「Featured post」~OKAMO♥ & candy*, making the universe infinitely cuter one photo @ a time っo(*´∀`)o!


Okamoto Rei shashinshuu "Okamo"

~Sometimes an obi says it all!

And in addition to her being the “it” child, the “it” girl and you know the idol whom evokes dreamy~dreams~* for guys, some girls, super heroes and mortals alike =)!!….this is her ”待望ファースト写真集!” as written across the obi here taking the words out of many a mouths I think? “Taibou first shashinshuu” here stating just how “eagerly awaited” this single pictorial publication in idol history is ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!You know the one pb you’ve been willing to exist :P!! I love that!! Funny thing with Okamoto Rei is that even with her much endeared and much celebrated careers in modeling, acting and music (albeit the last was brief =(…) she’s kept fans from realizing the dream of seeing a single visual publication from her. That is until now. You know Okamo & shashinshuu being kept separated for all of these years and that despite sooooooooo many of her modeling appearances in magazines =O?? And up till now it’d be like missing the unity of peanut butter & chocolate, cookies & cream, shaved ice & fruity syrup, kittens & mischief, Lebron & D~Wade xD~xD~xD, ramen & charshiu, penis & vagina…okay you get the idea (。ーωー。)笑。

I’ve been imagining this too, that if Okamo were to be placed into AKB by aliens (it may take just that sort of initiative :P…) one day that would ignite some serious oshi~monogamy issues within me (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!!!!!That alone would have the potential of crumbling the oshi~foundation leading to oshi~affairs and oshi~flirting. I shudder to think (;゜□゜)!!!

Now getting back to being “completely” serious here :P……….

..have you ever wondered what could happen if say one Okamo were to um invade one Reinachan’s bikini/ underwear drawer? (some of us keep them together~♥) Or vice~versa? Well after a tiny bit of detective “work” (actually this has been a favorite Reinachan bikini for awhile…it’s Mmm like Skittles but then it’s not =D!) I’ve uncovered the following evidence supporting this bikini raid lol oMG :P! ↓↓↓

IMG_0011Takaka Reina Skittles~♥

~Let’s get ready to rumblllllllllllllllllllllle!!!!~

Okamo~candy* vs. Reinachan~candy*

(event available on pay~per~chew♥)

Further drooling adoration for Okamo can be found here and for Reinachan here :P. Inquiries about candy*, thoughts on your favorite candy* and how one can get more candy* most welcome always =).

You may have noticed above that I oddly purchased two copies of “OKAMO” and because I’m at times wacky~brained I had at first pre~ordered a copy but had then kept it in my shopping cart waiting for more items to order in order to justify the crazy shipping charges and later forgetting and feeling most excited* about “OKAMO” again I accidentally pre~ordered a second copy not noticing the count of (2) in my shopping cart then (;゜□゜)!、so now when they both arrived I was like at first e~h?? But then shortly afterward I realized what I had done :P. So yesterday I thought well, being that I now have two copies I may as well scan “OKAMO” in entirety which is something I would otherwise never do as over~scanning can cause additional stress to pb’s spines xD. Happily though the scanned copy of “OKAMO” recovered really well~* and with a bit of weighing it down overnight it’s really in nearly perfect condition you know except for the crease along its outer spine =). I really don’t need two copies of any pb so if you’re reading this and would like this copy to be yours please let me know along with any thoughts or questions you may about candy* and you can have it ( ̄▽ ̄)♥。Otherwise it’ll be doomed to sit on my bookshelf never to be looked at again and wouldn’t that be too sad (;´□`)?

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (1)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (2)

Okay so all 113 gorgeously~dreamily~cute~♥ pages of “OKAMO” are scanned here and to begin with there are a couple pages of growing~up Okamo♥ collages to make you smile~* and isn’t baby~Okamo so adoraaaaaaaaaaaable!!!! Baby pictures always melt me as they remind me that I can’t wait to have my very own akachan♥!

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (3)

From hereon I’ve posted the entirety of her photo book starting first with its ending (as the latter portion of “OKAMO” goes into her earlier Young Jump archives), then building up to the current awesomeness that is Okamo♥♥♥. You’ve already met her private photos and later at the end there’s also an interview included so you can get deeper inside of all which makes her so much ~♥! I should also mention that a friend of a friend who lives here so much looks like Okamo (with her shorter hairstyle) that it’s uncanny and I sometimes probably don’t realize that I’m inadvertently gazing at her so she maybe thinks I’m strrraaange :P! but if she only knew!

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (4)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (5)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (6)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (7)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (8)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (9)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (10)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (11)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (12)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (13)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (14)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (15)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (16)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (17)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (19)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (18)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (20)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (21)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (23)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (22)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (25)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (24)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (28)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (26)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (29)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (30)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (31)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (32)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (33)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (34)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (35)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (36)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (37)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (38)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (39)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (40)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (41)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (42)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (43)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (44)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (45)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (46)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (47)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (48)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (49)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (50)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (51)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (52)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (53)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (54)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (56)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (55)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (58)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (57)

Note: Even Okamo’s♥ bosom and navel area are awesome enough to warrant gatefold~style two page photographs~♥!

