~The elephant in the room..



Elephant: Do you not see me?

Me: Mmm you’re very large..impossible to miss.

E: Then why the recent posts?

M: Aya~chan?

E: (nods….)

M: I felt in my heart to show support…sometimes I do things on impulse and not thinking about it too much and more by being true to myself.

E: I’m a pretty big scandal.

M: How is it that men are judged so differently from women?

E: Not always true.

M: I know but I mean you censored his face….was that meant to protect the “innocent?” It always takes two to tangle.

E: Sometimes three…..or more.

M: Omg menage a trois?….here I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you since you’re obviously looking for attention unwanted or wanted. Celebrities are having sex all the time and I mean here in America and it’s not like if James Franco were to have sex with a co~star that he’d be fired by his production company or representation. Ashton Kutcher had sex and it was the worst kind where you’re being unfaithful going against your vows and yet it’s like he got a promotion to the top rated “Three and a half men”…?? Male athletes have sex too and I bet a lot but if someone would score over 33 points per game and average over 32% in 3 pointers and over 5 assists per game that’s all anybody cares about. And shouldn’t it be rightfully so?

E: Remember we’re speaking of an idol and Japan’s culture is very different. The images speak for themselves.

M: And what of the images like where did they come from?…and taken by whom?…or leaked by whom and just really how…and why? And even if it’s Japan I still feel that talented women shouldn’t be so slandered by something we all do. Do you not have sex?..or would if the right person came into your life?

E: But idols are pure.

M: And who’s beliefs and imagery are those? How you sell young girls images for corporate profit without considering their feelings or health..wellbeing?…I mean I don’t know about you but being with~♥ is human nature and just finding love and association through so much personal clouds is difficult enough in youth and don’t even get me started with sexual awakening or puberty which can occur during an idols career readily. The attraction and needs are completely normal. I wonder how an idol’s contract is written…..like ‘no sex’, ‘no kissing guys’, ‘abstinence is absolute at all times’, ‘agree to be an idol at your own cost of personal happiness and health’….’sign here please because you’re smoldering cute and will make us lots of money well…until you get any urge and “we” catch you doing it.’

E: You forgot ‘no showing of public affection.’

M: And I mean isn’t that like an invasion of privacy…oh wait I just thought of Mick Jagger and I wonder how girls he’s slept with during his career with no repercussions and he’s a musical legend and personality. Girls get horny too.

E: Really?

M: While I don’t condone multiple partners as there can only be one~♥ always for me, it’s not like she’s married or engaged and I still believe it’s her own prerogative. I’ve no right to judge and nor should anyone else really. And her label dropped her based on this? Is it like all idols are supposed to be virgins? I guess I’d like to see that aspect of idol culture changed for the reason of health and well being. The NFL changed drastically their policies due to how they’ve learned about the longstanding affects of concussions and in an analogy of well a far away analogy of sorts maybe idols should also be given a healthier lifestyle in the vein of their profession likewise? Sounds outlandish i imagine when idols are symbolic of pureness and yet is it so unimaginable? An outside life which is real..is that so much to ask for?

E: It’s to protect their integrity and overall image.

M: I get the image ideal and yet to probe so much into one’s personal life in this way to “validate” it just seems wrong. You can look hot be perceived as a virgin and yet your personal life should still be just that. Productions like idols are perception and I fully understand how that sells but a line should be drawn between the two…like don’t begin blurring those lines as if without a medical examination from your gynecologist no one should know if you’re sexually active or not. It’s your privacy right and personal. She’s an exceptional talent and why would you abandon her so easily…she whom just happens to enjoy sex ahem…like people do and it’s not a gender thing at all. I mean some are more driven sexually than others surely and it’s all varied and stuff but it’s a completely natural desire and pleasure. Again the perception is of outside minds and what they choose to believe….you can argue it’s like being betrayed this way and yet it’s still a personal perception and mixing that with reality….really? Shouldn’t a girl be able to be successful, sexy, desirable, give off a persona and yet still have a life? Okay you only mate to procreate and keep your species going…?

E: Correct.

