「Featured post」~The curious case of a bikini imitating lingerie or is it lingerie imitating a bikini?…and who says there’s no idol♥ life after 30…(´-ω-`)♥♥♥!

Hoshino Aki~♥!

Hoshino Aki~♥!

…and in Hoshino Aki’s case it’s an absolutely gorgeous life @ 34 years of age (*´∀`*) ♪!!I mean can you believe she was born in the 70’s and she’s even older than I am and just gosh* you would never guess it~! (Edit: brain~hiccup fixed =P) would love to look this amazing @ 34.

And likewise Akki’s been appearing in men’s idol/entertainment magazines for what seems like forever now and she really went through quite a body and just overall appearance change beginning some time last year when she appeared to have lost a noticeable amount of weight but to be certain….Akki was never never ever in desirable need of weight loss as she’s always been so perfect~*!…so it’s all the more surprising. Did her boobs also go through some sort of reduction??….if you check out her older photo shoots you can be the judge :P. I’m thinking definitely no but I guess with her thinner frame you’d think that she’d appear even larger up there* than before so that may possibly play a role in the illusion if it is just that.And again I totally think she’s totally 100% naturally the same and just a slimmer picturesque beauty of herself =).

You know I never did quite have an inkling to compare Hoshino Aki to Ogura Yuko earlier but facial feature wise with this “new” Akki I find myself seeing some of Ogura Yuko in her or rather vice versa as Akki would be like the older “sister” image between the two~ 😛 but truly both defy age. And on a side note with the recent news that Ogura Yuko is planning to be married later this year and possibly on her birthday right here in lovely Hawaii~♥!…I may just have to unload or rather upload a lot of Ogura Yuko~♥ goodness to this site which I’ve had a bit on hold until now, you know before her marriage as in some sense or maybe not, would it see odd to continue to view her in an idol♥ sense after marriage?? I guess that could go up for debate =). Again though I wonder if you also see a quite distinct likeness between the two as I do?? Like Akki could be Yuko’s older sister in some parallel universe? And they both personify the highest level of idol♥ sensuality….both produced and natural~ ^ ^.

Getting briefly back to her seemingly sudden body change/or not, it’s also interesting to note that Akki did write a book where she details and tips on just how to maintain that oh~so~sexy* physique always!! Mmm…wonder if that added a spin on her personal appearance too? I mean say if you were suddenly thrust forward as the new face of Jenny Craig or Subway~♥♥♥??….I’m thinking there would be an unimaginable added pressure to promote such an image where you’ll readily be perceived as being “ideal”..slim….desirable? I could go on and on :P.

Just above and left I’ve been pondering about that particular look* and if it’s a bikini imitating lingerie or if it’s lingerie imitating a bikini??…(^q^)!

Hoshino Aki has also interested me with her very name as her birth~name is traditionally completely written in kanji for its meaning while she has opted for a simpler writing in hiragana when addressed as her idol~self although even that has been blurred a bit in the past as the two are in a sense interchangeable. For her career Akki has mainly pursued modeling no doubt but she also has some notable acting roles in both t.v. dramas and movies and for me it caught me a bit by surprise seeing that she was cast in “Gokusen” the movie…..and for some reason I didn’t recognize her readily but rather learned of her inclusion afterward xD. I wonder how many of you own a collection of Akki’s many trading card sets??….her image DVDs??…and tons and tons of magazine appearances over the years??

In any case, Akki effortlessly defuses the notion that “idoling♥” is predetermined to “end” or even taper off in one’s latter 20’s and for that alone she is endearing and a fresh image to appreciate, and ageless beauty if you will in a culture where youth will always reign supreme with the never ending cycle of “elder” graduations. And in this most profound beauty, the older and aging idol♥ fan (us) may find an oasis of salvation, one against a landscape of both time and inevitable beautiful change~.

The following photo shoot touts the theme of “Princess” and Hoshino Aki is the ever gorgeous image of  idol~royalty dontcha think o(*´∀`)o゛♥?And it’s one of the much more extensive online photo shoots too.

