~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays~ (volume 5) <Friday the 13th edition (゜Д゜;)!!!>

Idols unzipped...

Idols♥ very much like beauty while timeless go through fashion trends and the like being a sign of the times and with each issue presented here each Friday I’ll be selecting a few articles to scan to give a visual and text so you’ll be able to see the ever changing evolution of idols♥ in a chronological timeline of sorts. Check in each Friday for more from this ongoing series =).

Kindai January 1997 contents page

Also with each issue I’ll be including the contents page ↑↑↑ and here it’ll be interactive with you as if there are any additional articles/pictorials you’d like to see scanned that you see in the contents page you can simply request them and I’ll add those article/pictorials to these individual posts.

Kindai January 1997

Kindai January 1997

It’s Friday the 13th (;゜□゜)!!!Not really sure if I’m going to be able to conjure up anything scary or not tonight but you never know :P!

Tonight we take a look back at the now sadly discontinued Kindai publication as it was presented back in the late 90’s and really the very first realization you’d have after just a few moments of perusing its pages is that unlike the vast majority of idol magazines in circulation today, Kindai supported both the male and female fan~bases with a pretty equal balance in every issue~.

Yoshikawa Hinano

So while model/actress Yoshikawa Hinano graces this cover beautifully there’s also so much an equal abundance of male models, actors, musicians, idols and of course! Johnny’s♥!!! I actually own Yoshikawa Hinano’s I think lone J~pop album release and it’s totally pink~♥ and totally interesting!!!!! I mean if you’ve ever heard Yoshikawa~san speak you’d have a pretty good idea of what I mean by the word ‘interesting’ here :P. In case you’ve never heard the lovely model speak then let’s just say…….she has one of the world’s most cutely~mousy and at the same time uniquely~mousy~cutesy voices ever to exist…..period =). It’s almost a surreal experience listening to her speak and she could be just reading off the phone book to you in succession and you’d probably not really notice or care either as I think your fascination would far lay in just wow~ing at how she naturally speaks. Granted I haven’t heard the lovely Hinano~chan speak recently, but I imagine that voice is pretty eternal unless she had some sort of vocal chord work done xD. If anyone’s interested in hearing and seeing all of the artwork and images from her album just let me know here and I’ll post it asap~♥.

I was pretty giddy as I began scanning this Christmas issue I mean just with all of the idol~cheer and likewise related articles within all decked in holly~♥……..but before I go any further I so must share this one scan right away!!!!

Just pause for a moment and gaze at yes~! it’s Takizawa Hideaki (center), Imai Tsubasa (right) & Kawano Naoki (left)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kindai January 1997 (23)

They’re so cute!!!!! It’s a most miniature Tackey & Tsubasa long before there was Tackey & Tsubasa o(*´∀`)o゛♥!!!(sigh*….) Okay, I hope you got a little kick out of that too….no pun intended of course =)!

Features in this wonderful issue include V6/ Kinki Kids and I think you’ll get a kick out of seeing them way back then too!/ Tomosaka Rie/ Hirosue Ryoko in a really cute Christmas special (want my very own reindeer too!)/ Amuro Namie (can you name her current single from way back then?…and check out one pic for MAX in the background =) )/ The aforementioned gorgeous Yoshikawa Hinano~♥ with a cute doggy!!!/ MAX….post is in much need of a make~over! Maybe one day I could upload their early discography there?…requests welcome =) / Johnny’s Jr.,……wait till you see those other photos of a very young Tackey~♥, they absolutely do something to you that of course depending on how much of a fan you are of his~♥/ Enomoto Kanako who also ventured into music albeit with a lone single (it was quite bad =(…and yet I do own it and maybe I should post it here too?)/ SPEED hot off just their second release~*!!!! omg so so nostalgic!!!!/ Nakayama Emiri…gorgeous as always! those eyes~♥!/ Kinki Kids television/ omg I think scan 35 is a um ‘flash~mob???’ lol okay just kidding :P!!! But they’ve been popping up everywhere and even here in Hawaii~♥. Wait. What is a flash~mob exactly? Does anyone know? I’m kidding of course but it’s just that the act confuses me :P/ Yamaguchi Sayaka…who went cutesy idol~imagey for awhile and yes~ also ventured into J~pop and I have her singles and album releases to prove it =)! If you’re curious to hear just leave me a comment in requests or here in this post =). Her song “Little Wing” is absolutely awesome btw \(^o^)/☆/ Okina Megumi…ventured into J~pop too for awhile. I have a first press copy of her album and again if you’re interested in hearing and seeing all of her music artwork you know what to do ne~ “requests” ↑↑↑ =)/ Kanno Miho who’s been a weekly and most welcome idol for these flashback posts….here she treats some very very lucky children to a Christmas surprise~*~~*/ Takahashi Yumiko/


Chinen Rina..Okinawan beauty! Oh and I just found a little something for the whole Friday the 13th theme scare!!!!!! Her then current single was titled erm…….”Do~Do For Me”….(・c_・;)?Do~do? It’s a bit lost in translation but in any case guys……she’s asking for you to do something for her and I don’t think you’re going to like her request lol xD!!!!!!!!!! She seriously could have just come out and said crap~on~me but hm. That doesn’t sound as “sophisticated” lol I’m kidding this entire thing is totally gross (゜Д゜;) !!!!!Or wait. Did she actually mean to just say simply “Do~me???” Kind of direct dontcha think? (・o・) At least buy me dinner before heading for home~base♥ lol :P! Happy Friday the 13th everyone \(^o^)/☆、...okay that was weird and awkward. I apologize 100% for Chinen Rina naming her song “Do~Do For Me”…that should have never happened if only she had an English speaking editor around =D And I do own all of her early J~pop catalog so if anyone’s interested in her songs + scans for her music releases  please request them here =)/


