~Hirano♥Aya Music Clip Collection Vol.1 ♪~

~It’s Hirano♥Aya’s very first music video clip compilation!!! \(^o^)/☆ 10 original version videos total…but in addition this DVD also features 7 bonus clips including a remix version of “Love★Gun” & “MonStAR” as well as “making of” clips for “Love★Gun”, “NEOPHILIA”, “MonStAR”, “Unnamed world” and “RIOT GIRL!!” for 75 minutes in total of Ayachan♥ awesomeness~ & extreme *cuteness~*!

Although many of the older video clips here have gone kaput during my moving to WP~ (;´□`) I’m trying to slowly revive them when i get the chance and i so wanted to have Hirano Aya’s pvs back here again too ~♥ ^ ^ and especially since i’m about to lose almost 60 GB of space here due to expiration =/. In hindsight i can’t believe i once went for 100GB of memory here all to use in just one year…seriously what was i thinking??? =P

Hirano Aya’s “Music Clip Collection Vol.1” can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Hirano Aya’s “Music Clip Collection Vol.1” can be ordered here at YesAsia.

~Released on September 9th of 2009, every Ayachan♥ music video from her debut single~ “Bouken desho desho?” up to “Super Driver” are included and while numerous of these pvs were not previously commercially available (some were first press extras on her singles~) for me it was the very first time seeing quite a few of them~! っo(*´∀`)o!

….so without further ado here are five most *adorable* & supercharged *genki~* video clips from a most amazing seiyuu~ who does it all~!! ^ ^

~Hirano Aya “Super Driver” pv~

~What I love so much about all of Ayachan’s♥ pvs is that they’re all deeply original with their designs and choreography~. Every visual is enlightening and it’s even amusing to hear Ayachan♥ comment in her making of clips of just how tired she’s become after such energetic shooting~!!…in some clips she’s just bouncing every~which way! And I soooo *adore* the props and sets~ used as Ayachan♥ goes from speed~racer…to a refrigerator with canned mushroom soup in it?!!!…(^q^) with a band in her living room~, drawings come to *life~*! as well as a shopping♥bag so large that Ayachan♥ simply fits into it entirely~ (・o・)!

~Please enjoy o(*´∀`)o゛♥ her videos~ as they’re all so so *cute~*! Ne~ isn’t this why we love♥ Japanese Pop so much?…no where else but Japan will you see such *adorable* images~ ^ ^。


~Hirano Aya “Sing a Song” pv~


~Hirano Aya “Ashita no prism” pv~

I can’t even begin to emphasize how *cute~* she is in this pv~ omg!!!! ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!


~Hirano Aya “Bouken desho desho? pv~

…..and here where it all began for me…the awesome theme for “Haruhi…”, “Bouken desho desho?” Ayachan♥ looks so different here~!


~Hirano Aya “RIOT GIRL” pv~

…now that’s one really large shopping♥bag~! o(*´∀`)o゛

~Hirano Aya “LOVE GUN” pv~
~Hirano Aya “MonStAR” pv~
終わり^ ^♥。

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