♥~~♥~Happy Girl’s Day~♥~~♥

Koike♥ Yui in scene2...

Koike Yui scene2 scan (22)

Koike Yui scene2 scan (15)

Koike Yui scene2 scan (31)


Koike Yui scene2 shashinshuu with photo & poster

Girls rule!! =P and…

..what’s better than Girl’s Day♥ in Hawaii?…Girl’s Day in Hawaii w/ Koike♥Yui~!

While her previously posted here shashinshuu “Pink” was total cute overload in Hawaii, “scene2” is much more….how should I say…artistic. With the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii’s greenery and beach shores all sandy and white playing second fiddle only to the gorgeously photographed Yui~chan♥, this her latest shashinshuu is shot with a much more elegant presentation in mind~.

Aloha~♥! and there’s so much of it embedded in this pb and I’m sure you’ll readily recognize some of our island trademarks as well =)…..plus what could be better than an all flower bikini or rather they’re just very well strategically placed flowers as you so know she’s not naked~^^♥。

I scanned just a few of my favorites from the book and to see more you can shop through the links below =)….you know you so love the Pink Ranger and could she be getting more and more adora~cute by the minute? I think so!….

Click to shop Cdjapan for Koike Yui’s “scene2” photo book

Click to shop YesAsia for Koike Yui’s “scene2” photo book

Click to shop Amazon Japan for Koike Yui’s “scene2” photo book

~Girls’ Day~

Hinamatsuri or Girls’ Day is celebrated on March 3rd, ‘hinamatsuri’ comes from the Chinese who believed that the sins of the body and any misfortunes could be transferred to a doll and washed away by setting a doll in a river. The tradition spread to Japan during the Edo period and it linked girls playing with dolls and became hinamatsuri.

Onna no sekku which means ‘girl’s festival’ is celebrated with the parents presenting a set of hina dolls to their daughter at birth or on her first birthday. The dolls are displayed about a week before the actual day but are immediately put away at the end of the 3rd as leaving them out any longer is considered unlucky and reason for the girl having a delayed marriage, the dolls are packed away and not displayed until her next hinamatsuri.

Steamed rice with red beans are served for good luck and pink mochi (sakura mochi) is filled with red bean paste and wrapped in a cherry leaf for the occasion. Girl’s Day invitations are also sent traditionally:

Directions: Cut a piece of solid colored paper 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ then cut a 2 3/4″ square with a contrasting design. Paste the small square in the left hand corner of the large square leaving a 1/4″ margin. Fold to form a triangle. Divide bottom of triangle in thirds and crease. Fold left piece in half and open and press to form a diamond. Fold top flap so that the tip will fit into the diamond to secure.

Cherry blossom decorations are displayed to remind girls to be gentle and peaceful like the soft petals of the cherry blossom. The display of the dolls are sometimes presented in a tiered structure where the most important dolls for girls are the Emperor and Empress who are called ‘Dairisama’ and always placed at the top tier. Attire consists of a kimono and a kanzashi (hair ornament) to tuck in her hair. Long sleeved kimono are worn by children or unmarried women and the kimono fold should be left over right. Zabuton which are floor cushions are traditional for the setting while the treats for the day typically include sweet tea (amacha), tri~colored mochi, manju, mugicha and other sweets~.

Koike Yui scene2 scan (1)

Koike Yui scene2 scan (3)Koike Yui scene2 scan (2)

Koike Yui scene2 scan (4)Koike Yui scene2 scan (5)Koike Yui scene2 scan (6)Koike Yui scene2 scan (7)Koike Yui scene2 scan (8)Koike Yui scene2 scan (9)Koike Yui scene2 scan (10)

Koike Yui scene2 scan (12)Koike Yui scene2 scan (11)

Koike Yui scene2 scan (13)Koike Yui scene2 scan (14)Koike Yui scene2 scan (15)Koike Yui scene2 scan (16)Koike Yui scene2 scan (17)Koike Yui scene2 scan (18)Koike Yui scene2 scan (20)

Koike Yui scene2 scan (22)Koike Yui scene2 scan (21)

Koike Yui scene2 scan (23)Koike Yui scene2 scan (24)Koike Yui scene2 scan (25)Koike Yui scene2 scan (26)Koike Yui scene2 scan (27)Koike Yui scene2 scan (28)Koike Yui scene2 scan (29)Koike Yui scene2 scan (30)Koike Yui scene2 scan (31)

Koike Yui scene2 scan (33)Koike Yui scene2 scan (32)

Koike Yui scene2 scan (34)Koike Yui scene2 scan (35)Koike Yui scene2 scan (36)

Koike Yui scene2 scan (37)


About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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23 Responses to ♥~~♥~Happy Girl’s Day~♥~~♥

  1. hydeo says:

    koike is amazing beautiful <3~~

    girls day ? have a day for girls in hawaii so ? how this work ? and is a holiday so ?


    • She’s so adora~cute!…can’t get enough of her.