M: Sorry you’re an elephant…my bad. Still us humans and the consensus like sex mostly in some form or another….please don’t ask me to elaborate on that in hindsight that sounded kinda funny. Sex for humans can be recreational at times I’ll say shamelessly…but you’re an elephant..aren’t we comparing apples to oranges…hot dogs to buns?…scratch that last one.

E: Today’s media and instant access to just about everything and just technology makes this what it is. You can’t claim ignorance or put the blame on desire and needs solely.

M: I still believe that personal should be exactly that, personal…it’s awkward to mix them through invasive means this way.

E: …..

M: So I went to work and it was originally like any other day but then I met this guy whom I really connected with..felt an instant physical attraction to and after awhile of getting to know him I wanted so much to get to know him better. Could he be my soul~mate♥?…..oh crap wait! Someone may illegally photograph me being intimate or really just having an engaging conversation and then I may be embarrassed in public media maliciously with the financial gain of selling more magazines and in turn turning a once adoring public against me and then I may lose my occupation….my life’s passion….my ability to live through my natural talent~*. Still after time there’s a definite attraction and I’m human so I’m horny at times (note” female horniness may vary from girl to girl and you’ll know the signs and consent surely and that’s the good part =) ) so it’s not like the guys only have a need a passion a want in this way*.


M: Mmm..getting back to our conversation when you first appeared, I just felt much more love~♥ to support Aya~chan during what must be a most difficult time for her and so I revived those posts and I don’t even know if it was purely on intention like to our direct conversation’s meaning really.  I just don’t see how being a celebrity or idol should bring upon such different rules….like we have sex and it’s a part of us all and to judge this way just seems so….I don’t even know how to express it but I think you know through our conversing today. It’s just being human…that’s it. And I just felt….that I wanted to support her…i guess it’s that simple.

(  🙂

M: Elephant? You know I swear I was just conversing with a pink and white polka dot elephant just a few moments ago…..?? Where did he go?

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to ~The elephant in the room..

  1. sununcam says:

    m.b thank you and take care mind and body health^^doing feel joy work! wish my friends peacefull everyday.


  2. SagSousuke says:

    I don’t even know what this is about, I’ve figured out Aya had some scandal just by reading some of Ray’s comments on IntlWota, and I never bothered to look it up. Yeah, another scandal, saw enough of them, know how the whole discussion is going to develop.

    But I read your posts no matter what, so let’s see =P
    Hum… the thing about the guy having his face censored, again I haven’t seen it, but it’s a simple matter of law. You can’t publish the face of people without their consent, unless their public figures. Who qualifies as a public figure is a matter best answered by a judge on trial, but in general a well known artist would enter, some guy she slept with wouldn’t. At least, I imagine things must work similarly in Japan, if his face was really censored. So I don’t think that has anything to do with men and women being treated differently.

    All the examples about other jobs and American artists having sex are meaningless, exactly because they are other jobs or Americans. They don’t have any of the expectations of the idol image put on them, so it doesn’t really apply to the discussion. It’s not even a matter of Japanese culture being oh so different, we’re being a lot more specific than that. It’s that the idol job currently comes with the expectation of virginity, and the other examples don’t. It’s like how being a priest comes with the expectation of virginity, for a lot of sects. You can make the point that it shouldn’t be so, and there’s definitely a lot of people also saying that for priests, but bringing American artists and athletes to the conversation doesn’t aid any point you want to make about what an idol’s image should be.

    I’ve never seen anyone in the wotas’ side arguing that having sex is not a natural human behavior. But you also have to understand that idealizations don’t have to be natural. That’s kind of the point of them being ideals.


    • A~h i didn’t mean to sound too serious…me thinks i’ve failed miserably xD. I was hoping the elephants would lighten things up =P….oh no it wasn’t related that way as i’ve actually no idea of what he’s written on her. A part of me didn’t even want to see any of the article and i feel badly for her more than anything and like how it seems so unfair for things to have gone this far based on a natural urge pretty much everyone has. I totally get the idol~pureness attraction and quality for success but i can’t help to feel against it when it gets so very personal. They’re speculating that one of them is her guitarist…i just thought they should show his face too and thank you for explaining how the media has those laws as i didn’t know about that. It was a stretch arguing those analogies…i was writing that without editing back just off of what i was thinking lol i know it’s stupid that i write that way and pretty much everywhere here. Now you know of all the wacky things that travel in my mind almost like i’m in chat but i’m posting (。p_q)~。Idol~ing is difficult. I would never survive….I’d be Friday’d pretty quick i think but then i’d mess with them too like with saying i wasn’t sleeping there where i shouldn’t, we definitely weren’t sleeping! I was cooking ramen for him is all.


