~…i just wanna know, why oh why are his pants removable….=O???


I felt a bit odd just adding the “toy” category here. i mean i guess i’ve posted about “toys” here before although just the term “toy” could be misconstrued quite easily me thinks like when especially an “adult” is writing those words lol =P. So no. It’s not that sort* of toy that i’m speaking about but one needn’t look much further than here (yep, scroll down just past the video clip…that’s him, the “innocent” Anpanman =O…okay now that Anpanman has sexually stimulated* you please return to this current post xD) to find such sexual mischief (。ーωー。)♪。Who’d thought that karaoke and orgasms could become synonymous in an almost pop culture/art/toy way….??

His apple beckons.

He dares you to eat, just a little nibble.



Your appetite now insatiable.

And the “best” part is that for the tiny asking/retail price (depending on how effective the Apple pitch above was…) you can now own yes~ own your very own Steve Jobs action figure!! And i do mean action! He stands a whopping 12 inches (nearly the same height as your Anpanman karaoke/pleasure* mic as seen in the above link~) presenting the revolutionary icon in full 1:6 scale!!

Now your Kikaida doll was never so maneuverable back in the daaaay like remember when your brother would twist off his head amid the heat of battle with Mothra (aka: his hand) or when he would suddenly fall off of his bike/sidecar thingy and lose a leg or arm or sometimes both =O…but even then the details were minimal and so nothing like the all new~Steve Jobs action figure in all of its glory (available only until his family files suit to have it removed from production). And yup with a bit of research we find that this indeed isn’t by any stretch of the imagination the first Steve Jobs action figure/doll/figure/collectible introduced to us as past figures have gone “out of print” quite quickly (think The Beatles infamous “Butcher Cover” =)!) yep pulled off of “shelves/browsers/Amazon.com/eBay/ alike~.

So now let’s erase any personal figure~envy rightfully…now sparing your thoughts of…’how could they?!…’what were those crafty action figure creators thinking? How could it be so life~like…like a miniature of one of those wax museum figures which probably cost millions =P….but in a portable/handy/multi~~formatted friendly take home size which trumps all others (like your iPod/phone/pad,t.v.,home,etc.).

Oh yeah…..Steve Jobs action figure manufactured in China =).

Every eerie~ly lifelike detail has been painstakingly crafted into each and every all too lifelike figure right down to his Levis and New Balance sneakers~…oooh i’m getting further creeped out by the letter now =O…

Have you ever undressed your Barbie?

Your Ken~doll?


Raggedly Ann doll?

Donald Duck doll?

(Waaaaaait. That dude’s always naked…..i mean he has no pants like ever, what’s ↑ with that?)

aND What the heck is Grimace?? =P

whatever he is he’s naked too so…..yup getting into all of that additional~additional +~+~creepyness…


Now this is Apple “related” so yes~ we all love and need the accessories and the Steve Jobs action figure doesn’t disappoint. You’ll receive keynote presentation backdrop for extra realism right in your very own bedroom or any other relatives’/friend’s abode who’d allow such creepy activity (!), interchangeable hands for more freaky fun!, multi~angle poses/body~angles for presentation interactivity w/ your um…audience during said keynote presentation(s) and even his shoes and pants are completely removable for those times when…….






Seriously i don’t foresee any such keynote presentation where pants removal would ever be necessary, wwait we’re not in L.A. are we??? =P. Freaky times..fun i dunno….just plain y~aaah creepy!!!!

Creepy, and yet you so know you want one~!

Don’t delay, these babys are goin’ fast!!

i think.

….iPhone of course,

sold separately =P.

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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5 Responses to ~…i just wanna know, why oh why are his pants removable….=O???

  1. Mike Avila says:

    I heard about these! You got one?!? At least this one HAS pants! Hehe maybe Grimmace has that name because he has no pants? And at McDonalds too! ^^

    Yes, I’ve been collecting NASCAR goodies for ya in the hopes that I could give to you one day. 🙂 are you coming to Vegas this year? Maybe I can get you a pants less Jimmy Johnson too! :p

    I’d so like to get her pb! It would mean a lot coming from you, my Sensei on many maters! 😉 take your time mailing it, if you decide to. Can you autograph it too? I’d like to see how you would sign it! ❤

    You sure you don't have one of those "microphones"?! 😉 trojan even has a tv commercial for them! It shows ladies with "their hair blown back" leaving to the imagination… Barely.

    Yeah, 4 hours of subbed is huge, but people love to do ir. my One Liter Of Tears was done suburbly! I finally got a legal sub from Malaysia, and it wasn't so good, many Manglish isms lol this year, there are supposed to be some K-pop groups too. There is a group called KARA that is awesome. One of my friends here has a cousin that produces them. Look on YouTube for Kara Step Eng Thibk you will enjoy!

    Thanks so much MB! Looking foreward to further adventures!! ❤



    • Oh no….oh dear God no lol xD! I just found some “features” a bit odd and a little funny =). I certainly don’t get the whole removable pants thing….like um why? Naked presentation, i imagine even fanboys run!! But then again just think @ this very moment there may be someone secretly playing keynote presentation in their bedroom…..probably a video will appear on YouTube very soon i imagine and then the best presentation will be awarded~* =D!

      lol that’s not so much necessary =P!….plus his fire~suit surely need those pants badly, mmm…not planning on visiting although would be most awesome..been awhile since i last visited. I’ll mail it next week..just need to check to see if it’ll fit in one of those bubble mailers…although it’s a bit thick so maybe something larger? E~h?…i did sign one before but it’ll be odd as this pb has absolutely nothing to do with me xD. In kanji i think is always best…but that’d ruin her pb i think =/. omg! i was watching the OWN station late last year…lovin’ her Shania Twain features and there it was, i mean if we’re thinking of the very same ads….by Trojan for women……it was eyeopening to say the least. lol i did blog about it somewhere here shortly afterward although i don’t remember quite where……where did i post about that?? OH i know KARA…not really well but i’ve heard of them before…that’s awesome~!!..small small world ne~ =).

      I’m sure you’ll love the pb…well i guess you’ve already seen most of it =P….so it’ll sort of be like your date arriving all naked* on your first date w/ her lol……there’ll not be much more to the imagination as i did scan just about every single page of it =).


    • Oh I know this song~♥ it’s meaning is beyond special. Angela Aki is so awesome on piano and her vocals so expressive…like maiZe would tell me, she surely is much better expressed on piano rather than guitar. I think it was @ the Kouhaku awhile back that she performed on acoustic guitar….wonderful performance but you still long for her piano~. Gosh the middle break still makes me tear…..that and well just watching this video is emotional enough and then add in the lyrics. I first found out about Angela Aki when she performed the theme~* for the beloved Final Fantasy series….i would play that pv for “Kiss me Good~Bye”..the version with the game footage intertwined~ over and over and then over =P~!


    • Haha i just noticed your up realllllly late =O..finishing work late?


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