      Hm. That’s funny I’ve no idea….I thought Girl’s Day was universal like even aliens celebrate it?? Is it just Hawaii? Nah can’t be….on Girl’s Day men are extra sweet to us….actually it’s a lot more traditional with dolls, sakura and treats^ ^.


      • hydeo says:

        she is funny too, all the things i watched with her, she is doing some jokes and laughting hehe or doing baka things 😛

        humm i never heard about this… or here have one where is “womans day” dont know if is the same thing, maybe yes hehe


  2. Elias says:

    Aaaaw ❤ ❤ ❤ Yui-sama's THE BEST! ❤ I am wondering if these are all the photos of the photo album. Or if not , is there a link to find all the photos? I LOVE Koike Yui-sama … Though I am unable to buy through internet and I can't find Japanese products (not even foods) in my place …


    • Sorry for my late reply XD….while I sometimes scan entire photo books, here I scanned my favorite photos of Yui~chan♥ from this pb so it’s not complete.I’m sorry to hear that you can’t obtain Japanese products where you live =(….although I think cdjapan does ship just about anywhere in the world if I’m not mistaken =).


      • Elias says:

        It’s fine and sorry as well for my , longer than yours , late reply … xD Well , I know it does … But … It’s just that I can’t use PayPal in order to buy products. You see … I am not that “old” … I am just 16 years old. Guess I am too little to see idols in bikinis and underwears but well , I am just too much in love ❤ ❤ ❤ with Koike Yui-sama!!!!! Despite that, one day , I will surely buy all of her photobooks and videos! ZENBU!!! (^_^) But for now , I have to stick with pirating , which I really don't like but I don't have any other choice.


        • I totally understand, and I know just how expensive imports are and especially from Japan in particular. Just hearing you say that makes me most happy as I know that you’re totally a fan, you know that you intend to collect her releases when you’re able to =). Yui~chan is most irresistible!! And her personality and demeanor really endears you to her so much, she’s just the sweetest~♥ idol possible!


          • Elias says:

            Awwww I would never be able to find any better words than yours to describe her!!!! I totally agree with you!!!! I have seen many idols , yet only Yui-sama is 100% sweet , lovely and just an idol who can make you “blind” by her beauty , charm , her smile (I LOVE her smile ❤ ❤ ❤ It always makes me smile too!) and of course , her sooooooooo lovely eyes ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I LOVE looking at her eyes. They are priceless!


  3. Elias says:

    Yeap! I do listen to Tomapai! I LOVE their songs. But I mostly love that I always hear Yui-sama’s voice like she is the only singer … I don’t know why and if I am the only one who also feel this but I love that I only hear her voice! You know … Listening to her makes me soooo happy and helps me to get out from difficult situations. She is a GREAT singer and I love her voice. It’s the most sweet and lovely voice I have ever heard in my life. I don’t know if you know that but she played a major role in a Japanese super hero show called Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.(Super Sentai’s 35th season!). Her role was being a princess … Gosh , she was the PERFECT actress to take this role!!!! ❤ ❤ And I saw your post the day you posted it!!! WoW … That was …. AWESOME!!! I mean , all these screenshots you took and the videos you put … ❤ ❤ ❤ They were PRICELESS! …. And hilarious sometimes … LOL I didn't just like it , I LOVED it!!!! You are a great writer (I guess it's your job). I wish you one day to meet her!!! I also wish that for my self … Yui-sama is like my habit of imagining things all the time … It's my whole life!!!!


    • Sorry Elias, I’ve been taking a break from the blog for the past month or so XD did leave a little update though a couple of weeks ago just to make sure I didn’t wind up appearing on a milk carton somewhere =P.

      It’s wonderful that you find an inspiration from her voice~♥. Oh I have seen her there too and this series goes on and on and on it’s amazing how many generations it’s gone through and with such a large fan base too.

      Aww you’re too kind! My writing is just for fun and in no way am I any good at it XD. It was fun trying to create a storyline for that Hawaii DVD…I love~♥ to cap…haha you noticed =).


      • Elias says:

        Oh … I wasn’t able to be on computer for the whole January, and sadly, when I came back, I forgot to check in case you answered! Anyways, hope you enjoyed your break! (^_^)

        Thanks for saying that, I just ❤ her voice!!!!!! 🙂 And that's so true! This series started about 37 years ago… It's just wow! Even though there is another series called Kamen Rider , which started more than 40 years ago! Yui-sama guest starred in Kamen Rider W's last episode with the same name! 🙂 ❤

        Hehe … I guess I am! I just like to tell the truth! 🙂 Anyways, even if you do it just for fun, I really did mean what I said! Your writing is very good! You should acknowledge it! (^_^) And yup! I noticed that!


        • I so did, thank you =D, life gets busier sometimes so I just needed the little time away but now I’m back full time here again.

          It was on long before I was around but I love the history with the super hero genre in Japan and going back to experience it and in particular this series really has been popular here too….we had Kikaida here a long time ago and it actually had a resurgence later so I could experience that and we had The Power Rangers when I was little being broadcast here but it was redone with an American cast, still good and it was so popular.

          You’re so kind =)! It means a lot hearing that from a reader, thank you ^ ^。


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