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Hirano Aya in “Dayz”
~Post is now new and improved! Now made with a wide variety of flavors~*, real fruit and as always our milkshakes are non~fat so it’s heart healthy for you too as U indulge~
(Ever wonder about the whole “real” ingredients selling point like made with “100% real cheese”..i mean is there some food psycho out there making cheese at a 60/40 ratio of real vs. completely artificial?? Or worse what if it’s all complete fake and i especially like the “ingredient” ‘natural flavoring’….is that like when you accidentally drop something on the floor and fail to wash it leaving all that natural goodness?? =O)

Every now and then you come across an artist and individual so amazingly talented and endearing that you do the inevitable…..for me that means going on an instant shopping spree!…(^q^)..where I purchase as many releases as I can find in one swoop~!

Many months ago Anise & Cloves back during our VOX days suggested that I check out Hirano Aya as the subject of “anime” type voices came up. For me till now my most beloved “anime” voices have come from Sakurai Tomo and Miura Rieko….but now this love has been taken up to a whole new level!

Hirano Aya releases can be purchased here at Cdjapan.

Hirano Aya releases can be purchased here at YesAsia.

Hirano Aya releases can be purchased here at HMV Japan.

I’ve spent the past few days preparing for this…..now where to begin…………..oh yes! of course!…….


~Day 1~


“The voice”

A seiyuu’s craft is dependant on her/his ability to project emotions, character and just about any nuance imaginable through their vocals as their onscreen personas are brought to life in ways that only a select few born with such *magical* pipes can achieve and excel with~.

I first heard Hirano Aya’s singing voice as I hastily opened up her singles and album immediately on arrival…..and it wasn’t until I placed her live DVD into the player that I first heard her speaking voice, so enchanted with life and such highs and pitches that it was all a bit surreal as my jaw dropped to the floor! 😮 Here’s a little MC clip which is her first for this concert after the first two song performances to just give you a little peek and idea of this most enchanting *voice* that I speak of which makes me feel this way..ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!and can she sing? You Bet!!!:

~Hirano Aya MC clip~

Okay and now for a vote…………

Please click~* for Vizu poll.


~Day 2~


“The resume”

Ayachan was born on October 8th, 1987 and at just 21 years old her resume reads like a seasoned veteran’s who’s been in the business for far more years than she has under her belt to this point~. Only a very select few can be called “the complete package” and it’s here in which Ayachan’s resume reads so impressively. Titles such as model, singer, seiyuu, actress and composer only begin to scratch the surface of what she’s accomplished in an extremely short period of time. Ayachan’s popularity sky rocketed with her lead roles in the anime series “The Melancoly of Haruhi Suzumiya” and “Lucky Star” but taking a step back to see her larger body of work one will find a most impressive abundance of video game character voicings, CMs, movies, radio programs & releases, drama CDs and much more! So much already for such a young talent and her future’s definitely on the rise!!

Ayachan’s released so many seiyuu projects both through anime and radio~type dramas, here is one of my most favorite from her vast collection of this genre:

While adult visual novels brought to life~* through video games may be a genre of gaming which will never truly “translate” to outer markets outside of Japan, the possibility with anime♥ may perhaps prove more fruitful I wonder~?

The “White Album” series has now crossed over into anime♥ this winter and here one of its central characters Morikawa Yuki voiced by Aya~chan♥ of course, has her very own solo single release~!! \(^o^)/☆~*~!


~Hirano Aya “Kanashimiyo, konnichiwa” mp3~

“Kanashimiyo, konnichiwa” is actually a cover song from an 80’s idol, Saito Yuki! I’m thinking that White Album had Hirano♥Aya re~do a version as it’s just so so much a catchy~* song♪!!!It was originally the opening theme~ for the anime “Maison Ikkoku.” Even the single’s packaging and disc are reminiscent of the 80’s as the disc itself resembles vinyl =).


~Day 3~


“Aliens, time travelers and ESPers”

But what of aliens?? (・c_・;)?I mean…haven’t you ever wondered? Do they exist? Do they eat? What do they consume? Would it be awkward meeting one? And what exactly does the director (boss) do all day???….. …well wonder no more,

this clip explains a lot!


sort of! (。ーωー。)

~Hirano Aya CM (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya DVD release promotion)~

Not long ago I wasn’t watching really any anime at all but I got totally hooked on Haruhi! After consuming all 350 minutes of the 14 episodes in the complete episode box set I ended up watching not only all of the Japanese extras but also all of the ASOS Brigade episodes, making of and preview clips as well. ^ ^ I don’t think I’ve ever consumed a box set so completely as I did with this one as not a single link or minute was left unclicked and then I was left with that oh so empty and sad feeling……like I’ve somehow lost a very close friend. (*sigh*…) so no more new episodes to watch I thought……why did I have to watch them all so quickly in such a short period of time?!!! Well there’s season 2 =)…

