「Featured」~Top 11 signs that the apocalypse is upon us (・д・`*)!!


~Whether you shrugged it off, were a bit captivated by it all, completely dismissed it, felt a bit uneasy, or had no idea of what was going on (like me(・_・)。)、 you know with all of the talk pre~weekend of how one evangelical broadcaster had predicted the end of days of our beloved earth would occur this past Saturday surely had many a minds abuzz~.

Thankfully~* we are still here and so is our beloved planet and I’m quite baffled by his now updated claim that the new date is now October 21st as he was and I quote “off by five months”……. =O.

Anyway. I don’t know about you but my mind while even in disbelief the entire time albeit nervous still flirted with many~a~many thoughts of a very pre~mature bucket list of sorts. I mean you wouldn’t normally create a bucket~list at 29 but these types of things get your mind racing for sure :P.

~My 5 minute bucket list~

(A~h meaning I came up with these in five minutes while in a moment of anxiety and panic knowing fully that it wouldn’t be possible to accomplish by this past Saturday and also that I’d forgotten many things~to~do…and that much of this leaves so much more to be desired lol so not good xD!!)

  • See the Grand Canyon.
  • See Mt. Fuji
  • Self amuse myself in an onsen
  • Lick and caress prepared fugu (・o・)。
  • Squeeze~♥/ hug~♥ Yukorin
  • Kiss J.J.
  • Lick and caress Mami, Akki, Acchan, Akicha, A~min & too many others to mention in less than five minutes (u_u*)...
  • Play in snow
  • Experience AKB48’s Akihabara Theater
  • Sing for Simon Cowell and then run away

  • Discover what makes Sasshi tick~*
  • Ride in the pace car leading up to the Daytona 500
  • See Nino naked*
  • Make snow angels
  • Sing karaoke with Matsujun
  • See Matsujun naked*
  • Spend a day with Nacchi
  • Go shopping with aiko
  • Have seven orgasms* in 10 minutes (5 already done* =D)
  • Go camping with Koike Yui
  • Outdoor cook with Rachael Ray
  • Sing karaoke with Sho~kun
  • See Sho~kun naked*
  • Room w/Kamei in Las Vegas
  • Attend a Phoenix Suns game
  • Experience Wimbledon
  • Play with Mami’s guitar
  • Play with Mami~♥
  • Go to the Waterpark with Okamo
  • Receive basketball shooting lessons from Dirk Nowitzki, because unorthodox & being humble are beautiful~*.
  • Sing karaoke with Aiba
  • See Aiba naked*
  • Eat yogurt w/ Aichan
  • Learn the tea ceremony
  • Experience Mr. Children live
  • Rally with Roger Federer
  • Go through Ogura Yuko’s underwear draw
  • Wear Koike Yui’s underwear…I think we’re close to the same size  (*´∀`) ♪
  • Beat Tiger Woods @ miniature golf~putt~putt
  • Sing karaoke with Riida
  • See Riida naked*

Whew~! (人∀`*)。

(lol you know this list is lacking!!!!….I’m now like wait there’s soooooooo much more to do I’ve only just begun!! (;゜□゜)!!!A much more in depth “list” available upon request :P~.

And now….


~The top  11 signs that signify the apocalypse is upon us~

11. Tsunku publicly admits that Hatake actually wrote “Furusato.

10. The Houston Astros win the World Series.

9. Donald Trump fires himself.

8.  Oshima Yuko mud wrestles vs. Koharu on pay~per~view and they then elope~♥.

7. Jeff Gordon puts Jeff Burton into a chokehold on track and tries to go all WWF on him….oh crap! that already happened (/∇\*)!!!

