~Fanatically speaking…


(the following minus clumsy edits was written in early June)….so I’ve been taking some time away a lot of time away from my blog recently, the internet as a whole for the most part actually xD so there’s been a lot less images…imagery~* for me to dream~* over and although Couscous says that I’ve been sleeping too much lately and have been neglecting coming here it’s really not true =)….and the e~mail bit maybe more stupid than anything else actually? I’ve moved to a new address but more on that later. Okay the not coming here part is true but I did give a trustworthy friend access to my WP just to watch for any unwanted spam that may sneak through and those entries which may not be spam but the filter thought so and just in case any aliens, yetis or that large unidentified thing (as seen on the NG Channel!! =O!!) in the ocean suddenly appeared and so on and so forth ^ ^♥. I apologize to everyone whom I’ve missed in these past weeks  months ahhhh I feel rude now xD and there were a few posts stuck in editing @ WP just prior to me leaving so be forewarned of some really old and irrelevant thoughts appearing here maybe as I’m not even sure if I should still post some of them at this point being that they’re so dated in content. Okay just these two today from early June….edited quite a~bit now though. And what have I missed since…pretty much everything like Yuko’s♥ B~DAY, any graduations/ additions/ auditions/ oh but not the releases as I’ve been still listening~obsessing~watching~♥’ing as that hasn’t gone away and also omg H!P has now taken notice of how greedily enticing fans into the realization that in order to receive each and every coupling song can require one to purchase 5+ copies of various versions of a single~single can be fun….financially wacccccky for us though no doubt :P!…and then my IW feed stopped working so I sort of took that as a sign then whether that’s logical or not….I’m betting on the latter though. AKB now in beautiful blu~ray and a lot of dramas  and some anime have been also a joy lately.  It’s funny because I’d begin writing and taking notes for new posts but then I’d not publish them….a few left in limbo would be “Ai & Mai Mad Libs”, “Now with 20% larger breasts”, some World Cup mania…not the a, b, c…etc. type =P though!, “The Tomato Project”…..kind of sad all of the scans and videos have been added and yet it sits on the editing floor with a “under construction” tag still posted xD, a bit of aiko~♥, Q&A translations to Momusu’s DVD Magazine Vol.36 which I thought was so endearing as well as idoly~educational to the new girls sort of new girls xD, thoughts and reactions to insightful questions, the anime “PERFECT BLUE” with waaaaaaaay too many caps~♥, “Pa~fu♥…..” aka Acchan is pure love in “Q10” a~lso with waaaaaaay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many caps~♥ =P!!!!!!, BOMB magazine and UTB scans and well sort of a lot more actually =/. Those posts are so old now though still sitting in editing so they’ll probably never be published.

And then there was the AKB general election which just occurred occurred and while I honestly have even remarked in the past here how I anticipated Acchan~♥ to reclaim the #1 spot in the group (that also perhaps being arguably the #1 spot in all of the idol♥ loving wota~world) from Yuko~♥ something that momentous never quite hits you until you see it in print~…but while Couscous also guessed that I was in …”deep deep depression” because of the senbatsu this is also most far from any truth :P! I’ve been away so long from the idl world now in news and updates that both could have graduated and I wouldn’t have a clue…..shudders to think!!!!!! The thought of acquiring such stated although imagined depression due to such an event is most amusing though and we as fans, fans being short for fanatic as we also musn’t overlook those final letters altogether (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!!!、..can have the occasional (some more than others =) ) over~passionate moments of both elation~*~~* or angst and sheer disappointment with those inner emotions coming out in truly unregulated spurts and amounts which gives each her/his own their personal perspectives~. While I’m tempted to go all fanatical about the senbatsu results right here and now I’ll refrain from restrain myself from doing so as you’re most likely already familiar with my favorites♥ in the group from my musings here and you most likely already know of my reactions to much of the movement amongst the ranks….although I will say, while they’re continuing to grow to gargantuan proportions and that for even a “large” idol~group it surely makes it difficult to 100% immerse oneself into each and every personality/face/body in light of the endless recruiting to be sure if the “new” girl(s) are on the verge of yet tickling~* you fanatical once again to where your member rankings are being questioned by internal affairs (aka your heart, mind & eyes…) and therefore being turned up~side~down to the point where you feel most obligated to re~do them at this very instant~Σ(゜ロ゜;ノ)ノ!?...yes. A lot of rethinking of rankings is very much needed with the non~stop romance that is AKB although none of it of course is in light of the new most recent senbatsu standings~. Maybe I’ll further muse upon them a bit later? MMMmmm…..again so many months later it’s probably best not to don~cha think =P?