Things I find so endearing about “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” series……Kyon’s narration: there’s something so warm and ensuring about his tone, phrasing, pace and Yes~! his sense of reality and relatable perception through it all~….great stories always need great storytellers ne~. =) / The offbeatness of the characters and all of those sly inside jokes and jabs which occur throughout…..some based on popular culture while others maybe just on common mannerisms…beliefs….Santa Claus, aliens, people from the future & psychics..oh! and the logic of physics! XD / Asahina Mikuru……all anime craves the pinnacle of cuteness and she’s definitely all of that and beyond~! / Theme songs~…opening, ending and all of those in between…especially those in “Live Alive”..a most wonderful moment in the series and the more you can listen to Hirano Aya sing♪♪!!..or just speak!!..the better!! / Bunny, maid and all other included cosplay outfits! OMG! and there’s seifuku too! ♥~♥~♥~! / Which then leads to a great abundance of boob gratuities and how Haruhi seems to love dressing and undressing or was it undressing and then dressing???…well either way it was worthy of a few nosebleeds I’m sure from the male audience! XD / The name or should I say acronym itself: SOS Brigade….brilliant!! / Supernatural baseball! / Supernatural video game battles! / Did I already mention maid outfits and green tea? XD / Snow White?!….yes the *kiss*! / Yuki!….so soft spoken and her much too calm ♥demeanor♥ all hiding what’s really inside!…..really one of the best characters ever written!! (dead accurate “fortunes” anyone? 😮 ) / So let’s see……..characters, voices, pacing….oh and of course story line!!


~Day 4~


“Endearment ♥ x ♥ x ♥”

~The most *endearing* words ever spoken by an idol/seiyuu/actress/artist ever!! ♥~♥~♥~♥.

^ ^
Nekoman♥ by Aya
2nd single campaign!
Final event~ ♥
Meeting the fans~ =)
When Anise & Cloves mentioned all of the extras included when you purchase the DVDs I never imagined there being this amount or in particular this quality of extras included! In addition to Nekoman galleries…and Aya draws some really cute art throughout the extras!, broadcast previews, TV commercials, special opening and ending sequences and a most amusing documentary like feature on the American end to the production team and promotion……the most beloved feature has to be the eight part making of Haruhi Suzumiya clips which cover everything from Hirano Aya’s “Bouken desho desho?” 2nd single campaign tour, amazingly real and candid in studio footage of the recording and its rehearsals including inprovisational conversations, tours of the actual anime studio!…with some most adorable art presented by Ayachan!!!, insight into the anime process itself including introductions to the production team!, extensive CM making of footage with on location filming and direction, aliens & so much more………..oh and Yes~!..what I have been eluding to from the very beginning when I said “endearment~♥” surges from a most emotional final to Hirano Aya’s single campaign where a most heartfelt thank you is said to fans everywhere supporting her…then culminating into the most *endearing* words ever spoken by an idol/seiyuu/actress/artist ever!!
It’s not too often that I see a clip like this and if you watch till the very end when it~♥ occurs I think you’ll be really *moved* also by Aya~chan’s honesty and warmth and just here words so unexpected and yet they’re the absolute best. ^^
And when she said to someone in the audience “don’t laugh” I nearly fell out of my chair!…(^q^)
~Hirano Aya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya DVD box set release/ single release fan tour promotion)
(Clip is subtitled)

~Day 5~


“The singles”

From her debut which was a tie in theme song for a PS2 game till now, Ayachan has released 9 singles thus far with a brand new single slated for a July 22nd release date (LACM-4631). Much of her ealier releases favored a fun and peppy J-Pop sound with a few notable theme song collaborations while when coming into her own a few releases later it’s definitely a hard rock sound that Ayachan loves more than anything else!

I’ve been listening to her songs almost exclusively for the past week+ and there’s such great compositions that are full of energy and infectious hooks which Ayachan’s vocals command so effortlessly throughout. Early favorites♥ so far are…”MonStAR”, “Breakthrough”, “HERO”, “Super Driver”, “Bouken desho desho?”, “Aimai scream”, “Yorokobi no uta”, “Ashita no prism”, “For you” and her most most beautifully sung ballad “Hoshi no kakera”!!!! ………(゜∀゜)………♥♥♥ Here have a listen to this live….

~Hirano Aya “Hoshi no kakera” (1st Live Riot Tour)~

Ayachan’s officially my favorite♥ female artist right now! \(^o^)/☆

~Hirano Aya “Breakthrough” mp3~

~Hirano Aya Ichibanboshi” mp3~

1. “Breakthrough”/ “Ichibanboshi” (released on 3/8/06)

“Breakthrough” is the opening theme song for the PS2 game “Finalist.” “Ichibanboshi” is the ending theme song for “Finalist.” Such an amazing debut and a super cute song! The chorus has sort of a 50’s feel to it with the backup vocal arrangement and Ayachan looks so much younger here…..her looks really changed in just three years since this release and is most notable when her single “LOVE GUN” was released~.

~Hirano Aya “Bouken desho desho?” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “Kazeyomi Ribbon” mp3~

2. “Bouken desho desho?”/ “Kazeyomi Ribbon” (released on 4/26/06)

“Bouken desho desho?” was the opening theme song for “The Melancoly of Haruhi Suzumiya” and “Kazeyomi Ribbon” served as the SOS Brigade radio opening theme for the same series. The title track is pure ♥.

