「Featured post」 ~Are you a vaginatarian?

~Take the simple quiz to find out instantly!

I ♥ U

So a couple of days ago my best and closest girl friend~ Couscous who’s admittedly cute~♥ and yummy♥ beyond words announces to me out “out~of~the~blue”….’I think you’re a vaginatarian.’

Needless to say I was quite taken aback @ first however after putting up a front asking why she’d say such a thing to me (happily we’re speaking once again :P) some things creep into your mind and literally begin adding up +~+~+=?

First I needed clarification. What exactly is a vaginatarian? Other than the obvious would it mean exclusively?, in a matter of dreams~*? and does that mean that a girl would forever swear off Oscar~Mayer like ever and ever lol? 😛 Well it wouldn’t leave very much to the imagination if we went to the strict definition so instead Couscous thought it a “good idea” to separate the varying degrees of vaginatarianism…..as you can see she’s creating her very own vocabulary and language as we speak (・o・)。And getting back to her random expression towards me I seriously began to wonder very much the same thing about her well more in the varying degrees sense as she’s been with guys exclusively as long as I’ve known her and knowing her goes back to the second grade when she first “discovered” I was painfully ticklish and then proceeded to tickle me at random for the next 20 years (´∩`*)!!So with her fascination of so much touching and for no real good reason (other than to make me tear (´∩`*))having been going on for so long I think Couscous may be part vaginatarian but she just doesn’t know it yet…(^q^)! And one final thought, girls in general are very much different creatures than men in the sense that most of us will tend to check~out others of our sex and judge, envy, wonder if those are real…..probably not xD, look for imperfections to make us feel better :P, wish we could have “her” cheekbones…luscious hairstyle, legs, waistline, wonder what “he” sees in her xD and find hot girls hot and cute ones cute…vaginatarian or not =). And all of this really stems from being an idol♥ fangirl and just how one may be perceived…..I mean when you own more idol image DVDs, idol CDs, idol group CDs, idol posters, idol autographs, idol photo books and idol collectibles in general than your bf then the wide eyed astonishment and questions are inevitable eventually….like why am I always looking @ girls =)? I adore cute~♥ both physically and aura~wise and I’m most comfortable with that….like what you like….be passionate with whatever moves you without shame and most importantly have fun and always be true to yourself~ ^ ^♥. Well while I don’t think myself a vaginatarian because I’m straight you can still chuckle at yourself in many ways and so….

..for a little fun….

~Take the quiz now! to find out if you’re part vaginatarian~

..in the spirit of humor (*´∀`*) ♪

(you know you’re curious :P)

Add up your points to find out how you did by checking the score legend @ the very end. Note: quiz & text by mb, scoring & legend created exclusively by Couscous so I have no idea of what she was thinking =).

  1. Your best girl friend asks what your plans are for the weekend…..you suggest: Bikini beach party (+55)/ Slumber get~together (+75)/ Double date with your bfs (-175)/ Romantic movie, just the two of you (+350)/ Check out a concert (+0)/
  2. You’re out clothes shopping with a girl friend at Jeans Warehouse and she finds a cute outfit to try on…you: Share your opinion of how well it matches her personality (+0)/ Suggest something sexier* (+415)/ Go into the dressing room w/ her (+495)/ Are uninterested and suggest going to another store (-65)/
  3. While in the waiting room at your dentist’s office you: Look for some celebrity gossip magazine (+0)/ Hope the latest SI Swimsuit issue is there (+130)/ Glare at some guy because he beat you to it (+230)/ Read about Justin Bieber (-230)/
  4. You notice an attractive girl in the waiting room is sitting most “clumsily” and her underwear is showing….you: Recognize “them” from your Victoria’s Secret catalog (+5)/ Wonder why she’s such a slut (-895)/ Pretend not to notice (+0)/ Glance occasionally thinking they’re your favorite♥ color (+1100)/
  5. A few years ago the Christmas issue of Kindai arrived and Tackey is on the cover….you: Kiss the magazine while no one else is around and cuddle~♥ with it (-250)/ Kiss the magazine and cuddle~♥ with it while others are around including friends & strangers (-750)/ Wish~* Gotou Maki were the cover model instead (+750)/ Cancel your subscription (+250)/ Cancel your subscription and write to the publisher and complain (+545)/
  6. While at the shopping center with your bf a cute girl dressed sexily* walks by….you: Wonder what kind of parents she has (-60)/ Quickly check to see if he was looking and for how long (-290)/ Think to yourself….well if your body’s that sexy* why not dress that way (+90)/ Saw her first (+490)/
  7. You save Oprah Winfrey’s life and in return she offers to arrange a dream~* experience for you because Oprah can get you anything in the universe, it’s true!….you: Wish~* to meet all of AKB48 and experience a personal concert in Akihabara all expenses paid (+480)/ Wish~* to room with Sasshi & Yuko all expenses paid (+4800)/ Wish~* to meet all of Johnny Jimusho’s artists all expenses paid (-4800)/ Wish~* for a new car and trip to the Bahamas all expenses paid (+0)/
  8. After a J~rock concert festival you witness HYDE and SCANDAL’s Mami and Haruna getting into an altercation which appears to have stemmed from HYDE drinking the very last beer on the grounds and not sharing~*…..you: Diffuse the situation by giving Mami & Haruna your beer (+60)/ Ask for HYDE’s autograph and go all groupie on him~♥ (-300)/ Pretend you don’t know who HYDE~♥ is and ask Mami & Haruna for their autographs and go all groupie on them~♥ (+600)/ Attempt to kiss HYDE before security arrives (-450)/ Attempt to kiss Mami & Haruna before security arrives (+900)/
  9. A professional photographer~friend takes you to a gravure idol shoot….you: Wish~* you could be a gravure idol too (+0)/ Wish~* it were you taking the photos because you have great ideas for sluttier poses (+780)/ Wish~* you owned such pretty lingerie and bikinis (+0)/ Wish~* you were in charge of wardrobe changes (+4780)/ Wish~* she were naked* instead (+6780)/ Wonder if she likes girls (+7800)/
  10. Cunnilingus? Yes (+10,000)/ No (-10,000)/ Gross (-100,000)/ What is cunnilingus? (-5000)/


