~Tim Tebow♥, let me count the ways….

Tim Tebow

My love of orange…no actually it’s just completely coincidental that I love both the NBA’s Suns and the NFL’s Broncos but even before the Suns I’ve adored/ supported emotionally albeit from a far~far away space….the Denver Broncos♥.

Elway. I’ve got the autographed authentic helmet, photo of Elway about to put the hurt? on a 49er’s defensive player and authentic jersey upon my bedroom wall and shelves and while I missed the early struggles of said legend~* I was most present for the Jaguars inflicted pain when it looked oh~so~sure to be their time only to see it go oh~so~wrong in a single home heartbreaking loss that still stings somehow today. So much success. So many title games/ chances. The agony, uplift, anticipation…nervousness even. Why does a sport do this to us? And why for so long? And just why period? I mean it’s a game, right? I refrain for saying it’s just a game although it really is in essence and reality but to say so would frown an injustice upon all that sports, life and culture have in common and it’s deeper than one may initially ponder or imagine in the outset of any deeply heartfelt fandom♥ in the lore of balls and sticks and anything that scores really~. And yet the very fabric of our said sports fandoms♥ no doubt grips us in socially engaging ways just as powerfully for some as the highest office does when said seat goes up for election, support or protest~. Passions~~>fanatic…call for firings and hiring~s and recruiting…those lines most blurred when at their very most debated states in sport and yet a most unregulatedTim Tebow Heisman medium and media for that matter. Hence the inevitable thread to debate leading to agreement…disagreement and the ever present outer watchful eyes~. Much like sports fandoms, my love of the Broncos has seemingly gone full circle (less my apologies to the Lions, Astros etc….whom yet to reach that promised land 😛 ) in the form of that pinnacle of the most coveted championship~*~~*  sometimes after much much “failure” ( ie: you had a great season..won a lot of games and in most recent memory that undefeated season of the Patriots whom didn’t win the most important one game of all that season….xD) like the aforementioned loss to the Jaguars prior to the Broncos♥ back~to~back Super Bowl Championships whom they “said had not much of a chance then to win, and why exactly they play each and ever game and down till no time remains or no extra~time remaINS no matter the odds or the avalanche of “insurmountable” odds seen @ Vegas on any given Sunday/Monday/Thursday/or~playoff Saturdays”or that of word of mouth..the “experts”..the house and even one’s friends & frienemies alike. And yet even one the most arguably prolific offensively skilled and prolific passers and thinkers in the game in Elway, history shows that even reaching the big~game time and time again doesn’t ensure any satisfaction or redemption for your beloved team or Hmm…”more importantly” yourself in any said devaStating loss :P? And yet with one or even going back~to~back as champions ala said loved Broncos♥ in the late 90’s the conversation/debate/yearning/hating also inevitably finds a vein to that conversed or dreaded debate of can they repeat again?…whom may they lose at key positions?…what are their flaws?..and whom will be next to triumph and dethrone the champs?

Tim Tebow chom~pWith so much coverage and inevitable scrutiny in today’s media…the sports media not unlike your world and local news, I can’t remember any athlete coming under such a watchful eye~ or microscope. They said Tebow♥ couldn’t win a National championship. He did. He couldn’t win the Heisman.  He did. He would never be drafted early with such skill sets. He was drafted in the first round. He couldn’t play quarterback in the NFL….tune~in each Sunday. The game would be unforgiving and too quick for him. Tune~in each Sunday. He shouldn’t ever be a starter for long. TunE~in each Sunday. When did we become so jaded? So quickly to judge? The scrutiny laid or rather dropped from an unprecedented and unimaginable height upon his shoulders boggles the mind. Sports I used think was about sportsmanship, integrity, honest full hearted effort and Y~eS winning….taught perhaps as the backdrop and culmination of the best of qualities as both a person and athlete…..whom can set themselves as both a role model for other athletes and even more importantly for the youth and any whom dream~* to dream~*…living in a beacon for hope and inspiration to be celebrated~. Tebow wins. His teammates rally beside him each~other. He beholds qualities beyond a quick 40 yard dash, a high jump, soft hands, nimble feet, football IQ and those sought after in annual combines attended by scouts in earnest. Intangibles? That word even doesn’t quite equate to all that Tebow embodies. His faith? Deep, just witness any single pre~game/ post game/ or candid press happening with Tebow and you’ll readily see that’s it’s not at all about just X’s and O’s or even TD’s or Field Goals….but rather the culmination of inner heart not taught but rather born with~* and lived with in life experiences. He’s real…no walls…no excuses, only will…the hardest of work, belief……inspiration and accountability (just see his speech while @ Florida before the press after one of their toughest of losses…ye~P that one!~*.) Tebow always speaks of others and the credit of how those all around him inspire and make it all grow as to his understanding and spirits~* and how this inner bond grows ever~so~stronger in the face of the upmost of difficulties and opposition. It’s infectious. Tim Tebow is special…a rare blessing and when so much is going wrong in sports/life in general (just read the daily headlines in sports from unspeakable abuses to lying and cheating and crimes), a leader by example on/off the field who does everything right~*. Naysayers need only take a few steps back and look upon the entire canvas, with all that Tebow does it’s not difficult at all~.

Inevitably though I can only imagine the next conversation moving towards how long can he keep winning and in such unconventional ways? Can he reach the playoffs? Then it’ll lead to can he repeat as Super Bowl Champion =)? The scrutiny….will it ever stop? A partly college offense being now an ever growing hybrid of opportunities and possibilities in the NFL? Passing percentages?…that big wind~up….what ever happened to straight~up winning? Is so much encompassed in style points and how one looks while winning? Are passing for 300-400 yards…having a QB rating upwards of 80~100+ what makes one able to be considered a quarterback? I heard that a prominent team owner once said something along the lines of “just win baby!!” Where has it all gone to the point where we’re so dependent on stats? I think though, rather than place all of one’s chips into that can’t do/can’t continue to do hand…why not enjoy and witness a~, yEs, unprecedented athlete in sports? And while his coach may have arguably “bought in” to all of the teams’ success where’s Elway stand in his continued possibility of growth? Tebow has shown recent strides in the passing game and he’s even been a winner in the light of his unconventional passing delivery. 6~1. Surely Elway could hone and lend his knowledge and technique/ skills to such a fellow gifted and most special athlete whom already embodies all of the other qualities and heart/ intangibles not easily taught with some only being born~with qualities and persona~ not often seen.

Tim Tebow♥

And that not just in sports. But in life indeed~. ^ ^♥

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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2 Responses to ~Tim Tebow♥, let me count the ways….

  1. Mike Avila says:

    Happy birthday to yoooooouuuuu! ❤

    I seem Elway play at Stanford!! 😉




    • Thank you~♥!! I heard he struggled when first entering the league but he was really great at college…is that right? It’s been so long that the Broncos have been a bit bad and now it’s like they have a real chance~* to do something special with Tebow leading them in such a cumulative effort =). Watching any game always makes me so nervous (・д・`*)!!...


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