~Final Fantasy♥ trumps



FF 25th anniversary playing cards

To commemorate 25 years (can you believe it’s been that long??..i only began playing since VII =O) of role playing fun a special playing card set is set to be released on April 30th in honor of the longstanding series Final Fantasy~. Aka: 25 years of getting us addicted to rpg all~nighters spent powering up, collecting necessities & solving riddles till the wee hours of the morning all in the name of fighting evil and making our rpg world a better place…one experience point @ a time~. I think a lot of us have done this right?…you know find a convenient save sphere which is in the vicinity of the juicier enemies in order to power up even quicker =)..and proceed to spend hour~after~hour camped out in said succulent abode. I always found it enjoyable to play through the first time “blindly” and then only upon initial completion then go back and re~play with the help of one of the wonderfully thick and informative guides so as not to miss a single thing, item or event which these enormous rpg worlds have to offer. I no doubt have found the most replay value in FFVII not only going back for seconds but also thirds and fourths~♥. Those perfectly intermittently timed mini~movies which seamlessly move the stories along also eye opening and often enigmatic in their images all leading up to the reward of the movie finale always kept you inspired~* and endlessly playing, at times unknowingly shutting the outside and real world out and perhaps much too often for our own good but who really cared then ^ ^. The well drawn out characters becoming like real acquaintances, comrades and friends with life stories dating back to childhoods become endearing and rich as the FF series truly has touched and moved so many fans worldwide within this wondrous span of fantasy~. Excuse me while I take care of this Tonberry =P…..

Tonberry plushie

..somehow he appears so cute in plush form o(*´∀`)o゛♥!

~The fave list~

Got a favorite character or characters?…click all that apply…

All of your favorites are here in trump form and you so gotta love the old~world style art depicting each character and thing which the series has long be identified with~.

Pre~order yours today!

FF 25th anniversary playing cards2FF 25th anniversary playing cards3FF 25th anniversary playing cards4

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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30 Responses to ~Final Fantasy♥ trumps

  1. hydeo says:

    omg!!! mb. u own all this things ??

    if yes is a great collection haha, im a big fan of FF too, and now im playing ff 4 on DS

    the miniature in the first image is so cute haha


    • They’re still available for pre~order and i know they’re so awesome-cute yea!! I would love to play with the cards but then i’d be like oh no they’re much too collectible =P…so funny that’s why you’d need two decks xD.VII is still my most favorite and it was my first one so maybe that has a lot to do with it…VIII and especially IX were really memorable and i so adored Dagger’s character for her rebellious fight and nature ^ ^.


      • hydeo says:

        hahah i think i never go use the cards to play :P… is much good to let ppl put their hands on it hahaha
        yah i like ff7 too, i has playing crisis core on psp too :P, yah 8 and 9 is amazing too, 9 have a little more kids draw but is ok, zidane always funny haha

        i like th ff8 because squall is a guy without any sentimental thing in his heart, and with the game he start to change and start to make friends and protect they 😛


        • I know i get those thoughts too like i’d rather keep things like this new but i’m funny that way with figures as i’d rather take them out of box and display them rather than keep them sealed which keeps their value…just that i never plan to sell them so i guess it doesn’t matter and it’s much more enjoyable this way. Still i think i’d go with getting two decks so you could play with one =). lol when you just said ‘ppl put their hands on it’ i just got a jolt of germ~phobia =O. I like how it reverted back to such a cartoony look with the characters in 9 but i know what you mean as it looked much more kid friendly.

          Very coooool!!! Squall is awesome! Also love how the theme song “eyes on me” really got his character’s essence of emotions so well and how he did change so much over time through Rinoa…gotta love that ^ ^.


          • hydeo says:

            well if we buy 2 versions one u use to play 😛
            yah is what i thinked and tell ^there haha
            yah something like this, and meaning to with much use the draws go get out with the time so u go lost the deck :\…
            the history of 9 is really good, the char o love is freya <3~~ she is amazing but her history is so sad :\

            i love this song too :3~~ angela aki have a version of the song :3 too… the char i like there is Zell haha so fun kkkk and so baka, but he consider squall his best friend


            • Mmm..i know all about lost cards and it’s funny (or maybe not so funny) when you’ve been playing something only to realize after awhile that a card(s) are missing xD so then you scratch the whole thing. That’s what drew me to VII my first like how the characters have enough depth and history and personalities to endear you to them…it’s really like virtual bonding ^ ^. 9 was so much fun and just thinking about how protective Steiner was towards Garnet i mean for good reason being her guardian and all but just how he went about it was always so cute and amusing….loved the final movie ending too!! The suspense and then Zidane appears….Dagger “angry” for an instant then ~♥~.