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (60)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (59)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (62)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (61)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (64)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (63)

Sorry about the bleed~through above as for some reason the opposite side’s image came through a bit =(.

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (65)

And now the scans go to the actual beginning of “OKAMO” here……

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (66)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (68)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (67)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (69)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (70)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (71)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (72)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (73)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (74)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (75)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (76)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (77)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (78)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (79)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (80)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (81)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (82)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (84)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (83)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (85)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (86)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (87)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (88)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (89)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (90)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (91)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (92)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (93)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (94)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (95)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (96)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (97)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (98)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (99)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (100)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (102)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (101)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (103)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (104)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (105)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (106)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (107)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (108)

Okamoto Rei OKAMO (109)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (110)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (111)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (112)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (113)Okamoto Rei OKAMO (114)

(*´∀`) うれしー♥♥♥!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to 「Featured post」~OKAMO♥ & candy*, making the universe infinitely cuter one photo @ a time っo(*´∀`)o!

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  2. hydeo says:


    chose one for be my candy ??

    sure u know i go get Tanakacchi right hehe ??

    if someday i dont get the neko-chan u can hit me so hard because im start to stay crazy

    nothing against okamoto but well tanakacchi always hehe


    • lol for a second there I was wondering if you were maybe one that doesn’t eat candy*…(^q^)! I know some guys refuse to eat any but then I’m thinking wait….you want me to do that and yet you won’t lol? xD Oh wait sorry, we are talking about the same candy* right :P? Wacky analogy I know although if you think about it there are sweetly flavored products to use well……I can say that they’re very interesting concepts :O. Seriously though we are talking strictly about Skittles and Starburst right (^q^)!

      E~~hhhhhh ‘neko~chan?’ Oh I don’t know how to hit…violence scares me (・д・`*)!!I’m much more apt to run away fall down and hurt myself (;゜□゜)!!...and now officially this is the strangest conversation I’ve had all day and that says a lot as Couscous was here earlier :P.

      p.s. I had no doubt that you’d choose Tanakachi~♥ however if you’re wanting her to wear that candy~bikini you’re going to have to locate Okamo first (。ーωー。)笑


      • hydeo says:

        oh well i think if i dont eat candy… probably i go open an exception for tankacchi candy :x… cant deny “eat” that candy… ok end of the perv things ahehahea

        aheahe i understand about the skittles thing.. i has eat this too when im young.. but i dont think have more to sell… well at last in brazil

        haha one of takanacchi nicknames = Neko (well at last until her dressed always like an cat when they put animal clothes in the girls)

        omg so dont run much pls @.@ haha


        aheahea the okamo pb has get after tanakacchi one ?? oh well so i go after okamo first and get infos about tanakacchi ❤


        • I was so trying to be discreet there :P…but I thought it better to create an analogy with candy* instead of coming right out and saying it lol because then this site would have to be rated R =O? lol I just knew you’d readily eat her candy* and I do think it’s only natural for both sexes to indulge in candy* when in love of course o(*´∀`)o゛♥。

          Oh they don’t sell Skittles in Brazil anymore =(…..they’re really a bit too sweet though and just a step away from being exactly like those sugar~straw thingies xD. Still good once in awhile =). Their bikini do so much resemble Skittles though and it can’t be a mistake for them to look that way….I just wonder what the rest of the material there really says being that it’s not actually ‘Skittles’….?? Could it be Engrish~Skittles?

          lol I’m sort of clumsy that way always have been really so my legs aren’t scar free sadly and I have this tiny scar above my upper lip (*>ω<) !Oh that's the nick I've given to a dear friend of mine….there's this really I think funny story about her and couscous but she would absolutely kill me if I ever told (。ーωー。)笑 Couscous helped me write a post here before but maybe you didn't see it.

          lol I was thinking it was you who was repeatedly adding votes for Neko so I thought to turn on the cookie feature here….but now that I think about it you haven't been online that often so maybe…..hmm? In any case I never expected Okamo~♥ to challenge Reinachan~♥ so much as I imagine most who visit here are much more inclined to be Reinachan~♥ fans just with the content and history of this blog being so much comprised of H!P goodness~* over the years =).Hmm..so admit that Okamo has invaded your mind lol :P~!