And now just recently just add in the Nogizaka46 scare and I honestly don’t know quite what to make of it at this moment completely while typing and with in keeping with a certain~straightforward~mind at that….it’s all a bit contradictory and odd to say the least~. Why would a writer, creator, composer and marketing mastermind @ the top of his game resort to slander and “inner” embattlement as AkiP now appears to have initiated? If true can anyone really imagine all of the shocked, saddened and even angry emotions the girls all must be living through now? I mean isn’t the very means of AKB’s success and very existence considerable stress enough from within?….just between senbatsu and fan endearment flirts and ♥’s there’s surely enough rivalries already to go around and then some. A tiny part of me wants to confidently imagine it’s all an elaborate publicity stunt…but why go to such lengths and especially why now? I mean AKB48 is yet expanding with now NMB48 set to debut and SKE48 continues to grow and sales have been to say the very least way~Way~WAY through the roof for the ambitions~* of any aspiring idol♥ group in AKB48. Was NOT YET just a tinny hint into this coming abomination? To place then senbatsu girl Yuko♥♥♥♥♥ into a new unit and then portray the aura of a group yet “lacking” and leaving more to be expected and hoped for talent wise…was that like the appetizer just before the destructive main course of an action in which I can only call mean spirited and bizarre? Does AKB48 not get the producer’s jollys~off anymore? Seriously. While the virtual AKB “member” was a cute marketing idea and it did create quite a stir and now in hindsight the girls were aware of its creation and use certainly (+ lots of love and bonus points for selecting the delicious body of Yuko♥), however with an announced rival group being slated for devilish creation this is an entirely different animal and it’s yet difficult to say if even the girls in AKB were aware at all based on what’s been released so far. But if this “rival” group slated to outgrow and overpower our beloved AKB is indeed true and not just a really bad nightmare and abomination even @ that in dreamland, then you’d then look to history and how man has always and continues to love to wage war and aim at conquest no matter what the potential casualties or possibility of defeat~. In the more recent history it’s an empowerment which has transpired the hands from Komuro Tetsuya in the 90’s to Tsunku through the Millenium to now AkiP who holds the most desired cards in the deck but as history has “taught” us repeatedly the art of the royal flush eventually loses its shine~. A significant part of me has always wished~* for more idol/musician/writer types and at this very moment the will in me would empower Yuko♥ this trifecta of self ability so that the chapter following “Nogizaka46” would then read “The mutiny from within” as Yuko♥ who’d be wonderfully articulate and crafty at publicity as witnessed when she faced a bit of adversity not too long ago would then take matters into her own hands and rival AkiP’s betrayal albeit in a much sexier* of ways in crafting the continued growth, image and sound which has already made AKB48 a lock for the Idol~Hall~of~Fame…..gosh I just thought about the “46” notion and how it’s stating that with less they’ll be more and talk about truly biting the hand that feeds you although ironically in this case it’s a role reversal in the sense that I highly doubt that all of upper management and AkiP would look very sexy in mizugi or seifuku~♥ in a sort of Gary Larson type of way~ :P. So likewise why would they now bite the girls whom have grown to present a bounty of fruition in a seemingly unbeatable fashion and especially in light of an ever growing and competitive market? One can only hope~* that it’s all a bad dream or rather just an elaborate stab….just one not meant for one’s back~ =(. HM, again is this still happening??? I have no idea as this was all for the most part (excluding the little edits :P) typed back in early June…..lol I really am lost aren’t i? xD, not an uncommon occurrence though.

And getting back to the whole old posts thingy now sitting in edit and whether to still post some of them or not this entire blog experience has been and still is a learning experience for me day to day and just thinking back to when I first began writing here (this blog already being a few months old and into 2007 as I wasn’t the original author) the word “blog” alone puzzled me and then I learned “web~log?” or it’s something perhaps like a web~based log or diary of sorts?….but for everyone it’s really to each their own most personally so I guess there’s really no set rules or standards of what a blog should or shouldn’t contain =). Still the “diary” approach and the thought of connecting~* with others with similar interests was always most magnetic but now fast forward to 2011 and everything here has become a quite messy and undefined room if you will =/….I’ve tried the move away from the personal bit a little but it’s not in my nature to do so but then again who really would want to come here to read about what I did this morning, am doing now…..well my life’s just not that interesting to mention too much :P. I guess that’s why I still don’t Twitter, first it would be pretty boring and uneventful to know what I was doing “most” of the time and then there are times that I don’t think one can Tweet about really :P!! Writing for me can be therapeutic at times though and just expressing things openly whenever you want to and not worrying about it too much helps…my life of course and some things that I think Mikey alone can fully understand when it comes to OF (or online friends…..lol did I just make up a new acronym?….nahhh that’ll never catch on xD). Let’s just say that sometimes even the ‘dented can’ at the market finds a home~♥ to love ^ ^♥. You see for me the whole undefined, lack of format and direction/ diary version of keeping a blog (wait…you see how the previous sentence and this one have absolutely nothing in common or direction and yet they sit adjacent to one~another??….in the same paragraph even?….yep I truly do type as I think in real time maybe a bit too much being the scatterbrain that I am :P) suits me and yet it conflicts with how I feel about this blog at times, actually quite often and that was part of the reason for me stopping to post here….a tiny part though but still an ever present feeling recently. What I mean is maybe the lack of connecting with readers stems directly from this lack of format or direction or maybe it being too personal at times? This is definitely not a news blog or in any way a blog that keeps anyone up to date with anything really and a lot of that comes from perhaps maybe an old fashioned way of experiencing things….for example me not being a downloader and opting to purchase releases makes for any music related posts to be written in the real time that I receive them and listen/watch them so they’re inevitably written late and often times way after their actual release dates. I often bundle multiple orders together to help to save a bit on shipping……lol the words save and shipping with imports don’t really have a place next to one~another though as the dollar really stinks too now (><);….so then I receive releases even later with the attempt at bundling :P. And with technology and how instantaneous information is shared today with all of the advances does having said posts written here so late after release dates even make them remotely interesting or relevant I wonder? So that may explain maybe some of the lack of connecting I’m not sure. Then again seriously I may just suuuuuuuuuck at writing to begin with so that’s all a mute thought. I wonder too if maybe I reply too much?…like maybe I need to shut up more often and not reply to everything as maybe it becomes a bother to some so maybe that’s a turn off? I do realize too that in general blogs may not be the best media format for constant or direct connectivity with others as it can be a rather lonely place at times and that other media may be much more adapted to meeting and conversing with others with similar interests. Like with thread sites no one typically writes too much at a time so I’m thinking it keeps your interest much more that way whereas maybe I write too much at times making visitors lose interest because they’d prefer just a few sentences like you’d find @ a thread site? But I’m just digging here and maybe it’s not at all related to finding inspiration~* to write. I’m trying to figure out my inspiration to write. One thing is certainly true though when it comes to any said conversations in that……..you celebrate comments, not a lack thereof….and you can’t live life so presumptuously~. I think though that most have arrived here over the years due to “happy~accidents”….you know you’re searching for something specific and you see a link in the results that may help and you then click~* on a random link and then go oh crap!!!!!…this isn’t what I was looking for (><);. Crap.

