~Hatsune Miku to star as Guest of Honor @ Anime Expo 2011 making her U.S. concert debut.

Voaloid Hatsune Miku

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku figureThe entire Vocaloid phenomenon and pop~culture was totally new to me just a few months ago and now something quite remarkable has happened as just late last week the Anime Expo site announced the arrival of their very first “virtual” GOH to star at this year’s festivities which go on from July 1st to July 4th~. When you take a step back and realize just how immensely popular~* virtual pop~idols have become in Japan and also abroad with Miku’s fanbase covering a global realm just based on fan interaction including her too many to count videos and live performances shared worldwide it’s quite staggering to say the least!! Hatsune Miku’s very existence transcends the imaginations of anime visuals to J~pop to wota to okaku alike as she’s spawned an array of figures, CDs, DVD~concerts and manga which have simply grown into a life all their own =). My initial reaction and thoughts are posted here =).

Her concert scheduled for July 2nd also attests to her popularity by the very venue it’s being held at as the prominent Nokia Theater which has been home to some of the world’s largest entertainment events in its storied past will play host~. I think it’ll be amazing to witness all of her 3~D~cuteness live in person and I’m sure her reception will be virtually love~unanimous too! Just as a tiny example you can check out some of her merchandise and releases~* found @ Cdjapan and there are some very cute♥ T~shirts too (*´∀`*) ♪!!

And on a somewhat sillier 😛 but very true note!, promoters and sponsors alike must be also thrilled with this announcement as unlike the likes of other “real~life” pop divas who regularly demand items and accommodations for themselves and their entourage of crew and back up dancers, etc., I’m pretty certain that the “virtual” star in Hatsune Miku will be just fine without the need of “x” amounts of a particular brand of bottled water probably only sold in Dubai or no brown M&M’s in her M&M’s and well….you get the picture~=). Diva’s lol gotta love them ^ ^。

Further details and other GOH appearing at this year’s Anime Expo as well as scheduling can be found @ their official site.

And you just knew somehow and in someway Miku would go ero* on us at some point, those naughty otaku =O……

Hatsune Miku ero*

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to ~Hatsune Miku to star as Guest of Honor @ Anime Expo 2011 making her U.S. concert debut.

  1. hydeo says:

    haha how can a computer thing go to anime expo first than lot of idol groups ??

    really strange… but i like some of her songs… “world is mine” is a really good song


    • Oh but she’s reeeeally amazing~*!!!! She’s released so many songs and even complete concerts on DVD too =).

      Oh you have listened to her too ^ ^…..have you seen her sell out arenas too?? It’s just wow~*! It’s going to be wonderfully surreal for sure being at the Nokia Theater that night and just think she’ll never be out of key or out of dance sequence with her discography,….just immaculately perfect~* :P.


      • hydeo says:

        yah and all this in so short time… lot of idols and idols groups take so long time to get up in a stage/concert… and an “program” make all this so fast O.o

        yah, i normaly search for good singers/bands, so i normaly download a lot of songs to find they.. is that why i know a lot of idol groups and singers/bands hehe

        nops not yet… only listened to her songs… have a lot i dont liked hehe, but i see some pics of the original singer in the back of hatsune miku, and her is cute hehe

        haha i dont liked much the idea of broke the idols with this… someone who fight a lot to sing and improve dance and sing… and a hologram do all this in only few minutes hehe… sorry if u dont like my comment… but i always go stay in the idols side for this ^^…. their hard work is all


        • I always worry that with text alone the nuances sometimes get lost….and so with the little “:P” at the very end of my last sentence above I was intending for a light sense of humor and sarcasm =)~. I mean of course a hologram will no doubt be perfect so I only meant a bit of fun with the concept that being said I am impressed by all of the following and fandoms she’s created surely and she’s really popular and quite amazing when you think about it. You may be missing my very point a little there but it’s not important….and anyway, I’m just hoping with all that I’ve written here till now that you’d just know that I respect so much all of the effort and talents that go into an artists’/idols’ careers so much and in a little way your last comment did hurt a little =( but I’m thinking it’s just a tiny misunderstanding? =)


          • hydeo says:

            ah sorry i dont get ur joke haha

            yah “she” created fans so fast… is really amazing

            yah i never doubt about ur respect for the effort of the idols ^^, i only dont get the joke ahehae

            sorry, i dont say that things to hurt u…

            but anyway i know u respect a lot the idols, and is because of it u stay active with this blog ^^… without the problems u have with the other blogs/sites u fight to continue active with it ^^

            sorry if i do something :\


        • SagSousuke says:

          It’s an anime convention, Miku is almost an anime character, and she’s MUCH more popular than any idol group you could point to. Even back when Momusu went to Anime Expo, on the anime fandom side the reactions went from bad to not caring; most anime fans couldn’t care less for idols, and much of the time they have the same prejudices you’d find from someone with no attachment at all to Japanese culture. Hatsune Miku will be way better received, since she’s already well known and liked in the community. And none of this has any bearing on the quality of their work; life is just not fair like that. It only reflects the opinion of anime fans who have never heard of your beloved unknown idol groups. Too bad.

          I might add, there’s a lot of idols around. There’s exactly one holographic anime singer.

          And by the way, I thought you were studying to be a programmer? If you think Hatsune Miku took no work, you should freaking change your career right now. Forget the songs, I’d go watch this just to try seeing the equipment.


          • U~n. Sagsousuke you’ve said everything much better than I could…..didn’t know Hydeo was studying in a related field or did I just forget that xD?

            It’s going to be really something to see her live!!…and so true that she’ll be the most perfect guest for this very event. And Miku so doesn’t take away from idols or the idealism in any way as she rather enhances it =).


            • hydeo says:

              yah , im studying in this field like Sag… and sometimes we stay lot of time talking about this on msn haha

              but well i talked about her get famous so fast…. related to idols… dont said is wrong her in the event or something…


          • hydeo says:

            i get the yway u think about the anime and this things i agree

            only said her get lot of attention so fast, and idols have so hard work to get something

            yah im studying to be one
            humm well if they show some backstage to show how work the things behind miku


          • Shar says:

            Hatsune Miku is not the only holographic singer – she just happens to be the first to find commercial success and thus, the most famous one.

            I do agree with the sheer amount of work it takes though. I’ve seen some videos of concerts, and the kind of tech required to project a pseudo-holographic Miku on stage is nothing short of amazing.


            • SagSousuke says:

              I just checked Wikipedia and seems like in at least one of her shows, two other Vocaloids appeared as guests, so indeed she is not the only one to have an hologram. But the video you linked to doesn’t actually show that.


              • hydeo says:

                if u look in the game project diva for PSP have other 4 or 5 vocaloids there to u use to play

                and yes i see some videos too with guests in hatsune concerts


              • Shar says:

                Guess I shouldn’t have used your own term in my reply. It was unclear and I apologize.

                By “holographic singer” I simply meant Vocaloid. Miku is not the only commercial Vocaloid synthesizer available – she is just the most popular one. And the tech used to project Miku on stage can also be used to project any of the other Vocaloid “idols”. So it’s not a matter of them not having a hologram for the rest of the Vocaloids.

                The tech is already there, they just need to create a 3D character model for it. Which I figure would be way easier than training an actual separate human being to perform on stage.


  2. SagSousuke says:


    I don’t understand this at all. Well, I understand the character change although I do find it horrible, but it’s happened enough times already that I’m desensitized… but the ad in the beginning? really weird


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