~Hirano Aya “Ashita no prism” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “Yorokobi no uta” mp3~

3. “Ashita no prism”/ “Yorokobi no uta” (released on 9/6/06)

This single’s really more like a double a-side!! Both such catchy songs♪♪~.

~Hirano Aya “LOVE GUN” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “GLITTER” mp3~

4. “LOVE GUN”/ “Glitter” (released on 10/10/07)

“LOVE GUN” marks the appearance of Ayachan’s first writing credit as she penned the lyrics for the title track and it was also the start of a 3 single blitz campaign where she released three singles all in a 3 month period! These 3 singles also were released with included DVDs which include each title track’s pv~. =) “LOVE GUN” absolutely rocks!! Especially live in concert!!

~Hirano Aya “LOVE GUN” pv~


And be on the lookout for the *fish* out of water rescue! XD

~Hirano Aya “NEOPHILIA” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “forget me nots…” mp3~

5. “Neophilia”/ “forget me nots…” (released on 11/7/07)

Ayachan co-wrote the lyrics for “Neophilia” and composed them in entirety for the coupling with track “forget me nots…” The second of her 3 single blitz campaing, this release also includes a DVD containing the title tracks pv. =)

A much darker song for Ayachan and the pv is pretty magnificent with it’s creepy good images as well! XD


~Hirano Aya “MonStAR” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “Love Song” mp3~

6. “MonStAR”/ “Love Song” (released on 12/5/07)

Lyrics for “Love Song” composed by Ayachan~. The third of Aya’s 3 single blitz campaign also includes a DVD containing the title track’s pv. =)

~Hirano Aya “MonStAR” pv~


~Hirano Aya “Unnamed World” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “Maybe I cant good-bye” mp3~

7. “Unnamed World”/ “Maybe I can’t good-bye” (released on 4/23/08)

“Unnamed world is the ending theme song for the t.v. anime “Nijumenso no musume” and all lyrics for the coupling with song “Maybe I can’t good-bye” were composed by Ayachan~. And its’ also very notable that Ayachan’s lyrics are completely written in English! =)

~Hirano Aya “NAMIDA” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “WIN” mp3~

8. “Namida NAMIDA namida”/ “WIN” (released on 10/8/08)

And here we have a most wonderful Tsunku connection!!..as he penned both lyrics & music for both tracks on this single release~. The title track “Namida NAMIDA namida” also served as the ending theme for the t.v. anime “Hyakko.”

~Hirano Aya “Set me free” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “Sing a Song!” mp3~

9. “Set me free”/ “Sing a song!” (released on 4/29/09)

Both track’s lyrics written by Ayachan! =) And Yes~! this single also includes a DVD with the pv for the title track and it’s a such a *cute* one!! Ayachan’s rockin’ sound and image are solidly established by her body of works and with her most recent single here, she pushes the *adorable* button into overdrive!  Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!!!

So your’e in line….minding your own business and waiting….um *excitedly*…seemingly *orgasmic* a bit for your sweets♥…………


..your’e most rudely shoved out of the way!!!! (;´□`)

But of course you know in those famous words of one Bug Bunny,…..this means war! XD

~Day 6~
“The debut album”

There’s a cute little typo I think on this releases’ notes as Ayachan’s debut album was released on 7/16/08 and not in 2006 as the album’s notes indicate. XD In all this album offers 6 brand new tracks for those collecting her singles and also her debut song “Breakthough” is given a most amazing remake version here…dubbed the “album version.” =) ♥! ♥!! this album!!!

~Hirano Aya “LOVE GUN” mp3~

Hirano Aya “HERO” mp3~

Lyrics by Hirano Aya

~Hirano Aya “MonStAR” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “Ashita no prism” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “Breakthrough” (Album Ver.) mp3~

Album version! =)

~Hirano Aya “Bouken desho desho?” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “Aimai Scream” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “Yorokobi no uta” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “Maybe I can’t good-bye” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “NEOPHILIA” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “Harmonia vita” mp3~

~Hirano Aya “For you” mp3~

Lyrics by Hirano Aya

~Hirano Aya “Hoshi no kakera” mp3~

This is one the best ballads in all of J-Pop!! =)
Lyrics by Hirano Aya

~Hirano Aya “RIOT GIRL” mp3~

Lyrics by Hirano Aya


~Day 7~



Adorable!! Adorable!! Adorable!!…Ayachan’s sooooooo *cute*! need I say more?….I don’t think so. ^ ^ Love these photos? Stay tuned to win your very own new copy~. =) I’ve scanned 47 *adorable* pages which follow…..

Hirano♥Aya (Scan0023)
~Day 8~
“I love you hero”
…..because performances like these demand their own chapter~.(Video clip edited…..to see more please support Hirano Aya and purchase her live DVD) =)

~Hirano Aya “HERO” (1st live Riot Tour)~

Ayachan’s collaboration with her audience is second to none here! and the energy and *cuteness* meter are off the chart!! =)
~Day 9~
“The 1st live”

Beautiful slip case here too~!