  3. Martha says:


    This is great! XD Wonderfully written!

    Just to let you know, I love your blog! I’ve been reading for a few years. XD


    • Hi Martha~*..thank you♥ so much! I took quite a long break there from last year but I’ll be here much more often now =). Just curious whom your favorite artists are?…singer/group? I’m kinda random in my interests..makes me kind of weird i know =P.

      Much ~♥~


      • Martha says:

        Aw man…I have so many musical interests it’s not even funny. XD Jpop wise, I like any H!P group (with Momusu being my favorite), 48 groups, Utada, Aya Hirano (now even more so since you did your profile post! ^–^), Arashi is pretty good. My newest obsessions are Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Houkago Princess and Afilia Saga East! XD

        I’m also into Kpop, musicals, rap/hip hop and techno. World music is also nice.

        LOL sorry for writing a novel. XDD I look forward to more of your posts! 8D


        • Wow thanks so much for sharing~*…you have a very diverse taste in music♥! I really missed out on posting a lot of releases while i was away from the site and i’m just seeing how many artists you like and it’s really impressive! Everything moves so quickly and it’s so difficult to keep up as there’s always something great coming out…lol i guess that’s a good problem to have though =). Looking forward to Mayuyu’s solo single which hopefully arrives soon along with AKB48’s newest….oh and Sasshi shashinshuu~*! Thank you again for sharing~*^ ^。


          • Martha says:

            Haha thank you! ^–^

            I’m loving Mayuyu’s new single! I actually watched a clip of her performing it on some TV show, and she was singing live!!! I was super impressed! She sounded quite good!
            AHHHH I’m so excited for Sasshi’s single!! It makes me so happy! ^–^ I don’t understand why others aren’t enjoying it! *shrug* Ah well. To each their own I guess.


            • That’s awesome that Mayuyu wasn’t using a backing track…really being live so much better! I totally agree she sings so well, better not to lip sync…u~n so happy that Sasshi is continuing to gain in her popularity~* too and it says so much that AkiP chose her for a solo project =). AKB48 creates so many versions too of their singles and in particular for their sub~groups and soloist more than the main group…gets a bit expensive but for Mayuyu and Sasshi i won’t hesitate at all, looking forward to hearing them both ^ ^.


  4. Raelyan says:

    I’ll not lie. The abstractness of this confused the hell out of me. It’s well written.. but it’ll take more time to fully understand >w<


    • Sorry…xD. I’m not even sure why i began writing this post this way, it sort of just sprung up in my mind but i really didn’t mean to confuse, sorry about that (。p_q)。I guess i wanted it to be a bit lighter in a sense and then the metaphor came up ^ ^.


  5. philipleslie says:

    Thank you for linking me here, to your wonderful post. There’s not a lot I can add, really, other than that to aggro that there is a double standard with the way that men and women’s sex lives are expected to be. What became of the guy whose house Minegishi Minami was photographed sneaking out of? We know how she was punished, but I don’t think he received much more than a ticking off. Guys like their fantasy women to be horny, but in real life they prefer them to be otherwise. Didn’t that guy who sold that shabby story to the media about Sasshi complain that she was ‘sexually demanding’, or something? I bet she was just a normal horny young woman which conflicted with his desire to be the one in control. And her punishment, of course, was to be exiled to Fukuoka….Don’t forget that Tomochin’s ‘Saigo no door’ video is set in a nunnery. It would be freaky if our beloved Akihabara nuns didn’t have regular desires and a wish to act upon them. Idols are supposed to be ‘pure’ and girl-next-door virginal. In spite of much progress, society continues to regard sex as a dirty pastime, therefore when an idol has sex…Unthinkable! Shock horror! …What I’d like to know is the attitude of AKB towards same-sex relationships, were they to occur. The music videos often allude to intense relationships of this nature (and while I think about it, what exactly is going on in ‘Melodies’, the GAM video of their lovely second single?), but I suspect that playfulness is not allowed in ‘real life’.


