be in the same room while someone else is eating it! Really really smelly!!! 😛




…………….♥♥Oishii♥♥. =D




..the dishes garner equal ♥♥Oishii~ureshii♥♥….♥♥Shiawase♥ reactions. =)


Ah but now she’s done it!….with the words “Sugoku oishiidesu” Shingo has been summoned from the opposing team to show is erm….displeasure? LOL!


It’s Renachan’s familiar friend “Socks!!” XD In every episode Shingo does something so funny like this…always the perfect outfit for the occasion depending on who’s the guest! 🙂 You always anticipate this moment~* in the show…it’s always so unpredictable and Shingokun’s just the best with jokes =D!!




Chizuruchan is suddenly jolted by Shingo after he fools her with a false gift offering! =O


Well they don’t call him “Socks” for nothing……O__o…and Shingokun has left the building.


Now it’s team Kimutaku & Shingokun aka “Socks”‘s turn.


Yep he’s still wearing that outfit and there’s just something so amusing about having a “dog” describe to you in detail what you’re about to eat! 😀 Kimutaku’s trying hard not to laugh here!!!


More Chizuruchan~♥ moments to adore…






~It’s amazing watching Chizuruchan eat noodles!!!!….and Kimutaku even declares her just that! =P My grandfather said that the more noise you make the better because it was paying homage to the cook. I don’t know if that’s true at all but that’s the way my grandmother translated it to me when I was little as my grandfather spoke very little English. ^-^


Second from the last photo above: Kimutaku and Doggie alike are amazed at Chizuruchan’s noodle eating skills!! =O


Now it’s time for the chefs to try out each others dishes which is tradition~…..


..Shingo Doggie included too! Aw isn’t that cute!!!…or scary! It’s something I just don’t know which just yet!


Decision time and since we can’t vote on the food being tasted here I thought we’d instead vote on whether we’re Chizuru♥ or Rena♥ people since we already did the dog or cat people thingy above. ^o^


The red team or Shingo & Kimutaku are victorious today!!!…..


..and to the victors comes a ♥kiss♥ from the guest or guests as is the long standing tradition in Smap Bistro! ♥ If it’s a male guest, gifts are presented instead. Note how Nakaikun had to give Shingo a hand in arranging his doggie head piece in order to receive his kisses from Chizuruchan and Renachan..just too funny! Chizuruchan you’re the best!!…and somehow she reminds me of Inoue Mao for some reason. I wonder, perhaps it’s the adorableness + bangs doing the trick here! =D

^ ^♥。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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26 Responses to 「Featured post」~Smap X Smap 3/24/08-“The one with Ikewaki Chizuru, Tanaka Rena and lots of cheese.” =)

  1. anninjapan says:

    hello there…sorry i havent visited you for a (long) while
    here my favourite (and the only program that i know) smap x smap!!
    have u seen the one with Kitajima? or other gold medal winners?
    I missed one lastnight….i was too busy chatting and totally forgot to turn to Fuji Television channel…it was 11PM already when i realised i had gotta watch the program.


  2. Hello Ann! Oh I'm going to have to look for those episodes as I haven't seen them yet. I really miss watching Smap X Smap and I just got back into it recently…the bistro segments are always great and it really makes you want to eat their food if only we were so lucky! But the games and skits are always funny too and I love how they do different versions of their latest single week after week…I just can't tire of it. ^-^You're so lucky to be able to just turn on the channel and watch Smap X Smap episodes right there! For me it involves some hunting… 🙂 I loved this particular episode so much and just had to blab blab blab about it! XD


  3. Pingback: ~More ♥ from Okinawa… | モーニングBerryz48…the morning after….. "Always wear protection before reading…(^q^)."

  4. philipleslie says:

    An excellent post and another great screencap job! I love the very idea of the guys being excellent and serious cooks aside from the comedy. Amazed to see Tanaka Reina has only half the votes of her opponent in the poll. And I’m a cat person, definitely.


    • I remember my initial expectations were no where near to how awesome the boys can cook!!! During their run of Bistro episodes with all of its various formats I believe they’ve well covered every genre of cooking out there too, they’re incredible chefs each in their own right. A~h we’re both cat people =D and I just took a look and it’s two thirds of the vote to Ikewaki Chizuru which is a bit surprising that it’s such a landslide and yet I guess I have watched far more of her dramas/movies than those of Tanaka Rena although Rena~san has outstanding works too no doubt.