Don’t think for an instant that I haven’t cracked up at a few “search terms” which were typed and led someone..a few people?? here lol such as……”gravure idol dirty sex”…..omg there’s no actual sex here……=O and today logging in for the first time since June I found in my dashboard someone named “horny hot” left me 5 spam messages……awwwwwww~♥………(uh…..long sigh* for “horny hot”…….) What the..? I’m giddy with that one! I mean who names themselves “horny hot” and then goes running around wild and unrestrrained in the wilderness of the internet all~butt~naked~and~everything???? haha =)

I was logged into ‘site stats’ earlier today   um some day awhile ago?…for the first time in ages and noticed an extra abundance of visitors @ “~愛 potion NO.10~ To my dearest Takitty♥…” post and from the referrers section it appears to be coming from a HelloOnline thread and the reason I’m mentioning this is that one of the comments there after the linking to here says that the resolution of the scans I did for that posting aren’t very good =(. I do scan photos quite large I think as they usually vary between 2.5~5 MBs per single scan but when I upload them to WP they compress in order to help to save memory space here =). I’m not sure how thread sites or other blogs work but here I’m paying for space to upload anything like photos or videos so making them smaller really helps to keep costs of blogging down a lot otherwise the space here would run out too quickly to justify the means of even being here and then I’d need to purchase more memory space too quickly =(. I’m also thinking though that the person who commented there isn’t reading the posts as I’ve mentioned in the past that full sized scans are available to site subscribers and also without watermarks as a few scans have those as well….but more so I’ve always hoped that the scans I do, appear okay here for those posts’ sake as I’m rather hoping~* to promote the idol shashinshuu or publication so that fellow fans will also support the idols and purchase the pbs/ magazines too~♥. Scanning photo books does place a lot of stress on their spines and bindings of pages and the more you do the more damage can occur but I don’t mine doing them and it’s only a bit sad for me in a way when you hear someone say that they’re not very good scans even when they’re here for a promotional purpose and to make the posts pretty~* and cute~♥ but also when you realize they aren’t reading anything you’ve written =(. You  may have noticed that older posts and specifically those posted before my move from Vox when they closed last September, that when those photos therein are clicked on they become full sized scanned images/photos and with Vox there were no costs for memory space to upload to and I actually didn’t know there were programs that would compress them to smaller images back then so those photos still are really large and the original sizes which were uploaded…….oh dear that is one awful~run~on~sentence which barely makes any sense looking back at it lol…I must be tired it’s past 5 am in the morning..Zzzzzzzzzzz…..lol that wuz  written some day back in June =P…..why was i up so late? Hm. =, P. Not sure.

Is this blog relevant anymore? That’s a really good question. I don’t know and with the readers here being so quiet I really have no way of knowing a) If my writing’s okay b) If my writing sucks and that I have way too many run~on sentences that would make my English teachers blush~*…..and don’t even get me started on the typos and then those occasional frequently made up words which I blurt out and my inclination obsession to go to hearts(♥) more times in a single post than would be recommended or allowed even if this blog were being judged by the caretakers of cute~land and then there’s those times when my mind sort of wanders off topic~off~earth really……wait I wasn’t done typing :P!!! c) More Johnny’s is needed d) I have too many sexual* thoughts each day =P e) I don’t have enough sexual* thoughts each day f) all of the above except (a) & (e). Seriously though there’s an amazing~* family of fan~blogs covering Japanese culture, news and music and really everything imaginable so with that I’m not so sure that this blog’s continued existence holds any interest or relevance as its existence is rather about stuff I come across and those that I’m a fan of in a sort of every day fanatical sense and nothing more. Just a lingering thought…nothing serious I don’t think. Mmmm….if by any chance Ray you’re reading still or any of this mess I’ve written I’m really hoping it got there okay or rather actually worried that OKAMO didn’t reach you safely =(!!! If not I’ll be really sad and then upset @ the person who said they’d mail it asap =(…..the return address though isn’t mine just in case and not saying that you would use it but then my full name would need to be on there because there’s more than one of us with those initials…. Not sure when I’ll write again here and um what to say next?……oh! so how has everyone been ^ ^♥?

Oh and if I do stop writing here and just so that you never say that I never showed you too much*….


..you may want to close your eyes and not look directly into your monitor :P…..