6. Korean dramas regularly end in 9~10 episodes.

5. Jason Statham is discovered to not own a driver’s license.

4. Idols♥ Japan~wide date openly and continue to be employed and popular.

3. ICE CUBE inspired by Diddy becomes SHAVED ICE

2. Maeda Atsuko takes her talents~* to South Beach (・o・)。

1. Fukumura Mizuki & Sayashi Riho take their talents to Akihabara. =O


Okay and now onto today’s cute~♥ YS girl! She’s Shiina Yuuri now @ 17, hence the abundance of seifuku♥ and a sense to matriculate =). Here her photo shoot is themed~ “Otome Gakuin”….the maiden?, virgin?…I can’t say but she’s surely purely* cute♥~sexy* dontcha think =)! Her eyes are definitely her best feature and her legs and I so looooove that hair color…highlights~ w~ah (*´∀`*) ♪!!Her mizugi is sexy* too and she’s got alluring~ways to spare, she’s just so Yum~pretty~! Mmm hope you agree =)~.

Shiina Yuri header

And for some video~cuteness♥ click~* to watch ↓↓↓

~Shiina Yuuri♥~

~Shiina Yuuri♥♥~

~Shiina Yuuri♥♥♥~

~Shiina Yuuri♥♥♥♥~

Shiina Yuuri (1)Shiina Yuuri (2)Shiina Yuuri (3)Shiina Yuuri (4)Shiina Yuuri (5)Shiina Yuuri (6)Shiina Yuuri (7)Shiina Yuuri (8)Shiina Yuuri (9)Shiina Yuuri (10)

Shiina Yuuri (11)Shiina Yuuri (12)Shiina Yuuri (13)Shiina Yuuri (14)Shiina Yuuri (15)Shiina Yuuri (16)Shiina Yuuri (17)Shiina Yuuri (18)Shiina Yuuri (19)Shiina Yuuri (20)

Shiina Yuuri (21)Shiina Yuuri (22)Shiina Yuuri (23)Shiina Yuuri (24)Shiina Yuuri (25)Shiina Yuuri (26)Shiina Yuuri (27)Shiina Yuuri (28)Shiina Yuuri (29)Shiina Yuuri (30)

Shiina Yuuri (31)Shiina Yuuri (32)Shiina Yuuri (33)Shiina Yuuri (34)Shiina Yuuri (35)Shiina Yuuri (36)Shiina Yuuri (37)Shiina Yuuri (38)Shiina Yuuri (39)Shiina Yuuri (40)

Shiina Yuuri (41)Shiina Yuuri (42)Shiina Yuuri (43)Shiina Yuuri (44)Shiina Yuuri (45)Shiina Yuuri (46)Shiina Yuuri (47)Shiina Yuuri (48)Shiina Yuuri (49)

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to 「Featured」~Top 11 signs that the apocalypse is upon us (・д・`*)!!

  1. brian says:

    See Nino naked*
    See Matsujun naked*

    This should happen at the same time!


  2. strawberrie says:

    I would need copies of Matsujun naked. My Japanese friend is a big fan of him and these last moments I shall give her something smile. I haven’t venture on this blog for a while. I’ve been busy with the end of school year and then I suddenly started playing the sims 3 again and also I was watching anything x-men for the past two weeks while waiting by the phone for work to called me in….which was suppose to happen like two weeks ago 😦


  3. hydeo says:

    another lovely one ;3

    i dont like this hair color, but her is beauty a lot :3~~
    is much blonde @.@… only a little is enought 😛

    but i liked her 😛

    another one for the list aheahe

    were u know all this gravures MB ?


  4. mikeymikez says:

    I was imagining a giant locker room scene and of course you have to scrub all their backs and the rest. All innocent, of course! 😉 Talk about going out with a bang! hehe

    I’ve been to the Grand Canyon. You have to see it to really comprehend it! Did you hear that that they had a basketball game on a aircraft carrier in San Diego and Obama was there?! Just yesterday. And they beat the rain, which is falling now. 😦

    So maybe one day the Suns will come to you? On an aircraft carrier! Imagine that? Don’t think NASCAR would fit on a deck though! ^^

    Did you know that I lived in Phoenix for about 5 years? You could do Grand Canyon, NASCAR and Suns in one go! Sedona, AZ is awesome too. Power vortex! Aliens!

