「Featured」Can your idol do this?…♪♪

Some of the most prominent idols of yesteryear went on to become accomplished musicians & songwriters which is something that for the most part, today’s idols are perhaps still striving to accomplish. Two of my favorites~♥~ that come to mind readily are Moritaka Chisato whom actually shed the idol tag quite early! and Tanimura Yumi whom i’m in the continued process of re~upping her media here which was previously lost.

Sometimes in music♪♪ the very best kept “secrets” are right under our noses or in my case high above eyesight if they happen to be on a top shelf in your local shop!…(^q^). But in any case searching through second hand shops for musical treasures can be most rewarding at times a lot more frequently than you may think~!

Now at 15 albums my Tanimura Yumi collection began with humble beginnings with the album cover scan you see to the left…….very nostalgic! My very first Tanimura Yumi purchase! =) First impressions here paid off for me the listener as “Ai wa genki desu” turned out to be an amazing album and while it’s much more indicative of her earlier works which were much more “idol” like perhaps..or cutesy like at times……Yumichan by even this early stage of her career was already penning both lyrics and music for numerous compositions on her own albums. ^ ^

Fast forward just a few years and Tanimura Yumi was already composing all of her music & lyrics as well as had developed as a premier pianist who can truly hold her own in a virtuoso crowd~!

However please don’t take my word for it~ and witness just how far an idol can develop in the music world if only inspiration were so great amongst ours today. The first clip below is from Yumichan’s ’97-’97 “Feel Mie” concert tour and while Yumichan’s instrumental works only appear sporadically throughout her career this one really displays a breathtaking virtuoso♪♪ at work~!

This untitled work of live improvisation is of the contemporary jazz genre and throughout this seven minute + performance you’ll experience several movements of sorts which are often associated with classical music although this is *pure* jazz heaven on stage~! Tanoshimi kudasai~.

~谷村有美…”Inst. Ver.2.17″ (live)~

…..it sort of has a “Snoopy” feel to it’s main reoccuring melody……..think of the classic “Linus and Lucy.”

“HALF MOON” is truly one of Yumichan’s most beloved compositions and below she gives a most heartfelt performance~. The vocal improvisational break after the middle bridge is really sweet as it leads up to the song’s final perfect vocal note held here beautifully by Yumichan………lyrics..beautiful and moving……..melody..most memorable………vocals..immaculate~.
~谷村有美 ”HALF MOON” (live)~

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5 Responses to 「Featured」Can your idol do this?…♪♪

  1. Zush says:

    yes indeed, Half Moon is lovely song, crystal clear with nightly feel in it. And I love Yumichan's voice color. It's a bit raspy which makes her singing soft & sexy.


  2. She is wonderful isn't she! And a beautiful range and tone, yes! 'color!' in her vocals~! Seeing her career in retrospect as I did, I'm just so impressed at how she developed from purely and idol into such an accomplished musician/songwriter in the truest sense of both. =) I wish more idols would develop this way right now…….I'd hate to see the idol/musician legacy go away.


  3. Zush says:

    What has happened to Yumichan can also happen to our dear Ayaya. Matsuura is talented, no doubt about that.


  4. I totally agree Zush~! Ayaya was born with the most important first building block……an immaculate voice so learning to perform on an instrument regularly as well as songwriting surely can be added to her already amazing resume~! ^ ^


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