And then below these are a few idol♥’s naughty moments and it’s funny as these aren’t zoom~ins as those are actual entire photographs….you’d think they would be zoomed lol…(^q^)! Mmm…I’d ask if you could name any one of them butt there may not be enough info here to do so I’m afraid :P….I wonder why do people take such close~up photos of themselves? I mean there was that whole Favre thing and that made no sense and that’s actually really creepy and unwanted I think by everyone?..then that guy named Weiner in NY….are you kidding me?? What are the odds??? Each unwanted Yes! And just omg.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


A guy friend once told me something along the lines that….”a girl’s body is not unlike an amusement park.” And that he “…doesn’t know how we’re able to leave the house every day with so many attractions…” I can’t quite remember how exactly he put that last part but it was something to that effect and that’s when I gave him this look: (。ーωー。)♪...and then I left the house ^ ^♥.

Oh and just not to freak anyone out, the photo just above here is so not what you may be thinking it’s depicting because it’s sooooo not um wait lol~! Ah~ I actually have no idea of what you were thinking so you honestly may have thought that she was: a) Just getting dressed b) trying to get one of her socks from her cat c) getting ready to paint her toenails d) changing out mr. tootsie~pop e) trying out your 3 month anniversary of being together present for her….aww how sweet~♥ or f) playing with her cat*. On a ‘separate’ note I was earlier watching the OWN channel and they kept showing this Trojan “swirling” massage~rrrrrr ad a few times each hour and seriously something like that exists? I mean why didn’t someone tell me about this thing earlier lol then at least I could have specifically pointed to what had been keeping me from the internet these past few weeks I um mean months:P! Kiddinnnnnng!!….sort of. REally.

A~h oh yeah and if anyone can tell me what she’s really “doing” just above I’ll remove the present~* for you…maybe =).

~Okay now it’s 100% safe to open your eyes…..


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38 Responses to ~Fanatically speaking…

  1. hydeo says:

    So you post again but dont know if u go really back to post here ?
    this is sad MB… i miss u and ur lot of posts aheahe about everything

    so if u dont go post much or stop post here, can u give me some email or something that i can contact u ?? i dont want lsot contact with u anymore ;\ is funny talk with u ^^

    thx a lot and sorry to bother u again… hope we can stay in contact yet


    • Mmm….I’m really not sure. I know it’s only been 3 months or so but it sort of feels like much longer somehow and even now typing here I feel a bit awkward lol…..but I’m sort of weird~♥ that way =). I’ve missed you too…..hmm I’ve imagined you’d have a new avatar now lol no no~no not that it’s in any need of change at all……..:P. A~amin =’z ♥. Is she still posting the tiniest of photos? Well there’s so much out there I find it difficult to imagine you actually could miss my scatterbrain keyboard sessions here and now I’ve been gone so lonnnnnng. Your thoughts~♥ make me giddy~~happy*.

      OH so now I’m a clown??? =O….lol just kidding :P…i think humor and funny is wonderful for our souls and being able to laugh at yourself even better =D. You know i am pretty much a clown now really examining my tendencies……I wouldn’t do that intimately though…well unless that was a turn~on or something lol…:P W~ohhhhhh stop typing!!!!

      ………..Please don’t ever say you’re sorry, you’re not a bother….no~pe you’re a joy of a friend~♥. rabu~rabu~ o(*´∀`)o゛~。


      • hydeo says:

        ahaha Aamin is cute, and i only use my wordpress acc to talk with u here ^^
        sometimes yes but now she post a little more big ones hehe

        hahah i dont said in this way :P… if u stop tiping u dont go back more to here :\

        and u dont say if u can give me a way to stay in contact with u if u stop posting here :\…. i see lot of ppl have ur email…… hope u can give me this chance to stay talking with u in email ^^
        sorry… i just dont want lost a friend…


        • I imagine you’re smiling~* with that =D!….A~amin even larger, always better, endlessly cute~♥.

          I really don’t know. I’m guessing time…..aliens or hormones will tell :P.

          Oh no you won’t lose me……even if i stop writing here i’ll always be in y~ure heart~♥…..sorry that was way~y beyond cheesy. And to think I’m actually lactose~intolerant….seriously though you’ll always be a most~dear~friend♥ to me o(*´∀`)o゛♥。


          • hydeo says:

            haha yah really sure :P~~
            she only need more leads and appearances in the programs

            aliens ?? aheaeah

            stay in my heart but cant talk more with u is 2 different things ^^…
            and i see u dont give me other way to contact u hehe…

            sorry ^^… so i go wait until u want back talk here…


            • From an uninformed and clueless standpoint….(me @ the moment without any idol news in my daily life) it’s looking like Kitarie~♥ is making the most of her Not Yet celebrity~* as I’ve been seeing her much more and more in publications along with the usual suspects. Plus all of the “newer” members….in particular Iwata Karen reminds me albeit in a light sort of way of Ikewaki Chizuru when she was younger….totally ~♥~ her acting!!!! She’s most adorable and can really touch your heart in her roles so fully..just warm~and~fuzzy all~over♥.


              …ah~ too bad that SMAP performance is missing now =/!!..such a great song and just wt!!*%@!! is Nakai~kun wearing…..lol as usual he’s on a mission of fashion statement =).

              She was wonderful here too….

              Well i’m here now….not sure for how long but i needed to express my leaving and yet hm, not even sure if I’ve done that properly just yet. There are other thingys here to read~into though so i think you could figure it out okay =).