    I got an iPhone 4S with Siri voice assistant and it’s amazing! Especially in partnership with my iPad. The Princesses both have Touch 4th generation, so they can do cool things too. They can get their own J-Music from iTunes now. I should send you their pictures now – getting so big! Ready to be Eggs! ^^

    Your orgasm record is quite impressive! I always know you had it in you (so to speak)!

    Tell me what i should buy. Want kawaii calendar for the Princesses and something sexy from the H!P girls for me….

    Keep on posting at your own pace. We love your take on things, but want you to be happy and have time for your own self. Need time to work on your Bucket list! 🙂

    Here’s my Flickr photo stream to see what I’ve been doing. I am interested in the photo equipment the H!P photos are taken with, Our San Diego Asian Film Festival is just over now.


    BTW, A Boy and His Samurai is is funny and great!

    Take care, Mike


    • lol…wait wHAT?? (・д・`*)!!I think @ the time of this posting i was watching waaaay toooo much of the History Channel about that stuff =P..still it’s most alarming no doubt =/. Gosh they built a court on a ship??? =O wow! I’d imagine the wind being a huge factor then as the basketball goes this~way~and~there =O. Was the public allowed onboard…an active carrier? Would love to see the Suns in person for once~!! Although they’re not very good right now but I can never break any loyalty ever so they’re stuck with me as a fan I’m afraid…as i cheer from afar across the ocean =P. It’d be amazing~* to see the Grand Canyon too…….you’re so lucky~! I just think hot*** when I think of Phoenix although i have no first hand knowledge of just how hot*** it can be there……the weather here has been getting a tinny bit cooler recently and a bit more breezy this past week….still it’s rather warm overall though but much more comfortable =). I love this time of year the most……being here I wish~* it’d be Winter all year long since we don’t get too freezing and no snow here..well except for our mountain peaks on the Big Island. Snow would be fun to play in for a day~or~2 but then I’d be like please turn the snow off lol xD.

      You’re so sweet~♥ for the Princesses and like a Santa~all year long♥♥….i’ve seen the ads for the new iphones….lol i now have iphone envy! I’m still in android world and that may not change for awhile mmmm locked in for now. I was thinking that AT&T would come to Tmobile but that’s not looking too good judging by the latest headlines =//…maybe it’d be bad though??….for jobs and fair pricing….don’t know a lot of that puzzles me in general. I only have an ipod for music….i was thinking 160GB it’s still not enough but its the largest they have right now…..I’m looking to get a 2nd one soon maybe! Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday??…nah they don’t mark down Apple very much as they really needn’t lol =P.

      Mmmm….i think we all have our moments* and needs (desires*)without going all x~rated on you lol (。ーωー。)笑!、..Hmm…I’m thinking the new C-ute calendar would be ultrraaaa~cute♥!! and for the Princesses every year Japan has Hello Kitty poster sized wall calendars which you can never go wrong with =). Those can be found @ Cdjapan although the exchange rate is soooooooo bad right now for us (/∇\*)!!!!~!、Maimichan’s hair is soooo pretty♥ and yes long♥ and wouldn’t you know she has a new shashinshuu coming out soon too~! Can’t wait to see it! In some ways I’m loving C-ute a bit more than Morning Musume……well that thought alone could become an entire post i think =P.

      I think I just need to feel inspired again…it’s difficult to explain but when I’d write here before everything came so easily and with earnest always. Life has been getting a bit busier too but I’d still have time to write regularly if only I was feeling the same. I’m so sorry i know nothing about camera equipment xD…..looking up “A Boy and His Samurai” now……


    • ….i was just reading the synopsis for the movie “A Boy and His Samurai” and Tomosaka Rie is in it! She had a really cute~♥ music career too….would really love to post her music here ^ ^.


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