~One day, noni…


I’m thinking if I were a guy I’d be wanting those dress shoes and the power of advertising while sometimes straightforward or subliminal in approach surely with the right~* spokesperson(s) or eye~~candy♥ even to attract or even go as far as seducing a potential customer one may find themselves suddenly thinking “um shoes!” even if they hadn’t been on one’s mind prior that day~. Furthermore I’m beginning to think that if AKB48♥/SKE48♥/all girls 48 related♥ were to release~* a “「noni (゜Д゜;)」 is yummy♥ and so good for you!!!~♥!….” ad campaign I’d go get some without a second….no make that a third or fourth thought xD!…

….then throw up because that’s what noni almost inevitably makes you do (゜Д゜;)!!!

You see I have a friend who drinks noni nearly religiously and her father even would grow the plant thing or whatever is used to derive such a monstrous concoction to one’s taste~buds and then he’d produce his very own noni with an aging type of process as you see all good things with nature takes time っo(*´∀`)o!

So while I’d already tried noni once you know on a dare just to say I’ve tried it and it’s no longer just the smeeeeeeelllllllll that’s un~appetizing to me to trying it xD. Sadly though even by approaching it like as if it were a tequila shot (also nasty (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓)where instead of doing the whole salt and lime thing to well despite what others say I think it’s without doubt to mask the flavor with the noni I drank a shot sized glass of it as a mixture with orange juice♥ which had raised my hopes of it not tasting so bad!!!

Well…it didn’t help (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓。

Anyway the entire “point” if there really is one deep down somewhere 😛 inside is just to say that for advertisers everywhere, AKB48♥/SKE48♥/all things 48 related♥  is a surefire way to boast interest, intrigue, a magnetic influence of wanting some of whatever you’re offering or selling or hoping to promote~* whether we need it or not and that,

..is a most wonderful thing~♥!

Oh and to finish my personal noni  experience say had it been packaged with an AKB48♥/SKE48♥/all things 48 related♥ label with the girls plaid or bikini clad on it, I’d most likely still thrown up (*>ω<) !!、..but then I’d be like hey~~>~~>cute bottle o(*´∀`)o゛♥。




You so know you want some ↑↑↑~♥…..I’d drink anything Acchan’s selling and u~n on a side thought Beats Audio is quite awesome っo(*´∀`)o!

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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9 Responses to ~One day, noni…

  1. hydeo says:

    drink everything ? take care can have poinson there haha

    loved yuki clothes in the last pic — remember yuna in X2 again aehaehaea
    and her look to the cam like she go kick some ass aheahea


    • Mmmm…..I’d say try noni to see but it’s something that I wouldn’t suggest even to this one girl in high school who hated me because she blamed this one guy not liking her because of me which was so not true =(. Basically though imagine the worst “tasting” worst possible “tasting” liquid on earth which isn’t bacteria or considered non~digestible xD!!! And you have noni (*>ω<)!!!!!!!。。<~~and that isn't really an emoticon it's rather the exact way your face will contort to after you'd had some xD!

      A~h! you're right!!!…it's the “I only have half a dress on me because I'm too hot and you so know it” fashion statement~♥!!!! Just like Yuna from FF….lol you're awesome to see that and now I'm wanting to see an rpg starring Yukirin kicking lots and lots of butt えぃえぃ、ぉー(* ̄O ̄)ノ...!!!


      • hydeo says:

        humm haha go tell to their give to u that drink they get when playing something and lose hehe
        haha 😛

        haha the clothes is really good, but i dont know the reaction of the ppl if someone use this in public

        haha later has Mano in tidus life… now yuki in yuna life aeaheahe… well only need change to letter from their names yuKI, yuNA aheaheha

        go be really funny see yukirin kick some bad guys hehe

        this remember me too, the gackt game 😛


        • Noni hands down would be the ultimate batsu penalty for all idols no matter what the game xD!!….it’s just soooooo gross!!!! It’s just as bad as if they made you eat a bug or something like that.