              • hydeo says:

                the subject really changed to other girl ahaha

                kitarie has getting lot of attention this year, is really good i like her a lot hehe
                and yes they need give more attention to the new ones like they do to akicha and yui

                i dont know the dorama u showed sorry ;\

                so lets talk here until u want dont go more here ^^…. i really hope u back into idol things and back active the blog, i really like read the things here


                • i’ve only seen some of the newer members and can you just imagine the mounting pressure between them..i mean just w~oh! Oh Chizuru?…..she’s really great you should watch her sometime in just about anything although there was this one really strange movie that was waaaaaay waaaaaaaay out there with Mr.Avante~garde having nothing on it at all…….i would send you a pic but then it may be too freaky to explain and really because i never watched i couldn’t explain…..but this indies sort of film was featured here during our international film festival i think…..two years ago? Just think cosplay and then a device being placed somewhere a bit odd……or maybe not……depends on the “plot” i guess lol :P. Oh Akicha released a solo DVD not too long ago….i haven’t opened it up yet though but………Akich~a♥….must be fun ne~*.


                  • hydeo says:

                    yah, they have much pressure there @.@ and need try the best to try enter in the main groups @.@
                    hahaha, not much time to watch things now ^^ :\.. only when i get break from univ again :\
                    haha, u can send if u want :p.. but i prefer more horror movies :3

                    yah i remember , i watched it hehe, no i waiting Reinyan dvd to be releases and her pb <3~~ , now chikarina need one to <3~~

                    what ? really ? so give me ahahah, oh akicha <3~~ haehae she cut the hair a little more short u see ?? and sasshi too 😡 stay cute but i prefer the long hair hahaha

                    talking about give, i remember the games u do here hehe


                    • Mm….haven’t seen Chizuru in a horror genre~film yet but maybe i may have missed something. Wait……that indies film i mentioned suuuuuure appears as ‘horror’ to say the least……lol okay it’s just really really bizarre!! :P~ A~h doing your best @ school~♥ =)? Did you get to watch Manoeri’s horror movie shorts…..’Kaiki?’..??? I thought they were done well but i’m not sure if you’d find them subtitled as i’ve only watched the Japanese release. Creepy for sure was the first one….lol that was a tinny Yoda~ism wasn’t it just now :P~…….okay but the second story was much more tragic but yet it still could give you those skin~crawling chills yet!

                      Chikarina?…..love that nick~♥…..don’t know her though or i don’t think so xD lol wait i haven’t even watched Akicha~♥ yet…….speaking of time…..i still want to watch Kimutaku~♥ in Mr. Brain!!!!!!!!!!!! I have it now…..this weekend’s visual love~affair i think….no i know it will be! Hm. Hair…..i think most girls just want to change~it~up @ times but i too have a preference for the longer lengths but if you guys only knew of just how much conditioner and care and time it takes to keep your length pretty~* xD.


  2. maiZe says:

    Hey MB!
    Good to see you post something here after a long disappearance. You mentioned near the start of this post something about changing your email? You said you’d have more on that later, but I don’t think I saw more on that. XD I sent you an e-mail during your absence, just to check in and make sure you were okay. I’m glad to see you that you are.
    I hope all is going well. You have my email if you ever want to talk.


    • maiZe says:

      Oh… You mentioned that your IW feed messed up… Did it ever fix itself? because it should be working fine… o_O I don’t remember anyone letting us know that they were having problems with the IW feed.


      • It was weird is just stopped working one day and you know looking back it was waay too much an odd thingy for me to handle then normally so I just disconnected…..no it wasn’t the reason at all and in a lot of ways i just disconnected myself…….it was just sort of ominous~. It still doesn’t work…..could be gremlins?


    • I’m really sorry and I owe you much more apologies than I could ever type….I mean I left everything that~day and just to note it really got me in some bad situations here in person….I mean with those I didn’t respond to online. Ugh i didn’t actually return to that thought did i? (><);…my mind is in too many places at once it seems and then I forget things..you know I'm a scatterbrain though I hope~* =). Please let Ray know that I still have the ALOHA♥ shirts……gosh the rebuilding is still going on in Japan and yet I may have missed this all so badly =(. I hope~* you're doing great!!…..me, i'm deeply attached~♥.


  3. SagSousuke says:

    ehhh, you’re still alive? 🙂 I always worry when people disappear suddenly from the Internet. But then, sometimes they could do that because they don’t want to be reached, so I don’t try following them. Welcome back (?) MB!!

    On the Nogizaka46 comments, they still exist, and they have a TV show announced (I’m not sure when it’s starting). You’re taking the whole thing way too seriously. They’re as much a rival to AKB as SKE; I’d say a worse one, since they’re new and SKE is already established. The truth is, the AKB48 theater is already used to the max, SDN is a different beast, and there’s still a lot of unatended demand in Tokyo. So, a new theater and a new group in a different neighborhood. The rival thing is just a publicity stunt. AkiP isn’t going to abandon AKB while it’s so big, and he won’t do anything to damage it, he’s not stupid. These groups are as much rivals as the old H!P Shuffle groups were – it’s just the concept, but they’re all part of the happy AkiP family in the end.

