~Not yet x French Kiss (FLASH~で)


Next to Watarirouka Hashiritai my very next fave and current AKB units surely are French Kiss and Not yet so having them in pictorials back to back along with the cover made this a must purchase magazine =)~! “Mada kessei shita bakaride…”, and while that may be the underlying theme AkiP had in mind when he created Not yet when it comes to “form” as in mizugi~curves I think the girls have already “formed” to heart’s content っo(*´∀`)o!The set pink, yellow~orange, turquoise~blue and heart~red somehow match perfectly too to each girl and not just in an obvious aesthetic way as even mizugi~designs have personalities all their own~….all four being visually yummy with the frilly girly girl checkers on Yuko♥….a tight~streamlined appeal on Kitarie♥ (tiny~tiny matching her while still barring the dreaded dental floss design which I’ve never quite found appealing (;゜□゜)!)..a warm and girl~next~door allure for Sasshi♥ (although if she actually lived~next~door…I’m going to stop myself there (*´艸`)..)、..and an edible strawberry~scorcher for Yui. Hmm….I must be hungry (。ーωー。)♪。









And speaking of units the unit~boom has hit AKB as new ones keep popping up with much more frequent announcements and while I wasn’t quite sold on DIVA just yet it seems that they’re already undergoing a lineup makeover of sorts? Some units can be one~shot release groups and while I know Team Dragon♥ may be senbatsu heaven in a fruit roll up catering~catering to my top girl fancy still even with the obvious senbatsu “overload” what can be better than a girl~on~top*?…(^q^)! Along with the Tomomi’s x2♥ in Queen & Elizabeth I so long for much much more Team Dragon and if only to see Takamina give Yuko that look once again in that future~tiny~car =).






Acchan♥ as “Yakyuubu manager?” and with America’s pastime being every bit as passionate in Japan and dare I say even a tad bit more for their nation as a whole when compared relatively to their other popular sports versus America’s culture…..still while a cute seifuku clad tussle in the dugouts is most enticing and promising 😛 I’m sooooooo wanting their ball! Just to touch their ball….and it’s signed too (。ーωー。)♪!


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to ~Not yet x French Kiss (FLASH~で)

  1. hydeo says:

    humm hard to chose a group…

    seeing the 2 have girls i like hahaha

    but for the songs i get french kiss

    i dont liked much the first single of “not yet” hehe… but i go give more chances because sasshi and kitarie :3


    • I so know what you mean!! as there can definitely be a difference between one’s favorite members in a group versus one’s favorite songs and also how the units are produced and with what images…..like for instance I’d in a maybe slightly wacky moment want both Sasshi and Yuko to take part in Watarirouka Hashiritai but more so for the songs themselves versus their image which wouldn’t suit either really :P. You know I have lots of odd thoughts like that one daily….but I don’t want to scare you further…(^q^)!

      U~n definitely musically…..French Kiss is so much more my taste than Not yet and…..yet!!! the girls in Not yet trump the girls in French Kiss although it’s a close inner battle there xD!! Well…..Yuko is too magnetic for me to look away no matter what AkiP gives her to sing……like even if he asked her to sing that song by TRF that I sooooooo never liked despite it winning song of the year and then appearing on every music show on earth…okay actually every show in Japan then 😛 but anyway it drove me crazy!!!!! (sigh….) I’m even having difficulty typing its title…..I don’t like it that much lol :P!!! Okay. I can do this.Really. …………………..”Overnight Sensation” there I’ve said it (*>ωω<)。And TRF was an awesome group….Komuro Tetsuya in his prime of writing and production~*….it's just this one song I just never got lol :P. Oh…here you can watch too and in a sense I'm sending you a "visual/audio" form of noni (。ーωー。)笑:

      and I know fans loved this song!!!…so it's just me :P….


      • hydeo says:

        sasshi and yuko in warota /?? go look really strange aheahea… the 2 dont have more baby faces hehe

        haha i dont care if u talk about what u thinking, is good to know u more and to have more things to talk here ^^

        i need watch FK new pv and song ;x… well the difference of the 2 groups is NY is a happy/dance songs, and FK is a romantic/calm songs… so is a little hard to make a versus game with the 2 styles

        haha so get yuko and let sasshi for me u dont need her 😡 because u go always go to yuko side ;x

        ok listening…. humm nahhhh i dont liked too hehe


        • lol!! I know neither would match Watarirouka at all :P…and yet I’d want them to sing their songs anyway (。ーωー。)笑...!I’m weird I know….I try to remind myself of that at least once everyday =).

          It’s good they’re varied like that….just to keep special units special so that they don’t begin sounding alike xD.

          Oh no…but in mb~world (odd odd place….) Sasshi would be my best friend and Yuko, well* (。ーωー。)!

          Yaaaay you don’t like that song either lol \(^o^)/☆、…to this day I don’t understand why it won best song of the year..that used to drive me bonkers :P.


          • hydeo says:

            u are not weird haha
            imagine sasshi and yuko singing valentine kiss or gyu haha go be more fanny than the normal of the songs

            yah but this dont mean u go get sasshi her can be ur best friend i let this occours haha

            humm really dont get too O.o.. but well u know the judges of this thigns are all crazy ppl aheahea


            • Now with “Gyu~” I’m not too sure if either would be able to capture that chipmunk~level of vocals :P….I’d be looking for a sensual approach to “Gyu~” lol if that’s even possible.

              Sometimes award shows can be puzzling where the results be for a recount or something and it’s worse if possibly the judging is being done by some who may be a teeny bit dare I say out of touch xD.


              • hydeo says:


                well u know like akb get good places in oricon is because one ppl sometimes buy 10 CDs… so i think sometimes is really strange and dont match with the result

                off topic: i go stay sometimes without internet because im changing house so if u answer and i get so long to answer u know hehe


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