~Our SExual Generation

Our SExual Generation...

As generations transcend culture, sometimes I think our very own values and beliefs can become blurred or even reinvented in time. Such is a point brought to my attention by the closest of friends in Couscous and after doing a bit of research amongst a group of girl friends it seems to be much more of a dating turn~off than guys of this generation realize. First though let’s be honest about how we “got here” in that maybe the guys aren’t so much to blame but rather some images and stereotypes came into play and over time blurred the whole “what a girl wants” idealism through what I can’t describe in any other way than it being the YouPornTube generation~. Just imagine you’re dating a guy (rather Couscous is dating a guy…) and let’s call him Zak (as I know of no one named Zak and neither does Couscous =) ) and by your fifth date and after all of the rated PG~13 stuff presents the night where you think it’d be okay to take things to the next in consummating your relationship♥ he thinks it a good idea to try to reenact a visual or maybe an “act” from one of his favorite porn scenes upon you =O. If you’re a guy and you’re reading this you so know exactly what I’m speaking of and in today’s generation and unlike those of the past where maybe guys were maybe lucky enough to find a copy of mom’s Sear’s catalog with lingerie models modeling your basic underwear to stain or then there’s well…National Geographic I hear if you go back even further, in today’s generation (and I shudder to think of our youth already knowing the use of the term “money shot” by early grade school) there’s the internet age where there’s most likely a near infinite supply of online videos showing the aforementioned “money shots” to chests and faces really??..all dated back to the age of dial~up so we’re talking about a lot of minds out there thinking this is like sex education for them and it equating to what girls like or want. And to think that technology and its advances are idealized to mean exactly that, advancement in our lifestyles and culture for the better of mankind…..wait that’s always said as ‘mankind’ but what of ‘womankind?’ Seriously.

Some girl friends say that at times they feel so surreally as if suddenly transported into a porn movie during lovemaking and all after things were gooooiiiing so great!!!! with the in~and~out and sweet notions and caresses. Of course I think at times the amount of alcohol involved on a date deafens better judgment but still if he manages to remember protection and further get it in then why does this act of porn suddenly embody the one you thought you were so close to? And it doesn’t end there as if asking for anal sex was so much the norm as it isn’t….so isn’t reaLLy!!! And imagine the shock to the guy who up to that very moment thought it so enjoyable to every girl on earth and likewise how she just can’t wait to feel him between her breasts as well =O. They’re actors/actresses in the very basic essence of the meaning..for one you can act like you absolutely love♥ natto and cuddle it, drop some drool on it and massage it all around in front of a camera when you’re getting paid and laid to do it~. I think if you paid me enough i’d show natto a good time~* too ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!~!~!

It’s almost as if I would consider the guy who comes in you considerate and just how desensitized have we become? I mean with social media and clips being uploaded non~stop it’s like the best isn’t even good enough anymore as sensationalism has got the upper hand on us in that we can no longer just view a triple lindy as being awesome as someone’s already uploaded a triple lindy involving skis, a ramp over Caesar’s Palace and two cases of Red~Bull and a giant panda bear juggling cucumbers while a certain Justin watches. And likewise with the “analogy” to sex, is sex with a guy coming in you no longer enough….I mean not with the gia~normous elephant in the room aka: the gia~normous elephant w/ wi~fi porn on his iPad thinking is that all you’re going to do? And getting back to the it’s not the guy’s fault theory, who can blame a penis who’s been raised since the dawn of dial~up porn availability into believing that the act of coming somewhere else besides in her is the normal thing to do? In some ways I think porn itself has transcended social conduct beyond what it used to be, you know it used to represent what the lonely guy used to use for sex but now it’s become like his enlightenment into how he thinks he can enhance it. Really guys it’s so not a roadmap or a tutorial or anything of the sort. You see when you push fantasy* beyond what it’s meant to be in its media/ entertainment stature you’re blurring the lines beyond naturalism~. And I’m not a prude, far from it but rather than guys taking the preordained notion that we’d enjoy a facial acting like we haven’t had anything to eat in weeks and that your penis is about to miraculously produce a meal….just consider exactly how you’re finishing. Yes. With your hand and that itself lends to what I imagine to be countless times you’ve done it before but y~es before your very own pixelated screen and not on us~. Just give girls the opt~in or op~out opportunity first and please don’t spring it upon us like a surprise birthday party where the guest has no idea of what she’s about to receive~ (・_・)。

(post header cap courtesy of “Fred Flintstone”as he remarks his porn upbringing to the stone age so yes he comes in our biologically correct place*and hasn’t considered otherwise without consent =) ).

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to ~Our SExual Generation

  1. SagSousuke says:

    Such a serious post and I was laughing through the whole thing, because of all the surreal imagery you create =P giant panda bear juggling cucumbers…

    Technology is great. It’s made information available very easily to anyone, and accelerated communications to being instantaneous, around the globe. But it can’t educate people, unless they look for it themselves, so all the Internet does to 90% of the world is give them very efficient means to be stupid with other like-minded individuals.

    I don’t know what happened, but I’d guess Zak was just an ignorant brute to start with. I’m 100% with the “it’s the guy’s fault” theory. Availability of porn itself is not the problem, porn is obviously not real and nothing in it should be considered normal. Anyone who can think otherwise should meet a psychiatrist, not a woman. Oh, could be a woman psychiatrist. It’s just the same old story of violent media, someone who sees a violent movie or game and thinks it’s okay to mimic it is a psycho. There’s not much more to look into it than that. The problem is that society’s current view on sex is tilted waaaay too far on the side of vulgarity, so we get crazy people way more often. The reason is that sex sells, so it’s been put everywhere. Once women turn into objects it’s easy to think porn is real.


