~Just in case I forget what day it is….and the best T~shirt ever♥!!

……okay regarding that T~shirt♥ it’s well uM~m lol a matter of taste but no doubt it’ll garner much attention whether wanted or not when worn :P. Just saying though, it’s most awesome when a cutie wears it!…..oh and being that that said cutie wants  that sort of attention xD.

A few AKB48♥ member calendars

While AKB8’s~♥ official group calendar is yet to cross the ocean to here, I did decide on  just a few solo member calendars for the upcoming 2012 bedroom wall campaign including some faves……A~amin, Acchan, Takamina, Sasshi and well……M~mmmm of course Yuko♥ っo(*´∀`)o!、..but unlike the typical stylings of idol calendars of the past these are quite unique productions.

Both “poster” type and “Tokyo Date” type calendars are being offered up this time so I went with four of each and while I so would have loved to have gotten them all there is sadly just not enough wall space to accommodate ~xD! (Feels badly for not getting a Mayuyu~♥ one (;゜□゜)!!!

Anyway as this site has no doubt become sort of an abandoned dust particle that being a self inflicted consequence of being absent for the past few months for the most part, before posting complete previews here of the 8 calendars photographed above I thought it wise to see if anyone would be interested as these may no doubt be already posted elsewhere by this time as I’ve received them maybe a bit late….please let me know. “Poster” type calendars include: Acchan, A~amin, Sasshi and Yuko~rin♥ while the “Tokyo Date” Calendars I’ve chosen include: Acchan, Takamina, Sasshi and Yuko~ooooooooooo ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ~~~。lol I know they’re quite redundant in regards to the two different types to an alarming state….and yet how could one go against their most favorites♥? =)

Lovin’ the cooler Hawaiian nights recently with Winter looming just ahead……….and can you believe that Christmas is only but a few days aheAd?? =o And by cOoL that’s like high to mid 60’s here…….heheh that isn’t really that cold is it…(^q^)!

And now for a few unnecessary?/unwarranted? gratuity~*listic shots and it’s stemming from the most awesomely cute NICE GIRL PROJECT♥♥♥~XOXO…..I adore Mihiho’s shashinshuu~* quite a lot but let’s not overshadow with any such pondering that oh~so~ wonderliciou~s/ naughty T~shirt♥ っo(*´∀`)o!!!

OH and just one final thought…..why wasn’t Canaria Club more successful??…I mean if you experience those early single releases in visuals, music & lyrics they’re undeniably idol~cute♥ perfection and the video productions in particular would even rival the then current movements and direction of Momusu…that being Tsunku’s trump albeit surely arguably said =).

Niwa Mikiho 1st shashinshuu

She released~* suUch a cute pb~♥ !!!……

Niwa Mikiho 1st pb scan (1)

Niwa Mikiho 1st pb scan (2)

…this T~shirt omg it’s sooooo…….yep! 😛


Niwa Mikiho 1st pb scan (3)

Niwa Mikiho 1st pb scan (4)

Niwa Mikiho 1st pb scan (5)

In love♥ yet? o(*´∀`)o゛♥...?!

I scanned just a few photos today and it felt almost weird…..I haven’t done that in so long now 😛 Just in case anyone wants to see more? “lmk…”

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to ~Just in case I forget what day it is….and the best T~shirt ever♥!!

  1. SagSousuke says:

    I don’t know if the calendars have been posted anywhere, I haven’t seen much of anything lately… too much stuff getting in the way… Where’s A~amin? Oh, I saw ads for these “Tokyo Date”s the other day and had no idea what it meant. Actually, I’m still not sure, what’s the difference from the “poster” type?

    I’m not surprised Canaria Club didn’t take off, because well, most groups don’t, and they weren’t too persistent. Tsunku’s backing might have given them a small exposure to begin with, but on the other hand, any indie idol group can get some exposure as long as they come up with some weird gimmick to call attention. And by the time of their debut, I’m not sure if the connection to H!P would be that much of an advantage anyway… they were in this weird place where they’re not really in H!P, so they won’t get much promotion in the few places H!P still held, but they still had enough of a link (through Tsunku) that anyone bored with Momusu would be unlikely to give them a chance. And that was when people were starting to get bored.


    • Oh A~min♥….i chose her poster~style calendar this time and it always comes down to actual wall space available vs. everything i’d want to get :P. The “Tokyo Date” calendars are comprised of individual months and you can change them in their included stand..it’s rather simple but they do take up much less space this way…..the “Poster” calendars are year~round hang~ups =). And yet there’s still AKB48’s actual “Official group” calendar version and last year’s one was really so well put together so i’m thinking this one’ll be just as greeeat~! lol i just felt a bit like the cereal Tiger mascot um…okay stupid (。p_q)。

      It’s just that the day i received their pv DVD collection i was like…..gosh* every one of their videos are so fun and creative….totally energetic and nothing like the latter formulaic one’s by Momusu. U~n that was sort of odd with their promotion or maybe lack of it and just maybe resting upon the laurels of Tsunku’s production pull and stature..really really wish~* they had gotten much more success =/. You’re right..totally, timing is everything to so much of an extent and so many groups just never take actual flight. You must be so busy with school?….gambatte~ne~ ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!~!~~!


