~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays~ (volume 11)

Idols unzipped...

Idols♥ very much like beauty while timeless go through fashion trends and the like being a sign of the times and with each issue presented here each Friday I’ll be selecting a few articles to scan to give a visual and text so you’ll be able to see the ever changing evolution of idols♥ in a chronological timeline of sorts. Check in each Friday for more from this ongoing series =).


Also with each issue I’ll be including the contents page ↑↑↑ and here it’ll be interactive with you as if there are any additional articles/pictorials you’d like to see scanned that you see in the contents page you can simply request them and I’ll add those article/pictorials to these individual posts.

BOMB magazine June 1997 (30)BOMB magazine June 1997 (34)

June 1997: Yamada Mariya was officially declared juicy~♥ or at least by her publishers….and shouldn’t every girl feel a bit juicy~♥ at some time or another? Remember when Gakisan was juicy??…








..or at least her attire said so =P.

BOMB magazine June 1997 (1)

BOMB magazine June 1997 w/ Honjo Manami poster

Fun fact: Yamada Mariya once released a French~themed J~pop mini album waaay back and I haven’t played it in years, however what she was more known for than her pipes (vocal) were her knobs and bolts of course =P. The full bodied J~idol had arrived and it’s quite evident just viewing her “Body~Check” points which highlight waist, bust and well they’re saying ‘hips’ there but that photo speaks volumes & volumes of gratuity rather xD. Talk about breaking down an idol so specifically and in such great detail going from the aforementioned up front points to hands & arm, legs & feet, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, hair and even her ears get a special idol shout~out~. As always with the honors of being Bomb magazine covergirl come the works: extended pictorial with no holding back on butt angles, long interview, room invasion (I mean exploration), works as in television appearances…dramas..CM..etc. and of course the growing up feature w/ baby pics!! Ever wonder why your parents insisted on taking nekid (naked) xD growing up photos of you when you were just a tinny toddler?? Well it seems that Bomb magazine got ahold of a few and has shared them with the world =O. Erasing this memory may take years of therapy as well as endless questions for your parents (。p_q)。

BOMB magazine June 1997 (29)

Now this is the best part of going back through your older magazines which you haven’t looked through in years =)!! Inevitably you’ll come across idols whom you know now but didn’t back then and ta~dah! there it is…an article showing a debut or early idol work! Ikewaki Chizuru was yet to act in numerous dramas and movies, appear on SmapxSmap Bistro and in so many CMs as you know her today~. This is sooooo cute!!!..look how tiny she is =)!!

Here’s just a couple of Chizuru~chan favorites♥ of mine to look back on….

Ikewaki Chizuru & Takizawa Hideaki in “Taiyou no kisetsu”…


Ikewaki Chizuru & Tanaka Rena in Smap x Smap Bistro…

Notable articles include: Honjo Manami back when she shared “all of herself” (‘me’) which pretty much translated to going from elegant~beauty to elegant~bikini~beauty. Honjo Manami unlike most idols began with more clothes on and then went all bikini on us a bit later in her career which was a nice~wicked twist albeit done most elegantly~♥ =D..she’s so gorgeous, dainty…as feminine as girls come/ The aforementioned Juicy Mariya (Yamada) whom also is featured here in Hawaii~♥!!! or rather in ‘Hawai’…??? Mariya’s also one of those lucky girls who can go all natural leaving the make~up behind or to a bare minimum and it all just works/ What happens when a 14 year old goes head~to~head with a 19 year old idol? Well that opening pic really gave quite an impression…but alas sadly there are no pans, knives or secluded island getaway to speak of….neither is there any sign of this scary guy….

Beat Takeshi


Actually he’s a most awesome actor and very very versatile! Loved him as the blond~Zatoichi but he’s still scary, maybe in a good way? =) Anyway the drama article features Matsumoto Megumi (Rio…later) and Hinagata Akiko~./ Nishida Hikaru interview/ Yamaguchi Sayaka interview/ Nakama Yukie interview..she’s sooooo cute in these pics!/ Yoshikawa Hinano drama & CM article..always so pretty and I’ve always thought of her as being on of Japan’s prettiest of models/ Idol t.v. schedule…of course those programs aired ages ago =P/ Miura Rieko “Love Letter for You” ongoing feature/ Idol new face feature/ Aoki Yuko pictorial where she goes from biker babe to dominatrix in one photo shoot =O/ Okina Megumi live report/ Music new releases featuring the always awesome Mr.Children and sadly that VHS “ALIVE” which is featured still hasn’t seen the light of day on a disc format although I’m hopeful that along with their upcoming greatest hits albums which continue on from their first two volumes from years ago includes these pvs♥..one can hope~*!/ Movie reviews/ Video game reviews/ Porn reviews…(;゜□゜)!!!/ Idol news/ Kanno Miho CM article/ Takahashi Yumiko live stage review/ Suzuki Sarina drama feature/ Yada Akiko pictorial/ Endo Kumiko pictorial/ Enomoto Kanako CM feature/ Hirosue Ryoko drama feature./

BOMB magazine June 1997 (34)

And last but not least is this Adachi Yumi article….I mean that expression is priceless like I wonder what exactly they were inquiring about @ that exact moment~*?? Hmm like something along the lines of…’so we hear that you may be the infamous underwear thief that’s been prowling these parts at night, would you like to comment?’… =P

Till next week ^^♥。

BOMB magazine June 1997 (3)BOMB magazine June 1997 (4)BOMB magazine June 1997 (5)BOMB magazine June 1997 (6)

BOMB magazine June 1997 (7)BOMB magazine June 1997 (8)BOMB magazine June 1997 (9)BOMB magazine June 1997 (10)BOMB magazine June 1997 (11)BOMB magazine June 1997 (12)BOMB magazine June 1997 (13)BOMB magazine June 1997 (14)BOMB magazine June 1997 (15)

BOMB magazine June 1997 (21)BOMB magazine June 1997 (22)BOMB magazine June 1997 (23)BOMB magazine June 1997 (24)BOMB magazine June 1997 (25)BOMB magazine June 1997 (26)BOMB magazine June 1997 (27)BOMB magazine June 1997 (28)

BOMB magazine June 1997 (16)BOMB magazine June 1997 (17)BOMB magazine June 1997 (18)

BOMB magazine June 1997 (19)

BOMB magazine June 1997 (20)

BOMB magazine June 1997 (31)BOMB magazine June 1997 (32)BOMB magazine June 1997 (33)

BOMB magazine June 1997 (35)BOMB magazine June 1997 (36)

BOMB magazine June 1997 (37)

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