    • I was having a moment there but I’m much better now and so is Couscous..i just felt so bad for her and she’s one of many. Oh the cucumber lol that was meant for the sake of symbolism….gosh there are so many things that guys compare their thingy* too it’s just funny =P!! I think i write best when things are fresh in my mind although this was just something i needed to get off my chest so~to~speak….lol you see what i did there? Yup i’m super cheesy that way (。ーωー。)♪。

      It’s such a different age for those growing up now and compared to just a short generation ago and how technology has changed our social lives so much. I was thinking about getting a Twitter account yesterday but then i re~realized after looking at some sites that i’m just not that interesting and wouldn’t have anything fun or interesting or of substance to post and especially how people tweet all the time. So true you can learn so much but you still real life experiences and tutoring where even the internet can fail you.

      Lol I soooo agree with you!! No dating until a person’s perspective is right. That’s a perfect analogy to violence and how media almost needs to have a fine print disclaimer like please don’t try this @ home or others…with sex you should always have consent, no exceptions. Thank you for your male perspective and understanding, there should be more guys like you in the world that would make me most happy~o(*´∀`)o゛♥。


  2. subcommandanteuno says:

    Thanks for being so brave! Believe me, us guys have absolutely no clue about how girls feel. We need guidence!
    I like to think of uh, alternative scenarios as a way of practicing birth control without having tp use a condom. For me personally, condoms are like making love in a raincoat. And women are very different in their preferences, ranging from almost-virginal to could-be-a porn-star. But ultimately it must come down to an agreement about what both people like. The main point is to have fun!


    • Thank you for your thoughts/ reaction as it’s very much appreciated and always good to hear from the opposite sex and just what are they thinking. Hmm i’ll call writing this sort of like therapy for myself and just a way to clean the slate in a sense…not sure if that makes any sense. I’ve met a variety of personalities i’m not very many intimately but i think it’s safe to say that while i surely don’t want to be judgmental even in the slightest of every guy out there so you meet and know different types and it’s all in your upbringing and just how you discover things* as that can have such a profound effect and lasting affect on social thingies. I agree and for some girls it’s a feel* thing where the sensations there are just not the same with the use of a condom…lol i guess that’s why so many of us are on birth control =). Haha sounds like you’ve gone full circle? A porn~star~like gf hmm? I guess that would never get boring and so so true….consent and enjoying one~another~♥. And all men need to get the two guys/ one girl scenario out of their minds completely!!!!…that’s never a good notion or request ever (not that i’ve been asked…) but just saying because i know those fantasies are out there in some other universe i think ^ ^.


      • Oh I love you girls, and especially you MBZ!
        The first thing you must realize is that all men are Pig-Dogs. We are exactly the opposite of you refined, gentle creatures, which is why we find you so desirable. What you see in us, i will never understand! I agree that pornography does influence how men perceive women. But the total sexualization of our society makes it hard to know where to draw the line. I personally draw the line at any type of violence.


        • Ah i think there can be both types in both sexes…mind you i’m an angel =P but i’ve also met a fair share of not so virtuous girls and some can be downright scary =O. I do get what you’re expressing….i do like the sentiment. A~h but we see a lot too in you but maybe it’s how our social lives are made up like how girls will always prefer the guy to make the first move and court her but that’s not to say that we’re all so timid when interested…i have one friend who’s quite the aggressor and she says that men find that endearing…haha but i’ll leave that one up for debate as there’s just too many angles to look at that girl -> guy affection from =). That’s definitely a good place to start and surely some girls are much more wild or willing to do some things* than others are…so i think it all still comes down to consent and trust ^ ^.


          • True dat. Western culture is still very sexist (and racist and ageist), and violence towards women has come to be accepted as almost normal. I simply refuse to watch anything from the Entertainment Industry where women are brutalized or killed.
            I prefer erotica to pornography. I do not want an anatomy and physiology lesson in my movie. Since we are being all open and honest here, I will tell you I like soft-core sex comedies and movies that involve cos-play, like “Bikini Girls From Another Planet” starring Christine Nguyen and “The Voyeur” by Tinto Brass.


            • The media has so much influence and it can be too much in some situations or how it affects human nature or culture. lol you mean they’re that graphic?? =O..actually i don’t want to know xD. That sounds much more innocent, relatively speaking of course and i think back to the topic of sexuality and turn ons* which occurred here awhile back and it’s really the allure of sexy clothing which is sexier than nudity itself~ and i can understand how cosplay surely plays into that in a very cute~sexy way ^ ^。


              • The anticipation, the chase, and the moment of consent are the best parts of an encounter for a guy. Dressing sexy gets the imagination going. The brain is the sexiest organ in the body! Despite what is depicted on the screen, most sexual acts are themselves very brief. It’s all the foreplay and smooching and grappling and massaging that are the most fun, and last the longest! That’s right, I said “smooching!”


                • I think for a lot of girls it’s our feeling of security in that the consent is sincere~♥ and not just some guy trying to get into your pants so to speak xD. Then we can be so much more in the bedroom and be willing to do that much more…of course it’s varies from girl to girl but for those whom aren’t too promiscuous it’s definitely feeling sure that’s makes it so much more enjoyable and exciting as a result. A~h that’s so true…everything leading up to it* actually accounts for so much more and it’s nice when guys don’t try to immediately go for home* and spend a lot more time first. Plus they’re are so many more sensation~places for us than maybe most guys realize besides the obvious ^ ^.


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  4. Mike Avila says:

    The ultimate paybacks is when you have a baby girl. A now your thinking OMG!


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