Albeit okay..maybe a bit naughty for a princess but in gravure idol♥~land it’s very often one in the same~ =). How this photo shoot pushes the sensual* envelope with each photo encounter, a progressive sense of undress*. I think the red’s most sexy* though…and..

..she’s just so sexy* here and alluringperfect~* just ♥!! I’ll now leave you alone with your thoughts….♥♥♥! She’s just too sexy* for words!!!!

Hoshino Aki (1)Hoshino Aki (2)Hoshino Aki (3)Hoshino Aki (4)Hoshino Aki (5)

Hoshino Aki (6)Hoshino Aki (7)Hoshino Aki (8)Hoshino Aki (9)Hoshino Aki (10)

Hoshino Aki (11)Hoshino Aki (12)Hoshino Aki (13)Hoshino Aki (14)Hoshino Aki (15)

Hoshino Aki (16)Hoshino Aki (17)Hoshino Aki (18)Hoshino Aki (19)Hoshino Aki (20)

Hoshino Aki (21)Hoshino Aki (22)Hoshino Aki (23)Hoshino Aki (24)Hoshino Aki (25)

Hoshino Aki (26)Hoshino Aki (27)Hoshino Aki (28)Hoshino Aki (29)Hoshino Aki (30)

Hoshino Aki (31)Hoshino Aki (32)Hoshino Aki (33)Hoshino Aki (34)Hoshino Aki (35)

Hoshino Aki (36)Hoshino Aki (37)Hoshino Aki (38)Hoshino Aki (39)Hoshino Aki (40)

Hoshino Aki (41)Hoshino Aki (42)Hoshino Aki (43)Hoshino Aki (44)Hoshino Aki (45)

Hoshino Aki (46)Hoshino Aki (47)Hoshino Aki (48)Hoshino Aki (49)Hoshino Aki (50)

Hoshino Aki (51)Hoshino Aki (52)Hoshino Aki (53)Hoshino Aki (54)Hoshino Aki (55)

Hoshino Aki (56)Hoshino Aki (57)Hoshino Aki (58)Hoshino Aki (59)Hoshino Aki (60)

Hoshino Aki (61)Hoshino Aki (62)Hoshino Aki (63)Hoshino Aki (64)Hoshino Aki (65)

Hoshino Aki (66)Hoshino Aki (67)Hoshino Aki (68)Hoshino Aki (69)Hoshino Aki (70)

Hoshino Aki (71)Hoshino Aki (72)Hoshino Aki (73)Hoshino Aki (74)Hoshino Aki (75)

Hoshino Aki (76)Hoshino Aki (77)Hoshino Aki (78)Hoshino Aki (79)Hoshino Aki (80)

Hoshino Aki (81)Hoshino Aki (82)Hoshino Aki (83)Hoshino Aki (84)Hoshino Aki (85)

Hoshino Aki (86)Hoshino Aki (87)Hoshino Aki (88)Hoshino Aki (89)Hoshino Aki (90)

Hoshino Aki (91)Hoshino Aki (92)Hoshino Aki (93)Hoshino Aki (94)Hoshino Aki (95)

Hoshino Aki (96)Hoshino Aki (97)Hoshino Aki (98)Hoshino Aki (99)Hoshino Aki (100)

Hoshino Aki (101)Hoshino Aki (102)Hoshino Aki (103)Hoshino Aki (104)Hoshino Aki (105)Hoshino Aki (106)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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34 Responses to 「Featured post」~The curious case of a bikini imitating lingerie or is it lingerie imitating a bikini?…and who says there’s no idol♥ life after 30…(´-ω-`)♥♥♥!

  1. mikeymikez says:

    Don’t you mean that she is older than you? 🙂

    My goodness, she looks ageless! Darn fine indeed!

    Have you heard of Patisserie Coin de Rue with Yu Aoi? Lovely deserts and Yu Aoi is always delictable too! ^^

    We raised almost $15000 for Japan Relief including selling the Hawaiian Aloha for Japan tee shirts!!

    Donations for Japan




    • I suffered a brain~hiccup there =P!!…okay edited =P. Makes a lot more sense now with my admiring her at 34 (*´∀`*) ♪

      T.V. program? I haven’t heard of this title before…and just wow~!!! That’s so awesome~amazing of you guys to raise so much to help Japan <3!!!