Hirano Aya’s first recorded live was recorded at Yokohama Blitz and with a running time of 131 minutes you’ll be treated to multiple concert footage angles which you control during select performances throughout the concert and in addition there’s an extensive “Riot Tour” behind the scenes coverage as well as more surprises~!

Sweet♥ moments are also abound throughout the concert in MCs where Ayachan can’t seem to grasp her level of popularity!! (*´∀`*) So sweeeeet!! And this being her first concert tour Ayachan breaks down with *emotion* after her final message to her fans which goes into her performance of “Yorokobi no uta”…..such a heart♥felt moment. o(*´∀`)o゛ ♥ Please enjoy! Some clips have been a bit edited to keep a bit of intrigue….so hopefully you’ll purchase her concert DVD! Onegai~! =)

~Hirano Aya “LOVE GUN” (1st live Riot Tour)~

The *energy* in this concert is just phenomenal!!! Okay I’ll shut up!! XD

~Hirano Aya “Bouken desho desho?” (1st live Riot Tour)~

~Hirano Aya “MonStAR” (1st live Riot Tour)~

And her performance of “Hoshi no kakera” just melts my heart…………………..such a beautiful song..beautiful vocals….gomen ne~ this clip is a bit shortened but to hear the rest please support Hirano Aya and purchase here live DVD~! ^ ^ One of my most favorites♥ by Ayachan.

~Hirano Aya “Hoshi no kakera” (1st live Riot Tour)~

~Hirano Aya “Ashita no prism” (1st live Riot Tour)~


~Day 10~

“Aya in Guam”

Just a cute little*hint* here from Ayachan’s “Love Story” DVD…..in her chapter titled “Pool.”

~Hirano Aya “Pool”~


And then as this is a Japanese idol DVD…there is the occurrence of the Batsu Game. :O


Ahhh let’s just say that she didn’t do so well! 😛


~Day 11~
“The giveaway”
Note: photo book giveaway has concluded

Just in case you’ve become as *enchanted* with Hirano Aya as I have or perhaps are a longtime fan here’s a chance to win a newly sealed (not the one I just hurt over the scanner in the “Day 5” scans) 😛 copy of her shashinshuu “Girlfriend” which is Cho-kawaii!! o(*´∀`)o゛♥

To enter:

Just choose 3 drivers for the upcoming race at Daytona International Speedway in which you think will have the best combined average finish~. Post only two of your picks here and send your third *secret* dirver to me in a PM (privat message). The race is on July 4th!!! And all entries need to be posted here in this post by the deadline of July 1st in order to be eligible~. It’s a one race shootout for a oh so *cute* pb!! ^ ^ Current driver rankings are posted below…updated after the road course race at Sonoma’s Infineon Raceway~. =) Happy racing!

