~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (volume 2)

Idols unzipped...

Idols♥ very much like beauty while timeless go through fashion trends and the like being a sign of the times and with each issue presented here each Friday I’ll be selecting a few articles to scan to give a visual and text so you’ll be able to see the ever changing evolution of idols♥ in a chronological timeline of sorts. Check in each Friday for more from this ongoing series =).


Also with each issue I’ll be including the contents page ↑↑↑ and here it’ll be interactive with you as if there are any additional articles/pictorials you’d like to see scanned that you see in the contents page you can simply request them and I’ll add those article/pictorials to these individual posts. 


BOMB September 1996Hello~…I’m posting this a bit late on Friday~♥ and I just got home from a friend’s party and have you ever noticed how even acquaintances you’ve known for years and years seem to want to hug you repeatedly after they’ve had a few or  lot of drinks and some you’ve barely spoken to before and it’s funny because they’re not your average hugs but something tells me it’s mostly the alcohol that’s hugging you Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!!Anyway it’s Friday and I know you didn’t come here to read that :P..but I just had to share this most frequent occurrence which I’m sure happens to a lot of people…(^q^)!

Today we switch over to BOMB magazine which also has a long history of covering idols through the years and while the main gravure idol pictorials and articles are very much like UTB BOMB is much more digest~like in its format~. Along with their new music reviews and idol television appearance t.v. guide like schedules there’s also international music and movie coverage, video gaming news & reviews, idol drama coverage and a lot more content however something so bizarre~like and depending on your thoughts on the subject this is either very very amusing or very very frightening as this magazine back then also featured Adult Video……Mmm……..I guess they’re technically “reviews” lol xD! And while through the years idol magazines often times go through theme makeovers with things such as catchphrases and the like, here BOMB is touted as being “EXCITING MAGAZINE FOR YOUNG ADULT.” My only question in light of the AV “reviews” herein is what exact age in Japan was “young” believed to be truly “young?” (・д・`*)!


Today’s way back issue has an extra too….no it’s not something like Hello~Kitty pink condoms or anything like that (sorry it’s just that after all these years I’d totally forgotten/wiped out of my memory that there were AV reviews in this magazine xD). To the right are instead really cute purikura stickers featuring Hirosue Ryoko, Kanno Miho, Okina Megumi, Hinagata Akiko and Enomoto Kanako~. And granted that they’re not from an actual photo booth but rather edited from BOMB photo shoots they’re still most cute =).

Articles I’ve scanned include covergirl Suzuki Sarina who’s totally classic~cute and part of the honors of being covergirl are the infamous “body check”, long interview and I just couldn’t resist including her growing up baby photos + a Sarina vs. Hinagata Akiko feature =), SPEED…gosh can you believe it was so long ago that they first debuted with “Body & Soul?!!” and the J~pop fan world was just about to get a charge from what would become one of the country’s most successful all girl groups all time…..you gotta love too the initial image they were presented with at the time as it would abruptly change in just a matter or weeks, Niiyama Chiharu (model, idol, actress, CM girl) and I’ve always wondered just what does a photographer say to a model he’s taking photos of when he’s wanting something along the lines of her last photo in this shoot?…or does she at times initiate stuff like that thinking hmm ‘gratuity?’ :P, Matsui Yuka who proves that the wonders of genes in the likes of Ogura Yuko aren’t a singular phenomenon when it comes to not quite looking your age (tell me she doesn’t look like she’s 12 years old when she’s actually old enough to purchase sake :O), Takahashi Yumiko interview (what’s most amazing about her idol years is that she released at least 10,500 shashinshuu….okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration as she only released 10,405 shashinshuu :P), the Summer drama season gets tied in with numerous big hit theme songs from artists such as Himuro Kyosuke…Fujii Fumiya (“Another Orion” both nostalgic and awesome..love his voice!!)..Tamaki Koji and GLAY with their smash drama theme song “BELOVED”….still timeless and cool today, New Albums….and remember those Amuro Namie “Sweet 19 Blues” first press covers where I think most everyone was so wondering which single design would end up being the “permanent/ongoing” cover???…for me I chose the one on the bottom right where she’s sexually..I meant adoringly pulling her hair back….PUFFY’s “amiyumi” album was just released and so so many awesome songs and television too was just beginning to get amiyumi~ized….SMAP “009?”  yes it was that long ago, BOMB would also have these cute little featurettes where idols went interactive and in this issue both Miura Rieko and Matsumoto Megumi “Mamegu” take part, Enomoto Kanako is most adora~cute♥ here in the orange and does anyone remember her tech~sassy/savvy character on that t.v. drama detective show?…so cute!, Kanno Miho @ 19……19!! and I’m really wanting to post her music career here too as she achieved something most unique back then, oh…..and there’s some guy named Domoto acting alongside Tomosaka Rie in “Kindaichi Shonen no jikenbo” :P! Till next Friday っo(*´∀`)o!



