    Yes, your blog does have it’s place, and it’s a pretty big one already. I’m sorry, I can’t see at all how you could be in doubt about interest in your blog, You’ve got the biggest blog in the wotasphere and I don’t know how you woldn’t notice that. Really, the only one who could rival you these days is Ray, if you consider his reviews on IntlWota as posts. And if you look at any other blog, you’d see that your comment count is usually higher than everyone else’s with the exception of the news sites with community features baked in. But the truth is, not many people comment in general. And yeah, your blog is just about the things you get and your thoughts on them… But in your case, that’s about everything that’s released in the idol world, so in practice it’s not much of a limitation of content =P And you’re one of the very few who does this right anyway. Most other blogs that go in this direction are usually too short, or too obvious with no real personality…

    Forget your trauma with English teachers telling you to write short sentences; you’re not a short sentence writer. You write stream of consciousness style, and you do it brilliantly. It’s the perfect voice in which you can express your thoughts and all your enthusiasms for the things you post, and that’s what makes this blog unique. Please don’t write short sentences.

    I don’t know what you mean by “thread” site. I think you were doing just fine, although I did find the change in direction to more gravure stuff weird in the last month or so that you posted… didn’t seem like your style somehow.

    If you don’t publish your reactions and thoughts on Perfect Blue with all the too many captions, you should still send me the reactions and thoughts as it’d be very helpful when I do my own post about it some time from now.


      • ぇええ〜ッ! (・o・)??~!!!、...まだ~生きてるよ~♥=)!

        U~n I’m not really sure. It’s like everything’s still here and yet it’s not…..there must be cobwebs everywhere!!! I’ve had wonderful thingys~♥ these past months personally….but don’t worry…not that you’d be worried but I’m still as weird~♥ as ever I don’t think that’ll ever change…in my sole~soul~the way you walk on sunshinE~♥! I still think a vagina trumps what you’ve got…..although I don’t know how you guys walk around with those things* all the time lol :P. Ehhhh…..you know there’s a sentence or an imposter of one that’s missing up above ↑↑↑、what thhhhh? Well…..I’ll leave that to your imagination~* or it may be better to ignore it totally lol……:P Y~ikes!

        Thaaaaank goodness~♥ for the Nogizaka46 reality~*~~* \(^o^)/☆!!~!!!!、you know I’d add a few for exclamations but I may be getting charged by the character now lol……..I know I’m so stupid :P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,…..!


        I don’t care how adorably~cute~cuddly~newcarsmell~those girls are!!!! AKB♥ still wins my heart~♥!

        Big? I realize I’m a speck really. I could never do what other blogs do with the updating on news and releases. Those are the best and largest blogs…..in a measure of being just meaningful…..I’ve always fallen short. It’s okay to say that I suck =).

        lol my writing’s an accident in progress @ all times xD…..sometimes I think i should push down on the backspace key but that key doesn’t get much touching for the most part…..somehow you just made me tear….

        I guess I was in a horny* mood then….I don’t know :P. Wait you do know that we mature sexually much later than you do…….God’s practical joke on humankind, you know it’s like you’re waaaaay too much that* way muuuuuch tooooooo early but later we’ll catch up but then it’s like wt~?……..how are you now not in the mood lol (。ーωー。)笑。



        • SagSousuke says:

          Hum… I’ve always wondered why you have an inferiority complex with news/releases sites. You see, news sites aren’t interesting. Sure, they’re a useful service, and they get a lot of views when a given post is published. But in the long run, as those news get old, most posts turn useless. And you really only need one news site in your life – it doesn’t really matter in a fandom such as this where you get your news from, it’s not like you have to worry about checking different sources to spot political biases. Opinion blogs like yours, however, stand forever. Someone who just finds out about your blog today can take as much out of posts like your tributes to Zard, Mr. Children, Kome Kome Club, etc. as anyone who read them back when they were first published.

          As for covering releases, understand that it doesn’t matter that you take a while to write about them. We’re on the YouTube age, it’s not like anyone is going to decide whether to buy a single or not on your word – they’ll just listen to it there and make up their own minds. The objective of personal reviews like you do is to just express your own opinion about the things reviewed, and you do that perfectly already. Seriously, you have almost no competitors in that. Most reviews out there don’t get to 500 words and are little more than “I liked/disliked the music, I liked/disliked the PV because it was too cheap / the costumes sucked / X should retire / X is hot, looking forward to the next one”.


          • Oh sorry about that but it wasn’t so random until I accidentally highlighted and lost a sentence……as strange as it sounds it was sort of funny when in context =D.

            Hmmm…not sure why really but i totally get what you’re saying~♥. And speaking of older posts with lost media I just lost a little over 20 GBs of memory space here when it expired while i was away =(!! I somehow thought the memory you purchase here would be there until you used it all up but I’ve learned otherwise…getting back to the older posts thought I was just thinking about all of the media i could’ve added back to them had i not lost all of the space xD. I think a lot more people are interested in the image part and maybe not so much the culture and dialogue parts…or so it seems at times…dunno.

            A~h! and i was just thinking about going for a one paragraph post lol just kidding you know i just don’t know when or how to shut up most of the time :P~. You really think so? Everything now with the quickness of it all in general seems to favor the first and earliest…..haha i’m always a block or a few weeks behind.

            The ‘Stream of consciousness’ article was an eyeopener! i’d no idea such a thought/ expression tendency was documented and actually a thing~*…..i sometimes think out aloud to myself and i think it carries over to my everyday musings as well.