~Answer Key~

16,050+ You’re an inspired~* vaginatarian

10,150~16,049 You’re a card carrying vaginatarian

5100~10,149 You have vaginatarian tendencies

4400~5099 You’re a confused vaginatarian & your vaginatarian card may be revoked without notice

4399 and below You’re not interested in vaginatarianism

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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22 Responses to 「Featured post」 ~Are you a vaginatarian?

  1. Henkka says:

    Hahaha. That was an awesome quiz. I didn’t see how many points I actually got, but I’m pretty sure I’m a vaginatarian even without checking. Kudos to Couscous for coming up with this!


    • A~h Henkka you’re awesome for taking the quiz =)!! Mmm…I’m thinking you scored over 20,000 lol :P….Couscous says thank you~♥ too and we had a lot of fun composing this together ^ ^. She thinks you may have gotten stumped a little on the HYDE/SCANDAL scenario as HYDE is just soooo hot♥ lol!!! She’s weird and cute..it’s a lethal combination (。ーωー。)笑。


  2. hydeo says:

    haha really funny the topic

    i dont go do the quiz, probably i know the answer too hahaha

    and u mb make the quiz ?? hahaha


    • It was a collaborative effort with Couscous coming up with the whole idea and then I tried to come up with some interesting and hopefully fun scenarios as my mind wandered yesterday =). She did all of the scoring though and legend at the end as I really didn’t know how to quite make that work okay….although when it’s comes to Couscous you just never know :P. Awwww you should give it a try just to see where you’d place in Couscous’s mind….you’d just need to take a hypothetical approach~ ^ ^.


  3. SagSousuke says:

    The scoring makes the first questions pretty useless, but considering how much more… revealing the answers to the latter ones can be, I guess it’s all good =p
    I’d go with HYDE in that HYDE/SCANDAL scenario, as I don’t really care about SCANDAL. Unless one of these two is the one who remembers me of Perfume’s Kashiyuka. Hum… But in any case I can only lose 300 points, so it doesn’t matter in the end.
    You’ve got me thinking, maybe if given the chance I should do my best to save Oprah Winfrey’s life… Now that’s impressive. Never thought I’d think that. I like the scoring in this item (multiples of 48) =P but the right answer is very obvious.
    I constantly wished I was the one filming and editing Hello! Project concerts, I’m 100% sure I could do a better job than that T_T and the costumes, omg some of those costumes… I’ve got a lot less complaints with AKB though.


    • A~h that was Couscous attempting to be funny or weird because she’s both :P!…..to have such entitlement or catastrophic point pluses or minuses towards the ending I know and how it really turns everything sideways or upside~down in the final instant…sort of like a Couscous sledgehammer there and I was like E~hhhhh??? too xD…but the journey there makes all the difference still I think as you’ve said =). E~hhhhh? lol =O!! I’m understanding that completely I mean HYDE~♥ is one of the hottest if not the hottest guys on earth @ this very moment and millions of moments beforehand and afterwards~! So talented…..the voice…the presence….he has it all.

      Ohhhhh surely save her~♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oprah delivers!!!!! Hmmm ‘obvious’……..Mmmmm…~♥. I’d guess the “unattainable” surely but at the same time I’m thinking many AKB fans are thinking meet them all and get the exclusive concert experience :P. I’m weird though! 😛 And just the thought of Sasshi & Yuko~….(see recent quiz =) ). Sometimes you challenge yourself…..Mmm kidding! Well…sort of :P. Really. Really sort of. rEALLy. Really. And now you’ve no idea ( ̄▽ ̄)~♥。I so know what you mean….those puuuuufy ones and the overly frilly ones and just the odd ones…..fashion is strange ne~ xD. Let’s just hope~* that Lady Gaga doesn’t take over the planet along with her aliens~ (。ーωー。)笑。


      • phr says:

        I got here from the Fridoween post, and seems like I had already answered it once. But it seems I never shared my answers, so I might as well try it again.