              Oh I didn’t know that Angela Aki recorded “EYES ON ME” too…?? I used to buy all of her releases but i’ve fallen behind a bit =/. Haha you really remember the characters so well too.


              • hydeo says:

                in ff7 the good is they have interests in show how everything started hehe

                haha and always he make everything wrong ;\ kkk stainer is so clumsy hehe
                haha yeh the final is really good

                i like in the beggin when they try to invade the palace 😛

                have some time she recorded the song haha, and have the ffx where is her song 😛 but u probably know this haha

                i remember the ones more important i think haha


                • Sorry I’m always replying so late…just continuing to revive a large post by putting its media back in and also a bit of editing which would be much needed =).

                  The history and flashbacks were the best i mean it really intrigued me learning of how “we” came to here so to speak. I’m so curious to know….whom did you date? Aerith or Tifa? You know you could only choose one and it says a lot about your personality i think~.

                  9…”Meeting” Princess Garnet and her guard…was so entertaining! I think many found X-2 to be not the best of sequels but i found some endearment and probably mostly through the familiar characters from X…also Yuna’s wardrobe i mean that was worth the price of admission alone i think ^ ^.

                  I may need to finish the reviving of this post tomorrow….when did life get so busy??


                  • hydeo says:

                    haha, its ok dont worry 😛
                    qhat go have on ur next post ??

                    haha a date ? sure i go with Aerith :P… so what this tell u about my personality haha ??

                    humm X-2 is a little strange, i think they tryed to try new things on the game but in the worng history, maybe if they have makes a new one, maybe get more success ^^

                    after u reach 18/20 years ?? ahaha… mine is going so fast too… univ + work + lot of things to do… but i always try get a time to come to the internet to relax


                    • I was thinking about continuing the way back series covering past idol magazines….just posted a new volume..it’s been so long since i last did one.

                      Mmm…when you look @ both girls and the history between them and Cloud they’re vastly different and whom you choose to date~♥ at that point of the game reveals some interesting things i think…..haha but i’m not going to tell you =P!

                      Maybe it was a bit rushed?…i don’t know. It just wasn’t as how should i say it a fulfilling experience overall although it truly did have its moments and the gameplay was a bit interesting. Still i love Yuna’s character and that was the sole reason for playing.

                      Hmm for me it’s been recently like within the last year or so but all in a good way ~♥~. Sounds nice…have a wonderful weekend ^ ^!


                    • hydeo says:

                      haha i see the post yestarday, but i dont know anyone there @.@
                      u own all this magazines ??

                      ah… dont do this :\, tell me pls :\ ??

                      haha FFX i always liked riku, she is funny and so clumsy haha… but in x-2 they changed a lot her caracter @.@

                      humm u have a job no? before last year u have one too ? maybe is this what is get some of ur time too haha
                      ah have a good weekend too
                      mine dont go be so good… im sick ;\… hehe
                      and sorry i dont writed much in this post, awake dont have much time haha

                      anyway im happy u back to talk with me here ^^


  2. SagSousuke says:

    I can never play FFVIII because all the characters, at least in the beginning, were so stupid I couldn’t handle it…. I love lonely or socially inept characters, but Squall to me was justa jerk. And the loud martial arts baka who thought he was so funny is exactly the kind of guy I don’t like. So no VIII for me.

    I like IX. I love VII. VI is the best. V is the most fun.


    • Squall did have that withdrawn thing going but in some ways also had that smoldering~dark and secretive guy♥ quality to him…lol must be a girl thing. I totally forgot about that guy…he wasn’t very memorable for me either or at least not in a good way. I always loved the whole promise and how they would meet again no matter what….that scene in the meadow so sweet~♥. I should play more of the earlier stories I do have “Anthologies” with V and VI on it and it came highly recommended too~ ^ ^.


  3. @Hydeo…looks like we ran out of space there. U~n I use some of my older magazines for those flashback posts…mostly between UTB and BOMB magazines.