      • Mike Avila says:

        It’s a film that just opened in Japan recently. We where lucky to get it for our Spring Showcase. She’s so yummy!! ^^ Luved her in Hula Girls!!



        • “Hula Girls” a film I really should watch in entirety..and being in Hawaii and all I’m a bit ashamed to say I’ve only seen a portion of it…well I think most or a lot of it but I never finished it xD. I haven’t followed her too much with her releases but I so agree that she’s most pretty~*.


  2. hydeo says:

    why u do this with us MB ??

    her is amazing as usual 😛
    and this post make me want put more my eyes in her

    u buy all her magazines ???

    i follow her a little but now u make me get more interrest in her hehe

    and i don give more than 25 years for her… she look a lot young yet @.@… amazing no ??

    (i hate stay without internet in my house yet :\… damn i want download more things from her now haha)

    her dont have a singer carrer too ?? or i mistake with other girl ??


    • Ehhhhh? lol you can never have too much of sexy*!! Akki is just so like wow~* and I don’t think many would even think twice about her age not knowing but then when you realize it then it’s like wow~* x like a million =). I think it’s the style of this photo shoot…..like each image is trying to seduce the viewer one frame at a time :P. I actually have quite a lot of her articles from older magazines but most aren’t anything like this one that’s for sure! More on the cutesy and playful side. It is!!! If I look anything like this in like 5 years I’d feel truly blessed~*!!!! Like her book illustrates one must really take conscious steps to take care of yourself both inside and out and in your latter age it really makes such a difference~. Have you finished moving yet?…I’m sure you’ll get internet up soon ne~? A lot of unexpected musical ventures have happened in the past too like with Nakama Yukie~♥ but if Akki did then I totally missed it (´∩`*)!


      • hydeo says:

        yah is a shock see her have 35 year and yet look so young… is amazing 😛

        yah i noticed is like a slide show of the pics in the magazine… some magazines only put random pics, dont have much sequencial pics like Akki

        this one is amazing hehe… do u have something from her start ? i mean the first magazine ?? if u can make a post with that magazine scans we can see the change of her 😛

        her give hints about stay young in some magazines ???

        yeh i finished move, but there look like the internet dont go work :\… so probably i go need move to another house again… but i dont know how this go occours… is so sad… 2 weeks without internet :\

        i think i mistake with another “hoshino” hehe 😛

        well hope i get the internet back fast :\… is really sux stay in house without nothing to do ;\


        • hydeo says:

          MB a little random to this post, but u see Koike Yui is member of an Idol group called Tomato ‘n Pie ??

          i has watching tokyo idol festival… and is so amazing see the new idols group there… momoiro clover and passpo is the 2 best ones there


          • She’s really blessed~*!!! If only all girls could be so lucky! I guess it really depends on the photographer and the style as this one for sure was meant to have a strip tease/ allure to it annnnnnd it succeeds for sure =P. I probably don’t have her very first appearance but I do have some early articles with Akki. I’m thinking at some point I may reach some of them in my flashback zasshi series here….keep a look out for them =). Oh she wrote a book actually about the techniques and how she manages to keep herself so youthful inside and out.

            Oh that’s really bad =(!!!….I wonder why your internet doesn’t work there and I hope someone’s able to fix it soon. It really bummed me out…probably an understatement when I lost my internet completely too not too long ago so i totally know how you’re feeling =/. Are you using a friend’s internet or I’m thinking there may be public services or maybe an internet cafe nearby?


            • hydeo says:

              u make more posts than me here now ahhae, go answer one by one

              aheahea is a slide strip show aeaheha… but is not so much critical, seeing lot of idols get so shoots like this 😛

              ok i go stay tunned so, want see the young akki ahehae… probably her look lot kawaii too

              humm this look amazing, u have read the book ??

              i go stay only more week until i get my net back… tsc… cant wait more haah, want do my things

              so u know how bad is haha.. have 15 days now :\ and now more one week :\

              im normaly use the internet on my univ at nite… in day time i stay dieing in my house ahehaea


              • A~h I kept thinking oh wait I forgot to say this and then that…=P.