1 Tony Stewart 2364 Leader 16 0 1 8 12
2 Jeff Gordon 2280 -84 16 0 1 8 11
3 Jimmie Johnson 2207 -157 16 0 2 7 10
4 Kurt Busch 2084 -280 16 0 1 4 8
5 +1 Carl Edwards 2051 -313 16 0 0 4 8
6 -1 Ryan Newman 2046 -318 16 1 0 5 8
7 +3 Denny Hamlin 2009 -355 16 0 0 4 6
8 -1 Greg Biffle 1992 -372 16 0 0 5 8
9 Kyle Busch 1962 -402 16 1 3 4 5
10 +1 Matt Kenseth 1957 -407 16 1 2 4 6
11 -3 Mark Martin 1926 -438 16 3 3 4 8
12 +2 Juan Montoya 1917 -447 16 1 0 0 7
13 +2 Kasey Kahne 1914 -450 16 0 1 2 5
14 -1 David Reutimann 1877 -487 16 2 1 3 4
15 -3 Jeff Burton 1871 -493 16 0 0 2 6
16 Clint Bowyer 1852 -512 16 0 0 3 6
17 Brian Vickers 1794 -570 16 4 0 2 6
18 +2 Marcos Ambrose 1704 -660 16 0 0 2 4
19 Jamie McMurray 1669 -695 16 0 0 0 3
20 -2 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 1640 -724 16 0 0 1 3
21 Casey Mears 1617 -747 16 0 0 0 2
22 Martin Truex Jr. 1590 -774 16 1 0 0 3
23 +4 Elliott Sadler 1570 -794 16 0 0 1 2
24 +1 Joey Logano* 1551 -813 16 0 0 0 3
25 -2 Kevin Harvick 1537 -827 16 0 0 2 2
26 -2 Sam Hornish Jr. 1496 -868 16 0 0 0 3
27 -1 Reed Sorenson 1487 -877 16 0 0 0 1
28 +1 Bobby Labonte 1474 -890 16 0 0 1 1
29 +2 A.J. Allmendinger 1467 -897 16 0 0 1 3
30 -2 David Ragan 1447 -917 16 0 0 0 1
31 +1 David Stremme 1362 -1002 16 0 0 0 0
32 -2 Michael Waltrip 1338 -1026 15 0 0 0 1
33 Paul Menard 1337 -1027 16 0 0 0 0
34 Robby Gordon 1273 -1091 16 0 0 1 1
35 Scott Speed* 1093 -1271 15 0 0 1 1
36 John Andretti 999 -1365 14 0 0 0 0
37 David Gilliland 941 -1423 15 0 0 0 0
38 Regan Smith 734 -1630 8 0 0 0 0
39 Joe Nemechek 592 -1772 12 0 0 0 0
40 Dave Blaney 551 -1813 13 0 0 0 0
41 +4 Max Papis* 502 -1862 7 0 0 0 0
42 -1 Brad Keselowski 479 -1885 4 0 1 1 2
43 -1 Bill Elliott 461 -1903 5 0 0 0 0
44 -1 Aric Almirola 451 -1913 7 0 0 0 0
45 -1 Scott Riggs 448 -1916 8 0 0 0 0
46 Travis Kvapil 292 -2072 4 0 0 0 0
47 Jeremy Mayfield 288 -2076 5 0 0 0 0
48 Tony Raines 239 -2125 6 0 0 0 0
49 Sterling Marlin 209 -2155 5 0 0 0 0
50 Mike Bliss 200 -2164 5 0 0 0 0
51 +4 Patrick Carpentier 164 -2200 2 0 0 0 0
52 -1 Todd Bodine 123 -2241 3 0 0 0 0
53 -1 Terry Labonte 91 -2273 1 0 0 0 0
54 +16 Boris Said 91 -2273 1 0 0 0 0
55 Ron Fellows 82 -2282 1 0 0 0 0
56 -3 Dexter Bean* 55 -2309 1 0 0 0 0
57 +9 Brandon Ash 40 -2324 1 0 0 0 0
58 -4 Mike Skinner 40 -2324 1 0 0 0 0
59 P.J. Jones 34 -2330 1 0 0 0 0
60 -4 Derrike Cope 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
61 -3 J.J. Yeley 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
62 -5 Michael McDowell 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
63 -3 Mike Wallace 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
64 -3 Trevor Boys 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
65 -3 Eric McClure 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
66 -7 Mike Garvey 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
67 -3 Dennis Setzer 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
68 -5 David Starr 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
69 -4 Geoffrey Bodine 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
70 -3 Kirk Shelmerdine 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
71 -3 Kelly Bires 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
72 -3 Norm Benning 0 -2364 0 0 0 0 0
73 -2 Carl Long -200 -2564 0 0 0 0 0
* Denotes Rookie
And now I too am most sleepy ( 」´0`)」 Zzzzzz……

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  1. Rebear says:

    As crazy as this sounds, I never took the chance to listen to Aya before. But her voice really is amazing. Thank you for this entry, it's really quite the compilation! I'm definitely going to need to listen to all of these and buy some of her merchandise now. *o*


  2. LazyMan1 says:

    I have her full length album Riot Girl and i have to say its a very good album i play it a lot on my ipod. Very good and very catchy songs she is a talent and im looking foward to going back and purchasing all her single releases for fun….Oh yea shes cute to (^_^)V


  3. I'm game~ (or at least have an internet connection for the duration of THIS contest! XD;;;)


  4. Tautterkle says:

    Wow~! I never knew about Aya~! I have watched The Melancoly of Haruhi Suzumiya and liked the OP song. She is so cute~!!!!!!!! And she is only 21?! wow. She is very talented. I only got to listen to a couple songs and see the first video, but I will definately watch/listen to more tomorroe. Ooo~ another giveaway? Wow MB you are so nice~!!!!!!
    I pick Jimmie Johnson, and….Carl Edwards. Sending the PM now 🙂


  5. I so wanted to include as much as possible and it lol! took me I think 10 hours or so over two days to prepare here!…(^q^) I'm very much a new fan of Ayachan's too and just listening to her songs over the past few weeks has really endeared all of her music and her personality as well to me~. (*´∀`*) Her idol DVD was really *cute* too and just being able to hear her thoughts on many subjects becomes really moving too. I'd love to be able to learn to sing "Hoshi no kakera" as it's such a beautiful ballad~….now if only I were able to hit those notes♪♪ properly. XD I'm so happy that you're enjoying her songs too and this may sound funny but it means a lot to me as I'm just so endeared to her music! ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!Her pb is sooooooo *cute*!!! Okay I've received your PM! Good luck on the fourth of July weekend! =)


  6. A~hh!!! me too!!..except my car player can't connect to an iPod. lol I so need a new player already! XD "Riot Girl" is such an amazing album and there are absolutely no just okay or "filler" type songs at all. I can listen to it on repeat during the day which has been a new habit of mine and I'll never grow tired of it ever. She has really great songwriters working with her and I just love that more and more she's writing her own lyrics too! I'm so *happy* that you own her album too!! ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!


