~Diverse Japan interviews Takeda Rina

Spencer Peet recently had the amazing opportunity to not only meet this talented young actress but he also composed a most insightful interview one~on~one with her which he shares~* with us @ his Diverse Japan website~  (be sure to check out Spencer’s~♥ unique insider perspective on all things Japan @ Diverse Japan ^ ^!!). In addition to all of the exclusive photography and content you can also take in a wonderful write~up of her latest film “Karate Girl” which was featured at the Terracotta Far East Film Festival in London just this past weekend. Both are linked just below and are must reads!!….

“Exclusive Interview: Rina Takeda – Actress Idol And Karate Girl”

“Film Review: KG – Karate Girl Starring Rina Takeda”

You may have already watched Takeda Rina in “High Kick Girl” which has grown to have a somewhat cult~following as it on many levels was directed and choreographed to place maximum emphasis on just how real all of the fight scenes really are throughout and in many instances the initially perhaps perceived to be purely gratuitous slo~mo and repetitiveness of so much butt~kicking actually was intended to place on display the prowess and pure speed of one amazing martial artist/ actress Takeda Rina. And if you thought Donnie Yen as “IP MAN” was unbelievably quick wait till you see her take to action sequences that’ll leave you wondering what just hit me??….and hit me with a fury all in a blink of an eye~!! Some of it’s simply mind boggling to say the least!

And because we all know that it’s the adorably~cute & tiny stature girls that rule!!!…think Ling Xiaoyu beating up a bear while dressed in seifuku~♥. No not her beloved♥ panda of course :P….but rather a much larger opponent and then add many of them all at once and you’d have somewhat of analogy of sorts as to the kind of damage Takeda~san is capable of dishing out in troves of flying kicks and complete fury all very much authentic! And Takeda~san’s also very much an idol and she can now be viewed very much as “the one that got away…” from the talent scouting of Tsunku.  Just think had he chosen her back then just how much butt Momusu could be potentially kicking today~!!! Literally, as a pun and pretty~* much in every way imaginable っo(*´∀`)o!!

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