      I remember you were asking about dramas and I can’t remember if it was the genre of unrequited love ~~> to true love? I’m sure I’m going to reach that message soon but since it’s on my mind now and speaking of Ikewaki Chizuru who’s such a talented and adorable actress, here’s a highly recommended drama series which comes to mind:



      • philipleslie says:

        Thanks for that! It looks great. I see it’s on Dailymotion, hopefully with subs. Gooddrama is okay, but many, many adverts to endure…Being a fan of Toda Erika, I’ve just started Liar Game, which so far is entertaining.


        • In hindsight I’m not sure why I didn’t include the actual video for this Bistro episode xD..? Ah after you’ve completely fallen in love with Ikewaki Chizuru….”Taiyou no kisetsu” can do that to a person =D, remind me to up it here as I think after watching her act throughout that drama you’ll enjoy this Bistro that much more….caps and words just can’t due justice to just how adorable and sweet Ikewaki Chizuru truly is ^^.


          • philipleslie says:

            You’re right there. And she suffers so much! It’s just not fair. How could Tatsuya just walk past her in the street and ignore her? (Well, he is scheming to bring the bank to its knees and needs to stick to his plan…) She needs to be swept up and carried away somewhere safe. Is it just me, or does she bear a slight resemblance to Kamei Eri?


          • philipleslie says:

            I hadn’t anticipated what was going to happen in the final episode, which I watched earlier. Oh so very sad! I couldn’t believe it. Poor sweet Eiko. Her finals scenes were truly heartbreaking. I did think selfishly that it should have been Tatsuya instead, but that wouldn’t have made any sense, as he might as well have drowned after all.
            Eiko’s departure aside, it did end very satisfyingly, with all the characters finding resolution of some kind; from the housekeeper to Yuki.
            Now I must find another drama with Ikewaki Chizuru fully alive in it. But first I am to start with your other recommendation ‘Sekkai no Chuushin… ‘ I will launch into that tomorrow.


            • I love that you mentioned Kamei and I’ve never considered it before but Ikewaki Chizuru does have a very ‘kamei’ like quality to her and in addition to visually her demeanor as well. I know it was a bit weird of me to have pasted your comment above elsewhere and then replied there, it’s just that this post and the “Taiyou no kisestu” post became sort of intertwined with one another but anyway….all of my weirdness aside, it was crushing when Tatsuya realizes finally that all of his scheming was in vain as he ended up hurting those around him including the perfect girl for him in Eiko with everything collapsing at end…and yes that scene when they cross paths directly and he ends up walking by her without any acknowledgment was heartbreaking and every time Eiko cried, I cried =(. Hm…a drama in which she is okay in as in alive when it ends…..sorry I’m just thinking aloud…..she acted in this one really out there film which was shown here during our annual international film festival awhile back but I’m not sure that would be something you’d watch…..and in this older drama she plays one of the Kinki Kids siblings and he runs a bicycle shop and although she isn’t the central character in it she’s really adorable in it…”Summer Snow” and actually Hirosue Ryoko is the main female lead alongside Kinki Kids’ Domoto Tsuyoshi aka: my favorite Kinki Kid!

              Okay but actually the reason I was writing here just now =P…..is that I’ve found my Smap Bistro episode with Tanaka Rena (not to be confused with Tanaka Reina =P) and Ikewaki Chizuru~♥, I’ve just converted it and I hope you like Japanese commercials because they’re all in there unedited as this was recorded straight from television with no editing. The file is 363 MBs in size so it may take a little while to fully upload here and runs just shy of 23 minutes long. After it’s done I’m going to edit it in…so terrible I feel like I’ve just gotten home and soon I’ll have to try to sleep and go right back to work extra early on an odd shift time due to the Christmas holiday. Hopefully my yapping away above in this post will make much more sense when you watch along with the episode and from the moment Chizuru~chan replies to her order request with a funny…’jaa watashi mo’ the humorous pecking at her is on from there with Shingo (the youngest) having the most fun making fun of her…all in good nature of course! And as explained sort of above, a running gag with Smap Bistro is that at some point while the team apposing Shingo’s Team is garnering delicious remarks from the guest(s), Shingo always has an impersonation of some sort in relation to the guest(s) as he’ll dress up in any possible way imaginable or unimaginable which is always a fun highlight of each and every episode of Smap Bistro….here it’s the “Socks” character doggie whom is referenced in the beginning when the girls are being formally introduced by the narrator. Okay the upload is about half way done now…boy do I yap a lot xD and oh I do imagine that you’ve gone to visit relatives/friends by now for Christmas so I just wanted to wish ~* you a very Merry Christmas and a most joyous and prosperous New Year ~* ~~* \(^O^)/!!!


