~Hope for Japan♥

Hope for Japan♥

Over the past month a five part series was aired here in Hawaii sharing Hawaii’s unique ties to Japan, its culture and people and the long road to recovery following the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

I did miss part 4 =( but I think you’ll find it poignant and heartwarming to see the spirit and resilience shared~* alike and with Hawaii being so culturally close to Japan our ties truly are one. To witness the devastation in person and take this journey was most personal for two of our very own newscasters and here they’ve conveyed and captured so much of the heart of Japan and its people…..

A most enlightening connection that I’m sure will touch you occurs in the final pt. 5 where a unique structure withstood much of the tsunami’s power and in it there’s also a close connection to local ties and fans of the Japanese super~hero culture phenomenon alike~.

~Hope for Japan pt.1~

~Hope for Japan pt.2~

~Hope for Japan pt.3~

~Hope for Japan pt.5~

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to ~Hope for Japan♥

  1. hydeo says:

    well cant watch the videos here in univ

    so i go watch when i get my net back

    but good see Hawaii is doing things for japan ^^


    • It’s a really touching~♥ series….just so mad at myself that I missed one part of it (>_<);。It's inspiring and enlightening too just to see how deep and far culture and life ties truly are and when tested in the darkest of times they shine~* the most then o(*´∀`)o゛♥。


      • hydeo says:

        haha but u see all :p at least

        yah is really touching i liked to know about this in hawaii :p
        i go see the videos when i get internet back :p

        so i has talking about trip with mom this days and we talked to go to hawaii when we have some extra money hehe

        so i go bother u in person haha


        • I’m still bummed that i missed one part as I kept reminding myself they’re on Thursdays =/. Oh yes you should watch them when you’re able to as they’re really unique in that a local touch of heart~♥ is in each report =). I think you’d love it here!….and our Japanese community is so large here that you’ll feel a bit of Japan too I think ^ ^.


  2. mikeymikez says:

    At your April SDAFF Film Festival we showed Mari and The Three Puppies for our Japan Aid Film. We raised thousands of dollars! I bought 20 of Japan Aloha tees from Hawaii that we gave as prizes – very well received !!

    I just heard that Spa Resort Hawaians just re-opened!! But it’s only 50km from the rectors, so they may still have problems. I love Hula Girls so much!! I bought the soundtrack that features Jake’s awesome ukelele playing! He started the wave of musicians using it now, like Eddie Veder’s new album.

    I’ve given quite a bit to organizations collecting relief funds – in your honor, since youve taught me so much and helped me love Japan and Japanese culture all the more! ❤

    Hugs, Mikey


    • So wonderful~* how so many people can unite♥!! Means sooooo much!!! Those T’s are still so symbolic and I actually still have 13 of them which we were planning to auction so that they’d double their relief effort funds in that sense…..but now i’m not so sure =/.

      A~h i actually met him!….well “met” relatively speaking as there were lots of fans there for his album promotion appearance and he performed too and in such an intimate setting and close~up! it was awesome and woooooh!!!! can he play!!! He’s beyond amazing as a person giving so much and as a musician really…..Jake’s just wow! Oh I have “Hula Girls”….wonderful film and really so much of a tribute~♥.

      Oh no. I owe you so much more. You do know. so so much more. All of the music and culture could never mean a thing for all that you’ve helped~♥ me through. A dented can no more…..thank you~♥ o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥。

      Hmm….i think i may owe you a tiny bit of pussy too, a~h lol no not like that! ↓↓↓



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