  7. I must say a great big thank you thank you!! If not for you suggesting her music to me I'm so afraid that I would've been missing out on so much!! It took me a bit of a while to get going and when recently a release of hers appeared in an Amazon Japan suggested release newsmail I remembered that you suggested that I listen to her and I just dove in! And thank goodness for YouTube clips out there as they really share so much and help spread more music around the world as I watched a few pvs just before ordering everything I could find. XD Her Haruhi theme songs are so catchy!! Now I'm thinking…hmmm……I must watch the series too! Those sound like amazing extras on the DVD! Kyaaa! that sounds so nerve wracking to have technical things go wrong during your performance! (゜Д゜;) I was reading that she was the featured seiyuu at the 2007 Anime Expo? I'm guessing that it's the same like the one in which Momusu will be the guest for this year. If I could turn back the clock I'd so want to be able to attend and see her live!! I've been watching her live DVD and I just can't get enough of it…..omg I must sound so obsessed!…(^q^)Okay I received your PM! Now I can't wait for the Fourth of July to arrive~. XD Good luck! =)


  8. I was so amazed too when I saw all of her accomplishments for someone so young! And Ayachan's so much more than a seiyuu! She composes so much of her own lyrics and it's mind boggling how much she has released in such a short period of time. A~h! so lucky that you got to watch "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and this should definitely be my next series to watch! And I so agree!…the theme songs are so catchy and *cute*! I hope you can listen to and watch more clips and I'm so sorry that a couple of her live performances above are edited a bit strangely…..my software was acting weirdly when I was trying to encode them (._.;).Okay I received your PM! Good luck on the Fourth of July weekend! =)


  9. James says:

    I loaded the page and thought "Longest post ever" XD It's immense and I applaud you for it ^-^ I was happy with the music at the top; She has an amazingly good voice 😀 I love seiyuu's that can actually sing. I don't know why (… might have something to do with stumbling onto a new anime ^-^ …) I have to say, "Bouken desho desho?" is really good when you watch it as the opening for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya……. not that it's any less of a song without the opening of the anime…… I do like it, I really do. I'll stop digging now ._. When I scrolled further down I was agog 😀 She's beautiful (… both in appearance and personality ^_^ …), and her concerts look quite fun :] I've started to enjoy concerts. It's strange 'cause I use to try and watch concerts but they never excited me, but now they've snuck up on me and are really enjoyable XD Also, her cover art is really well done.I saw your *hint* and immediately thought batsu XD Poor girl. They say what she had to drink? :s I do love it when these DVD's aren't just the girl in outfits but they also interact within it; even if that means batsu games T__TJimmie JohnsonJeff Gordon


  10. Speaking of seiyuu, in the past I've also loved listening to Yokoyama Chisa who voiced main characters for the anime Tenchi Muyo! Just really one of my most favorite♥ anime of all time~! She also released a few J-Pop albums…I only have two of them but they're really cute and it's always amazing to hear a seiyuu speak in character(s) versus singing~. I hope you had a chance to listen to Ayachan's "Hoshi no kakera"…definitely my favorite ballad by her and such an awesome melody. That would be my choice for karaoke!..now if only I could sing better. 😛 I just ordered the complete series of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" a few days ago……lol it was sort of inevitable as I'm in full Hirano Aya mode right now! XD I know what you mean though…..theme songs along with their visuals can really strike special chords in all of us and make them that much more *endearing* to hear….even more so than just the song alone. =) Hmmm…..this if funny…coincidentally guess what's playing right at this moment? "Bouken desho desho?"..right on cue! Kyaaaaa! I spent so long scanning her shashinshuu! XD Amazingly it kept it's form for the most part too…..a lot of times after scanning a hardcover book they never recover their original form unfortunately. 😦 A~h the new Buono! concert DVD "Hybrid Punch" is a must have too!!!!!!! Hirano Aya's concert DVD is mesmerizing and there's just all of the moments when she breaks out into an anime like voice out of nowhere which is really cute! So many girls in the audience as well! (*´∀`*)You know I actually don't remember them saying exactly what it was made of but I should really go back and watch the clip again as I may have just totally missed it..(._.;) I've tried the pinch your nose thingie too but I still could taste it…..lol it was noni juice. So so bad tasting! (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓I think I'd rather eat natto first……XDOkay I've received your PM! Good luck on the Fourth of July! ^ ^


  11. James says:

    Well, I'm not really a ballad kind of guy… I don't know why, maybe I
    have a really short attention span XP….. but "Hoshi no kakera" was
    nice 🙂 The thing about karaoke is that you don't have to be a great
    singer…… making a fool out of yourself in front of friends is the
    fun of it :3 I can never remember the lyrics to anything, so I just
    plain and outright suck at anything like karaoke. You really are
    brilliant to go and buy the entire series of Haruhi like that just
    because Hirano Aya is in it. I love that =] Now that's spooky, the song
    playing at the exact right time. I've never had that happen XD Ehh~!
    The PB's get distorted, that really sucks .__. Now that you bring up
    Hybrid Punch, I was watching that last night ^_^ I really had a need to
    get it when it came up for pre-order XD Of course it meant me ignoring
    myself when I said I wouldn't get a concert anytime soon again XD but
    Buono!'s a good excuse for that :3 The band that plays in the last part
    is awesome! Makes it so worth getting 🙂 I sort of hope they work in
    live bands from now on, whether it be for their recordings or concerts.
    They look like they have a tonne of fun…… not to mention the
    bassist is cute 😀 Wow, lots of girls in the audience~? Now that's
    rather nice to hear 😀 You mainly only see guys in the audiences.