                These types of photo shoots seem to be much more common with online magazine offerings as they’re not limited with space.

                Oh I was just reading her book’s description online =).

                I sympathize a lot…..life without your internet is unbearable for sure….


                • hydeo says:

                  haha its ok, only joking with u 😛

                  humm look like… i want download this pb hope i find easy on net look more amazing see in the 20′ monitor hehe

                  humm look goods know this things.. but u go buy her book ??
                  talking about book u go buy koha-chan book ??


                  • Mmm…I think I’m okay in the fitness area of life….but her knowing of the fountain~of~hotness~youth??…now that may be worth reading for =)!

                    I have Kohachan’s biographical book….unless you mean another book?


                    • hydeo says:

                      haha so i seeing u buying her book soon hehe 😛

                      nono, is her first one 😛 i think her dont go do another yet aheahe

                      so what her talk about there ?? can u tell somethings ?? i never go buy ;\ cant understand aheahe


          • ‘Tomato ‘n Pie?’ no ‘pine’ :P….I’m so hoping they sing!!!! I didn’t know about this before……checking for releases…..

            I not too long ago received her new pb “PINK”…its like the greatest pb title ever!!!!!!! What’s really strange is that her pb comes unwrapped but its dust jacket doubles as a full sized wall calendar at the same time and it’s all in thick and glossy paper stock!! She’s sooooooooo cute~sexy in it that I’m speechless!!!!

            Was Koike Yui at the festival too? I lost a little interest in Momoclo and then i noticed they had changed their name slightly too…..Passpo is new to me and they’re really cute~♥.


            • hydeo says:

              sorry i “eat” the letter “N” ahaha…
              yah i noticed this too watching an idol tv program, where have a lot of the news idols groups there

              ah i heard about this pb… i think have to download now…

              eeehh what ?? the pb come with the size 2x more bigger ?? omg @.@
              i want see this, some pics pls aheahea, a preview go be amazing haha

              yah in the group i mentioned, her is the center girl for the group, but if i remember they singed only 1 or 2 songs ;\

              yah because akari left the group they changed to momoclo Z… but why u lost interrest in they ??

              Passpo is amazing group, i loved know they.. watche they in the festival, they are realy good in perf…
              try the songs GPP and Pretty Lie, after this (well u dont download thigns) so buy all their things ;3~~~ im here hoping to passpo and momoclo get dvd concerts soon, go be really amazing

              so u know, tokyo girl style, afilia saga east, super girls ?

              ah forget to say, okunaka makoto from Passpo get some shoots in one magazine, i think is youg jump, one from this year take a look, her is really cute


              • lol at first I was looking for ‘pie’ and then found pine :P….you know the pie thought though in hindsight would have been even more puzzling as there seems to be at least two types of ‘pie*’ lol :P!

                Oh no I meant that ‘Pink’s’ outer jacket doubles as a full sized wall calendar~♥ =). It’s really pretty and amazing to have such an extra underneath there!! I’ve never seen a calendar included with a pb this way or in any capacity really….makes ‘Pink’ even more unique~.

                A~h was waiting for your response as to whether there are already scans up somewhere or not…..and surely Yui~chan♥ must be the center of attention ne~ love that!

                Mmm…I don’t know really but at first when I heard them they seemed so different and in particular with their mixing of of traditional Japanese folk with modern pop and since then though they’ve sounded much more in the norm so to speak and it’s just with so many idol groups to love out there I really need to choose by heart as it get’s pretty expensive being a fan of so many.

                I’m going to have to hold back on Passpo for now…..you’ve just got me so invested~♥ in Tomato ‘nPine….I wonder if they’re getting enough attention? I’ll certainly do my best to help promote them here when their singles arrive~* =).

                Only the first and third you’ve mentioned here but it’s been a casual following so far….I sometimes really need to fall in “love” with a particular member or song to really fall head over heels which then gets me to inevitably order their releases~*. Ohhhhh you’re already tempting me with one of their members? Okunaka Makoto…….