    • Guy idols aren’t targeted by the paparazzi/ media with the same attention it seems and it somehow is nearly always the girl’s fault when personal relationships are caught by the stalking media and with Miichan nothing really became of him and as far as I know he didn’t even publicly attempt in any way to protect her or take any responsibility either =(. Yes he said that Sasshi was sexually aggressive towards him…oh how shameful (sarcasm…xD) and yet idols as we all know project that very sexy image towards fans whom seem to have no problem with it whatsoever (for the most part….I found it amusing when “Heavy Rotation” was released and Yuko’s solo cover caught some dismay from some fans who thought it to be too risque xD) and so much of the human in idols is like it’s supposed to be non existent and are we supposed to forget that they’re just like everyone else with their sexuality? In hindsight, although Sasshi’s transfer to HKT48 was indeed a punishment it did over time prove to be in a way a benefit for her as she’s climbed even higher now in stature and with her fan’s favor, and yet I still feel badly for her having lost her place in AKB48 as in her heart of hearts I have to believe that she would rather be there instead =(. It’s really evident too with the article you posted about where she visited a psychic, her words didn’t mince any of the truth there I believe…she’s feeling punished endlessly and so conflicted between her circumstances. U~n sex is healthy, normal…we are sexual beings and that can’t be denied, of course some more than others (。ーωー。)。Oh yes no doubt the imagery of girls with girls is abundant with idols and in particular with AKB as you even see it a lot in their various magazine shoots and that perception leaves a lot to ponder/ fantasize about no doubt. I had a bit of fun with a Mayuyu/ Paruru/ UTB pictorial awhile back:


      Ohh and then there’s this:


      Ahhh GAM! You’re so right on with that music video being very much undeniably bi-sexual in nature. I remember it was very shocking back then too as Hello! Project had a much less sexual image back then and particularly with Ayaya it was very unexpected to see her with Mikitty that way. Here an amazing jaw dropping billboard!! Click to enlarge the image it’s so so amazing!!:


      And a random GAM concert tour photo book from back in those days:



      • philipleslie says:

        Thank you for the links, which I enjoyed a lot. I especially love that billboard. A shame GAM didn’t continue for a little longer. Their voices meshed well together, and physically they made a great pair.
        It’s interesting how some fan’s fiction have been obsessed with Jurina and Rena’s passion in ‘Kataomoi Finally’ video. There’s an ongoing one that is being uploaded on Tumblr. It’s well written, but slightly creepy too, as the fantasy is about two very real people, attributing things to them that they would never say.
        Boys rarely feature in the music videos. It’s always a surprise when they are. There’s a lovely coupling song to ‘Sakura no ki ni narou’ which has Yokoyama Yui (among others), being adored by a boy. In the Christmas coupling song on Eien Pressure, various guys appear in the town square, don’t they. It almost seems intrusive, perhaps because we’re encouraged to regard the girls as belonging exclusively to us, the fans?


        • GAM’s billboard was an image to behold, so vibrant, sexy and YES very big BIG! Vocally GAM was the meeting of Hello! Project’s two finest and I so agree that they sadly released no where enough music or visuals given how perfectly paired they were. Woh I’d no idea of how that video has gone onto taking a life of its very own =O…no doubt it creates much to say and insinuate! U~n that’s a tricky one for the production and writers to decide on whether to include the perhaps dreaded or frowned up by fans vision of seeing their pure idols being courted by guys. It’s simply imagery and fiction if you will and yet I imagine there are fans whom have a difficult time with those images no less. I take them as scripts and like little movies and particularly when it comes to AKB as they do the most elaborate productions going from story board to screen so I’ve never felt it to be a negative aspect when guys are featured with the girls, well that being said, if there were a full make-out scene in a music video with a boy then all bets are off on fan reaction lol =P! Now the girls kissing each other never a bad thing with Yuko and Acchan topping my fantasy memories =D.


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