          It would be odd to say the least lol :P. Although when you watch some of those European fashion runway shows there’s a looooot of funky clothes happening there too!

          U~n…and really if they were able to create a Kaneshiro Takeshi video game in “Onimusha” where you were literally seeing him being 100% totally hot and kicking the undead butt everywhere surely they could create a similar game with an idol♥ lead. Acchan or Yuko wearing that half dress outfit would be perfect~* too in that role….it’s just with Yukirin you’d have that unexpected dynamic of her being too sweet to be doing such things to the undead and yet it’d be a video game reality ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!~!I now officially wish I were smart enough to design video games as I’d make one myself just to see how awesome AKB girls fighting the undead and solving puzzles would be!!

          I have this Gackt music video/game tie~in DVD…I wonder if it’s the same one you’re thinking of?


          • hydeo says:

            ah so noni is the name of that drink ?? only now i get it haha
            u have tryed sometime ??
            they do this a lot to the girls who lose the game in Dera SKE
            and watch dera ske is funny haha

            well in japan i think is lot normal this clothes @.@

            Onimusha is a good game 😛
            haha they can put in the end of hits/combos yukirin random faces haha
            humm maybe if they do a Majisuka Gakuen game version… but u can chose the girl u want to play and kick the gangs of other schools hehe.. think go be a good game

            talking about this u finished the AKB 1/48 game ??

            this is the game im talking about gackt


            • Just once as I described above and never again (*>ω<)!!!、well I think I'd have to first be kidnapped and tied up and then forced to drink noni for that to ever happen….or um maybe if there was a really cool prize involved like if I drank a glass of noni I'd win something~♥ :P.

              A video game of Majisuka Gakuen would be amazing~*!!! Hm I'm not even sure whom I'd choose to kick everyone else's butt…I mean of course after Yuko does it once through =)!! I think it would have to be the most girly~girl in all of AKB that way it'd be incredibly amusing to see her kick so much butt in unexpected ways っo(*´∀`)o!

              This game looks cool and yet I'd still choose the way Onimusha looks and plays for it's sense of "realism" well you know in a fantasy setting of course….plus Kaneshiro Takeshi vs. Gackt and I surely know who wins that battle every time (*´∀`)♥。Oh and this is something different.

              Mmm finished…relatively speaking, as in order to see much more of the possible videos of the girls you'd have to make many many different choices each time to eventually try to see them all ^ ^。


              • hydeo says:

                haha in the condition of win something i think everyone go do this… but argh, everytime i see the girls drinking they make the face like the going to die haehaea

                haha go be really fun a “hit and run” game of majisuka gakuen 😛

                yah onimusha have good design.. haha the first time i played, i dont recognized, but after someone tell me “omg gackt??” aheaheha

                humm gotcha… look like u go get a lot of time playing yet hehe


          • SagSousuke says:

            Oh, if it were just a matter of being smart it’d be done already. These days you also need at least a musician and two or three 3D artists to handle all the art, plus in this case you’d need to get permissions and if possible get the girls themselves to dub their parts, so add to that initial group one very rich and business-savvy guy.

            But it’d be a lot easier to just make a mod for some existing game with the girls. In this spirit of fighting undead, it could be a mod of Left 4 Dead I guess (cooperative first person shooter with 4 players fighting to get through zombie-infested places and finding shelter). For that you just need an artist for the 3D models of the girls, and we can just take all the screams necessary from Shuukan AKB episodes… Just take the special they once filmed in Guam, they went into this huge haunted prison, that has plenty of authentic screams we could use.


            • lol okay smart and rich :P. A~h I didn’t think of that and that would be a lot easier with an existing platform to add the girls too =)….now I’m thinking an rpg featuring your favorite AKB girls would be awesome. omg that sound so cruel!!! Haunted for real? It’d be moments like those when one may wonder…..’why did I choose to become an idol?….lol that’s way too frightening (;゜□゜)!!!


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