                • hydeo says:

                  two types of pie?? explain this pls haha dont get

                  oh anyway this is amazing yet… humm but is the full callendar ? i mean have all months ? if yes this make really amazing… u can get it out from the PB ? if not is a shame :\

                  yah always the center hehe.. anyway i dont know the other 2 girls, do u know ??

                  u take a look in Aizawa Rina ?? i like her too she has beauty and liked all her pics i see

                  ok i get… money make u dont like every idol group… so why the groups u pretend to like but dont buy the itens, why u dont download the things from internet ?? i mean the videos and mp3 ^^ ? at least u can like they and follow a lot more groups ^^
                  i like a lot momoclo, they are really fun 😛 and good singers/dancers, in special Ariyasu Momoka <3~~

                  humm like i said follow they downloading things from internet for now ^^… and when u get some free extra money u buy their things :3

                  well i think they get lot of attention, u said 5 indies and one debut now so i think their produce stay giving a lot of attention to they, and they appear in tokyo festival.. so i want their get more attention and lot of things to do, and start to show a lot and get concerts and this things
                  but dont forget Passpo pls, is a great group and they are really good singers.. u watched they in tokyo festival ?? and listened the songs i told u ??
                  and do what i told, download the things to u stay tunned in the group hehe

                  hahah u are funny with this things about love one girl of the group to buy group things

                  haha yah im tempting u with her … haha u found the magazine?? or some pics from her ?? she is kawaii and beauty a lot.. because of her u go start love Passpo :3

                  (so big this msg aheahea)


          • Oh and i was just curious if you’ve already seen scans for Koike Yui’s “Pink” pb….if they’re already available I won’t need to scan my copy =).


  3. Hydeo I just saw on the back of “Pink’s” obi they mention ‘Tomapai’….their major debut release~*!!!

    I’ve actually heard Yuichan sing before when the 2009 Nitellegenic girls were cutely competing for the lead vocal parts =). She sounded and appeared a bit nervous back then but I’m sure she’ll sing great now ^-^~<3. I'm going to order for sure!!! She's too cute!


  4. A~hh okay just ordered Tomato n’Pine’s entire catalog….only five releases so far dating back to last year….gosh that’s so sad I never realized Yui~chan♥ was in a group earlier =(!!! A couple are indies releases too so Amazon Japan won’t mail them outside of Japan =/ but CDjapan will =) luckily~*. Still a couple of their single’s first press editions are out of print so I won’t get their DVDs for those….still so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • hydeo says:

      ah wow everything?? can say what has this things ??

      so tomapie have indie singles ?? i dont know this O.o… i thinked is something like an anime song hehe

      so i lost all this indie singles too, or see in the jpopsuki and dont downloaded because the strange name hehe.. so we can get the debut LE now 😛


      • U~n luckily~* Cdjapan does offer some indies from distributors whom don’t normally list their releases on other sites =). Mmm…I’m guessing they’re probably still available there? I’m not sure if any of their songs are tie~ins to any series yet…..but I’ll see when they arrive hopefully not too long from now ^ ^.


        • hydeo says:

          haha, so tell me how is their other songs

          i liked the one they sing in tokyo festival

          when i get my net back i go download the other things

          dont forget to promote they here on the blog :3


  5. Gorgeous images MB! How long did it take you to scan them all?


    • She’s always so beautiful!!!…a bit naughty here and so many of the gravure photo shoots are like this today I’m noticing much more…..they’re going for seductive much more over cutesy. Oh no I didn’t need to scan these as they’re available through an online subscription….you get a few samples usually four I think and then you can get the rest of them without watermarks. A lot of magazines are offering online exclusive content too much more with some being available readily if you’ve purchased their magazines using those scan~codes while others are for cell phones and some require further purchases~* =). Right now it seems as if there’s an~idol~born~a~minute! So many cute girls and yet not enough time to post them all :P.


  6. subcommandanteuno says:

    great gallery!
    and Tebow is The Man!


    • So wonderful to meet a fellow Tebow fan!…he’s so much more than an awesome athlete, inspirational…he’s like the most enlightening and wonderful person on earth =)!!…a~h happy you liked the photos too~.


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