          • hydeo says:

            sorry haha but i dont said nothing much WOW aheahe
            oh well is good u know im ready for eat her candy haha ?? (and again i think if someday i can go to japan to see her :\)

            no ;\, only i has young i eat a lot of this hehe… and maybe they changed a little the flavor of it… when i go to hawaii visit u we buy some to us hehe
            humm i think is really about the candy skittles

            oh take care to dont fall much hehe 😡 ate least u have someone to take care of u if somethign occours hehe

            haha so her dont like the nick ?? or only joke about kill u ?? what about the topic her helped u ??
            she is a angry girl haha ?? being ur best friend i think she is amazing girl ^^… someway to intruduce her to me O.o ? (sorry to ask, but i like make friends and this things ^^)
            but what means couscous ??

            humm O.o no… i voted only one time, so is dont me who giving her much votes
            but maybe reina go win because okamo is an “old” idol and the new ones who follow idols now dont know her…
            haha i liked okamo too, nothing agains her, but u know her never go get reina place aheahea, if u look close is reinyan one of the motives i started like idols and idols groups… her is the first girls i see from a idol group hehe


            • hydeo says:

              forget what i said about okamoto be an “old” idol… sometimes things come out without think aheahe

              i prefer okamo with the long hair :P, more cute.. well normaly i love long hair so is strange for me see someone with long and later short…. in other way fujie reina stay really amazing kawaii with short/long hair

              i remember another idol group aheahe bump.y do u know ??


              • Hey did you notice that Okamo is leading by a tiny smidgin right now??? Okay I just jinxed her =O!!! But it’s just a happy feeling to see both Reinachan~♥ and Okamo~♥ both flexing their fanbase here \(^o^)/☆!!、Well only if a girl really likes you will she offer you any candy* (。ーωー。)♪ A~h Skittles…..it’s pretty much a sugar high with food coloring~* =D!!!…it’s probably the same sugary recipe~* everywhere in the world =). Funny thing about eating Skittles is just how easy they are to eat and by that I mean that with a lot of sugary~candies they’re just so sweet that you’d have to stop after awhile surely but with Skittles I seem to be able to keep eating them…..that’s actually not a good thing is it :P? Too much sugar and then you do impulsive things lol xD!!

                ‘Neko?’ oh no it’s very cute~♥! And Reinachan is like a cat in many ways…..leaving out of course the ability to lick~oneself (。ーωー。)笑。I think?

                Oh I couldn’t tell you the origin of her nickname which btw she says she hates…..but I think deep down inside she knows it’s endearing♥. Oh the post I wrote here with her is…..mmm……here:


                She’s really sweet~♥ and generally I get the feeling that she’s thought of as the ‘cute one’ whenever we go out anywhere together but it’s okay….really (´∩`*)。I’m only sort of kidding with that as she’ll say the opposite whenever we’re together but Couscous is single so that definitely sets us apart and end of discussion.

                wooooh that was a nice save :P!!….I’m kidding but was puzzled when you called Okamo ‘old’ I was like omg Hydeo is a U~15 fan?? 😛 Kiddiiiiiing :P! U~n I know what you mean about the hair styles as I so agree that some girls are just much more suited to longer or shorter hairstyles with so much depending on facial features~*. I’ve had a lot of shock moments in the past whenever a beloved idol would suddenly cut her hair shorter……sometimes honestly you never recover from those as some said idols have kept the shorter do from then on xD. Hmm…with Okamo I’m loving both looks for her and actually in some ways I find her shorter hairstyle to bring out a much more playful and spunky side to her versus the pure drop~dead cuteness of her with a longer hairstyle~. I guess you can say I’m honestly torn…..but it just means that Okamo’s that much more cute~awesome, she being able to wield both hairstyles with such adorableness~♥ and impressions (*´∀`*) ♪!!!And now you’ve got me saying too much and daydreaming~* lol :P. I’ve heard of bump.y but I’ve never checked them out before.


                • hydeo says:

                  smidgin ?? dont found what mean this word hehe sorry

                  haha or something like this… im far from get some candy from someone haha

                  yah i think it is the same recipient… anyway bad dont have here :\ anymore…

                  haha and can give some problems with the theets(dont remember how write ahaha) and start to get fat ?? hahaha

                  humm i remember the when u buy come low skittles.. so after some time they make a big verion of the recipe with a lot os skittles ahehaeha

                  why u think her is a neko herself??…. haha but she can lick other ppl lol… she can like me all the time ;x haha… u hava watched her anime ?? kaito reinya haha ??

                  haha cute girls are the best haha…
                  dont get what u mean about end of discussion :\ sorry… or u mean u dont go intruduce me her hehe ??

                  haha i always mistakes with the names :x.. humm but have problem be U-15 fan ?? anyway have somegirls we like is u-15 yet.. and lot of idols and gravure started with u-15 O.o… i like some… but not in the bad way…. dont think bad of me… i think they are really cute and have good chances to start shine a lot in the carrer and this things…

                  yah sometimes i stay in shock too… but looking to old photos from okamo her with long hair is better :P, her face changed a lot with short hair..

                  haha daydream is good i think…i think things that keep u alive is dreams
                  they are good ^^ try
                  and have 9nine too u know ?? 9nine, have my other love , kawashima umika ❤ so cute and beauty… her do the sister for falcon in the bloody monday series :P… i know her from there haha


  3. linda says:

    hey im srry but are u selling the skittles bikini? 😦 i really want one… if not where did u buy it?… can u please let me know?


    • Oh no sorry I’m just a fan of the Skittles~bikini =). I just got a little kick out of seeing two very different idols wearing the same design but now that you mention it I want one too ^ ^♥.


  4. philipleslie says:

    Beautiful person, beautiful photos!


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