            • SagSousuke says:

              There’s probably more people interested in seeing photos, sure. But then, what’s the point in even writing a blog if you’re thinking about cattering to them? If all you wanted was to share media, you’d just register in one of the various forums and upload your stuff to their galleries. You write a blog because you want to express yourself and find people who like the same things as you. The thing is, different from what you seem to think, your writing is unique, and you have a great view of Japanese music. There’s no one writing in the English wota community that knows as many artists and has your sense of history. I mean, I’ve never read anyone else who could say they’ve known Morning Musume from the beginning. But I’ve no idea what it’d take to convince you that your blog is great, so I’ll just give up already. I feel like a stalker sometimes, with how much I say to you and Henkka that you’re great bloggers and should be writing more and (in your case) worrying less. No one ever believes praise, so what can I do… I’ll just finish by saying, your opinion is too interesting to be substituted by a big pile of images. There’s a lot of people out there who can and do scan photobooks, and there’s only one of you.


              • I think you’re my very first stalker…..no wait, i meant in a pleasant way as i’ve had the unpleasant and unwanted types before….sorry i’m kidding..not about the latter though but then i was thinking about stalking Henkka but it’d be awkward if there were two~of~us, you know one in the tree while the other hands up the binoculars i think the wota~neighbors in Finland would get suspicious~ (・д・`*)!!、u~n sou~sou…….it’s the one connection which kept me wanting to keep a blog back then….like i’d find other fans with similar interests and passions~* in the culture with sharing~♥ sharing~♥.

                MMmm…the world may be fortunate that there’s only one of me….it’d be too strange otherwise (。ーωー。)♪...!!For me being raised with (pride) was not a good thing….you never saw or thought of yourself in that light..i mean you have your moments~* of triumph like when your school published in the school’s newspaper a short story you’d written or like when you discovered that not all girls can do that*……and yet i’m always thinking within myself tiny. i guess it’s more a feeling of loneliness in this format…like i can’t connect~♥.


  4. CK says:

    Nice to see you. I sent you an email too. Hope life is good for you 🙂


  5. Erin. says:

    Hi, I’ve never posted here before, but I wanted to let you know that I was the one (or maybe one of the people) who linked your post on Aichan’s Love No. 10 on the thread on H!O, and that I have greatly appreciated all the scans of Aichan’s photobooks that you have done. I don’t know much about the quality of scanning, but I think that you’ve always done a very good job! ^_^


    • Thank you~* Erin and it means a lot to me….really everything you’ve said =). The program I’m using does size~down all images i input here but for all subscribers they’re available in full size…it’s just that cost wise it’s much better to directly post images smaller to use less memory space =).

      ありがとう~*(*´∀`*) ♪。、...~!


  6. hydeo says:

    hehe @.@ i dont care much about the actors there if the movie is good
    hahah now im curious, why bizarre ?
    I trying haha have more 1 year and some months of this year haha to end univ @.@… i want that end soon, the things stay so crazy now lot of works to do ahahah…
    yah manoeri have a lot of horrors movies hehe dont know why but ok… and because of subtitle i dont watched :\… i hope someone make subs someday ;\, i like her so much and u see, she stay really good in her sing carrer
    haha is this type of movies i like @.@ the ones dont let u sleep in the night ahehaea

    Chikarina = Chikano Rina, the Fujie Reina girlfriend ahehaeha, the 2 stay together a lot in lot of things hehe u go recognize her after read hehe.
    So send to me the dvd and i watch again for u hahaha, probably come with some cards too ❤
    u need back to watch akb/ske/nbm things, lot of fun every episode 😛

    hahaha i know that :P… but hair in the lenght of shoulder or bigger is the best <3~~ , only dont like that one soooooo short, that make the girls sometimes look like boys haehahea


    • wait! i was sort of looking forward to the narrow one~two words (depending on their length) single column of hydeo~* =O!…….no it’s still amusing though! Just the synopsis and imagery in its billing is waaaaaay bizarre (=O~??? …). It’s just what Chizuru is doing with that instrument…..okay it’s only a single freezeframe image and yet it so speaks volumes~! Like if i did that* with this*…you’d be like wt~*…but then again you didn’t see that just now :P. Oh keep up with doing your best~* ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!、がんばってね!

      Oh speaking of sleep…i’ve had a bit of insomnia the past two nights……i’m not sure if it’s the heat or just me but sure seems like Summer’s not going away so quietly ne~. Great horror films can do that so much too….i soooooo know~what~you mean!!!!!

      Fujie Rina i know a bit…..she has a gf~♥?? =O lol i know what you meant….i think i do….did i? no wait i was just watching the newest X~Men movie is all……..would be wonderful and yet tormenting to be able to read minds though……be careful of what you wish~* for i think……..oh NMB! I have their debut……..would have been a post but i think i’ve missed that moment =/.

      NOt~good!!!! (;゜□゜)!!I will never cut my hair so short then……lol okay i say that now :P.


      • hydeo says:

        hahaha and u dont go send the image :p… so i think is really really weird aehahea

        im trying thx a lot 🙂

        hahah probably is the heat, when here stay much hot i stay lot of time in the bed without sleep and wakeup more early than normal because of this too @.@… so if u know some good movies tell me the names ^^, remember need have subs :\

        wait u dont know much about reinyan ;\ ? sad :\… chikano rina is her GF aehahea (good friend ehaheahe or girl friend :x)
        haha i dont watched the new x-men movie yet @.@, ppl said stay good
        u really buy that ?? is really amazing the PV, stay really cool, so different of akb and ske pvs 😛
        So dont lost the moment to do a post about nmb second single :3, come release soon 😛

        look to horikita maki when she cut her hair really short @.@

        yah dont cut ur hair so short @.@


        • No that’ll never* happen….well it’s not foreseeable anytime soon =). (the hair~thing♥!)

