~A Happy New Year!! (REsolutioN Pink♥!)

Koike♥Yui goes pink

~A most Happy New Year*~~* to you!!! It’s 2012. Where are all of the flying cars, virtual seX simulators and bubble homes? Just saying…

Koike Yui Pink shashinshuu…well rather not a REsolution but much more of a REvolutioN and a pink one at that =). Of course you do know that it’s always the pink♥ Ranger who’s the cutest (the one the villain(s) @ some point or another while getting their butt(s) kicked secretly lets slip into mind the inkling of cuddling with said butt kicking cutie all the while appropriately dressed in wonderful pink o(*´∀`)o゛~♥。Of course I’m still speaking of the Ranger….hm it would be odd to say the least if any villain were all decked out in pink♥ attire heading out for a night/day of mischief =P. It was probably clear from birth that Yui~chan would oneanime orgasm (happy \(^o^)/)day portray the “Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger” character Ahim de Famille and to hopefully help any tidbit or larger of the after Christmas~blues….Yui~chan does all things pink♥, um wellll except for that (。ーωー。)♪~~>、..and that* being an entirely different sort of pink♥ reserved for an entirely different day =P~! Me thinks it most healthy but let’s keep this a family~friendly site =D. Wait. This site is still family~friendly I think…..hope….nah it’s still mostly safe I think (*≧∀≦)☆↑↑☆。

{Note: she’s even wearing ↑↑↑ a bit of pink♥..albeit tiny, still counts…(^q^).}

I actually ended up with two copies of Koike Yui’s “Pink♥” shashinshuu….yup I just adore her that much you see, that and well…maybe one to scan and one to keep pristine?? Maybe. As per usual my first thought was to scan just a few pages but like with all, all~time~cute~Hall-of-Fame rated shashinshuu Pink♥ sit’s atop that graduating class with oodles and honors of seXy cuteness! This by far being her most cute pb to date and it even cute~trumps her latter pb (“Scene2”) release which just came out a few weeks ago…for sure.

But wait…there’s more.

Koike Yui Pink shashinshuuouter dust jacket

Koike Yui Pink outer dust jacket doubles as a full sized glossy calendar!

Like when you initially unwrap Pink♥ you’ll be greeted by a most special~* surprise…well “surprise” if you hadn’t already perused the pb’s obi which states the inclusion of a thick/glossy poster styled calendar which doubles as the outer dust jacket!! It’s most awesome and original I think?..for a pb release to be dressed in such lavish~attire.

Oh. And do note the all pink♥ ribbon~ny dress thingy Yui~chan’s sporting…I think it’s most seXy and yet retains enough cute with that larger~than~life bow atop her head. Who could dream~* up more to look forward to unwrapping…..but before we get there I thought it a good time to show just how idol~licious Yui~chan really is…that being a most exclusive club of idol wall artwork she’s a most adorable part of~.

Yui~chan♥ BLT panel (1)

A short while back BLT began producing these simply awesome wall panels (also see Oshima♥Yuko BLT panel) in limited quantities and what made them extra special is that they were produced as a made~to~order release so depending on how may fans reserved one @ the price of a $100 apiece that would be the total number made. And each idol also hand~signed each glossy~panel print and  personally “serial” numbered each in order of their signing~(Yui~chan’s here done in a drawn heart). The photo above doesn’t quite do justice to just how well crafted and thick these wall panels are!! Just below you can see the panel’s outer wooden frames and just how luscious these are =). Ah..Mr.Children [es] release poster and Amuro Namie scroll are just beside her♥.

Yui~chan♥ BLT panel (3)Yui~chan♥ BLT panel (2)

Only 24 (if I remember that correctly =P) BLT Yui~chan panels were produced back then and I received panel number 10…oh~ and speaking of the~color~pink♥, you may remember another cutie~licious idol donning the Ranger-Pink♥…Suenaga Haruka ^ ^.


(short detour ahead, Yui~chan♥ will be back momentarily… =) )



Suenaga Haruka as Bouken Pink

Suenaga Haruka♥

Suenaga Haruka♥♥

Suenaga Haruka♥♥♥

Suenaga Haruka♥♥♥♥


Suenaga Haruka~♥

Suenaga Haruka~♥♥

Suenaga Haruka~~♥

Suenaga Haruka♥~

Suenaga Haruka♥~~

Suenaga Haruka

Suenaga Haruka1Suenaga Haruka2Suenaga Haruka3Suenaga Haruka4Suenaga Haruka5Suenaga Haruka6

Suenaga Haruka7

Suenaga Haruka9Suenaga Haruka10Suenaga Haruka11

Suenaga Haruka13Suenaga Haruka12

Suenaga Haruka15Suenaga Haruka16Suenaga Haruka17Suenaga Haruka18Suenaga Haruka19Suenaga Haruka20Suenaga Haruka21Suenaga Haruka22Suenaga Haruka23

Suenaga Haruka25

Suenaga Haruka26

Suenaga Haruka27Suenaga Haruka28

Suenaga Haruka29Suenaga Haruka30Suenaga Haruka31Suenaga Haruka32Suenaga Haruka33Suenaga Haruka34Suenaga Haruka35Suenaga Haruka36

Suenaga Haruka14


Sorry got a bit sidetracked there =P…..