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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to ~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays (volume 2)

  1. noblsheep says:

    “Kanno Miho @ 19……19!! and I’m really wanting to post her music career here too as she achieved something most unique back then” —> She did? I had no idea… Even for (self-proclaimed) hardcore fans like myself, it’s like she didn’t exist until Iguana in 1996.

    So really looking forward to that post, if you do decide to write it, and thanks for this awesome series from the past!lol


    • Thank you~* so much noblsheep っo(*´∀`)o!!、I’m so happy to know that someone’s enjoying this new venture as I wasn’t quite sure if there’d be any interest in idols from over the years dating back this far =). I sort of took a chance with the idea and like with anything you kind of test the waters so to speak to see whether you should continue or not. U~n Kanno Miho released some of the cuuuuuuuutest j~pop songs and music videos back then and I’m just needing to find a way to transfer VHS which has the dreaded macrovision which prevents me from getting all of my older VHS j~pop to a digital format to upload here =/. My VHS/DVD recorder won’t allow me to transfer any of my j~pop on video and there’s lol a lot of it!!! What still puzzles me is that there are soooooo many j~pop video releases which have never made it over to DVD and to this day even prominent groups like Mr.Children have amazing VHS releases which aren’t viewable on any other format……and it’s funny too as I don’t think many people even own a vcr anymore :P.

      So cool you’re a big big fan of Kanno Miho!!…..a drama series she’s starring in is airing here in Hawaii currently and it’s so awesome that she’s become such a talented and pretty~♥ actress.


      • SagSousuke says:

        I don’t know what relationship there is between Japanese people and VCRs, but for whatever reason, there’s still way more Japanese VCR owners than you’d imagine… Well, I mean, I still have one in my parents’ bedroom but that’s because it fits so well in the hole it’s put into beneath the TV, and I guess they haven’t found anything else to put there. I went to São Paulo once, it’s the biggest city in Brazil and has a huge Japanese neighborhood, I found so many VHS of Japanese TV recorded… I couldn’t get anything though, because it was all only for rent and I live 4 hours away. I remember I found what looked liked Kinpachi-sensei’s 1st to 4st season complete and I guess all Kouhakus ever up to that year… I don’t know, didn’t go around checking all the labels to see if they were all there, but there was a lot of them.

        I hope those VHS don’t see much circulation though, because if they do there’s probably nothing left of them by now, with that plus how old they must be… But I guess there’s not many people interested in old videos.


        • Oh I’d still love to be able to transfer so many old j~pop vhs to digital/DVD format….lol I’m a nostalgic junkie I know :P! But really there are a lot of amazing releases which are still only on Japanese vhs =(……all of Nishida Hikaru’s visual catalog, Hirosue Ryoko’s concerts and her so cute~cute pvs♥!!, older MAX releases, the aformentioned Mr.Children has quite a few and now I’m thinking about Kanno Miho’s music/visual catalog which I only have on vhs….=(. There must be a way ne~?


        • Wow~!! I love Kinpachi Sensei!!!! and how nostalgic to be able to relive all of those early Kouhaku programs!!! My parents used to take me to our Grandmother’s for New Year’s Day for a family get~together and they’d always have the Kouhaku on the living room television. When I was really little it didn’t interest me because my brain was set on playing and trying to keep up with the boys lol but as I grew older I would watch too along with all of the adults, it’d be amazing to be able to see those programs now in their entiretly =). Soooooooo cool those were available and you saw them!!! Just wow!


      • noblsheep says:

        There’s a big bunch of people loving this series I’m sure, it was really refreshing to see ancient photos of Hirosue Ryoko and all those other people way~ back… as well as a handful of ardent Kanno Miho fans I know who now look forward to Fridays lol

        I don’t know the first thing about transferring VHS to DVD, but I did a quick search on the MV thing, and got the feeling that many people have solved the problem before [scratches head]. On an off note, would it be possible to simply hook up a VHS player to a computer and encode the video+audio from there?

        Which drama were you talking about? Recent one? Who would’ve thought from those early days of singing off-key and shooting quirky photos that she’d turn out to be such an awesome actress? It seems that though she never achieved a status of “wildly popular”, she’s managed to stay in the first tier for a really long time and be both widely recognized and respected!


        • Oh the drama is “Hataraki Man” and Kanno Miho plays the lead too as Matsukata Hiroko which is awesome!! I love the look they gave her for her character as a professional beauty~*. I’m so glad!! Thank you for your support and interest as it’s always wonderful to know that someone’s reading o(*´∀`)o゛♥!She’s really talented and I so agree that it’s wonderful how she’s developed since her early cutesy idol days and a~h! they were cute~♥!!

          I wonder?? I’m thinking with a special cable maybe it would be possible with the right software to match and translate the video to digital. Okay if it’s been done before than surely I’ll find a way to transfer and post here in the future =). Thank you~*!


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