~Eat w/ these chopsticks, U will…m~M.


STAR WARS chopsticks~ (4)

STAR WARS chopsticks~ (2)

Who could resist? I mean we’ve all seen the countless made~for~home~(use) lightsaber inventions over the years right: Those plastic tubes which were basically a flashlight paired with said elongated tube which illuminated with a colored “beam” which came in handy when wanting/needing to clobber siblings in play (they were most soft and bendy though, so totally safe =), those much more solid and appropriately colored concoctions which when waved would give off those “real” sounds of lightsaber waving (quick where’s Jarjar Binks?? =P, Wii lightsabers and it goes on and on….

But just think…now you may eat w/ them, m~M yes you will says the little green one =D♥.

STAR WARS chopsticks~ (3)STAR WARS chopsticks~ (5)

They’re very well made as you would expect of any product produced in Japan…although haha they’re manufactured in China….but what isn’t these days it seems =P. Kotobukiya, well known for many~many anime statue masterpieces shows their ~♥~ here of the legendaary series and while you’re tempted to steal that last piece of teriyaki chicken from your sisters plate do note your chopstick/lightsaber’s varying lengths…….I know I totally get Yoda’s green one being the shortest for obvious reasons but um….why are Luke Skywalker’s blue chopsticks longer than Darth Vaders? =O??? I “always” thought that Darth was the baddest chopstick wielding dude in the galaxy far~far~away so what gives?! Huh. I guess in Japan it’s indeed Luke’s shhwartz which is bigger* than Darth’s? Who’d th~unk it? End of discussion I think xD.

And lastly note the precautions located on the back of your new “eating” device:

  • Do not place near fire, or hot temperature. (Despite being able to slay the baddest in the galaxy your shhwartz will melt indeed, yes.)
  • Please use soft sponge and mild dishwasher detergent when washing with hand. (No one wants to see your shwartz all scraped up….a smooth shhwartz is a good shhwartz.)
  • Rinse with warm water. (This is most important…no cold water for your shhwartz!!!!!!! Nooooo one wants to encounter a jedi (or evil being) wielding a shriveled shhwartz ever! This may be the most important precaution of all!
  • Do not brush with scrub brush or cleanser. (Hm, most likely self explanatory Ouch.)
  • Do not wash with alkaline detergent or orange oil.(Haha these will be entering someone’s mouth, nuff said =P)
  • Use only as chopsticks. (I remind you, these are actual precautions printed here!)
  • Do not sterilize in boiling water, may cause change in shape. (W~oh! nothing more displeasing than a oddly shaped shhwartz! Also where has your shhwartz been if you’re taking such drastic measures?? =O)
  • Do not use in dishwasher. (yup…although David Copperfield may be the only one able to pursue that feat I’m sure.)
  • Do not put in microwave oven. (!!!)
  • Product does not light up. (I’m all for the bells~and~whistles…but thank goodness it doesn’t, would be fun for once in the dark but then seriously creepy!)
  • We are not responsible for any damage from wrong usage. (Always be responsible when using your shhwartz! =) )

STAR WARS chopsticks~ (1)

~Always eat responsibly~

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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41 Responses to ~Eat w/ these chopsticks, U will…m~M.

  1. hydeo says:

    be a jedi on the eating time too hahaha

    hey MB long time ^^ how are u ??


    • They’re really cool!..more decorative/collective i guess but still cool =). lol i should just use them ne~ =P.

      I hope~* you’re doing well….i’m okay =D. Are you still studying? Working?..lol aren’t i nosy xD. Still loving~♥ AKB48?…or more NMB48 or beyond that…it goes on and on i know =O.


      • hydeo says:

        haha, i really liked it too, and probably im going use it if i have haha

        fine here ^^ get the things going on hehe
        yes this year is the last year finally haha… yep im working for my self now to try until the end of this year open my own bussines ^^ wish me luck hehe
        haha yes i still following the familly48 haha, and u still onn it yet too ?