As aforementioned I ended up scanning just about the entire pb~♥ and here are the 90 photos that I chose, hope~* your New Year is most happy and especially mostly {a pink♥} one o(*´∀`)o゛♥x♥x♥x。(most of the original scans are between 4~5 mb each…scaled down here to preserve memory space).


A~h I almost forgot to mention that “Pink♥” was shot entirely in Hawaii here on our little island….mm as you scroll down below make sure to keep a lookout for a bit of idol~trespassing =O, the always included (in any successful idol photo shoot) idol w/ fruit(s)…the more the merrier they~say, idol~pirate thingy, idol~sensual poses where she tries to look all innocent but what she’s (or the photographer’s) really trying to do is plainly turn you on* =P, idol~ly underwear/idol~ly bikinis which interesting enough have become somewhat or maybe rather wholeheartedly synonymous w/one~another =) and most of all just lots and lots of seXy~cuteness + adorability built in. You know guys say that girls fall into a couple of categories…for lack of a better term, either “cute” or “hot/sometimes smoldering if you witness sparks or flames around said attractive person =P….but with Yui~chan♥ I personally find her legitimately both~. Like one would say that a Meg Ryan is “cute” but like an Angelina Jolie is “hot~smoldering when she does that whole lip~thingy”…hm. Who’d thought that our looks were so analyzable this way…(^q^).

So please enjoy the sights of Hawaii♥…the most cute~seXy Yui~chan♥ and in a sense this entire post from hereon could be imagined as being a “…please come to Hawaii and visit….” brochure, I mean it’d be a really thick brochure @ that but……ahhhh just saying =P.






















~Posted w/ aloha♥ and much love~

(*´∀`) ー♥♥♥!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to ~A Happy New Year!! (REsolutioN Pink♥!)

  1. Mike Avila says:

    Mele Kalikimake dear MB! ❤

    What great pinku post! Yes, the smallest big of pink can have the most impact! And might not see it coming either! 😉

    Glad you can't help but post most of the picture book, hehe. What a treat for us! I think I should get this one, since the Pink Power Ranger is always the one I would want to tussle with…

    Never change dear MB! You are unique and precious =)

    I guess you wouldn't think of sending a copy to your dear friend in San Diego?? J/k

    Big Hugs,



    • Hey Mikey…was just feeling a bit pink<3 yesterday =). Ah you know our local greeting..most sweet of you! Lol it's surely the law of nature for pinlk to be as such…e~he =P! Yooooou're waaaay too sweet<3!!!…..ah I do wonder if I really need two copies…..?? Hope~* your holidays were a lot of fun and bright!

      Much ❤ and aloha.


  2. Mike Avila says:

    Thanks MB!

    Seems the lady in blue is contemplating most intensely!! I love that fur white outfit too…

    How about the copy you scanned already and you can save the pristine one? In return, I’ll get you whatever you want. Like all the NASCAR stuff I’ve been Savin up for you.

    I heard that you can get a subbed copy of the New Years NHL Red and White singfest soon! Very cool ne?

    Hope you had great holiday season! ❤

    Hugs and Pink Power Ranger outfits for your dreams,



    • U~n the fuzzy one’s most cute!..looks comfortable too. E~h you were serious about that??..lol didn’t think you were actually shopping for me =P. You just made me think of mid February……..can’t wait!!! l still wish they’d revamp the COT design to get rid of that dreaded “aero~push” as the commentators call it, seems to affect the cars way too much. Okay are you still @ the same address? I’ll make a label..please give me some time to mail though =). Wow! that sounds like a lot of work!….i mean the Kouhaku is like over four hours long =O….i still haven’t watched but i recorded it onto a DVD this past Sunday as it airs here annually..also just learned that the host is none other than the most adorable and talented~* Inoue Mao♥! I wonder if Nakai is captain for the White? Oh yes!!…wonderful holidays~*! Now you tease lol…that pink ranger suit is priceless xD.


  3. strawberrie says:

    久しぶり, I adore that pink fluffy outfit. I love anything that cute. Lately I’ve been into leopard print and feathers. The first time I’m following fashion in years lol ^0^


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