    Well, if you do watch it and they say what she drank, let me know 😀
    They probably didn't say though 🙂 And the
    hold-your-nose-while-you-drink trick semi works for me. But after you
    take the fingers off then you really taste whatever you just drank XD


  12. Ah oh no it's okay……actually most of Hirano Aya's music is more on the rock side and much more upbeat! =) Oh dear it is the 'making a fool out of yourself' part which you're reminded of the next day and beyond~! (;´□`) I'll usually try to memorize the lyrics beforehand but if not then I have to know the song really well to even try and then it'll be me reading the lyrics off the screen as I go along….hoping not to mess up to badly!! (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓ The Haruhi series just arrived yesterday so I was up late last night watching through the first few episodes. So far I really love it and there's so much offbeat strangeness going on that it's perfect for me!…(^q^) What's great is that whenever Haruhi's character speaks I'm like….it's her! it's her! (*´∀`*)♥ I've been weighing it down with some other books so it's got most of it's original shape back now….well sort of! H!P really should embrace live musicians more as it really adds an entirely new dimension to concerts for sure….and how the idols can interact and have fun with them on stage is priceless as well~! It did wonders for Ayaya's concerts as well as Nacchi's so hopefully more live musicians can be on stage with H!P. Just imagine Momusu, BK or C-ute with live musicians for an entire concert!!! That would be beyond amazing!!!! ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!….checking out the bassist are we? XD It was really sweet to see and Hirano Aya is just a bit of a different type of artist as she attracts both the female audience and male audience in more of an equal sense~. That's so true!!! The awful taste still lingers inevitably! (*´艸`)


  13. HarimaKenji says:

    Haruhi *_* I Love Her ❤ I've been going through the first Japanese light novel (it's originally a light novel with currently 9 volumes, that was adapted to anime and then anything you can imagine…) it's great =D everybody should at least watch the series. It's the first one I'd recommend to anybody. There are some other songs from the anime you didn't reference in this post though, so you're in for a great surprise later in the series. I think they were in the last episodes…


  14. I'm soooo totally hooked on Haruhi!! It's really the first anime series since Tenchi Muyo! that's gotten to me this much albeit I don't watch nearly enough anime~. I definitely second the recommendation….the only thing that worries me is that I just know I'm going to so wish this series to be longer when I'm done. XD The characters, story and dialog all perfect and the pacing is wonderful and keeps you intrigued and laughing at the same time! Wow 9 volumes?! I imagine that reading from the source must be best to get the most out of the series. I'm even more excited now to hear more new songs from the series and no doubt I'll end up ordering the Haruhi soundtrack!! ^ ^


  15. HarimaKenji says:

    Well, you'll be glad to know a second season is currently airing in Japan, after a way too long break since the first ^_^ The first season was based on the first volume of the light novels (which is called "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu". each one is named like "Suzumiya Haruhi no something"), and it's very faithful to the source. You don't really miss anything, in fact, they took almost all the characteristic first person narration Kyon does straight from the book, word by word. It's a good thing though, because I'm not used to reading in Japanese and I'd have trouble if it already begun too different. It's bad enough that Kyon's narration can go on forever in a single sentence… I even remember having trouble reading the subtitles in the anime a few times. Anyway, the only thing the anime did change was messing up all the episodes' order, but I'm not sure if the DVD you're watching is in chronologically correct order or the one that was aired on TV. If the first episode you saw had the crazy homemade video the SOS Brigade does with the Mikuru Beam, then it's the messed up order. I remember a lot of people in some forums got really confused and almost abandoned the series back when it first aired, because of that first episode…


  16. Thank you for delivering such amazing news!!! (*´∀`*) I can't even begin to explain how exciting this is!!! I just finished all fourteen episodes early this morning and then I began watching it again from the beginning…..which brings up what you just mentioned. Silly me when starting the first volume of the DVD selected episode 01 not noticing that there was an episode 00 just above it. XD So only after watching through all of the extras..which were amazing with so much content from CM shooting….autograph sessions….in studio recording with Hirano Aya…..a visit to the actual production studios..and on and on……lol where was I??? Oh….so only after watching everything in the box set did I notice an episode marked 00 and it's the "home made"….or should I say "Haruhi made?" mini movie. Had I watched that first I too would have been so confused and wondering E~h?!!! (・c_・;)?lol my ignorance had me watching it last. 😛 It cracks me up how that movie is so wacky Haruhi like and Kyon's narration is just hilarious throughout….and at one point you could even see the light guiding shield being held….um I actually have no idea what its proper name is. XD But those things they use in filming and photography to help with proper lighting. =) It is curious as to how much time passed since this was released till now there being a second series but I'm so happy to hear of it!! I did notice that some episodes were just numbers while others had names like you mention…..and it's so amusing how each episode gets a "watch it" mention in that oh so stoic voice~. =)


