「Featured post」~Ishii Tatsuya x Matsu Takako~♥



A magical marriage in music and stage presence took place on this night as legendary singer Ishii Tatsuya who’s best known for his larger than earth personality+ larger than (your group!) group Kome Kome Club + a larger than life voice to back all that up 200% and then some~!!!…took the stage accompanied by the most talented and beautiful Matsu Takako all on a most special engagement on Music Fair~.

Continuing with an evening of nostalgia from the previous SMAP♥ post these live clips too were transferred from (ugh! xD) VHS so please don’t attempt to adjust your computer’s screens settings as the grainy~ness is in a sense all part of the nostalgia~♥ in reliving these special moments =). I tried my best to preserve the video as best as I could by using a higher recording resolution and transfer to digital files but there’s still a tiny bit of audio distortion (only for a moment though in the first clip (*´∀`))and I’m hoping that truly these performances themselves will be much more poignant and memorable than the visual quality shown here due to also these being third generation copies of copies and now copied again to digital :P.


First though let’s pause for a moment~* to recognize one of t.v.’s most beautiful host personalities as Suzuki Anju (perhaps better known as a most prominent and accomplished actress in t.v. and movies) hosts Music Fair here…ever engaging~♥ and truly one of the classiest to grace television screens across Japan~.

And just how special~* was this musical engagement really? For more on both Ishii Tatsuya & Matsu Takako please visit the following gush~filled links ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!...

~Ishii Tatsuya/ Kome Kome Club~

「Featured post」Matsu Takako…a love story

「Featured Post」~Matsu Takako Concert Tour 2010 “Time for music”….

~Matsu Takako~ “Time for music” (an exquisite journey through classic folk, pop & musicals~)

松たか子 君となら「Blu-spec CD」リリース!!

Matsu♥Takako~ 10 years of footsteps…..


+ more can be found in further searches here =).



~Ishii Tatsuya & Matsu Takako “Kimi ga iru dake de” (live on Music Fair)…

..+ interview clip~


~Matsu Takako “Anniversary” performance on Music Fair~

Wonderful performance of a Matsutoya Yumi song and if you watch the interview portion leading in from the earlier clip Matsu Takako is asked about this song’s significance for her and why she chose it.



~Ishii Tatsuya & Matsu Takako “Sakura fuwari” live on Music Fair~

And it wasn’t only Ishii Tatsuya’s Kome Kome Club being featured with the song choices as Matsu Takako’s very own single “Sakura fuwari” was performed in a most romantic and mesmerizing duet~o(*´∀`)o゛♥。



~Matsu Takako “Stay with me” live on Music Fair~

And to end this night of nostalgia…Matsu Takako’s heartfelt performance of one of her earlier singles “Stay with me”……many many sweet nostalgic~dreams~*~~*♥!!!

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