    Haha no..i don’t want you to over~think it. It’s just a bit about your personality/ values but nothing deep as far as analyzing you =).

    It’s like with X-2 everyone did change so much and it’s sort of reflected in their drastic change of wardrobe i think like how both Yuna and Rikku went sort of wild there ^ ^. I guess more so with Yuna as it’s like she’s now finally free and her whole look expresses that.

    U~n i’ve been working since i was about 16 and it hasn’t stopped but it’s other new things in life really and so i don’t have the 6-9 hours a day + to write posts and scan things anymore like i used to xD. Very nice to talk again regularly…thank you~ ^ ^♥~!


    • hydeo says:

      the 2 best magazines for idols :P, have so long time they are running the 2 tittles 😛

      ah cmon tell me :\ ? onegai ? i want know now whats it haha

      i really dont finished the game so i dont know the end of it, but the game dont get much my attention :\

      haha what more u has doing that is getting a lot of ur time ?? if u can tell ^^


      • MMmm..there are so many nowadays but these two publications really have stood the test of time and sort of pioneered how idol publications are presented today, so true…still sad that Kindai stopped i used to subscribe to them too.

        Well if you think about the two girls and their direct/indirect relationships to Cloud i think you may be able to figure some things out =).

        The premise was that maybe a “loved one” in Tidus may still be alive somewhere…so true it’s difficult to stay focused and intrigued though.

        Let’s just say ~♥~ ^ ^.


        • hydeo says:

          humm i dont remember kindai @.@ haha

          haha ok i go try to think something about, but im really bad at this kkkkk, so is more easy if u tell me haha

          ^^ luck for u so “?” ahaha

          u buyed tomapie singles ??


          • I think i did a few in the flashback posts =)…but it was so sudden when they stopped publishing.

            Oh i love Tomapai~♥!! I was all set to post about them last year when i didn’t have time to write here very often…in fact all of their media and photos and scans are uploaded here already as i just didn’t write the post =P. So cute! Yuichan’s♥ the perfect it girl in the group and it was interesting when they changed the groups’ lineup so suddenly =O.


            • hydeo says:

              haha tomapai is good, i like they song is not so focused in idol songs, they have some different styles in the songs hehe

              ah i like the 3 members now i know they hehe 😛


              • That’s so much the first thing that came to mind as i was so expecting to hear cute J~pop but their songwriters really went for a diverse approach which i thought was really cool and a bit daring too given their obvious appeal and look. U~n they’re all so adorable and perfect together….hmm it’s been awhile since their last single so i’m a bit worried if they’ve stopped =/.


                • hydeo says:

                  na they dont stoped, i think tomapai isa group who appears more in tv programs than care about release singles


                  • I’ve been so out of touch with watching idol t.v. I’m happy to know that they’re being most active =). I did watch Yuichan in a variety show awhile back and she’s so funny and especially when she needs to improvise on the spot with a challenge or game ^ ^.


                    • hydeo says:

                      yah, i dont see much her in magazines anymore :\ is a little hard, or i dont following the right magazines haha

                      anyway u have watched idolchin ?? is really funny 😛 tomapai is there too


  4. @ Hydeo a~h the text column became to narrow again xD….Mmm…she’s been in UTB not too long ago after her pb was released but maybe the other Koike gets a lot more magazine attention. Happy she’s on t.v. a lot! Idolchin? A variety show? I’ve never watched it before…if Tomapai are regulars i’d be most interested ^ ^。


    • hydeo says:

      her pb is a little old hehe, pink is the last one right ??

      Koike Rina u mean ?? she is so cute <3~~ i like her a lot, when she is talking on makingof, she is so funny and a little shy haha

      is a little old show, have 3 or 4 epis dont remember, each episode have 1:30 +-, is really funny 😛


      • “Scene2” is most recent i think?…no wait i’m pretty sure it is. Rina..yes =) she is really cute!…just um not as cute as Yuichan =P lol i’m most likely in the minority there i imagine though.

        They’re quite long episodes, maybe i’ll find some snippets somewhere to watch ^ ^。


        • hydeo says:

          ah yeh, i forget this one hehe
          haha u know Rina have 18 years ?? but all the times i look her face i think she have 15/16 yet haha

          talking about yui yesterday someone uploaded a magazine of her haheaea

          i think u can find on youku, is good give a look :3~~, or maybe H!O have yet, but is torrent


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