        • Mmm….thinking i’ll treat them like figures as everything is out of box…collector’s worst nightmare i am xD.

          Oh that sounds awesome!!! It’s a dream to be able to work for oneself, if only we all could have that!..sounds wonderful! I wish~* you much luck and prosperity going forward!!

          U~n…i’m now eagerly awaiting Mayuyu~♥’s so going~to~be~awesome solo debut!!!! I sort of see her solo works in Watarirouka’s single releases as being her true solo debut(s) and yet this one i know is going to be beyond special~*!!!….lol i may actually have to write a post about them =P……just kidding, you never know.


          • hydeo says:

            well u can make some fights on the lunch table ahehae

            thx ^^ i go try hard to can do this make true, so i give u news with the time hehe, hope all works fine from now on

            haha im waiting for wasamin and sasshi one, im really love both, and wasamin is really amazing with enka songs :3, good someone noticed this :3 and give her the chance

            haha go be great if u back ur blog alive ^^ hehe


            • Wasamin’s enka prowess~*…reminds me of Yuko~san way back then! Like it came so unexpectedly and yet they’re so wonderfully suited no doubt! A~ww so Mayuyu♥ still gets no love from Hydeo? =P


              • hydeo says:

                i like her, but i dont go give her much attention until she stop to the thing like “i get top things, im the best” she is like this in my point of view


                • A~h you see Mayuyu as being a sort of egoist? I think she has some rights though…she’s so talented~* in art and its communication and portrayal and at such a young age still. I think sometimes that’s feisty~ness in a sense coming with youth…i do understand what you’re saying too~ =). Um…lol i guess i’m just in love with her =P.


                  • hydeo says:

                    hahah yah i think u stay in love with her haha
                    so protective hahaha

                    well i have some problems to like the tops ones, i prefer give attention to the lost ones who have some talents hiden yet haha


                    • Not think..lol i know…♥♥♥!!! Seriously though, it’s just that with Watariouka Hashiritai being one of my earliest introductions to AKB48 and their world….Mayuyu♥ is so symbolic that way. Oh and she’s just too adorable always!!! If adorable were deadly OMG =O.

                      U~n i feel that too…i have secret crushes on numerous “Undergirls.” And A~min has faded a bit in votes anyway…she still got a much deserved calendar for 2012 and yet she’s no so much featured =/. And Natsuki?..are the wota not seeing her cuteness♥?? Those are just a couple but there’s quite a few other girls that that need much more love too me thinks =).


                    • hydeo says:

                      over the reply haha…need do a new one

                      ok i believe in u haha… haha i dont know, i dont like much something like warota 7 girls now but only mayuyu have big leads the other is more like backdancers :\, this make me sad

                      hahah amin <3.. look to her face make me fall in love so fast aheahea… she is so cute, bad we cant see much how far her talent go yet :\… nacchi i dont know she drop really fast, she have much more attention before

                      well if we go stop to talk about all the secret loves, hope the caracters limited dont broke haha


    • I just noticed you have a “subscribe” link attached to you….i just now subscribed =). What’s your address?..i’ve no idea of how to view it and i didn’t know you were writing a blog♥..very cool!


  2. SagSousuke says:

    Hello MB! Talking about swords, you must watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noVTl7lCB50 . Go. Ok, now that you’re back and amazed, this was Yuko’s entry in AKB’s own edition of Kouhaku last year. It completely made the show. Two things I thought when I watched this: 1) MB must see 2) this is SO cool so WTH didn’t Takamina perform this song like this all along… Oh, she’s the one who usually performs this song, it’s her solo song in A6.

    Anyway, nice to see you again. Sorry for not commenting earlier on your previous posts, I’ve been… doing a lot of stuff. I’m just now getting used to my new free-time-less (lol) life. Best one here is “Use only as chopsticks”. I wonder how well these things light up, would they be useful/less for wotagei? Oh, they do light up, right? haha just saw in the precautions that they don’t. Too bad.


