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~Majisuka Gakuen2 guide…

Idol world or not there’s just no such thing as too much Yankee~isms is there?…and while the new drama series already underway looks most promising to live up to its predecessor that being the greatest idol drama series of all~time…..I … Continue reading

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Awwwwww there’s nothing sweeter~♥ than idol baby and growing up photos and you just knew that Morning Musume would an inspiration~* and at such a noted young age Yukirin was quite taken with Momusu’s presence and success with Rikachan being … Continue reading

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This very in depth article (“Kibetsu gachi history”) covers the AKB girls’ stage by stage from kenkyuusei to Team member in chronological order from Kisei 1~11. For you reading pleasure (*´∀`*) ♪...

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~Not yet x French Kiss (FLASH~で)

Next to Watarirouka Hashiritai my very next fave and current AKB units surely are French Kiss and Not yet so having them in pictorials back to back along with the cover made this a must purchase magazine =)~! “Mada kessei … Continue reading

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