        1) Certainly not “Bikini beach party”. Not a big fan of beaches. Slumber get~together sounds boring too. Double date wouldn’t even be considered. Yeah, it’s between romantic movie and concert. Why is the score for the concert so low? It could turn out much better than the romantic movie, depending on the movie. And on the band, I guess. But taking into account the lack of additional information, I’d go with the romantic movie.

        2) The true answer here would be “Shut up and wait patiently for as long as it takes. If asked anything, praise.” Close to the “uninterested and suggest going to another store” in attitude I guess, but never putting it into practice. But I guess that’s the best option for me here.

        3) I wouldn’t even bother with the magazines since they’ll be all uninteresting Brazilian ones. The true answer is “Read something on my Kindle”. But I’ll go with “Look for some celebrity gossip magazine”.

        4) I would both “pretend not to notice” and “glance occasionally”. These aren’t mutually exclusive if you think about it. I just have to be discreet.

        5) Hum, I never really cared for Gocchin. Better than Tackey, I guess, but still… I’ll go with “cancel my subscription”.

        6) This seems aimed at a girl. Ah, doesn’t matter. I “saw her first”.

        7) Room with Sasshi and Yuko.

        8) I go groupie on HYDE. I still don’t care for SCANDAL.

        9) Wish it were me taking the photos. Although “wonder if she likes girls” is another thing worth always keeping in mind.

        10) Yes


        • OMG I must have linked it there for some reason =P.

          I think her thinking with the concert idea was how it would be difficult to interact with one another vocally and how that could be a romance killer but at the same time a movie would require a lot of quietness between two people so I’m…..dunno lol. Slumber parties sound innocent and they certainly can be so however sometimes there’s a bit of ‘closeness’ let’s just say =). Ah you scored 16,305….you’re an inspired~* vaginatarian \(^o^)/ ☆!!


  4. mikeymikez says:

    Sounds like you and Couscous make a great team! 🙂 I like my vaginatarian with extra relish! (get it?)

    Surely you can have both? How did YOU score?! lol These girls are very charming and sexy, so why wouldn’t you like thinking about them in your mind? And maybe it’s something that you and “Oscar” can share? ^^

    I just heard that AKB48 is going to be on official Japanese postage stamps! A B & K I believe…

    Can you send me an email? I can’t seem to find yours

    Take care and have fun! ❤



    • Happy Thanksgiving!~!…sorry I haven’t been in touch for so long. I was just thinking just can’t believe that Christmas is almost here=O. Ahh..mmm I remain silent on that one*!…but you maybe could guess (*´艸`)...、Couscous cracks me up we’re really inseparable~~>↑↑↑

      Oh I didn’t hear about those and that’s really cool to have their own stamps haha not even their postal system can ignore their accomplishments in society and
      entertainment….totally awesome! Oh I will =).


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  6. lol i like that and once again so much cute


  7. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I’m going to answer honestly …
    1. Depends on what “girl fiend” is as I’m a guy. A girl who is a friend? Tricky. Otherwise 75 pts.
    2. 415 pts.
    3. + 130
    4. 0 unfortunately, I am too much of a gentleman
    5. … what?
    6. + 90
    7. Yukirin and Mayuyu rather, but yes, 4800
    8. 600?
    9. 4780
    10. 10,000. I’m committed to at least 30 minutes at a time, at least 4 days per week. (What? Too much information?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • So let’s see that’s……20,890 points!~! =D Which means you are not only card-carrying but also you’re an inspired~* vaginatarian!! \(^o^)/!~! A few of the questions are a bit out there, my friend is slightly out there…the friend whom helped me write up this idea =P, A “best girl friend” could be like someone you’re not in love with or attracted to but are very close as friends….she could be cute though, it’s just that you’ve already entered the “friend-zone” with her so there are no possible romantic ending there xD. When a guy’s really really sweet there’s a fear of losing him as a dear friend and if he’s extra HOT HOT! then it a real heartache as mind and heart battle for supremacy within ourselves. So then you have the safe friend-zone, just in case that was confusing =). Oh 5) and the idol magazine…haha it leaves a lot to the imagination and on a side note it’s really sad that Kindai went bye-bye a few years back as it was really a great magazine which featured both male and female idols and artists…. you don’t get that too much these days =(. Oh yes the AKB48 roomy girls could be interchangeable depending on your favorite girls! I’m liking the Mayuyu~♥ change there, I’m now thinking Yuko x Mayuyu….from my original Oshi to my current, makes sense =). Nice to see a guy with restraint, often too often drunk guy gets a bit too touch~feely and it all goes south =/. LOL if “30 minutes” is true, how lucky~* is your wife!! I’ve never gotten thirty minutes …I feel unfulfilled now xD! =P

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Re: Yukirin and Mayuyu: My favorite way to be double-teamed … er .. I mean my favorite double team still in the group.

    “Who said you two could wear my shirts?”

    Liked by 1 person

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