    • Sorry!!..i’ve been away for the past week and i mean literally away~ xD. My phone won’t allow me to type in the comments (says i need a new phone badly!!!). Oh and i totally suck…missed the video you linked as it’s been removed =(…you mean the most recent Kouhaku? I didn’t see this. Funny i have no idea of what i’ve not seen so just going by your description~. Takamina’s always the best♥….was watching AKB48’s “Yossha ikuzo! in Seibu Dome”…i went with the box set to be able to see all three days and the extra disc always has some of the best footage too and especially when it comes to AKB48, they’re so good at including the best off stage stuff♥!

      i’m happy to hear you’re settled in=)….i know it must’ve been hectic for quite awhile now. A~h that would’ve been soooo cool had they lit up too!! Who says we need lighting to enjoy a meal lol =P. I’m now imagining them being used in some wota~type way @ a Star Wars event…like with the glow sticks and by the way did i ever tell you that i have a pink glow stick from Rikachan♥?….i didn’t attain it myself but a friend gave it to me and i received it sort of (no rather a lot) delayed due to an episode of lost mail (>-<);….and then it nearly got thrown away as "someone" (name of the guilty protected xD) thought it to be trash since it quote~ "didn't light up anymore….". lol it's probably the closest i'll ever get to Rikachan♥ so...(*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!、silly i know but still i adore~♥ it! I was watching the recent Bluray Hello!Project releases and with Momusu i had a realization which i never thought would come to be…..it was like watching their complete music videos (still sadly "Ai no tane" is missing =/!!) and it was for me light a bookend~. Like just in that moment i truly realized that the Morning Musume i "grew" up with is over…and even more so now that Gakisan is graduating…..it was inevitable to be so near to Takitty's graduation as they're the Ying to each others Yang and vice~versa…lol i know that analogy makes little to no sense @ all =P. But i realized i've grown up with and now out of them…..it's saddening really but somehow watching all of their pvs in chronological order that day made it easier…? Yuukarin graduating from S/mileage was the beginning of the end for me too….also with Berryz Koubou too but they're still the same members so that's for different reasons. Still I absolutely love C~ute and Manoeri…and now they're my H!P universe….quite small i know. It's like this day would come and i've pondered it before as idol groups in a really profound sense aren't groups to "grow up with."


      It's funny i have so many things to write about and yet i don't…not that anything would be good but i've always loved to write for fun.


      • SagSousuke says:

        No problem, here’s another link:

        This is not from last year’s NHK Kouhaku. It’s from a “Kouhaku” concert AKB had a few days before that; it was basically a very long Kouhaku-themed (as in Aka vs Shiro teams) AKB/SKE/NMB concert. With the gimmick that it was all shuffled, no one did their own songs.


      • SagSousuke says:

        Hum… To be honest, I was already not paying attention to Momusu back when Takitty’s graduation was announced, so it’s not like it changed anything.. C-ute is about the only thing I’ll see these days, and maybe Buono! And now it’s looking like I’m more likely to slow down on AKB than regain interest in H!P…


        • It’s overwhelming @ times….

          Wow Sasshi♥..i mean Sasshi♥♥♥ and Tomochin’s single was amazing, i still no matter what marvel at how much AkiP/AKB48 puts into their productions…they go full out every time….so the wota always wins.


        • It’s almost like Momusu is like a foreign place now…..i can’t really recognize them. I guess i was of an older generation to begin with so i’m losing my ability to relate to them…i wish~* them the best as they tantalize a new generation of fans being born =). Buono! still rocks too…..but somehow i’m more attracted to the powers of Maimichan & Airiin as one……


  3. Mr.Children, Amuro Namie, Oshima Yuko, Ozaki Yutaka…those are religious. But my relation and tastes with the idol world’s been a been changed much more recently….i don’t know, it seems odd and out of skin in a sense but you just move on from some artists/idols over time….much easier said then done of course.


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