      • SagSousuke says:

        right now I’m in the middle of moving to start an internship on Monday. which reminds me, I won’t have an Internet connection for a while, until it gets installed over there and I’m sure that’ll take way more time than I wish it did… so just to be safe, merry Christmas, and have a happy new year =D oh, and happy birthday. I just saw the other comments, was it yesterday? it’s also AKB’s birthday… or maybe not, time zones confuse me. I just know I’ve read a lot of blog posts today talking about AKB’s 6th anniversary XD and they’re referring to whatever day it is today in Japan, or to yesterday, or something recent. yeah, confused.

        and yeah, 10gb with just text and images is hopeless. you’d need a very good scanner and 5000+ photos, in ~20 days.


        • Oh are you moving from home?….lol i mean from your homeland? A~hhh that’s so thoughtful♥! U~n i grow ever more undesirable by the day…..lol and my biological clock is ticking xD. Seriously though, is that really true?….could the culmination of idol groups have been born then too? =O It’s funny as i’ve never thought of celebrating a groups’ birth and yet why not?? ne~ it makes total sense……fanatical♥ sense =).

          I’m going to create the largest photo file in the history of the internet and then unleash it upon this site unexpectedly =P….lol i don’t even know how to do that and it’ll no doubt fail xD. So much memory….so little time……why does it have to expire but then again all my own fault for neglecting here so much.


          • SagSousuke says:

            no, still stuck here. I’ll just be farther away from my family, and no closer to Japan, so no good news there…
            It’s true, AKB is six years old now, it was everywhere in the blogs, right before they announced the partnership/whatever with Google and that took the spotlight…


            • That sounds so lonely….but i’m just saying that as i couldn’t imagine…., you’re a great guy and very personable so i’m sure you’ll adapt to your new surroundings much better than i’d be able to as id’ just be like a fish out of water…..lol i’ve lived on one rock for so long =). E~hhh with Google??…so it’s true. Google really is taking over the world =O. How time flies…..and i wasn’t even there for their birth…..shame on me XD. Happy sixth Birthday♥ AKB48 \(^o^)/♥♥♥!!!


    • I realized a few days ago from a notice from WP that the remainder of my memory here will expire in January….so then i’m like….oh i should use it up quickly before it’s gone although my video uploads have already expired and those take up the most memory so i’m not sure if i’d be able to use all 10 GB of remaining memory in less than a month with just text and photos xD.


  2. Mike Avila says:

    I want see birthday girl wearing their tee shirt! Once a year (at least) MB must show herself! 🙂

    Have you tried calendars on ceiling? ^^


    • lol you know i was set on three Berryz Koubou giant tapestries back then….sadly though they’re now in storage….something tells me i’m in need of a much larger bedroom xD. Mikiho’s T~shirt rocks though…very much so….lol not so sure the attention there* would be that wanted and then for an entire day =P.


  3. maiZe says:

    Hey MB!
    Belated happy birthday!!! Sorry I missed it yesterday, but I’m kind of losing track of the dates with finals coming up for school (they’re next week). It’s amazing that my first term is almost done already. o_O
    I would have emailed you, but you never did end up saying what happened with your email and I’m unsure if you check it anymore, so at least I know that if I greet you in your comments, you’ll get my greeting. 🙂 I know you’re not that into celebrating your birthday, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna greet you. 😛
    Anyway, hope all is going well. Back I go to studying accounting and economics. -_-;


    • Are you still 5 hours ahead in time zone?…..i was just thinking you must be thinking that b#@!# is always so late =P~!!! No i’m just kidding…wow~* that’s so awesome and i just know you’ll do perfectly =)!! Things are going really great with just a few new living situations and all most~wanted. U~n i’ve been much more internet absent lately and in most ways as there’s just a lot more happening now. Thank you~♥!!!…yep i’m a bit older but not any wiser =P….haha one day i was considering turning this place into a journal like a dear~diary but then i realized who’d want to read that???….i don’t think id’ even want to read that…(^q^)!


      • maiZe says:

        Yup, still 5 hours ahead. Definitely haven’t moved. XD
        Heh… I’ve been pretty internet absent too. School’s been kicking me in the butt with regards to blogging time (well, really it’s kicking me in the butt for free time in general). Ray’s basically the only one keeping IW afloat right now.
        Not too much has been going on with H!P (except for another S/mileage graduation coming up), so despite my lack of time to read my feeds, I don’t think I’ve been missing too much news. I am planning to go see Berryz in New Jersey this coming June though. I already saw Miya perform in Japan at Fankora and a Buono! concert, but it will be awesome to see her at a con, get to shake her hand and get her autograph. I’m super excited for that! 😀
        New living situations, huh? 🙂 Good for you. I’m glad things are going so well for you! I hope you had a lovely birthday with no one attacking you with sweets. XD


        • All of your education will prove so much fruition~* so always stick with it!I was shocked albeit me living in a bubble for months now not really knowing of anything that’s been happening with the groups and artists…when i read “last shashinshuu” for Yuukarin it hit me =O….i’d have thought she would have been the least likely to graduate from S/mileage but it’s all in my head you know that biased muddle which adores her most in the group and that they’d be hard pressed to go on without her…..i mean she’s like the sun in analogy =P for S/mileage and yet i’ve no idea of why….i do hope~* it’s on her own accord like if she’s thinking of going into another career or solo or maybe just didn’t want to be in the group anymore…..the latter latter being quite a stretch though xD. Whenever i think of New Jersey i think of Bon Jovi =P….lol……that’s really funny but it’s so great that more and artists/groups are continuing to share~* their wealth of music and culture worldwide and that’s such a big market for it~! That would be orgasmic* well relatively speaking…..in person…….that’ll be awesome! Oh~!~no no sweets….not that kind and life has been going happy! =)


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