  17. CK says:

    okay, I'll play. Just under the deadline….Tony StewartKyle Buschpm on the way…


  18. Hi CK!Okay I got your PM! Good luck on the 4th! ^ ^


  19. Jahr says:

    [esto es genial]


  20. Hi Jahr! Nice to meet you! ^ ^ Thank you so much!!…I have some shelves along the walls as well as some little ones which I use to keep all of my CDs organized. I only take them out when I'm listening to them and I almost never take them on the road for fear of damaging them. Instead I create mp3 collections to take with me so the original CDs remain protected on the shelves. I know that it's easy to get them scratched and with a little care you should be okay! =) A few photos are here on the left of that directory post. Gambatte ne~! (*´∀`*)


  21. Jahr says:

    Ohh Nice to meet you!!! Im Jose! Im from Colombia!. Thanks you for your time in to answer. Nee~ Do you quit original plastic paper? Well i dont like some collections that have cd never opened…because i think the cd are for enjoy it…enjoy the booklet and enjoy de music. But i knew a girl that she openend the original plastic paper very careful listen and rip and then introduce again and close…her cds like never opened.
    Sorry for this stupid theme…but really I want protect my cds…for them I spend many money, for me is very hard and I change other important things for buy them (like clothes, shoes, some times partys and food jajaja).
    My favorite and my megami-sama is Hitomi Shimatani-sama. Yesterday I buy in cdjapan BEST


  22. Hi Jose! I'm usually called "MB" here if that's okay. =) I totally agree that it CDs should definitely be opened and enjoyed rather than remaining wrapped and sealed. I completely remove all of the plastic wrapping but I do love saving those obis…the little sleeves which are usually around the CD spines. Wow that's amazing to be able to save the plastic wrapping that way! I save the stickers on the wrapping and remove them carefully and reapply them to my cases……I just like the ones that say either "first pressing" or "limited edition." XD Oh I know as it's definitely expensive to purchase import CDs and you really want to take special care of them as they're all *precious*. Wow that's a lot to sacrifice for music!! Music♪♪ makes us all happier though so I think it's all worth it! I loved a drama theme song sung by Shimatani Hitomi and I purchased her single awhile back. She has an amazing voice and I love her music style too~! ^^


  23. Jahr says:

    Right!!! Her music style is amazing…for me is the best japanese pop singer. Because her voice and performances is made with feeling. I love her so much.Your collection…seeing your pics…is amazing!! really you have greatest collection.
    I enjoy in this blog hahaha. What Shimatani-sama song is?? My favorite is Ame no Hi ni wa Ame no Naka wo, Kaze no Hi ni wa Kaze no Naka wo. Longer tittle no? hahah. Too I like ANGELUS, Shinku, Camellia, WAKE YOU UP.


  24. It's been years of having a J-music obsession! XD Looking back I never imagined that it could become such a passion for so long but almost exclusively listen to J-Pop now and not much else outside of this…..the growing problem for me now is a lack of space to properly keep everything organized~…(._.;)!That is one of the longest song titles that I've ever seen!!!! The drama theme song by Shimatani Hitomi that got me hooked is シャンてぃ ("Shanty"). Thank you for sharing your interests~! =)


  25. Jahr says:

    Well Ame no Hi ni wa, Ame no Naka wo; Kazeno hi ni wa Kaze no Naka wo (in the rain when it's raining, in the wind when it's windy) ..is a poem of Mitsuo Aida. Hitome convert it to song. Nice nee?
    My favorite song of her in crossover is Destiny-Taiyou no Hana-, specially her performance in her DVD Special Crossover II….is really amazing!!! her glamour, style and powerful voice…with crossover music…is like angels voice.
    Please see that video here.
    I suggest you buy BEST&COVERS 2cd+dvd. Because is a great compilation and in the dvd have many PVs that dont release in any album.


  26. So sweet♥…it's based on a poem! I've been watching some of her live performances and not only is her voice really strong and expressive but I just love that she performs with a live band in these clips~. It adds so much to have live musicians on stage and I really love the violins in the clip you linked here! =) I just loooove pvs!!!! Thank you for the suggestion as this release will help me catch up with her music♪♪!


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  28. philipleslie says:

    When I saw that mole on her cheek, I knew that I’d watched her act in something earlier this year and then I realised: she’s in ‘Muse no kagami’ with Sasshi! I remember looking her up at the time, and was amazed by how busy she has been, not just in acting but in seiyuu and music. I think you’re post has made me a fan. I really loved her ‘Never desert me’ speech. Anime songs tend to be full throttle, and her voice certainly rides over the accompaniment with great strength, but it’s slow songs, such as Hoshi no kakera that show what a sensitive interpretation she can give. And I love the piano intro and ending in that too. You must have watched ‘The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya’: that’s a great favourite of mine, partly for the plot, but mainly for the atmosphere. Anyway, this is an epic post, even by your amazing standards, and a perfect introduction to Hirano Aya.


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