          Um….this blog may be a bit dead now and it’s just that i’ve lost my inspiration~* to write here……..you never know that may change one day but i just don’t know. This weekend was crazy~…..like i couldn’t even scan the “Time” jacket in time…..ah~..almost~a~pun….ugh not intended lol :P. It’s like there’s so many ideas in my head and yet i just need to find my mojo~*….aka inspiration~* and yet this blog feels like dead space =/.

          I hope~* you’re doing well….sorry i’m the worst of friends now =(.


  7. mikeymikez says:

    Hi MB,

    I think you are coming to to conclusion that you should just please yourself. Like me, you have important other considerations for your time these days. And that’s OK. I know it’s hard for you to accept, but it’s YOU we come for! The rest is gravy, as they say.

    Your take on things amuses us, and endears us to you. Whatever particularly are interested in, and have time for, is fine. We can’t bare to think of you not posting for an extendd time.

    I think that wants to show us what’s in her box! Right? 😉

    I saw that commercial you were talking about, and I thinking how useful it could be… If you aren’t going organic! ^^

    Marie Digby has a new album called Your Love. Pretty sweet! It’s made in the Philippines. It’s also avalibe on iTunes not sure how to order the actual CD yet.

    Do take care and enjoy yourself !

    Hugs, Mikey


    • I guess for so long writing here was really an extension of myself….but when you express yourself in such ways and when i moved to WP a lot of the connection didn’t follow here i lost a lot of my attraction to blogging in general. It’s so much not anything to do with better or worse or right or wrong or anything like that at all the more i think about it…but rather more so the connection with people like with all of the media sites like Facebook and Twitter……it just hasn’t carried over from Vox to WordPress that way and it can only really be my approach/writing. Really there’s no other direction to look to..but it’s okay, i’ve never been an engaging writer i know~. U~n life’s much different now…*hint* *hint*….lol it’s on the site :P. Mmm……i hope~* i’m a low~fat and yet tasty gravy lol xD!

      E~h commercial? Ummm…

      Marie Digby’s awesome~*!!….and many thanks to you~♥ for introducing!! I was intending long ago to feature her J~Pop cover album here but i think you’ve covered her so well~* =). lol you knoooooow me so well ne~*!…….I still like the actual CD releases~*…..oh gawd it’s the old~school in me…..:P.

      Nice to hear from you Mikey~♥!……ooooooh here’s a spoon* for you =)!


  8. SagSousuke says:

    I’ve always wondered, how huge was your following back on Vox anyway? Did you take into account that Vox had separate pages for media (photos), and that Google Image hits landing on your Vox blog would be counted towards your sitemeter and the other counter’s total, while they won’t count here in WordPress (so Vox’s stats were inflated in comparison to WP, although it’s impossible now to figure out by how much)? Your sitemeter stats are hidden, so I can’t see how many hits you get these days, but I imagine you have plenty from search engines alone. To be honest, I think you have no idea how many visits a niche blog could hope to get, you’re doing perfectly fine, and the whole Fall From Vox is just in your head. I’ll risk a bet (and I seriously hope I’m not just giving you more evidence for your inferiority complex =P) – here are two blogs’ stats I could find that you can compare yourself to.

    First, Chuo Dori – there haven’t been new posts recently, so you should get an idea of how much hits it gets from search engines. Today, it’s got 61 hits, at least until now. There’s a bit of a bias in it, because Google will give a slight advantage to sites that are frequently/regularly updated, so your blog might’ve lost a bit of searchers from the recent silence…. but you made new posts again not so long ago, so that’s probably reversed already.

    Second, there’s IntlWota. They have an average of 480 viewers per day, and since there’s usually 3 posts a day (2 Noteworthy, 1 Recommended Reading), you might spread that equally for each post… SO I’d say if you’re as BIG as you can get with an idol related site, you might get around 150 views for post.


    • Hi~…..mmm with Vox i was able to use blogpatrol but i’d always use the individual visitors setting instead of hits because it seems inflated as a single person could click on numerous pages in a row and they’d show up in statistics. The counter above is supposed to be only counting individual visitors too like blogpatrol did but i’m not sure oh how that works =P. It would fluctuate at vox but for the last year or so there there’d be between 320~400+ individual visitors each day….here at WP up until i took a break it was around 240~300 a day but mostly on the lower end and then there was this one freaky day when over 1200 visited, i’m thinking a thread somewhere linked for that to happen and this one other day all of these people living in Germany were here but i believe that was back at vox, just have been as they have this country pie chart..just woh =O. Funny I always wanted to turn off the files section back at vox so that there’d be just posts there but there was no way to do it unfortunately xD. U~n it’s mostly from search engine terms rather than links here…..lots and lots of Google involved lol they seem to run the web in so many ways it’s crazy. Well i don’t know if it’s an inferiority thingy with me…wait yes for my writing in general i think it’s way inferior and just randomly out there sometimes with no focus or control =P…..but for the blog itself maybe not so much inferiority and rather just a feeling~* of loneliness a~h ~(´⌒`。)...

      Those are both amazing sites~*っo(*´∀`)o!、and with a focus! lol this blog is a speck of dust when you view Intlwota! I loss my feeds from them for a few months now and sort of took it as an odd sign when i stopped writing….know that makes absolutely no sense at all but i was already in a different state of mind that day so it didn’t take much to ponder.

      Thank you~♥ so much for taking so much time here….you already know what you mean to me so i won’t say any more o(*´∀`)o。


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