              • philipleslie says:

                I was wondering which dialogue thread of our to choose to wish you a Wonderful Christmas and 2014, so I’ll do that here! X Looking forward to watching the Bistro scene a lot, and I thank you hugely so much for going to all that trouble….I’ve spotted Summer Snow and would like to give that a look. I’ve also added Strawberry Shortcakes to my eBay watch list for after Christmas. Do you have her shashinshuu? I bet that’s just such a delight (and hopefully nothing like Kago Ai’s, which, since we talked about it, I’ve now seen some of the images from and wish I hadn’t! I suppose it’s perfectly in keeping with her mischievous personality, but not really one to treasure, except as a curiosity!).


                • Thank you♥! Have a merriest Christmas and an even more amazing New Year ~*~~* too =D! Oh I absolutely love sharing and finding a connection with it all, you’re wonderful for watching…really, I’m so happy! “Summer Snow” is one of her earlier dramas and as aforementioned she isn’t the lead female in it but does have a significant role as one of the male lead’s younger siblings..she’s really memorable in this role too. As far as I know she has four I think photo books and I’ll check some of the binding to see if they’ll hold up to scanning =). Mmm..I’ll keep some of that a mystery for now but with Aibon it was really…..yup…well you know very well too =/!


            • Okay I just added in the SMAP Bistro video clip, I do warn you though, you’re going to want to hug Chizuru~chan♥ while watching…. =D!


              • philipleslie says:

                Don’t worry, I’m fully prepared for a kawaii meltdown.


              • philipleslie says:

                I will watch that this afternoon while hugging the laptop. Thank you so much!


              • philipleslie says:

                You were right! 千鶴ちゃんはきれいです。えがおがすきです。愛してる。(恋してる?)どうもありがとうございました。Hopefully that’s not gibberish. If it is, my excuse is I have been enchanted! A lovely episode, with some great looking food (I’d just change some of the recipes to replace the meat). What were they saying about チワワ? That’s the breed of dog, I take it. I loved the adverts too, especially the scary one about skin damage from the sun! All that aside, so lovely to see Chizuru-chan. She eats her noodles so beautifully. Kawaii meltdown indeed! Thank you. I’ve bookmarked this for another viewing.


                • You wrote that very well I think…100% understood, 愛してる….=D. Oh when Rena’s pet chihuahua comes up she actually says that she has two of them but she suffers a bit of a speech stumble when pronouncing the breed name for Nakai~kun =P. Oh my god that one CM is creepy beyond words (;゜□゜)!!!Whenever it would come on I would try not to look at the screen until if was over lol! I’m so overjoyed that Chi~chan♥ has hit you hard in the kawaii department yay ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!That one bit with Shingo downstairs where he declares her ‘weird’ is priceless…so funny and cute♥! Well this entire episode was great and you really get to see a side of her which you don’t fully see within dramas/ movies.


                  • philipleslie says:

                    Thank you again for posting. I’m looking forward to a second viewing soon. Wow, so there are four photo books. Do most actors bring these out? I assume there’s a Toda Erika one (or two, or three)?


                    • For the most part I’ve found that with actors whom are primarily actors (although many do go the idol route at first before transitioning to acting) usually opt for photo books really only earlier in their careers although it’s also very popular to release a shall we say risque?…one years later after one is well established and usually only in a limited pressing. Still there are lots of photo books released by top actors/ actresses in various points of their careers but for many it’s usually an early on thing for their to do lists as they seek to garner attention and establish themselves, a way to attract producers too I imagine. Hmm..I’ve not ventured into looking to see if Toda Erika has gone the pb route but I can say with certainty that she’s been in countless magazine photo shoots over the years although you’d only find her much more cutesy/idol~ly ones only very early on…oh and I know it goes without saying but Toda Erika is gorgeous!!..and a fine actress too!

                      A rarity and a treasure for me was one day finding a particular actor’s photo book just sitting right there upon a shelf in our local Book Off store and he’s actually #1 on my Cuddle List (the fantasy girl/girl cuddle list is in most need of updating though as this as done some years ago here)….


                      One of my most treasured actor photo books!!!!:



              • philipleslie says:

                Have you seen the 2009 movie Oishii Man? Chizuru-chan is in that too. Wondered if that might have a tragic ending!


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