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~SDN48 goes Y~shatsu and not much more .. (*´艸`)!!& the wota wet~dream with LORD OF THE RINGS epic implications~!

While I’ve never witnessed their sexy* shows or have heard their music just yet as I was never quite sure if SDN48 was quite my thing to get into that being said had Yuko, Nattsumii,, Acchan, Sasshi, Takamina, A~min, Kitarie, … Continue reading

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~One day, noni…

I’m thinking if I were a guy I’d be wanting those dress shoes and the power of advertising while sometimes straightforward or subliminal in approach surely with the right~* spokesperson(s) or eye~~candy♥ even to attract or even go as far … Continue reading

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~10 things you’ve always wanted to know about Mayuyu♥ but were afraid to ask…

….okay it’s not that kind of information え~へ(*≧▽≦)!But still if you’re a fan of Mayuyu♥’s there’s a lot of interesting Mayuyu~isms or rather likes of hers in this little article =). I’m especially blown away by her worldly~interests and likes … Continue reading

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