Melody/ Nakama Yukie CM article…w~ah she looks like she’s 15 years old here….wait back then she would have been………/ Miura Rieko promoting her then new shashinshuu~* “Atashi”……still one of the sexiest* pbs!/ And check the new release music pages as the current hotties were V6, Kubota Toshinobu with the mega hit for the ages “La La La Love Song”, Glay with their smash drama hit “Beloved” still most awesome today!!! MAX’s debut album “MAXIMUM”, those Flying Kids :O, Mizuki Arisa, Globe, Dreams Come True, B’z…still hot, D&D….remember Olivia in D&D before she went solo?/ SMAP’s “Shake”/ Amuro Namie’ “A Walk in the Park”/ Nakayama Emiri’s “Private Eyes” (mini post upcoming…)/ SPEED’s “Steady”/ TOKIO’s “Everybody Can Do!” and not how they didn’t say “Everyone Can Do~Do!”….unlike someone we know ↑↑↑ :P!!!/ Field of View’s “Dreams”/ Takeuchi Mariya’s “Lonely Woman”/ and can someone please explain The Yellow Monkey for me….??? I just never got the whole Yellow Monkey thing xD! Till next week ^ ^!

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Kindai January 1997 (42)Kindai January 1997 (43)Kindai January 1997 (44)Kindai January 1997 (45)Kindai January 1997 (46)Kindai January 1997 (47)Kindai January 1997 (48)

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8 Responses to ~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays~ (volume 5) <Friday the 13th edition (゜Д゜;)!!!>

  1. Kath says:

    What’cha gonna do for me,
    Do do for me!

    That song cracks me up every time! XD
    Jokes aside though, I love Rina.


    • Wow it’s so wonderful to finally hear someone else say they know this song =D!! So long ago that was back in October of ’96…i got the promo single and also love her album “Growing” but my favorite singles would have to be “God Bless the World” and “Baby Love” and so strange her catalog kept switching between the then standard 3″ singles to the full sized jewel cased singles. She’s so pretty too!! Maybe i could post up the releases that i purchased back then…..thank you~* Kath for making me smile so much today~^ ^。


      • Kath says:

        I stumbled across Rina at the bottom of Momusu’s wikipedia page a couple of years ago but came across her again recently when she was in Tanz der Vampire with a certain Takahashi Ai. The second encounter was more expensive though. XD I have both the best collection and Breath but not Growing. ‘Be Proud’ and ‘Break out Emotion’ are personal favourites of mine. ^__^


        • Oh i didn’t know they’ve acted together…a musical? Soooo impressed with Aichan as the lead in “Ribbon no kishi”..still think it’s the best H!P musical production to date….i was so moved and just everything from costumes to vocals and dialogue~ perfect! Wow so cool you’ve collected her music too!!…i love ‘Break out Emotion’ too and it’s one of the few singles that own by Rina, she has such a strong and distinctive voice ^ ^。


          • Kath says:

            They shared the same part. As in Rina does one day Aichan the next, and so on. I like Ribbon no Kishi too but I think I prefer Cinderella. ^__^
            One thing that I often wonder about is if there was pvs for Rina’s later stuff like Just Believe and Love you Close. If there is I have never seen them. XD


            • Ohh okay i get it =)…I remember another play being that way too with the lead being between two idols…funny i just said i ‘remembered’ and yet i can’t remember which show it was xD. U~n both were superb~*! Plays even more than concerts really show off their individual talents with all of the emotions and how well they’re able to convey them onstage, the extensive dialogue and of course their vocals. I love~love musicals…even going back to some really old ones like “My Fair Lady”…Audrey Hepburn so perfect =)!

              I haven’t seen any pvs♥ for those either but with some songs from that time and earlier they were never officially released…as to purchase. It’s like with Amuro Namie and her Super Monkey days, you would always see those pv♥ clips playing on variety shows like with Downtown doing their top 10 countdown and yet she never released them =/. I’d love to have those early ones so much going back to “Try Me~ watashi wo shinjite~” and even earlier if they were ever released but she’s had pv collections on DVD but they don’t go back that far or even close to those days sadly =(. Funny i was going through some old VHS (xD) last night and i found this really old promo clip for “Do~do for me”….but i think it’s only a teaser promo spot and not the actual entire pv…still it was so coincidental that i found that after all of these years of having it in storage ^ ^。


              • Kath says:

                Yeah, I reckon we often take it for granted that these things will be released. I am always impressed when I see a music video played on tv or a tv performance from back then. It’s like, someone must have recorded this on vhs, somehow got it to their computer and then uploaded it to the internet. Impressive stuff!
                PV collections are one of these things that I don’t usually buy because I think, “I can find them streaming somewhere”. Unfortunately it’s not always that easy. XD

                Ah, I want to watch The Sound of Music now. . . .


                • I’m sooooo hoping for Mr.Children’s upcoming volumes 3 & 4 Best~of albums to include those pvs♥ which are still only available on VHS…!!! It’s like each time i play it i’m feeling it deteriorate….such is the life of a VHS xD. U~n i totally agree, and going through the process from VHS to digital is a bit of work but to be able to share~* so many pvs♥ which otherwise wouldn’t be seen today is so awesome~.

                  Ohhh that’s a wonderful musical too~!!


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